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Man jailed for trying to blackmail gay priest

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Apr 2010, 2:39pm

    Blackmail is nasty business and a crime.

    Being an active gay priest is not a crime, is it.

  2. well it is according to the Pope….(!)

  3. So that’s a strong warning gone out today to every Catholic priest in the land: don’t whip your dog-collar off on a Saturday night and head for the bars to pick up either a bit of pussy OR a bit of co*k because you’ll end up blackmailed and in the sh*t.

    Nah, much better, stay at home, and get your hands onto one of the little boys or girls after Holy Mass tomorrow morning! Less risky! They don’t tend to threaten blackmail. And if they do you can usually put the fear of God into them!

  4. I wonder how many are screwing guys and NOT getting blackmailed. I knew an RC priest who told me about looking for a new boyfriend – that’s what I said, BOYFRIEND, not quick shag – in a completely laid-back way. Did his bishop know or not? He seemed completely blasé about the whole business. What a weird world the RC church is.

  5. The reason why this pope doesn’t eject all of the molesters and their protectors and co-conspirators in crime, the cardinals and the bishops, is simply because if he did that, more than half of the clergy would be gone leading to more churches and schools closing and disempowering the cult even more.

    I have no sympathy for a gay male entering the priesthood. That’s not to say that there are some good ones who don’t molest or philander with the the opposite as the case may be, but knowing that you’re gay and going through with it while seeking a sex life on the “downlow”, knowing that if caught, you’d be kicked out, has to be absolutely insane. Who in their right mind would want to live a life like that under close scrutiny and the pressure that comes with hiding and in some cases lying about who you are. Its unhealthy and destructive. I object to those gay priests who remain silent as the roman cult continues to denigrate gays as part of the dehumanisation process to deny us rights. Its unconscionable and I’m all for outing them.

  6. Bob71350, that is inhumane.

    It is dangerous enough for the regular gay to come out, let alone of a religious background. By your logic, we shouldn’t be entitled to the career we want. Also, I guess children of religious parents shouldn’t be gay since that means they probably won’t be out; in fear of being kicked out or beaten.

    Also, you say they should speak out… well, many people have!
    There have been entire protests against religion and the treatment of gays. They help, but not in the simple mass rally you are suggesting. These people are ingrained with homophobia and only a generation change is hopeful for the oldest.

    Instead of telling others to speak out, you must lead by example.
    Inspire other people to follow your out cry.
    I do.

  7. Deeside Will 19 Apr 2010, 4:32pm

    Actually, Bob71350, I think that you could be more sympathetic to gay males who are misguided enough to enter the priesthood. Imagine that you’re a Catholic teenager and it has dawned on you that you may be gay. Being terrorized by your church’s cruel teaching that homosexuality is “an intrinsically disordered condition”, you look for a way out. If you become a priest, committing yourself to “holy celibacy”, you can “cop out” of being gay and bury the issue – or so you think. You eventually realise that it doesn’t work, but it’s too late: you’re trapped by then.

    This is a situation that the Catholic Church positively invites by the combination of its antiquated teaching on homosexuality and its insistence on clerical celibacy.

    Of course, it’s only gay Catholics who take their faith seriously who are going to be caught in this terrible snare. Others are just going to say “F—k this for a laugh.” I actually approve of the Vatican’s stated policy of weeding out gay applicants for the priesthood, even though I disagree with the reasoning behind it. The fewer gay men who get trapped in this way, the better.

  8. Sister Mary clarence 19 Apr 2010, 4:40pm

    Could we maybe sweep aside all the backbiting about religion on this one. Blackmail is an odious crime that relies on the victim being terrified, usually over a fairly long period of time and capitulating to demands out of sheer terror.

    Whatever the chosen career path the victim took, he did not deserve to be treated the way he was.

  9. Blackmail is a serious crime which deserves to be punished.

    That said I have little sympathy for catholic priests who place themsekves in positions where they are prey to unscrupulous people.

    This man is a priest through his own choice. And what a bizarre choice. To place yourselves in the hands of an organisation which openly hates you.

    Did this priest speak out condemning the homophobia of Pope Ratzinger?

    If not then why not?

    To be a gay, catholic priest and working to promote the hatred and intolerance the church promotes is hypocritical and cowardly.

    No he shouldn’t have been blackmailed, but neither should he remain a catholic priest unless he openly renounces the bigotry of the catholic hierarchy.

  10. Bob, you ask, rhetorically, “Who in their right mind would want to live a life like that under close scrutiny and the pressure that comes with hiding and in some cases lying about who you are.”

    Hundreds, Bob, and that’s the problem! Hundreds who love all the camp ritual of the liturgy, the automatic adulation of the faithful, the freedom from the usual pressures of daily life, and the knowledge that when you’re old you’ll be looked after in regal style by the church.

    I’ve known dozens of young seminarians who had had a gay old life before they went into the seminary and continued to have a gay old life WHILE they were in the seminary! In fact, they have a gay old life in the seminary under the noses of the gay old priests running the damn seminary!

    Yes, there are one or two “Holy Joes” in every intake who have been completely indoctrinated by religion, never seen beyond it, never explored their sexuality, have no idea what they are really letting themselves in for beyond the romantic allure of “the priesthood” but they are the rare exception. These days it is impossible for lads to grow up without being worldly-wise and aware. TV, the internet, and youth-culture these days doesn’t allow for the religious isolation that used to be possible in the past. They all know what they’re going into and why.

  11. Sister Mary clarence 19 Apr 2010, 10:13pm

    Once again Simon, overwhelmed by your compassion for the suffering of another. What a kind and giving individual you are.

    You have got know idea what the guy’s views are on the pope, homophobia or anything else for that matter. Yet you are happy to condemn him based on your preconceived ideas about the clergy.

    I don’t give a toss about the guy’s chosen profession, but what happened to him must have been terrible. He has my sympathy.

  12. Christine Rourke 20 Apr 2010, 8:24am

    Sadly it is his chosen profession that, in this case, has been the reason he COULD be blackmailed, so there is an important link there that it is wrong to ignore.

    Similar issues used to arise in other vocations before homosexuality was de-criminalised. Most especially, gay Civil Servants in sensitive positions were top targets for foreign intelligence-gathering organizations, as the revelation of a compromised peron’s sexual orientation and acts would certainly lose them their jobs.

    The de-criminalisation of homosexuality certainly played a huge part in making this country’s state institutions more secure from espionage.

    I have to say that IMO, allowing catholic priests to lead more natural lives might well be very helpful to ALL concerned.


  13. Jennifer Hynes 20 Apr 2010, 10:10am

    Gay priest, in a gay bar, picking up men, bad enough (again according to the pope), but Towlys Pericleous?? Half Welsh, half Greek God??

  14. SMC: “Once again Simon, overwhelmed by your compassion for the suffering of another. What a kind and giving individual you are.”

    Oh build a bridge and get over it.

    This catholic priest is an utter moron.

    He becomes a priest knowing full well that not only must be remain celibate but that the church rules state that he preach hatred and intolerance against gay people.

    He is an idiot.

    His CHOICE to be a priest is quite clearly evidence of his mental illness considering that he knows full well that his church hates him.

    I did say that he doesn’t deserve blackmail. But neither does he deserve sympathy or compassion.

    I’d rather reserve my sympathy and compassion to those LGBT schoolchildren in catholic schools who are told by the likes of this hypocrite priest, that they are evil and immoral.

  15. Sister Mary clarence 20 Apr 2010, 5:53pm

    “He becomes a priest knowing full well that not only must be remain celibate”

    Dear God a gay man that isn’t driven by his c0ck – Jesus someone set the dogs on him?

    “church rules state that he preach hatred and intolerance” That broad brush again I see then Simon. The Catholic Church isn’t a hive mind with everyonwe thinking and speaking the same. There are tolerant views within the church, although God forbid you should even entertain that thought.

    “But neither does he deserve sympathy or compassion”. Then not do you my friend. If you can’t find it in yourself to show compassion for someone that has been treated in the way he has, then you show yourself to be a bitter, twisted and hate-filled individual

  16. Sister mary I remmebr you saying on another thread that you don;’t believe in Christianity and yet here you are saying “Dear God . . . ” and “God forbid . . . “.

    you talk very much like the average christian believer, to me!

  17. alessandro 21 Apr 2010, 1:40pm

    This sounds like the gay community to take charge o push quite sick, but allowing it also is developing is one thing I can wonder ö a hot guy who is single would have contact with a hot 27 year old without being blackmailed :-) so I found on msn

    Is not black if you are now looking for a dark guy :-(

  18. Sister Mary clarence 21 Apr 2010, 7:39pm

    Actually Ursula, I think you’ll find that genuine god bothers don’t use phrases like ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘Dear God’ and so on …. taking the Lord’s name in vain and all that ….

  19. actually sister mary, i beg to differ. it’s those who are dyed in the wool god-botherers who DO speak of god, jesus, mary, joseph, and all the saints every other breath! have you ever been amongst italians, spaniards, or the irish? do you ever get out much?

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