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No one to be charged over homophobic attack on trainee policeman James Parkes

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Reader comments

  1. Absolutely shameful!

    We are repeatedly told that CCTV is a good thing, yet in this case it still didn’t prove enough for the CPS despite multiple views on the offenders and the offence.

    I only hope Merseyside Police continue to gather evidence and finally convince the CPS to get off their backsides and do their job. They seem to shy away from anything but the most clear-cut case now – surely the verdict is for the judge and/or jury to decide not a case officer.

  2. Pete & Michael 14 Apr 2010, 6:27pm

    The CPS should be abolished, in the next government.

  3. Surprise surprise…and in one of the, if not the most homophobic cities in the Uk too. I really didnt expect anything else to be honest. He is lucky he wasn’t murdered like the late Michael Causer and we seen how that debacle went.

  4. So, the evidence was plain to see all over the victims face but golly, nothing can be done?

    Gentlepeople, I submit that, despite lip service, homophobia is VERY alive, kicking, and thriving.

    How many bodies have to pile up before it reaches an unacceptable level?

  5. That the usual response in Liverpool to homophobic attacks, because that have too many dam papists in positions of power!

  6. Talk about sending the wrong message. This is disgraceful and an insult to James Parkes & the British Justice system.

  7. Pete & Michael “The CPS should be abolished, in the next government.”

    Are you two joined at the hip? You really do come out with the most fvckwit statements. And pray what do you replace them with?

    If you commit a crime, the case is you versus the Crown. The Crown is represented by the Crown Prosecution Service. If there was no CPS, there would be no prosecutions. They ensure that they will only pursue if there is sufficient evidence. You prat(s).

    That said, I feel terribly sorry for the lad not getting closure, but if a copper cannot get justice, what hope for the rest of us proles?

  8. Is anyone else worried about Abi’s anti-Catholic bigotry?

  9. .

    That James Parkes was cruelly assaulted is one thing, but where oh where is the evidence of homophobia?

    Please state the direct evidence?


  10. .

    That James Parkes was cruelly beaten is one thing!

    But where is the evidence this was homophobic?


  11. No brian#9, no one is worried about Abi’s anti catholic stance. She isn’t bigoted, as she is not unreasonably prejudiced. It is more than reasonable to be intollerant and prejudiced against an institution that wishes to repress gay you, that labels you an abomination, and that would turn you into a criminal if they could. That’s called sticking up for your rights to be equal, not bigoted.
    And vodoo#10. The evidence is probably due to the fact that he was beaten up whilst coming out of a gay club with his boyfreind and that they were calling him a queer faggot when they were smashing his skull in.
    Next you’ll be telling me there is no evidence that the Rodney King case in Amerikkka was racist.

  12. #9 No,I would be more worried by your hidden agenda Brian which would indicate that you are a follower of the religious myth and as such are not a person to be trusted.

  13. Voodoo….are you also Rob.N. …If so I think we should know. You certainly sound curiously like him, by the homophobic and racist tone of your posts.

  14. I am not Rob.N

    Nor am I homophobic – whatever that might mean?

    But please, where is the evidence that the attack on Parkes was a gesture of gay hate?

    So, Patrick, get back to the question please!


  15. Patrick: I am RobN. Please stop this cr@p trying to slander my name. If I want to say something, I’ll say it.
    I don’t need f_cking daft pseudonyms to hide behind.

  16. I think Jay #12 answered you adequately. Your questions re: proof of gay hate crime, when it was made clear in court are what define you as homophobic. And yes I know that the Oxford definition of Homophobia is fear of man. But you are well aware that the modern colloquial meaning is hatred of anyone identifying as homosexual.

  17. Don’t believe this – I hope he can at least bring a civil case against them as I less ‘proof’ is needed as I understand it. I hope it’s not a case of the police not trying hard enough to secure evidence even if he is ‘one of theirs’?

  18. .

    I implore again!

    Where is the evidence this was a homophobic crime?


  19. He must feel awful, know that he’s been the victim of a hate-crime and is now suffering again when finding out no-one will be brought to justice, despite the police know those involved, particularly as he’s a trainee policeman himself. So these teenagers involved in the attack now think (and indeed know) they can get away with attempted murder…positive message!…Not!

  20. who cares as long as we can get cp’s and admitted into b&b’s. gays have got their priorities sorted! ha.

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Apr 2010, 9:49am

    “Parkes suffered fractures to his skull, cheekbone and eye socket during the October 25th attack, in which he was set upon by up to 20 youths in Stanley Street, part of Liverpool’s gay village. He had been leaving Superstar Boudoir with his boyfriend and friends.”
    – Jessica Geen, Nov. 2, 2009

    We haven’t heard the last of this, not by a long shot.

    Oh Patrick…I’d like you to meet Monkeychops…er, I mean Vodoo, a.k.a., Sugar Plum Fairy, Melchisedekior, blah, blah, blah…

  22. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Apr 2010, 10:55am

    …but you can him sh*thead.

    (He’s actually after your dangling meat!)

  23. Clearly was not a homophobic crime as there is no evidence, maybe he got it because he was a copper?

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