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Ellen DeGeneres named ‘most powerful gay person’

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Reader comments

  1. De rossi literally sounds perfect, what a gorgeous thing to say. Absolutely adore ellen

  2. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Apr 2010, 8:49am

    ellen does have a way of passing the praise along…does anybody not like this exceptional woman.

    ellen. sounds nice, too.

  3. Well Jean-Paul, unfortunately I find her as appealing as a visit to a Soviet clap clinic. Her trite inane banter on American Idol is unbearable.

  4. What does “powerful” mean in this context?

  5. oh jeez, more jealous queens on here – pfft, whatever your name is. she’s a brilliant gay celebrity who has done more to bring gay people into the public eye in the last few years than you’re ever likely to. maybe you’d prefer there to be no gay celebrities, you sound like a trite inane unbearable puff who has been to too many soviet clap clinics. thankfully you are not a gay celebrity and your voice can only be heard on pink news.

  6. Well Jay 6mmcock for starters I can do without celebrities and if we do have to endure them why should they have to be referred to as “gay celebrities”? We don’t read mentions of “Heterosexual Gordon Ramsay films new series” or similar. As for bringing gay people into the public eye….ummmm we’re not exactly under represented are we? And finally I’m not jealous of her, bored of her would be a better description.

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 19 Apr 2010, 2:05am

    ellen appears to be a most charming woman to me, and the future does have something special in store for her… besides her remarkable charity work.

    Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry; and yes, after so many years of camouflaging gay characters in American movies thereby depriving countless thousands of us of role models, I think we do need healthy gay celebrities, just as we need Olympic champions.

    ellen is basically approachable; ellen does have a way of passing the praise along…

    does anybody not like this exceptional woman?

    ellen. sounds nice, too.

    Off hand I would say that the power of a celebrity is to influence the younger generations: ellen comes across as an ordinary and unpretentious person who aims at wholesome entertainment at the high school level.

    I’ll grant you one thing though, I am no big fan of American Idol, but that’s not ellen’s fault. In fact if all the judges, especially that opinionated snob who terrorizes the contestants, were a wee bit more like her the show might be worth viewing.

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