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Huckabee compares allowing gay marriage to legalising incest or polygamy

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Reader comments

  1. Another American whose twisted upbringing gives him cause to project his latant homosexual desires in the form of ignorant hate – When will decent people stand-up to this bigotry….
    Unlike this bigoted American HIV does not Discriminate – only a fraction of those living with the virus are gay the vast majority are Hetrosexual – African yes but never-the-less hetrosexual

  2. What, what amazing observation skills this idiot has……children are not puppies…, thanks for the info Mr Huckabee….now go get a life.

  3. What do you expect from a backward American!

  4. I would have heckled this guy and shouted out some abuse, had i been one of the students
    Arrogant Pr!ck

  5. jonnielondon 14 Apr 2010, 4:16pm

    Huckabee states that marriage has never been: “a man and his pet, or a man and a whole herd of pets.” Yet, women have been treated as men’s pets or a harum of pets or simply as chattel for centuries. This man is an idiot! Completely out of touch!

  6. This guy is the greatest ever advert for abortion on demand.

  7. Never mind we will probably find out that he’s been shagging Llamas or fiddling with teenage girls or both…(!)

  8. Not surprised the journalism students are taking him to task over his comments, they’re capable of thinking for themselves. Mike Huckabee just shows himself as the fool he is. The good news is that society changes, he just gets left farther & farther behind.

  9. The guy is ignorant. incest is actually illegal and how he can compare that to gay marriage buggers belief! sorry beggars!

  10. “children are not puppies”

    Says the guy whose son got kicked out of a boy scout camp for torturing a stray dog. I know gay couples who’ve done a much better job raising their kids than this jackass did raising his.

  11. His mother was probably a KKK member who used to burn black people. And his father was probably involved in the development of the atomic bomb that annhiliahted 150,000 people in a few seconds. I’m sure he comes from a lovely heterosexual family with a mom and dad. Haven’t ‘normal’ heterosexual’s done some wonderful things to the world.
    AmericKa K K.

  12. The positive thing about such comments by Republicans is that it totally alienates independent voters in the USA. Civilised and rational people are not going to support Republican extremists!

  13. Euan - London 15 Apr 2010, 7:57am

    In today’s world, most convincing arguments come from those who speak from experience. Either Huckabee has messed with the kids with a few thoughtful wives OR he’s a queen in denial.

    Jesus, protect us from your followers

  14. He is to be ignored as totally irrelavant. A silly little man looking for publicity.

  15. darkmoonman 15 Apr 2010, 2:53pm

    Interesting standing considering that Huckabee is a Mormon and so believe that one man should have as many wives as he can impregnate and as the government can support

  16. Anyone remember the movie “Deliverence” with Burt Reynolds and two others on a river trip. That was Arkansas guys… nuff said.

  17. Actually darkmoonman (#16) I believe Huckabee is a Southern Baptist – for a Mormon to have made such a stupid statement would taking hypocrisy just a little too far!

    Huckabee’s take on the – presumably Christian – ‘ideal’ is interesting, though. I wonder if he considers the parents of Jesus of Nazareth lived up to it.

  18. Hey Rehan, please elaborate on your statement, ” I wonder if he considers the parents of Jesus of Nazareth lived up to it.”

    Might lead to some interesting response.

  19. David in Indy 16 Apr 2010, 7:49am

    Actually Patrick, the movie “Deliverence” takes place in North Georgia, not Arkansas. But Mike Huckabee is still a loser (and a big one at that) and the South is still the South so I digress… *wink*

  20. #19 Actually you are wrong David in Indy. It was shot/filmed in Georgia and Carolina but the incident is in fact set in Arkansas..which is what i meant..IN the manner of Braveheart which is about a Scottish war but filmed entirely in Ireland. Here is a link to a site where you can read all about the film and the making of it. Apparantly Ned Beatty had a bad time getting over the rape scene.
    I do tend to research any comment I post in the interest of accuracy….but thanks anyway.

  21. Well, the man is an inbred, so he should know about incest! MWAAAAAH!

  22. @ MIke… Or even fiddlling with teenage Llamas! LOL!

  23. He’s a hateful buffoon who shouldn’t be given free publicity by student groups.

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