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General Election 2010

Harman calls for sacking of Chris Grayling as she launches gay manifesto

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Reader comments

  1. Why do gays need a special manifesto? Why weren’t these issues included in the main manifesto? Are they telling most of the country one thing, and then telling gays and lesbians another?

  2. I really hope this interfering old bat will just dissapear after the elections. We don’t need special treatment. We don’t need hate crime bills, We don’t need any more of your Labour nannying.

    All we want is to be treated like everybody else, and not be discriminated against. A fact Harman has still yet to address.

  3. Indeed Why? Maybe an after thought prehaps. Seriously though, Harriet Harm-em? The Equality Minister who actually should be more suited to the Hypocrite Minister. More Not-So Equality Minister!

    She calls for people to resign but due to Her failings should have resigned. She should hang her face in shame…. both of them.

  4. We do not need this hag pimpimg for our votes in our own back yard. She is the embodiment of all that has gone wrong with our PC-riddled country. Out! Out! Out!

  5. I don’t understand why you are being so harsh about Harriet Harman, she’s done astonishing things for gay people – without her we’d have no gay partnerships, no equality legislation; tons of stuff. She’s used her position within the Labour Party to drum into politicians that an unequal society isn’t a society at all.
    Support the woman!

  6. Yet more sexist comments about Harman from Rob-N: give it up and stick to criticising her policies: it demeans you.

    Harman is right to call for Chris Grayling to be sacked. A homophobic Home Secretary – well the last one since Michael Howard (who piloted Section 28 into law) – would be a disaster for LGBT people. In Government, Labour is the only party that has acted in the interests of LGBT people; the Tories offer hot air and have only given us Section 28 in the past.

    Here is the Labour LGBT Manifesto:

    Ken Livingstone also had an LGBT manifesto for the 2008 London Mayoral Election – details here:

  7. I don’t trust Harriet Harman.

    But she is 100% correct on 1 thing. Chris Grayling is a homophobe and the fact that his bigotry is being endorsed by the Tory Law and Justice Party should strike fear into all our hearts.

    Don’t vote Labour if you are unhappyv with them.

    But under no circumstances should any LGBT person vote Conservative.

    A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for homophobia.

  8. I’m not interested in Manifestos of the past.

    I’m voting in 2010 for period 2010 to 2015.

    I am Not voting for the years, 2008, 1980-1990, 1990 – 1996….. you get the picture.

    I’m looking to the future and I will not be getting stuck and hung up on the past.

    Harriet Harm-em sold out to the churches herself. Being that Labour are well known for keeping disgraced MPs in cabinet for as long as possible I think it’s a bit rich of her to even suggest who should be sacked.

    Hypocrite Much Harm-em?

  9. Labour following the Lib Dems lead again!

    But then again Browns most common phrase in the debate last night was: “I agree with Nick”

    If he agreed with Nick, why has none of it happened in the past 13 years?

    As for the equality minister I guess all you need to know about her is the lack of time she gave the equality bill debate. The fact none of the LGBT amendment got read, debated and voted on in the 3rd reading shows her commitment to equality. A one day debate on a months worth of issues sums up NuLabour nicely.

    So you can vote for:

    Clegg: Who looks like a statesman and visionary
    Brown: Who just looks tired
    David: Who looks like the tea boy

    We don’t need to fall for the same old tired red/blue stitch up! Vote for a new politics, a new fairer Britain, vote for Nick and Vince vote Lib Dem :)

  10. Harmon lays herself open to accusations of hypocrisy as a previous equality minister and her both pander to the churches and their homophobia
    nu-Labour would be better then the tories but nu-Labour isn’t always so reliable

  11. If Cleggy/Lib Dems had any chance of actually getting in I would vote for them. But sadly they don’t They at best may get to be the Second party.

  12. My vote is still going to the Lib Dems, even if they have no chance of winning, I’d rather they stopped Labour or Conservatives from having an overall majority!

  13. Wasn’t the TV debate between the party leaders great.

    Cameron came across as a red-faced, chub toff (despite all the spray tan), and came across reeeeally badly.

    PR disaster for the Tories.

    Everyone agrees that Clegg won the debate, Brown did OK and Cameron was a disaster.

    Lib Dems 1 – Tory Law and Justice Party 0

  14. Ireally fail to see why everyone seems to think The Lib DEms have no chance of winning.
    With everyone being thoroughly fed up with the same old same old there is a strong possibility that they could do it this time .
    I certainly think they have a great chance and are the only party putting forward policies that are what Britain needs at this moment. And they also dont have to chase their own tail with afterthoughts Re Harman and Grayling. They said it all form the off and have always said it .Look at their voting record on all things equality. Vince Cable seems to be the only prospective Chancellor with a sensible way forward.
    VOTE The Liberal Democrats for a better United Kingdom

  15. Dave lost it Squidgy and looked like the 3rd party candidate. I know all the lib Dems don’t stand a chance spin is on the Tory script. But its not up to Tory HQ to make that call Squidgy! It the voters who dont want the same old red/blue carve up anymore!

    Thing have changed in 90mins. One things for sure, the nation dont want the tea boy, just because he mentions his wifes pregnancy and dead son in debates!

  16. I’m a labour supporter (don’t hit me please, I’m wearing glasses), Harman was dreadful at the deputy leadership hustings, she kept ranting on about how statistics showed she was the best option…. blah blah blah…. awful! She ended up as the least popular option, if I remember correctly, but the silly voting system let her win. She’s ruthless and will jump on any band-wagon that happens to be passing, almost as bad as Cameron. The other 5 were all good on gay rights but Alan Johnson & Peter Hain were the best. Peter despises creationist science teachers which is always a bonus!
    I’ll go back under my stone now.

  17. Gay Buddhist says he has no choice but to vote BNP!!!

  18. Does anyone else think that it is nice that labour allowed ‘same-sex couples to have loving relationships with the same rights as married couples’ (page 4 of the manifesto)

  19. “David Cameron should have sacked him as soon as he said that.”
    He was a homophobe before he joined the conservatives, they must have noticed

    “She is the embodiment of all that has gone wrong with our PC-riddled country.”
    Agree 100%
    When you get a job just for being a woman or gay then anti discrimination laws have gone too far

  20. You effectively have no vote if you put your mark by BNP or BNP lite (UKIP)

  21. Personally, I though Dave did well. Better than Brown who couldn’t resist the slanging. We don’t need the slanging. It’s un-necessary but Labour can’t resist. Cleggy did well but I can’t support his view of Trident. Britain need to be showing some kind of defence.

    Tories still get my vote. Of the 8 questions I agreed with the Tories on 7, 1 jointly with the Lib Dems (would have been 3 if not for the Trident issue) and only 1 answer I agreed with Labour.

    Most of the answers Brown gave were short on substance if anything. A lot has to be said why hadn’t he implimented some of the stuff if they were so important to him.

    Dave:- 8 out of 10
    Nick:- 6 out of 10
    Gord:- 1 out of 10

  22. Why was it only Sky who rated Dave as a winner last night Squidgy?

    it says it all when you need to scrape that barrel!

  23. Creepy Cameron : 1 out of 10 for being so condescending.
    Nick Clegg : 7 out of 10. Great presentation, still a bit thin on substance.
    Gordon Brown : 8 out of 10. I gave him 9 until he smiled – don’t do it Gordon!

  24. Abi… love it’s just my opinion. Doesn’t make your right of mine wrong. I expect plenty of people think the same me just as plenty of people agree with you.

    Believe or not though, now listen this Might shock you.. they’ll be people that disagree with both of us. Oh no!!! Shock, Horror!!

    There, get ya head round that one. Hope it doesn’t explode.

  25. Com Res Poll latest Con 36% – Lib Dem 35% – Lab 24%

  26. Well I suppose they are utterly desperate, so pimping for votes amongst one of their hard core client groups might slightly diminish their humiliation on May 7th.

    Cleggy was the undoubted winner last night. Cameron fine, but Brown was buttock clenchingly awful. Has haggard jowls wobbling furiously as he gurned his way through a recitation of trumped up tractor statistics was pitiful.

    Good for Clegg though, and I urge all tory haters to vote for him. The sooner they become the official opposition and Liebour are reduced to a political irrelevance the better.

  27. “Why was it only Sky who rated Dave as a winner last night Squidgy?”

    Actually those were only the preliminary results. The final Sky results had Clegg as the winner and Cameron and Brown close to each other in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

    Clegg was the CLEAR winner according to ALL polls – ITV; The Sun/Yougov; Sky etc.

    CallMeDave came 2nd or 3rd according to which poll you read.

    Which considering that he was expected to win is a disastrous result for the Tories.

    He looked like a squirming posh-boy with no idea about the people he wants to govern. Which is exactly what he is.

  28. Not impressed with this Labour policy on marriage.

  29. No doubt, Clegg came across very well last night…but its easy, when you know beforehand, you wont get the job! I suspect the Lib Dems will do much better after last night but not enough to make Nick PM.

    Cameron really screwed up. His belief that being PM is his Right and that he doesn’t have to earn it, will cost him. Gaffe of the night was thinking that China and Iran are an equal nuclear threat.

    Brown did what Brown does. He knows first hand what the job entails and that the schoolboys to his right just don’t cut it!

    Promises and presentation don’t matter. We are voting for policies and ability and Brown has both.

  30. Brown could not even find the right camera to look into for most of the night! now thats some ability!

    Just what was going on between Cameron and Brown all night?

    Comparing the size of each others willies on national TV! I thought we had decency laws :D

  31. Tim Hopkins 16 Apr 2010, 1:33pm

    James (#6): “Ken Livingstone also had an LGBT manifesto for the 2008 London Mayoral Election”

    Ken pretty much started the LGBT manifesto business (well, L&G as it tended to be then) 25 years ago when he was leader of the Greater London Council, with “Changing the World – a London Charter for Gay and Lesbian Rights” (1985). Not available online as far as I can tell.

  32. Peter Tatchell 16 Apr 2010, 1:38pm

    Compare the handful of LGBT policies being offered by the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats, with what the Green Party is offering – 14 new LGBT policies which are in listed its General Election Manifesto on pages 29 to 31. Here they are:

    • Amend the Equality Act to provide explicit protection against harassment of LGBTI people.

    • Require all police forces to have equality and diversity liaison officers whose remit is to tackle, and take preventive action on, crimes against LGBTI people, people from ethnic minorities (including refugees and asylum seekers) and disabled people.

    • Legally target incitement of hatred on the grounds of gender identity and amend the Equality Act to provide explicit protection against harassment of LGBTI people.

    • Open up civil marriages and civil partnerships, without discrimination, to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

    • End the blanket, lifetime ban on gay and bisexual blood donors.

    • Campaign for homophobic, transphobic and racist crimes, and crimes against disabled people, including people with learning difficulties, to be dealt with effectively and on a par with racist crimes.

    • Ensure legal parity for parents and those wishing to become parents regardless of sexual orientation, and equality of provision of maternity services; lobby for widely available, affordable state-funded creches.

    • Push for the rewriting of the Mental Health Act to remove trans people from the Psychiatric Disorder Register.

    • Campaign against any reduction in the AIDS/HIV budget and target health promotion work to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

    • Ensure safe haven and refugee status for LGBTI people fleeing persecution in line with other social groups according to the Geneva Convention.

    • Refuse visas and work permits to ‘murder music’ singers and others who incite homophobic and transphobic violence.

    • Oppose all opt-outs from equality and antidiscrimination laws by religious organisations and remove special treatment allowing faith schools to promote homophobia on the grounds of religion.

    • Provide comprehensive training for teachers and educational staff on all diversity and inclusion issues; schools to promote equal opportunities in their anti-bullying procedures; equality issues to be monitored in teaching recruitment.

    • Support the human rights struggles of LGBTI movements in oppressive states such as Jamaica, Iran, Uganda, Malawi, Iraq, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Russia.

    The Greens don’t just talk gay rights, they support, advocate and pledge them, as they have done for decades.

  33. Tim Hopkins 16 Apr 2010, 1:42pm

    I hope Peter won’t mind me just adding that that’s the manifesto of the Green Party of England and Wales – we’ve yet to see the Scottish Green Party one!

  34. Peter Tatchell 16 Apr 2010, 1:49pm

    Yes, Tim is right. What I quoted is from the Election Manifesto of the Green Party of England and Wales.

    If anyone wants to check out the English and Welsh Greens 14 new LGBT policies, which are in listed its General Election Manifesto on pages 29 to 31 – and / or read about the Green’s other policies – click here:

  35. I cant afford to vote Green Peter as that 8% on petrol would send me and the country under!

  36. Harriet Harman said “gay people would have to fight to avoid having the wool pulled over their eyes”.

    Indeed! And it seems we are having to fight very hard indeed because a lot of vulnerable LGBT people are very easily courted and wooed by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, i.e. by cunning two-faced Tory candidates, candidates who one moment say one thing, and the next moment say the opposite!

    So it’s all the more important for those of us who WON’T have the wool pulled over our eyes, to keep shaking up the lazier members of the LGBT community who will be too easily fooled by the Tories.

    I fear that there are a large number of LGBTs who will fail to vote tactically, who simply won’t put some thought into who to vote for on 6 May so that the Tories do not get into power. We need to get through to these people. They need to really understand the mindsets of Tories like William Hague, Iain Duncan-Smith, and Christopher Grayling. What a pity we can’t arrange for them to spend a week with each of these figures and their families! They would soon realise what a Tory really is then!

    Here is a challenge to any gay, lesbian, bi, or trans person who is the slightest bit inclined to vote Tory on May 6.

    Select just six ordinary typical Conservative voters who are not particularly well-known to you.

    Visit each one, look them in the eye, and then ask the following question:

    1. “Do you think that a Christian person, a Catholic person, a Jewish person, a Muslim person, or a person of any faith, should have the right on the grounds of their religious beliefs to refuse to provide goods or services to gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender people?”

    When they have answered this question, double-check their attitude by asking this second question:

    2. “Do you think that a Christian person, a Catholic person, a Jewish person, a Muslim person, or a person of any faith, WHO IS RUNNING A HOTEL, MOTEL, OR GUESTHOUSE, should have the right on the grounds of their religious beliefs to refuse to give a double-bed to two persons of the same sex?”

    If they answer something like “Yes!” or “I think people should have the right to make up their own minds on this”, then ask them a third and final question:

    3. “If YOU were running A HOTEL, MOTEL, OR GUEST-HOUSE and I turned up with a friend of mine OF THE SAME SEX AS ME and we asked you to give us a room with a double-bed, would YOU give us the the double-bed with dignity or respect or would you give some kind of excuse and tell us to find somewhere else?

    Do not vote Tory if you have not performed the above test.

  37. Euan - London 16 Apr 2010, 2:18pm


  38. “James: “Yet more sexist comments about Harman from Rob-N: give it up and stick to criticising her policies: it demeans you.”

    How was I possibly sexist? I never even mentioned her sex. Bats can be male as well, you know, and last time I checked the equal opportunities manifesto that stupid woman drafted, nannies can also be male. Please take your PC pipe and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Getting back on topic, if we want to start sacking MPs, there are three Labour MPs that have been charged with expenses fiddles, and a string of others that have managed to walk away after ripping off the taxpayers. I really think if anyone should get the bullet rather than some guy that indicated his opinion in private only to be accused of homophobia.

  39. When people keep repeating the same old tired mantra of, “I would vote for the LibDems but they will never get in”? They promulgate their own stupidity. Tactical voting? Not. If everyone who has said that voted with their convictions, and if they held that the LibDems are the better option and voted on them then the LibDems would get in, simple as that. I have some sympathy for the Conservative supporters on these forums, they are rather in the position of people pointing out that the frame on a very bad picture is the best part of it. However, I have no sympathy for the Conservative Party who should under no circumstances be trusted with equality and gay rights issues.

  40. The way Gordy B was sucking up to Nick Clegg was vomit inducing TV. As long as theres a change Labour could remain I have to vote Tory. Lib Dem for Local Elections sure. Somehow, what with all the suckin up last night, I suspect Gordy and Nick will be doing deals to keep the Tories out.

  41. Vote Lib dems they are the only party that are true about gay rights and will do us better long term

    But its not just about gay rights they will be better for the country at large fairer than Labour and not homophobic and outdated like the Tory party

    As one person said on he a vote of the conservatives is a vote for Homophobia

    Harriet harman backed down in January over including equal treatment of gays and she said she had no intention of bringing it up again because the lords voted against it as usual

    She is weak on this issue I am sorry I won`t vote labour because they only want our vote because its a close election thats all

    I`ll vote for Lib dems instead because they do genuinely support equality

  42. vulpus_rex 16 Apr 2010, 5:19pm

    For those who missed the debate there is an amusing though more or less accurate summary here:

  43. cameron made a complete arse of himself last night. he didn’t look like he knew what he was talking about. if was funny. trying to hide the fact that he’s two steps of the BNP. ‘bomb china with a nuke’. what an idiot.
    clegg was outstanding. no corruption. no sucking up to rich b_stards because of some funding issues.
    brown shouldn’t be labout leader – they’ve no chance with a scot trying to be voted as PM. Milliband would be better.

  44. oh and good for harman for asking grayling to be sacked. if the fascist pig had said B and B owners should have the right to refuse black people, or muslims, he’d be gone already. pathetic that the homophobic tories have not acted on this. proves they think gay men and women are second class citizens and deserve to be treated like dogs.

  45. Mumbo Jumbo 16 Apr 2010, 6:38pm

    vexatious_prix (comment #26) said:

    “…….haggard jowls wobbling furiously……”

    It’s best not to post whilst looking in the mirror.

  46. “Please take your PC pipe and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine.”


    More dull witted nonsense from the Rob N tosser. How lucky we all are to have to witness it.

  47. Getting back to Harman…she is all very agreeable because she wants your vote. She can’t be trusted.

    I was disturbed by hearing her on various daytime radio 4 – (probably Woman’s hour) talking about sex, and sex and the internet. Her views were more oppressive than Mary Whitehouse. I got the impression that she really could not bear the idea of sex at all, and was determined to clamp down on it where ever possible. She was proposing draconian clamp downs on internet access that has any aspect of sex about it. (all in the name of making it safe for children of course)

    There was a thread on Pink News only about a month ago – about her views on prostitution. She was roundly condemned by almost all those who commented at the time. No one had a good word to say for her. She is dangerous, the enemy within in disguise.

  48. PinkNews have had this story about a police investigation into possible corruption at the Glasgow LGBT centre since yesterday morning but they are not running it – why?


    Police quiz Purcell ally over drugs allegations
    Chris Watt
    15 Apr 2010
    Police have questioned one of Steven Purcell’s closest allies over claims of corruption and drug abuse at Glasgow City Council.
    Councillor Ruth Black, a personal friend of the disgraced former council leader, visited a police station to discuss allegations that she was unfairly given a £50,000 council contract because of her connection to Mr Purcell.
    Ms Black, 45, was also asked if she had a role in the supply of drugs in Mr Purcell’s circle after the former leader admitted to having taken cocaine in the past.
    In addition, she was asked about claims she herself had taken amphetamines. Ms Black denies any wrongdoing.
    SNP councillors last week accused Mr Purcell of cronyism over his decision to award a lucrative contract to run a gay and lesbian drop-in centre to Ms Black, ahead of a rival bid from the well-established organisation Glasgay.
    The Nationalists were acting on a tip-off which apparently included incriminating evidence about the council leader’s decision to give the contract to his Labour party colleague.
    Ms Black had run a previous incarnation of the drop-in centre, but quit in December 2007. The centre went bust at the end of last year with outstanding debts of more than £300,000.
    Ms Black was given the go-ahead to run the new centre, angering supporters of Glasgay, which has more than two decades’ experience of working in the city. Ms Black admitted that she went to London Road police station yesterday afternoon after officers contacted her on Tuesday.
    Drug allegations against Mr Purcell, she told The Herald, were “the whole raison d’être” of the meeting.
    “They asked if I was involved in taking them and passing them to other people as well,” Ms Black said. “Well, of course not.”
    She was also questioned over the allegations relating to her bid for the contract to run the drop-in centre, but dismissed the claims as “absolute rubbish”, adding: “I totally deny them.”
    The individuals who had tipped off the SNP, Ms Black claimed, were former staff members of the centre who held a grudge against her. She intends to take action against them, she said.
    “It did become clear to [the police] as I explained the background that it was two ex-employees who had a massive axe to grind,” said Ms Black.
    “That balanced things out, and it was clear it was a very malicious, nasty attempt to get revenge on me.” Ms Black described the on-the- record police interview as “possibly the most horrible experience I’ve ever had”.
    She added that she was “devastated” to be caught up in the situation.
    No charges have been brought, although Strathclyde Police indicated that they may need to speak to Ms Black again.
    A police spokeswoman last night confirmed that the interview had taken place voluntarily.
    Glasgow City Council said it would be “inappropriate” to comment.

  49. Why hasn’t Chris Grayling been sacked yet?

  50. @ SimonM – because it isn’t always a great idea to sack people because they make one slip up. Sometimes people are a bit accident prone but have many other good qualities. If you sack everyone who makes a mistake you are left with a load of plastic people who are good at parroting exactly what people want to hear and avoiding cock-ups but who may be crap at the actual jobs. And then you end up with New Labour: people like Blears, the Millibands, Harman and all the other horrors.

    And no it isn’t quite like racism because these are laws that have only just been introduced and it takes a little while for the reality to sink in for everyone. The Tories are trying. Let’s give them a chance?

    But some of the people on here are like fundamentalist Labour Taliban. I’m sure if you could you’d be asking for beheadings for anyone who said the wrong thing. Ironically it all gives the impression that the left is extremely intolerant and unforgiving and I’m sure this is having a cumulative effect on voters who read these comments.

    Isn’t it interesting how lots of people popped up on here demanding the sacking of Chris Grayling almost as if they were reading from a script and now lo-and-behold here is Harriet Harman saying exactly the same thing? Perhaps there is some Labour mailing list that sends out ready made responses to all their little helpers, to cut and paste into website comment sections?

  51. ~Gs – your idea of a conspiracy is unrealistic

  52. SimonM:-

    …because there is no reason to sack him. Freedom of Speech is not a sackable offense. In any case, your showing double-standards for a government where corrupt ministers have been the norm and continuously supported by the party and PM. Before Labour, Ministers caught doing things they shouldn’t were sacked with disgrace. Under Labour they have been rewarded until the ‘pushing the luck’ just makes them look the out-of-touch party they are. They even get rewarded with a peerage in some cases.

  53. Jay 6pac:-

    Have to say I thought the opposite I thought Dave Camerson looked professional. I think he is ready to lead the country.

    I would rather these debates we not rehearsed though, we need to see the gaffes etc I’d prefer them gritty and seeing them under pressure. Surely that’s the only way to vote accurately.

  54. Did everyone read this to the very end ?

    Jessica i think you have missed an opertunity ?

    “Mr Bryant revealed that he and new husband Jarred Cranney had experienced homophobia while trying to get a room at a hotel four weeks ago.”

    How did this not end up in the MAIN news ???

  55. I don’t think that, despite all the problems we face as a nation, that we are ready for the kind of change that we experienced in 1979 and 1997. The predictions of a hung parliament, where no party has an overall majority, reflect this mood that people want change, but just not now.

    As a man of a certain age, I remember how the Conservatives ran this country in the 1980s – the destruction of whole communities and the homophobia, embodied in Clause 28. I remember, as a young man, how lost I felt, and how I felt like a second-class citizen, despite the fact that I worked and paid my taxes. The 1980s were a terrible time for me and I just don’t trust the Conservatives to not deliver a repeat performance.

    Cameron and Blair have one thing in common – a friendly mask that betrays a dark, valueless interior when peeled away. The conservative party hasn’t changed, and I will never trust them, or vote for them, ever.

  56. “I fear that there are a large number of LGBTs who will fail to vote tactically”
    I hate when people come up with crap like this
    Id rather use my vote to help the country than myself
    Im voting UKIP just because of that
    We can save £120 Billion every year by leaving Europe and can finally sort immigration and benefits out without interference

    And as a bonus, i won’t have to look at Jug Earred Gordon or Call-Me-Dave on the news every day =]

  57. I agree that people should vote according to their consciences and beliefs, however, the EU has been the starting point for much of our human rights legislation and gay rights legislation in particular. The EU was the only body that had the weight to defeat the homophobes in the House of Lords (and the Commons for that matter). So the issues are not that simple.

  58. Tigra: “Id rather use my vote to help the country than myself
    Im voting UKIP just because of that.”

    Nice to hear that for a change on here. Instead of all these selfish sh!ts asking what are they going to get, and equally that LGBT issues are of paramount importance. This country is in one almighty mess, so I really don’t think any party is really bothered about a few wittering queens. They all have far bigger fish to fry. We are not only LGBT, we are people, and we all still have to pay tax, be defended, get educated and kept healthy.
    The two options are not mutually exclusive.

  59. I think the LibDems have a good chance of getting a significant share of parliament. Even if they don’t win, it means they can block Tory rubbish, and LibDems + Labour can work together on LGBT issues. If anyone really thinks Tories are going to forward our rights, they should think again.

    I’m voting LibDem. Nick Clegg is refreshing, more direct, and a human being. For me it’s the party with the best attitude, as well as policies.

    Another 5 years of the same sort of stuff…no thanks!

  60. Following Nick Clegg’s winning performance on Thursday night, there are signs that the popular feel-good contagion that was behind the extraordinary public response to Diana’s death, that was behind the Susan Boyle discovery, and which continues still on every hysterical Saturday-night talent and/or dancing quest is now kicking in to boost the Lib Dems!

    Nick Clegg is young, he’s the best looking of the three major leaders, he appeals to the popular imagination, he’s got a super looking wife, and he’s willing to bash the two well-known characters in this drama silly! The facile British crowd goes wild for such a figure!

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
    Feared by the bad, loved by the good
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood!

    He called the greatest archers to a tavern on the green
    They vowed to help the people of the king
    They handled all the troubles on the English country scene
    And still found plenty of time to sing:

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
    Feared by the bad, loved by the good
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood

    He came to Sherwood Forest with a feather in his cap
    A fighter never looking for a fight
    His bow was always ready, and he kept his arrows sharp.
    He used them to fight for what was right!

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
    Feared by the bad, loved by the good
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood!

    With Friar Tuck and Little John they had a roguish look,
    They did the deed the others wouldn’t dare.
    He captured all the money that the evil sheriff took,
    And rescued many a lady fair!

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
    Feared by the bad, loved by the good
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood

    To cheating and corruption, he would never, never yield
    And danger was his breakfast ev’ry day
    The cobbler in the hamlet and the farmer in the field
    Were always helping him get away!

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
    Feared by the bad, loved by the good
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood

    He rode up to the palace and was cheered by ev’ryone
    His Lady Marian threw him a rose
    The King of England knighted him the Earl Of Huntingdon
    And that’s the way that the legend goes!

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men
    Feared by the bad, loved by the good
    Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood!

  61. The economy is in a poor state, but I don’t believe the country is in a mess at all. In fact I get irritated when I hear people talk our nation down, which is essentially a good place, inhabited by generally good people. Yes, undeniably, there are problems that need to be addressed, but we don’t have to abandon justice, fairness and equality oh the way.

  62. Ursus262: You are obviously not old enough to remember the days when kids all went to school, not stayed away and got pregnant at 14, or you could walk the streets at night without getting stabbed, or when people actually knew not just who lived next door to them, but every house in the street. People have become insular and selfish, and they want all the rights, but none of the accompanying responsibilities.

  63. Watch out folks because when she bans porn it won’t just be the stuff featuring men and women.

    For the last 13 years (especially) people like Harriet Harman have been picking and choosing which parts of our culture, history and life are unacceptable and must be banned, changed or not talked about, while refusing to condemn other (sometimes very damaging) things because they come from directions she deems OK.

    This social engineering is leading to a dangerous situation where the people who make up the majority are represented much less than they should be.

    The BBC is involved in this too, moving production out of England etc. With the result that neither BBC nor ITV have any production other than local news going on in the entire eastern side of England. Think about that for a moment and how many people live there…

    The same thing is going on even within minorities such as ours, with a tiny number of stereotypical pink pounders being represented as typical of all 3.6m gays and lesbians.

    This is why people are turning to the likes of the BNP. They feel ignored. The danger is that some day there will be the most almighty backlash.

  64. There have always been depraved behaviour throughout time. It’s only recently that people have really focussed on it.The levels of violence are lower than they were twenty years ago. Even in a town like Luton – I remember the regular gang fights in the Luton Arndale centre in the 1970s and every night, I walk the streets without fear. My opinion is that there is little to fear, yet people feel fear because the don’t critically question what politicians and the media are telling them.

  65. Back to the conservatives, and don’t worry! The economy is safe in their hands…

    sooooo our new best-buddy David Cameron’s smear on Gordon Brown was not only designed by an anti-healthcare lobby group, but also a homophobic lobby group too, stating the military “should not be used as a tool to advance the goals of gay activist groups”.

    “But perhaps the biggest indictment of the campaign is the level of engagement achieved in relation to its cost. With a $15,000 pricetag, the web platform makes Cash Gordon the most expensive few web pages in UK politics – and it gets worse. At the time of writing, links to have been tweeted 241 times. That’s a shocking £41 per tweet. Even widening the net to every single mention of #cashgordon by the general public brings this down to a bargain basement price of, erm, £15.50.”

    Attacking Labour’s union links: £15 per tweet.
    Recycling an anti-healthcare web platform: priceless!

    The economy, about as safe as our rights….

  66. Ursus262: That’s an odd coincidence. I was born in Luton, and I found it didn’t change much until the immigrant communities took over in the mid-70’s. Nowadays, if you see another white person, you shout “snap!”.

  67. Nonsense. I’m actually very proud of my town and I’m proud to call it home. All sorts live here. I was born here, lived abroad and in London, and always come home again. I am not hostile to immigrant communities, and I don’t resent their prescence. I disapprove of others running the town down.

  68. #66 I seem to remember similar racist bigotry back in the 50s, 60s and 70s when places like Luton, Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith was home to another set of immigrants, the Irish, who I might add, rebuilt England after the war, while the native English ranted at them from the sidelines about the “thick Irish over here taking our jobs”, but refusing to take those same jobs themselves as they were “beneath us” while collecting the dole and handouts from the state.
    Things dont seem to have changed much over there.

  69. same old people voicing same old opinions, how boring!!!

  70. Andy … Its not compulsory for you to read them …GO somewhere less BORING

  71. Freedom of speech is such a great thing, well done Chris Grayling for saying the words of the people of small B & B’s who should be able to say who they want in their establishment. Aagin too much PC, get back to how it used to be, underground.

  72. Matt homophobic bigot.

  73. No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs, and now, No Gays … farting and burping tories

  74. The true Two-Faced Labour message with this is I don’t see Labour doing the decent thing and enforcing this law! It’s all very well attacking someone for what was just of Freedom of Speech but I don’t see Harriet Harm-em as an Equality Minister actually backing this up and insisting that the law be implemented.

  75. Squidgy: I agree. She wants to treat the symptom, but not the cause.
    Sod Grayling, it’s unimportant. Fix the bloody law!

  76. Squidgy – freedom of speech isn’t as simple as you portray

  77. It cannot be denied that the Labour Party in government has consistently progressed LGBT rights. Here is a list for the rapid cynics and Tories on here. Here is what Labour have done FOR YOU:

    • achieved an equal age of consent;
    • ended the ban on LGBT people serving in our armed forces;
    • ended discrimination against same sex partners for immigration purposes;
    • given LGBT individuals and couples the right to adopt children;
    • scrapped the homophobic Section 28 (Clause 2a in Scotland);
    • become a signatory of the Treaty of Amsterdam, which gave the EU powers to end discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation;
    • banned discrimination in the workplace and in vocational training with the introduction of the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations;
    • created the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) which gives LGBT people statutory body protection;
    • included homophobia in the definition of hate crimes;
    • increased sentencing for homophobic hate crimes;
    • removed outdated offences such as gross indecency and buggery;
    • produced and implemented the Gender Recognition Act, allowing Trans people to have their true gender recognised in law;
    • created the Civil Partnerships, allowing LGB people to have their loving relationships recognised by law and have the same benefits as married couples;
    • outlawed discrimination in good and services (with no exceptions);
    • launched a campaign in the UN for the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality focusing on the nine countries where it is still punishable by death;
    • awarded statutory rights for fertility treatment for Lesbians on the NHS.

  78. Eddy: Half of that stuff was IMPOSED on the Labour government by the EU Human Rights initiatives. One wonders how much they would have implemented had they not been kicked up the arse by Brussels.
    Considering all the moaning about the Tories’ Section 28, it still took Labour SIX YEARS to dismantle it.

  79. What you fail to acknowledge Rob-N is that Britain plays as much a part in formulating EU policy in Europe as any other EU member! Having played a part in formulating such policies in Brussels, it is then the duty of all member states to implement the resultant policies.

    So quit your mean-spirited trying to make out that Labour only has done all the fine things it has because it was forced to.

  80. Eddy: Even by your calculations, that would indicate that we only contributed 1/27th of the total.

    I am not being mean-spirited, I am being honest. If Labour had been so committed to LGBT rights, it would have dynamited Section 28 before they had even got comfy in their chairs.

    They did not jump. They were PUSHED.

  81. #78 Yes that may be so , but the difference is that the Law and Justice Tories would have stubbornly ignored Europe as they did last time they were in power.
    They were dragged into the European court for Human Rights many times over the treatment of Internees in Ireland and steadfastly ignored every ruling.

  82. Funny how the Icelandic Volcano has done more for UK immigration in 5 days than Labour has done in 13 years!!

  83. Sister Mary clarence 21 Apr 2010, 12:01am

    There are many people who hold the view that those locked up in Northern Ireland forfeited their human rights when they set off bombs that ripped with limbs off little kiddies for the sake of getting their own way.

    I think to liken them to rights bestowed upon non-murdering members of the community is a little warped.

  84. SMC Tell that to the European Court of Human Rights. 99% of those locked up without trial had nothing to do with the IRA whatsoever, and were locked up because they were nationalists..Period.
    Locked up by the Racist tories I might add and released by Labour when they brought peace and justice to the north of Ireland.
    Get your facts right before you start spewing Racist Bigotry.
    Oh and “facts” don’t come from the redtop rag the Sun.
    Your one of those racist as+holes who thought anyone with an Irish accent was a mad bomber, much like the racists today who say anyone who is remotely Asian must be a suicide bomber. Crawl back into the racist cesspit you came out of and dont pollute the air with your putrid racist comments.

  85. Good on you, Patrick! Give her what for. She’s warped.

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