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Video: Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling says B&Bs shouldn’t ban gay couples and he supports gay adoption

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  1. Galadriel1010 14 Apr 2010, 11:01pm

    Anyone believe him?

  2. The damage is already done i’m afraid.

  3. how pathetic

  4. Bizzare . . .

  5. backtrack backtrack backtrack

  6. Let’s not forget that Tory MEPs voted against women’s equality. So the Tory party has a lot of explaining to do on that. Also the Tory party promises to ditch the Human Rights Act. I’ve asked the Tory guys and gals here what will be in the Bill of Rights, but no-one seems to know the answer.

  7. Maybe he should be more concerned with giving back the 100K profit he is going to make on the flat in London we pay for! Despite him having a home only 17 miles away from Parliament and two flats in Wimbledon!

    If this looser becomes Home Secretary he will also get a grace and favour home too.

  8. Im glad that we have devolved government in the north of Ireland, because if i had to live under the Law and Justice racist homophobic Tory mob, I think I would emigrate to Cuba or North Korea somewhere.

    However I really don’t think the people of Britain will be stupid enough to elect this crowd of morons, so I won’t book my ticket just yet.
    Quite apart from the whole GLB issue, they are totally without any realistic manifesto.
    Anyone who watched the moronic Willie Hague trying to explain his way through the most idiotic plans for American style elected police “sheriffs” last night would shudder with dread.
    They have totally lost it and are trying so hard to come up with something, anything that will appeal to the High Tory right. I really do dread what will happen if they are elected.
    They are the same corrupt, inept crowd of upper class twits that brought Britain to its knees in the 80s and 90s under mad Maggie and gray John with 17.5% interest rates and 6 million on the dole. Social housing stock sold off to give the top earners tax breaks while sending letters to old age pensioners telling them they will be taking a penny off their pensions. The letters cost 20 p each to send out and could have added 3or 4p to the pension instead. They sq1uandered the £billions from the North sea oil, They sold off the national gas system and on and on ad nauseum.
    The country is on its knees now as it is, and if this crowd get elected it will be 10 times worse than Greece, because the UK wont have the Euro to call on for a bail out, so the IMF will be telling you all how much Spam you will be allowed per day.
    The hardest days of WW2 will seem like a cakewalk in comparison. The winter of Discontent will become Five years of Social War.
    Thousands died needlessly in Ireland because of their racist obstinence, and it would still be going on if they were still in power.
    They could have put on a bus from the House of Commons to Wands worth there were so many of them going to jail.
    Gordon Brown may not be the sharpest tack in the box , but in comparison to Callmedave the Salesman he is up there with Einstein.
    Think on and think hard before you throw away the UK and end up with Albania Major.

  9. The camera is ON folks…

  10. Patrick James 15 Apr 2010, 1:01am

    If Chris Grayling had said that B&B’s should be allowed to discriminate against an ethnic minority then he would have been sacked of course, and that is quite correct.

    But Chris Grayling said that B&B’s should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people, and in the Conservative party that is not a sackable offence. All that is required is that you lie low for a week or so and people will forget about it.

    The Conservative party knows that there are many supporters of Chris Grayling, they like his homophobic views and the Conservative party wants their vote.

    So now he is being reintroduced to the TV screen.

    We have seen two defections from the LGBT Conservative group.

    If people in the LGBT Conservative group have dignity and integrity they must leave the party before the general election.

    The Conservative party is using their sexuality to mask its homophobia.

  11. Trinity Dejavu 15 Apr 2010, 1:20am

    Wow, the guys says what’s on his mind, got told he was a stupid numpty and is now trying to say ANYTHING to remove his foot from his mouth. A few words spring to mind; LIAR being the foremost.

  12. Pete & Michael 15 Apr 2010, 6:13am

    That’s his opinion today, tomorrow may be different. Whilst the christians are trying to thwart the rule of law by stating that their views against homosexuality are above the equality laws and now writing to senior judges to impose their own position.

  13. :12
    Yes, well we know he says one thing in public and one thing in private !

  14. there’s an old joke which goes along the lines of:
    How do you tell a politician is lying? Their lips are moving

  15. Never doubt it. This was just another smear attempt. All it did was challenge Freedom of Speech.

    What has been Very interesting over the last three days is watching the Party Political Broadcasts of the main three parties.

    I have to say It was the Tory one that came out top. Intent on selling what they stood for and without resulting to a slanging match. The Lib Dems came second with good ideas but some slanging. At least both parties used their leaders.

    Labour, well. It spoke volumes. Where was the leader trying to convince the electorate? Instead we had actor Sean Pertwee spelling out not policies but slanging the Tories. Nothing came out of it. The fact they felt they had to use an actor suggests thats the style of the party. Clearly they think Gordy B isn’t good enough for broadcasting. Or is Gordy B the real actor?

    I refuse to shop at supermarkets who feel the need to throw at us how much better they are than such and such. That’s why I refuse to shop at Asda or Tesco. They may slag off Sainsbury’s but at least you get Quality.

    Thats how I feel about the Parties. Labour has this very negative thing of, if they slag off their opponents they don’t have to deal with policies. That is just wrong. We had it with Ken Livingstone and now with Most of Labour. It’s another reason why I simply can’t vote for them. I can guarantee I am not alone in this view.

  16. I haven’t decided which of the 3 main parties to vote for yet but I have no time for the anti-Tory venom spewed out so often by commentators on this site who in their minds seem still to live and breath the old politics of the 1980 and can’t move on.

    The political scene has changed hugely since that time and as the pink news polls show, young gay people are far more open minded and find all the 1980s doom-sayers who equate the Conservative party with the devil utterly irrelevent to our Britain of the 21st Century.

    Chris Grayling is human – just like the rest of us he can change his mind and as this video clip shows he has been honest and said where as once he wasn’t comfortable with some aspects of gay equality, now he is. He should therefore be commended for this.

  17. Lying, homophobic little toad.

    He NOW believes that B&B owners should not be allowed to discriminate against gay people? Only after being secretly recorded stating the exact opposite?

    Yet only 2 weeks ago he believed they should be allowed to break the law and discriminate agsinst LGBT people.

    Too late to be backtracking now.

    If he had made such a comment but with racist instead of homophobic undertones, he would have been fired.

    Grayling is absolutely unsuitable to be Home Secretary, and his revolting, 2 faced, lying, hypocritical homophobia renders him suitable only for an extremist parties like the BNP.

    Grayling needs to be sacked.

    If he is not sacked then that should serve as a warning to ALL LGBT people about the sinister bigotry lurking just beneath the surface of the all-new Tory Law and Justice Party.

  18. Squidgy – do you think that a lying, homophobe like Chris Grayling is a suitable person to be a Tory parliamentary MP, let alone a Home Secretary?

  19. Squidgy – you make me laugh.

    You say: “Labour has this very negative thing of, if they slag off their opponents they don’t have to deal with policies. ”

    But how can you of all people say that?

    You cannot offer any reason to vote Tory except for ‘They are not Labour’ which is a wholly inadequate reason for voting Tory, when you bear in mind how homophobic and nasty the Conservative Party is – despite CallMeDave’s expensive PR polish.

  20. No 16: Tnomas: you are wrong.

    Chris Grayling made homophobic comments not realising he was being recorded.

    If Nick Griffin from the BNP had made comments which were recorded encouraging people to engage in racist law breaking he would have been condemned for being the fascist bigot that he is.

    He would not be allowed to get away with the ‘Oh I’ve changed my mind’ excuse that Grayling is attempting.

    Grayling belongs in the BNP – he is a foul bigot. He has no place in politics. And if the Tories keep him in their party it is proof that the Tories STILL hate gay people despite CallMeDave’s empty promises.

    A vote for the Tory Party is a vote for Chris Grayling and all the nasty bigotry he represents.

  21. John(Derbyshire) 15 Apr 2010, 9:30am

    Just seen the video- and obviously-his views are exactly the same. How PATRONISINg and CYNICAL can you get?!! Gay people are not that stupid Mr Grayling!

  22. John(Derbyshire) 15 Apr 2010, 9:33am

    PS Cameron`s first government- Home Secretary Chris Grayling of course. First objectives-? Get back at the gays for making him squirm over his views before the Election. You have been warned.

  23. If the Tories win I think poor Dave will be another Ted Heath – a one-term Prime Minister. He will be considered (as he already is) a joke by the European Centre Right whom he has abandoned; he will be shown contempt by an increasingly ungagged anti-European party on his back benches; he will be hated by the voters for being forced by his unreconstructed Thatcherite party to impose slash-and-burn policies on the country; and, as this story shows, he will probably have to spend time he doesn’t have gagging off-message front-benchers.

  24. John(Derbyshire) 15 Apr 2010, 9:36am

    Sqidgy- Why are your comments always not relevant to the thread? I just read your comment above and you`re going on about party election broadcasts. Whats that got do with this thread?

  25. No 24: John: you ask: “Sqidgy- Why are your comments always not relevant to the thread?”

    He’s also unable to offer a single reason to vote Tory other than ‘They are not Labour’, despite claiming to know ‘many’ Tory MP’s.

    To be unable to offer a single reason to vote Tory even though he knows them, speaks volumes about the type of people the Tories are.

    Squidgy I suspect may be a member of LGBTory – constantly scrabbling about in a desperate manner for approval from his Tory masters, engaged in a shameless effort to be liked by them.

    But unfortunately the Tories remain Tories and hate LGBT people.

  26. Wim in Holland 15 Apr 2010, 10:02am

    When he would have said : “Of course it is forbidden to turn away gay people”, he had made a statement. Now mr Grayling did nothing .

  27. SimonM:-

    Actually I answered those questions Again for you yesterday.

    Please remark on the facts not what you make up. I refuse to keep answering the same question over and over again. Your clearly playing some game. It’s not good but it’s Very Labour.

    I’m sure most people know my honest answer from when I have repeated left them plus actually read the correct comment regarding MPs. I did actually say Tory and Otherwise but you continuously prove you out to try and prove something or other.

  28. It’s not just Chris Grayling who has shown evidence of homophobia in the Tory party. Last week Pink News reported ‘Government forced to drop compulsory sex education plans’. But that was after the Government had already given into religious communities (Amendment 70). So why were the Conservatives still not happy with the SRE plans? I believe the answer is because of the influence of Baroness Warsi, who apart from expressing homophobic opinions in the past, has also been outspoken on the subject of sex education. She believes it should be taught in the home, and not at school. Video of Sayeeda Warsi speaking about sex education on Question Time:

  29. Well he would say that wouldn’t he. He’s standing for election. His entire career is on the line. The twat would say anything.

  30. I have to laugh simonm and squigdy you scream homophobia while making racist comments on other posts. are you so thick that you cannot see it’s the same ass just a different cheek. if homophobia isn’t ok neither is racism you jackasses.

  31. mmmm now there’s an accusation…

  32. No 27: Squidgy: “Actually I answered those questions Again for you yesterday. ”

    No you didn’t.

    You said that you didn’t support the extreme-right Law and Justice Party in Poland.

    But you don’t seem to have any issue with the Tory alliance with that shower of extremist, homophobic bigots.

    So while you may not SUPPORT the Tory alliance with neo-fascist extremists, you certainly don’t OPPOSE the alliance.

    And the fact that you ‘know many Tory and other MP’s’ points to the probability that you work for the Tory Party.

    Espcecially considering your habit of NEVER addressing the topic being discussed. Instead you sound like a Tory spin doctor.

    Instead of discussing Chris Grayling’s suitability to be in the BNP for example you start parroting ‘Vote Tory because they are not Labour’ like a robot.

  33. Simon for your benefit I place what I wrote yesterday regarding my vote. You saw fit to personally comment on them yesterday so now showing yourself up for lying for some kind of play gain which I don’t play I’m afraid.


    My reasons for voting goes along the line of:-

    1) The state of the economy – It would be nice to be gay and have prospects not gay and bankrupt. Rough with the smooth, I know but we were in a good position until Labour starting changing It’s mind over who should get Equality.

    2) Immigration – It’s all very well screaming about our rights when so many people are being allowed into the country who are homophobic. Surely that lessens our voice. Also when immigrates enter our country they should be told of british laws and how they work. That includes the fact that homosexuality is Not a crime. If the people coming here can’t accept that and have homophobic views then they should be instantly denied entrance.

    3) Gay Rights – They are important but I don’t feel they will disappear with the Tories. They may be slow and they definitely will make mistakes but I think I can personally give them a chance.

    I actually do support changing the British Human Rights Act to a UK Bill of Rights. The Human Rights act is totally abused and it seems to go a long way in helping those willing to abuse the system. It does little to protect the innocent law abiding citizens.

    Prisoners use it to protect their rights but which usually go against the victim.

    Terrioist seem to have more human rights over the people they want to kill and maim.

    What it’ll contain, we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t have a crystal ball.

    (Report comment)

    Comment by Squidgy — April 14, 2010 @ 10:25

    These are my reasons for voting Tory.

    My Local Election vote will be going to the Lib Dems.

    Thank you!

  34. Any commitment to LGBT rights requires policies and action to back it up, not just words, much as David Cameron saying his “heart and soul” is into gay equality is progress there is nothing in their manifesto. Plus the example of Conservatives running London under Boris shows that you cannot trust their promises – see:

    These articles are excellent and show Cameron up for who and what his party stands for:

  35. Squidgy: “My reasons for voting goes along the line of:-

    1) The state of the economy”

    New Labour has only been carrying out Tory economic policies.

    For example, on Monday when the Labour Party launched their manifesto at a newly finished PFI hospital. Adam Boulton, in a question to Gordon Brown mentioned that taxpayers would be paying back billions far into the future for PFI hospitals because of the Private Finance Initiative. The PFI was introduced into Britain by Kenneth Clark and opposed at the time by the Labour opposition. But when Tony Blair became PM he enthusiastically embraced the Tory policy, as did Gordon Brown. Deregulation of the city was also supported by the Tories. So basically we’ve had Tory policies under New Labour for the last 13 years.

    Squidgy: “I actually do support changing the British Human Rights Act to a UK Bill of Rights.”

    Why? You admit you don’t have any idea what will be in the Bill of Rights. Suppose the ‘Bill of Rights’ would allow voters to have a say on issues which affect minority rights? Isn’t it possible that our rights could be reduced, all in the name of democracy?

  36. OK, and so the Tories back-and-forwards can’t-make-up-my-mind dance as to the 4 million same-sex people of the UK continues!

    Here’s their record to date:

    In 1999 William Hague sacked Conservative frontbencher
    Shaun Woodward for refusing to back the party’s stance
    that Section 28 should not be repealed. (Remember that
    the Tory’s Section 28 of 1989 effectively gagged any
    employee of a school from giving any impression to
    students that homosexuality was OK.)

    In 2000 while David Cameron was campaigning for the
    seat of Witney he wrote a letter in The Telegraph
    attacking Shaun Woodward for his pro-gay stance. He
    also attacked Tony Blair too for his being pro-gay
    rights. These are Call-Me-Dave’s actual words from
    that time: “The Blair government continues to be
    obsessed with their fringe agenda, including deeply
    unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing
    the promotion of homosexuality in schools. . . Blair
    has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of
    homosexuality in schools”. Do you really believe that
    the leopard has completely changed his spots simply
    because he now needs our votes and is saying, “Trust

    In 2003 David Cameron MP fought against and voted
    against the Labour Government’s repeal of Section 28
    in the House of Commons.

    By 2005 Say-Anything-Dave has done a complete
    turnabout and he tells the BBC he’s delighted Section
    28 has been abolished! He told a BBC journalist: “At
    the end of the day, one section of our community did
    feel discriminated against by Section 28, and so I’m
    glad on that basis that it’s gone”

    In 2008 Cameron voted against a law making it easier
    for lesbian couples to have IVF treatment. He says
    that this issue goes to the heart of his message that
    Britain’s society is broken. Are we now to believe,
    just two years later in 2010, that Cameron no longer
    believes that “Britain’s society is broken” and that
    we LGBTs are not to blame for it?

    In 2009 Call-Me-Dave decides to appear at a gay pride
    event and say sorry to us for the ban on anything that
    might be construed as a positive view of homosexuality
    in schools. He said “Yes, we may have sometimes been
    slow and, yes, we may have made mistakes, including
    Section 28, but the change has happened”. It was an
    apology but there was little real remorse in it. Was
    it not just a clever preparation for wooing us for our
    votes in the following year?

    Having delivered this “I’m weally weally sorry” just
    two months later in 2009 Tory MEPs refused to go along
    with a cross-party European Parliament vote to condemn
    a homophobic law that had been passed in Lithuania!

    Then earlier this year, in 2010, in his interview with
    Attitude, Call-Me-Dave criticised the Church of
    England over its attitudes to homosexuality and called
    upon the Church to accept equal rights for gays.

    But a little later, in April 2010, Call-Me-Dave’s
    Shadow Home Secretary Christopher Grayling is revealed
    by The Observer newspaper as having said that he feels
    sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn gay,
    lesbian, or transgender people away – despite it being
    against the law to do so. Cameron fails to discipline
    his colleague and a few days later yet another Tory
    candidate, Andrew Bridgen, says much the same thing as
    Christopher Grayling. Cameron similarly fails to
    discipline Bridgen. Both Grayling and Bridgen
    continue as Tory candidates in the election despite
    having shown support for the “right” of businesses to
    turn gays, lesbians, and trans people away.

    On April 10th 2010, Call-Me-Dave sought to woo gay and
    lesbian voters in an article written for PinkNews. He
    said that if they were in Civil Partnerships they
    would be eligible for the £3 a week he was promising
    to married heterosexuals (provided they are on a low
    wage). He also promised “a clean slate” to anyone who
    had a “gay-sex offence” on their records. The only
    other thing he offered in his article was the
    sentiment that he was “heart and soul” behind gay
    rights and that LGBTs should simply trust him!

    However, Call-Me-Dave’s record since he ditched his
    seven-year position as Director of Corporate Affairs
    at Carlton Communications (a major media company) to
    “find a seat” in politics does not inspire confidence.

    On 13th April, the Tories published their manifesto. It was completely and alarmingly without specific plans to progress, preserve, and maintain rights for LGBTs. Throughout this very long and very carefully prepared document there is no section of any length devoted to how the Tories will assist the LGBT minority.

    On 14th April, Christopher Grayling, the man the Tories would have as their Home Secretary, sought to reverse the damage he had done to the Tories as a result of being secretly recorded as saying that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn same-sex couples away. He went on Channel 4 and said that now “I don’t think that people who are gay should be turned away”.

    And so the Nasty Party, the party of the right-wing establishment, continue their back-and-forwards dance on LGBT matters, completely without any core dedication to protecting the LGBT minority in a country where The Observer poll of October 2008 showed that 25% of Britons believe that homosexuality should be re-criminalised, and that the remaining 75% range upon a spectrum, from toleration of homosexuals as second-class citizens to complete acceptance with dignity and respect.

  37. Actually it was Tony Bliar who removed the safe guards from the Banks that were there to stop the bank abusing their positions. It was Gordon Brown that sold off all the gold that is usually kept in cases of crisis like now. We are in a worse recession seen in decades and historic record deficit. Whilst it is true that Labour had changed to become more like the Tories there economic policies have been of their choosing. The crisis we are in now is due to these men.

    Regardless of whose policies you say they are doesn’t change the fact that Labour has been in 13 years and blame has to fall on them and their actions.

    In conclusion to what you say then doesn’t that show another reason why we need new breathe over this.

    When we have cash flow problems we have to cut and save. We don’t spend more and make ourselves even more in debt. The creates and adds to the problem.

    As for your comment about the Human Rights Act, do you agree that a child murder and rapist uses it to lower his sentence. That terriorists use it for their freedom even though they have been proved a danger to us. Where are our human rights not to be attacked, killed, maimed?

    Either the Human Rights Act has to be change and made clearer or it has become something else that more reflect and protects th people it should and not the criminals.

  38. the Human Rights Act must stay as it is as it’s there to protect everyone equally and not just the loonies who the right-wringers obsess over

  39. A good piece dave but has it never bothered you or crossed your mind that this recession which was going so slowing has been fed with money so steeply that at a time when a General Election HAS TO by law be called suddenly we’re coming out of it. Don’t be conned. We will dip into it regardless who gets in. If the Tories get in then sure they’ll no doubt get all the blame for the worse Labour mess in history.

  40. Has anybody ever told Grayling, if he finds himself in a hole he better stop digging!

  41. #40…Eh? What a load of gibberish….musta taken too much med again…….

  42. Squidgy, have you admitted your party of choice is homophobic yet?

  43. Jay:-

    I left the answer on the thread you asked it on.

  44. Chester:-

    If someone breaks into my home, is it not my Human Right to protect myself and my property?

    Yet the Human Right Acts as the Law stands usually gives the burglar the protection. It usually ends up that the person trying to protect his family and home that gets arrested, locked in a cell and even jailed while the criminal walks free.

    Where is the Human Rights in that?

    It Needs to be clarified or change to protect the law abiding citizen NOT the criminal?

  45. An interesting point there Squidgy. Of course the American Bill of Rights gives people there the right to keep and bear arms. Do you think that should be in our Bill of Rights too? We will be just like the USA!

  46. I’m amazed no one said it, so I’m going to. There’s only two things I don’t like about Chris Grayling: his face.

  47. Not at all dave you don’t need a gun to protect yourself but I do think we should have the right to defend ourselves, our family and our property without fear of being prosecuted for it and where the criminal is the one being jailed.

    Under Labour we don’t have that right. I am so fed up with knowing people and hearing others who’ve stopped a crime and then found themselves being arrested for it. That is Not Human Rights. That’s protecting the criminal. It’s no wonder this country is in such a mess.

    Oh and isn’t is also a Gay Right to be safe from crime, just like anybody else? We need a tougher law system.

  48. But you support the Bill of Rights without knowing what Cameron will put in it. Suppose it says we can use guns, like the Americans. Murders and killings will go sky high. We don’t want to be like the USA. We want to be decent British citizens. That’s why we should have nothing to do with Cameron and his American-style Bill of Rights.

  49. @ Mattb LOL

  50. The mask is back on again oh YAWN!!!

    He`s already been rumbled sorry to change his tune now makes him look even more of a liar than first time around

  51. Euan - London 15 Apr 2010, 6:09pm

    this type of twatty backpeddle should be enough to win our votes over for a while. anyone up for compulsory IQ tests for all candidates?

  52. dave:-

    “We want to be decent British citizens.”

    So does everyone else but does the Human Rights Act that more protects the terriorist, the criminal, the burglar, the rapist, the paedophile, the murder, the child murder, the man that last year repeatedly stabbed a gay man just for drinking outside a gay pub, paralyising him from the neck down, the list goes on, make it a fair Rights Act. I ask because I know most people I know who’ve suffered and I bet friends, families of victims and surviving victims don’t think its fair. It leaves them Out! How is that fair.

    Mores to the point Do YOU it’s fair? and remember I’m NOT asking about your view on the Bill of Rights. I know what you think I’m asking You if you think the Human Rights Act as it stands with the above list…. Is it fair?

    I did say the Human Rights Act either Needs to be challenged and clarified or indeed changed for a fairer way that means the list above can’t abuse it.

  53. @ Squidgy – picking up on what you said about the economy it was reported this week that the Treasury had meetings with representatives of the credit card companies. If I remember correctly the figure owed by Britons on their cards is £65bn. There are concerns about the number of people who will be unable to meet the payments and the fear is that this alone could cause a second banking crisis – the second dip.

  54. Squidgy – Human Rights are for everyone but some will always abuse things

  55. GS:-

    I agree, did see that. Shame others don’t get it.


    The Human Right Act gets over-abused. That in itself means and shows that it eithers needs to be changed and clarified or failing that competely changed to protect the law abiding citizens of Britain.

    Gay peope are apart of those citizens so there is no reason why a change would have to be a disadvantage.

  56. Has that homophobic scumbag Chris Grayling been sacked yet?

    If not then, take it as read that the Tory Party remain the Nasty Party tolerant of all kinds of bigotry and discrimination.

  57. de Villiers 16 Apr 2010, 12:57pm

    > the Human Rights Act must stay as it is as it’s there to protect everyone equally and not just the loonies who the right-wringers obsess over

    What the HRA does is to convert political questions into legal questions, take them away from a democratic Parliament to a court and to allow the determination of our rights to be decided by privately educated, Oxbridge attending, white, upper middle class, male judges.

  58. But thats the point, It doesn’t protect equally. It favours the criminal over the victim. How is that equal?!

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