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Gay swans with a tendency for hissy fits set-up nest in Weymouth

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  1. I am pleased to see on reading through the article that no member of staff at the Abbotsbury Swannery in Weymouth appears to have said that these two male swans have “hissy fits”.

    It appears that this rather homophobic term, “hissy fits”, has been introduced solely by Pink News’s “Staff Writer”.

    Staff Writer, why couldn’t you simply have reported the charming togetherness of the swans, including the fact that they occasionally show agression towards each other, rather than depict them in your headline as two stereotypical gay queens! Don’t we get enough put downs from homophobes without YOU dishing it out as well?


    (And don’t tell me to get a sense of humour! You’re supposed to be in the business of serious professional journalism.)

  2. OH FCOL, Eddy lighten up. You are in danger or joining the hissy fit queens on this site. Who ever said only gay queens could have hissy fits anyway. Anyone, animal or human can have a hissy fit. Again ….lighten up pet.

  3. I’m just waiting on the predictable, inevitable, and dull line from Rob Neal, along the lines of “……yeah, every gay man is a hissy fit if you ask me, blah, blah, blah, I hate all gays, rant,

  4. Don’t talk down to Eddy, Patrick. I’m not surprised you approve of the ‘hissy fit’ title though given as you have shown you’re one of those gay men who is regularly putting others down – especially when you’re losing an argument – by adding ‘pet’ or ‘dear’ to whatever it is you say. You scream your head off like an arrogant lunatic on these threads, Patrick, but it doesn’t you are actually better than everyone else, you know.

  5. This is how The Telegraph managed to avoid the pitfall:

    “Like most couples, the swans are known for the occasional lover’s tiff, but are quick to sort out their differences.”

  6. Benjamin Cohen 14 Apr 2010, 5:09pm

    The title is supposed to be funny. It’s an amusing story to add a bit of colour to a news website that is generally very serious. Please don’t say you’re accusing us of homophobia towards a pair of swans.

  7. #6…And i dont think Eddy would either . I suspect his tag has been hijacked for this comment as mine has twice over the last few days. I suspect the tag ollie is someone else who has been posting some questionable comments recently and has been censured by Pink News for it. Whoever it is, they seem to be having a rather intense inferiority complex. I have never said or implied that i was better than anyone else.

  8. #4 I think its up to Eddy to comment if he thinks im “talking down” to him. im sure Pink News wasn’t being homophobic or what ever you think is wrong with the articles headline. A little light moment in the middle of some serious discussions will do us all good.
    Methinks if the shoe fits wear it, dear, whoever you are…….?

  9. Swans all hiss in a very nasty way in my experience, regardless of sex or sexual orientation. The story reminds me of attending a funeral of a gay friend many years ago whose mother officially ‘didn’t know’, and who worked voluntarily in a sanctuary for injured wild birds on the Thames. She pointedly told us a story of two male swans who similarly had paired off. It was plainly a way of telling us that she DID know, inspite of what her other children thought.
    Back to the story itself – PN should anyway know better than to use stereotyping language in a headline, especially when nothing in the article justifies it. Yes, I KNOW that SOME of us are petty and bitchy, etc, etc, yawn, yawn, just like straights, except they never get pegged as a group that way. And swans are not petty and bitchy. They are very aggressive.

  10. Concise Oxford dictionary defines a hissy fit as a moernism for the English word Tantrum, and does not mention gays, queens, or any other term that would define this as homophobic.
    I think those who find it homophobic are just looking for something to bitch about.
    Lighten up guys….. there are a lot more important things to worry about than a story about a pair of swans, gay or not.
    Callmedaves racist homophobic Law and Justice party are trying to win the election….Lets worry about that.

  11. I agree with eddy. The story is homophobic, and as it is written by pink news I now see they are homophobic, and don’t even know it. Obviously straight swans don’t have ‘hissy fits’. Just gay swans. The reason why gay men shouldn’t lighten up is because we have been treated like dirt and sterotyped into a particular way of being, having ‘hissy fits’ being one of them, for the last two thousand years. The reason why we may seem to have ‘hissy fits’ is because we are fighting for equality. Don’t patronise us pink news.
    I think pink news should rewrite the story if they are the ones responsible for the ‘hissy fits’ headline.

  12. Johan Roberts. 14 Apr 2010, 10:41pm

    The Daily Mail ran with this for the last few days, and did not allow comment.

    They have also ran with the pope aid, Homo Pedo story and not allowed comment.

    I investigated all of the online UK papers on these stories and not one allowed comment.

    Guardian. Mail, Telegraph, Express, etc etc.

    Make of it as you will….

  13. “The Daily Mail ran with this for the last few days ..”

    Last few days? Can’t see anything about it in the Daily Mail before today’s date:

  14. Pumpkin Pie 14 Apr 2010, 11:47pm

    Aww… Cute. :3

    And I thought the title was funny. :p

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Apr 2010, 5:17am

    Here’s how “Queerty” reported it, and I like the comments too:

  16. Nice little story :-)

  17. A nice story and funny.

    I can’t help feeling all those screaming ‘this is homophobic’ need to get a grip. It’s these very people who demand others are self-haters yet clearly have a problem with who they are because they seem to have to find and pick up anything that may or may not be offensive.

    Surely the people that are most comfortable with themselves are the ones who don’t feel the need to jump at every comment and in fact can laugh at themeselves and with others about stories like this.

  18. “I can’t help feeling all those screaming ‘this is homophobic’ need to get a grip.”

    Perhaps Squidgy, before you pass judgement on others, you can also answer the point you made in another threat where you said, “it’s a fact most gay people don’t like the truth”

    I am genuinely curious how you scientifically established such a wide ranging ‘fact’, do enlighten me. As a gay man, like others here I am sure, am deeply worried that I might have some genetic or mental disposition that prevents me from agreeing with anything factual or truthful, so if you can tell us why this is the case, we can all go and seek treatment this debilitating defect that obviously affects millions of gay people from every walk of life…..

    ….and then we can see how you can take the moral high ground here.

  19. LOL – Hilarious Will. Boy you do seem to get Very Over emotional don’t you.

    The fact you need to make it into something big suggests a lot about you.

    Most LGBT truly happy with themselves know Exactly what I mean.

  20. Rather fitting actually Will for you to have a ‘hissy-fit’ on a story about a ‘hissy-fit’

    LOL nice one.

  21. “The fact you need to make it into something big suggests a lot about you.”

    Hmmmm. Lets leave aside the puerile over reaction, and multiple “LOL’s” (which I might add, make you comments splendid erudite, brava!) shall we, just for the moment?

    I would think that the fact you can’t actually validate that stupid point you made, and your TWO responses are a complete histrionic episode, suggests a lot about you…. as in you’re an utter idiot.

    And I would imagine far from “happy in yourself” you keep telling us you are…. which would make perfect sense given, as a gay man, you are unable to accept “the truth” either.

  22. Isn’t it odd that when anyone point out to this squidgy person that they might be wrong about something, the response is always that they find it ‘hilarious’. This is about the fifth time in the last month he’s said this about someone that didn’t agree with him…. what the hell is all that about? Will and the others are right to challenge you squidgy, you seem to have some kind of learning difficulties. And the fact you find being corrected so inappropriately “hilarious” so often, would indicate a temporal lobe injury or even dementia. You should see a doctor.

  23. Squidgy: Rather fitting actually Will for you to have a ‘hissy-fit’ on a story about a ‘hissy-fit’

    Actually, its rather ironic for you to throw the ‘hissy-fit’ insult at another, when you’re having one yourself. Why didn’t you just answer the question put to you? If you made that silly generalisation, either apologise for it or clarify it. You chucking a wobbly only serves to clarify that you’re imbalanced and probably “an idiot” as Will points out.

  24. LOL….

    You take yourselves so seriously.

    Why do I need to prove anything when you three have made my point Very clear!

  25. Wow. Another ‘LOL’. What a feast of intellectual debate you give us, squidgy.

    Truth is, no one here takes you seriously.

  26. If that were true, why are you still replying?

  27. I present three definitions of “hissy fit”. All are pejorative and linked to the meaning commonly used in the UK.

    1. noun. A sudden outburst of temper, often used to describe female anger at something trivial.

    2. ‘Hissy fit’ was little used outside of the USA until the late 20th century. More recently, it has gained currency elsewhere, primarily due to its use in the media when describing the antics of various high-profile celebrity divas. For example, in September 2004, The Daily Mirror reported Sir Elton John’s arrival at Taipei airport:

    “Sir Elton, who arrived by private jet for the final concert of a Far East tour, clenched his teeth in fury when he saw a crowd waiting for him at the airport. Exploding in an extraordinary hissy fit, the 57-year-old star raved: “You’re all rude, vile pigs!”

    3. noun. a sudden outburst or violent display of rage, frustration, and bad temper, usually occurring in a maladjusted child or immature or disturbed adult.

    Therefore, PinkNews should accept that it chose the term “hissy fit” imprudently.

    (Imprudently: In an imprudent manner; with imprudence; indiscreetly, unadvisedly. Lacking prudence, wanting in prudence or discretion; the reverse of prudent; rash, heedless, indiscreet, incautious.)

  28. hissy fit [countable] informal
    a sudden moment of unreasonable anger and annoyance [= tantrum]
    throw/have a hissy fit………… Williams threw a hissy fit when she decided her hotel room wasn’t big enough.

  29. This is unbelieveable guys …A hissy fit in itself over a story about a couple of gay swans for fcuk guys… enough already……….!

  30. This cant be the same sensible Eddy who I agreed with on so many other threads when we sparred with Squiffy Rob.N. and Theotherone et al. Surely not………….
    By the way what happened to Theotherone?……….

  31. I tend to agree with Eddy – “hissy fit”, if not actually homophobic, is certainly patronising and I don’t think negative stereotyping (even when meant as humour) benefits anyone.

  32. I thought the title was simply a play on words, given how swans hiss like the billy-o…

    But I suppose that Pink News wouldn’t be Pink News without the overreactionary, self-serving rage.

  33. “If that were true, why are you still replying?”

    To laugh at you.

    What’s your excuse.

  34. I think not SK (32), simply because I for one have never heard of the fighting between male swans – widely known to be pretty scary – described as “hissy fits” in any other context.

    (Questioning thoughtless negative stereotyping is not exactly ‘rage’, is it?)

  35. LOL

    .. point is if it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t bother replying but you just can’t help yourself, can you? Because clearly… It does!

    Being that debate requires response I’d say it works, wouldn’t you?

  36. #31 Have you ever been in close proximity to a Swan, Rehan. What they do most and best is hiss ….loudly… as a warning. Pink News was in their wisdom simply making a play on this fact. Get over yourselves for crying out loud. There are more important thing to worry about……….. .Did any of you comment on the homophobic bigot Careys call for special judges for christians yet, a far more important issue than squabbling over what somebody JOKED about a pair of Swans.
    Nick Clegg for President of the Republic of Great Britain.

  37. i think that Patrick is a screaming queen who feels his normal queeny vocab is being questioned. its Patrick who gets hysterical and starts putting everyone down with “dearie” and “pet”. if there’s ever been an example of ‘a hissy fit’ on these pages in the past couple of months, it’s come from Patrick

  38. “Being that debate requires response I’d say it works, wouldn’t you?”

    Oh, you mean like the non existent response you gave to your ridiculous “fact” about gay men not “liking the truth”?

    Yeah, you’re a real winner on the “debating” all right. Should I go ‘LOL’ now?

  39. Oh deary, deary me.

    The point is Will if you had any intelligence you’d know that when debate there are no winners and losers, just Opinions. Some will agree, some won’t.

    maybe you should learn how to debate before you try to win you ‘scores’.

  40. “The point is Will if you had any intelligence you’d know that when debate there are no winners and losers, just Opinions. Some will agree, some won’t”

    You didn’t give an opinion, you gave a “fact”.

    Can’t explain your “facts” can you?

    Are you unable to, or just can’t apologise for the fact you said something utterly fuc_king stupid?

    How enlightening this has all been. And you keep coming back to . I suppose now you’ll take the usual route of being the “victim” again, are we? A little boo-hoo-I’m-entitled-to-my-opinions whine?

    Go on so, explain your “fact”.

  41. #37 Now the tag is Owen O. Last time this we heard from this … was Ollie. What next I wonder?.
    I never had a hissy fit in my life Pet, and the likes of you won’t induce one either Dear.
    I see your still in the throes of an inferiority complex, as you still feel like i’m putting you down. If I knew you perhaps I would, as you sound like a right pain in the a*s.
    Although on second thoughts I probably wouldn’t be seen dead in your company as your probably one of these queens one see’s hanging round bus stations!.
    Just because you don’t like what I write, won’t bother me in the slightest, and I will continue to state my opinion as I have in the past, without regard to you or indeed anyone else for that matter.

    As for whether i’m a screaming queen or not…well i’m not, i’m a well adjusted proud out gay man who fancies men, not some pseudo woman in semi drag and makeup with a vocab. to match.

  42. I’ll Never fall victim to the likes of you thats for sure no matter how hard you try!!

    Anyway it’s very clear I’m bothering you a lot more than vice versa. I’m just having fun, nothing more nothing less!

    & like I said I’m pretty certain people know Exactly what I’m talking about!!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  43. Oh and Will, really when you got to swear at people….. tut tut…LOL

  44. Bothering me?!? Ha! You’re as arrogant as your are stupid, I love it! So is that what you say when you can’t answer a simple question? Don’t worry, we’ll let it go now, your lack of ability to answer it seems to really have you flustered, what with the “LOL’s” and such…. not everyone can be smart. Or funny.

    And no, no “certain people” know exactly what you’re talking about…. you don’t seem it have a clue what your talking about.

    Run along now, squidgy, the big boys are talking.

    Pathetic….. er, LOL.

  45. Poor little squidgy. Can’t answer a question, can’t behave like an adult, can’t be smart, can’t show any manners, can’t back up his statements.

    In short, he’s a complete twit.

  46. “I never had a hissy fit in my life Pet, and the likes of you won’t induce one either Dear . . . . i’m a well adjusted proud out gay man who fancies men”

    Er. Is it just me, or can other people see the contradiction in how Patrick BEHAVES and what Patrick BELIEVES about himself?

  47. “Er. Is it just me, or can other people see the contradiction in how Patrick BEHAVES and what Patrick BELIEVES about himself?”

    No, you’re right. On another thread, the muppet was calling everyone bitchy queens…. whilst being an utter bitch himself.

    Go figure.

    Sounds kinda damaged, is out Patrick.

  48. Can Pink News do nothing about these ugly feeble minded trolls who jump from thread to thread and comment to comment while changeing their tag as they go.
    They, or is it one person, attack other posters and never post any intelligent comment on the thread topic they are posting on.
    I suspect this is the same person who has posted on this thread as Ollie, OwenO, Jay, JayH.
    He or she seems to be seeing things which aren’t there; either that or his/her understanding of the English language is somewhat wanting. This person also shows a marked inferiority complex which manifests in a belief that everyone and anyone is talking about him/her, while in fact everyone is laughing at his antics. However this is now a distraction from the real issues, which are that we must make a concerted effort to be rid of Callmedave the salesmans homophobic racist Law and Justice tory party. Jaccuse….

  49. #48 ..Sorry i left out PaulA …. my apologies….. Also I should have said that no matter what abuse or what the source I am not about to run away or change my opinions…………………………
    I am very secure in any beliefs I have about myself or for that matter anyone else especially these vile little bullies who seem to have spent their school days in the local park or amusement arcade drinking buckfast………………I will BEHAVE and BELIEVE as i always have….damaged or not. Go figure that……..

  50. Cripes, you sound like one demented paranoid loony to me, mate!

    Do you vent your frustrations down the local in the same way?

    Or won’t they have you?

  51. lotta posters on here Tim. who you talkin ’bout.

  52. Jon, I was referring to the poster directly above mine – this “Patrick” person. Reading all his posts he seems neurotic. He doesn’t seem to realise these pages are read by hundreds of people. Perhaps the Facebook figures will enlighten him? 981 Facebook friends as of this moment and that’s only those who have registered as such!

  53. sorry Tim i dont understand your reply Doesnt seem to make any sense Facebook??? what way are this patrick persons posts neurotic. seem to be ok 2 me. Maybe im stoopid but he seems to bereplying to other posts Ive read his stuff on other threads and they seem to be quite insightful and to the point. sorry i dont see you point???

  54. Dont like my posts Tim? Where are yours?, Your only post on this thread or any other is to attack me or someone else. Dont you have anything to say. Sounds like i was right about bitchy queens; fits you to a T. Get a life…………..

  55. JonCK, I was referring to Patrick’s disbelief that Owen and others are genuine posters. As for the Facebook reference surely you can see the right-hand side of the PinkNews screen??????? It shows there are now just under 1000 people who are friends of PinkNews. What they shows is that there are 1000s of people reading these pages but unless Patrick has seen a name before he thinks it’s a fraud. I suspect he’s a control freak! He’s probably got a little book going where he puts down the names of posters, how many times they’ve said something, when exactly, and on what subjects! PinkNews is the biggest LGBT news site in Europe but Patrick seems to want to think it’s some little club he’s got tabs on! Sad. It’s all about power and control with Patrick. Read his posts.

  56. #55 Au Contrar Dear Heart,…..I don’t need “a little book to keep track of names” as you so quaintly put it. I don’t even keep track of names in my head. What I am going by is the style of journalism…. identical. So unless you are all genetically identical quins,or all attend the same fanatical teacher ,the liklyhood of getting it so well matched would be wll nigh impossible,barring colaboration, and even then the likelyhood would be remote. So yes i do think your all the same person. I really do think you should book some time with a psychologis and sort out thi multi personality problem you are suffering from. A stint in the Priory may well be called for…………..but be sure to contact me for permission before you do! (may as well live up to my reputation) Now you hear….Boy

  57. What a hilarious thread! What started out as a fierce argument over the use of the term ‘hissy fit’, ends up with some person called Patrick (who can barely spell) claiming he has all the skills of a qualified linguistician!

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