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General Election 2010

BNP candidate was convicted for carrying ‘weapon’ at gay Pride march

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Reader comments

  1. How did they work out what plank was illegal?

    The wood or the poor excuse for a human!

  2. Having seen some of the rabid Anti-Nazi League nutters, maybe he had a point. That said, if your nicked with a lump of wood in your hand, then you’re bang to rights.

    My question is, what has this got to do with Gay News?

  3. Do you know, to be honest, I find this chap’s account of himself more believable and more honest than Grayling’s belated, forced, artificial and rather ridiculous half-apology. more frightening than the BNP, because of the likelihood of the Tories’ forthcoming success, is that vile Baroness Waarsi; she’s in total agreement with Griffin’s views on gay people and especially of Civil Partnerships.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 20 Apr 2010, 1:42pm

    it happened at a Pride march where he was protesting against gay relationships being promoted in schools: that’s the link, especially since that’s still his view.

    However, it is rather redudant since not many LGBT(xyz) people would vote BNP anyway

  5. Patrick James 20 Apr 2010, 2:34pm

    Rob-N writes:

    Having seen some of the rabid Anti-Nazi League nutters, maybe he had a point.

    You haven’t seen the Anti-Nazi League people because if you had you would see that they do not present a physical threat.

    This is just something that the tedious little people of the BNP make up and you are repeating it.

    My question is, what has this got to do with Gay News?

    That is obvious in the story.

    If you had ever worked for a publication of any sort you would stop criticising of the choice of subjects for the articles.

    P.S. Where is Vulpus Rex these days?

  6. “What we are against is using public money to fund things like gay marches

    would that be the public money that is taken out of my wages every month. The money that I earn, that goes on services I will never use?

  7. Vulpus Rex is away, brushing up his Latin grammar.

  8. why does every picture i see of a BNP candidate have them with a sneer on their faces? they just look evil.

  9. It was years ago. It really should have no bearing on him standing as a candidate in the next election.

  10. We used to be invited to go on demonstrations for the anti-Nazi league.
    I can understand him carrying a piece of wood.

    Did you know they carry broken glass and throw it into the crowd
    it causes facial cuts and sometimes blinds people permanently.

    They would also throw bricks through people’s windows.

    The anti-Nazi league are just as bad as any fascist.

    The anti-Nazi league and sometimes the Socialist workers party
    were far more fascists than the fascists.

    There’s only one way to deal with the anti-Nazi league and that is
    to do to them what they want to do to others and show no mercy.

    I am Philip and I used to go on the demonstrations against the “fascist”
    as anybody will tell you the anti-Nazi league are far more fascists than the fascists.

    I’ve always regretted being involved with the so-called anti-Nazi league.

  11. Oh, we’re all equal according to him, you just can’t get married, talk about it in schools or do anything outside your own home. Yes, equality has found new meaning!!

  12. Oh sure, he claimed the incident opened his eyes to the NF, he saw the light, totally reformed character, what a plonker her was…and the judge bought his sorry excuse hook, line & sinker. What a sorry excuse for a human being this guy is. He’s still in the BNP, standing as a candidate, so clearly not reformed at all given their papering over their violent wishes to anyone who is in any way different to them.

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