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My Family character to come out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. Oh that’s cool. I always thought he was quite cute anyway. At least he isn’t going to be another stereotypical mincing queen. Maybe a few more youngsters might be able to relate to him then.

    It’s a funny and well-written and acted show, so I’m look forward to this. I just wish they’d bring Kris Marshall back :(

  2. Agree with you Rob.N this is good news indeed. its a great prog and appeals to many, not just youngsters but to their more midle aged parents too. I know from experience that its the “middle aged” parents who need the “education” and exposure to how normal being gay is!! Many of my friends and associataes find it hard to accept that i have a gay son, they consantly look for reasons and excuses as to why he may be gay. they can’t accept that its just the way he is and that both he and us as parents are cool about it!!

  3. “Outnumbered” might not have a gay character but the way the little daughter explained Lesbians to her mum was outragously funny last week! If we must be laughed with and not at, then this is also a good move!

  4. Pumpkin Pie 15 Apr 2010, 2:47pm

    Would have been more interesting for the father to come out as gay. But, if you’re looking for plots that actually make sense, I guess this is good, too.

  5. It’s a sitcom – the character is likely to be an exaggerated stereotype. Hardly worth cheering about.

  6. Mike: “She’s not a lesbian, I said she was Lebanese…

  7. Wow; 10 series’ already!
    Hurrah for it being my favorite character too, though it seems a little arbitrary – wouldn’t he just be coming out as bi, logically?

  8. Sorry too forced. Just introduce a gay family member

  9. The C(o)unt of Monte Crisco 15 Apr 2010, 4:01pm

    I really hope they don’t make him “mincey”, I’ve always been a big fan of My Family (especially Zoe Wanamaker…. I would!)

  10. Tim Hopkins 15 Apr 2010, 4:32pm

    The lesbian / Lebanese joke is pinched from Bend it like Beckham!

  11. Galadriel1010 15 Apr 2010, 4:49pm

    Oo, I used to fancy him. Now I fancy his sister (and have since she was smoky and lovely and slightly evil in Torchwood). He’s been a ladies man for years, though; if he just decides he’s gay then I’ll… still not watch it. The one episode that Barrowman was in was painful enough.

  12. Worst programme ever, isn’t it time to finish it already!

  13. The BBC pandering to the ‘edgy and relevant’ youth market once again and blatantly admitting it. While sweeping older women off the screen. Most adults in the country are over 40.

  14. Good. I would love to jump into bed with Gabriel. Always had the hots for him. Not Like Kris. The other brother. a little anarchist. He is.

  15. Emmarainbow 16 Apr 2010, 10:55am

    Coming out as bi would have been a lot more sensible. Meh, ah well.

  16. Galadriel1010 16 Apr 2010, 11:35am

    He should coem out as bi, but the BBC have bi-blindness. Just look at Ianto Jones, one of the most popular and prominent bisexual characters ever – “A straight man in a gay relationship”. Jack only gets away with it because he’s not from around here – in the BBC’s mind, you have to be alien to be bi.

    They’ll figure it out eventually.

  17. Mike wrote: “Outnumbered” might not have a gay character but the way the little daughter explained Lesbians to her mum was outragously funny last week!

    I loved the episode (Outnumbered, Series 2?) where the cute Jake told his parents he was gay but this was just an alibi so he and his mate could go out to a (straight) club.

  18. John(Derbyshire) 16 Apr 2010, 2:46pm

    Yet another “gay storyline”!! Our lives are being used just to make these tv shows “more racy and appealing to a younger audience” How pathetic!! All we are to these broadcasters are “storylines” to be disposed of when the storyline ends.

  19. Squidgy @12: It has become at least very tiresome. Repetitive. Shallow. Unsurprising. Shrill.

    But I’ll watch just to see what they do with Michael. He’s always been quite convincingly straight, in my view; I guess a magic wand will appear and – boink – he’s gay.

  20. Awful programme; cosy Daily Mail type crap. That character is already far too camp to be gay. It’ll stereotype us again, or perhaps they think that’s where the humour lies.

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