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Glee and Tom Ford win at GLAAD awards

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Reader comments

  1. I’m glad Tom Ford won an award for “A Single Man” because I thought it was a superb film, very sensitively handled and a joy to watch. I’m sorry “Glee” won anything however, because I just can’t stand the show. There must surely be better characters on TV who are fully-rounded,deep & complex, multi-faceted etc, instead of the paper-thin one-dimensional cardboard cutout personalities in “Glee”. I don’t think that show has done LGBT people any favours whatsoever, I only hope it doesn’t result in any more shows like it.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 20 Apr 2010, 7:08am

    at least, and at last, a decent photo of the guy rather than that oft used “specs” one.

    Can’t say anything about the show – it’s probably no worse than most!

  3. I can’t stand Tom Ford and his fake graciousness! He’s a second-rate designer and a third-rate filmmaker. Yet he presents himself as Mother Theresa. So much so that you’d think he’s achieved more than Laurence Olivier and Helen Mirren put together. And what’s with that hint of a British accent? When did that happen?!

    Sorry, had to went. I really, really dislike the guy.

  4. oi leave glee alone it expands on the asexual show tune loving limp wristed pufta chaising the straight guy what’s not to love

  5. Hi from Canada, Pink News has GREAT coverage, but…

    “Bono, 41, recently completed his transformation from male to female.”

    Wasn’t it the other way around for Chas?


  6. Yeah, Chaz is FTM (female-to-male). I hope that was a typo instead of an intentionally disrespectful comment…

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