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Soldier’s father will take Westboro Baptist Church to Supreme Court

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  1. GOD HATES FAGS! But he loves priests who sexually abuse children… What a lovely god they worship…

  2. Lady Estelle Darcy 13 Apr 2010, 5:53pm

    i RARELY FEEL THAT VIOLENCE IS THE ANSWER – but in the case of the Phelps clan – a well placed set of grenades would be best for all concerned.

  3. They may hate fags and soldiers, but the rest of the world hates them. Thank you America for allowing the rest of the free thinking world to see how religion can turn people into nutty freaks.

    I feel really sorry for that man who lost his son who died in the name of ‘freedom’ and now has to deal with this kind of insanity. Only in America.

  4. I’m very glad to hear its taking this case to the highest court in the country. Whichever way the decision goes, it will be good to know exactly where people stand with these extremist idiots.

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 13 Apr 2010, 6:09pm

    Good to hear that enough money has been raised to take this further. These people are the sickest of the sick; I agree that free speech is one thing, but HATE speech is something entirely different.

    Just watch the short video below to see how this ´church´ actually abuses children…

  6. I wish the guy all the luck in the world, but he is going to FAIL.
    He has already run up massive legal fees, and he is about to incur a lot more. The US judicial system will NEVER back down over the first amendment.

    One thing that is never publicised though is the fact that these Westboro nutters have heavy police protection wherever they go, so they feel invulnerable and will continue to insult everybody. Maybe it’s about time they stopped wasting taxpayer’s money and police officer’s time and either the police send them the bill, or stop protecting them.

    Either way they might think twice about spouting their “free speech.” Nothing is free in this life.

  7. We all need to support Albert Snyder in his legitimate case against the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, his inbred family and his feeble-minded followers.
    While nobody in the US will ever have the balls to question, rescind or rewrite the ‘free speech’ First Amendment we need to make sure this sort of stupidity never happens again. Sue the lots of them and send them off to jail for inciting hatred.

  8. First, the father of the slain soldier has a legal team of veterans who have taken his case pro bono, so he’s in for a fight but he isn’t footing the bill for it! Kudos to these stand up attorneys who are out to fight for the veterans who give these scumbags the right to do what it is they do.

    I find it interesting that these cowards do things in such a stealth manner. The have a website but you can’t leave comments, they have blogs yet you can’t reply, their contact email doesn’t open. What this tells me is they for one, have a very small following of lunatics, and as has been reported they almost all are family, probably inbred from what I’ve seen from them…explains a lot.
    Just like this young soldier who laid down his life for their freedom to protest and speak their minds we have just as much right to dispute them. With that, I challenge WBC to come to Boston the next time we lay a soldier to rest. I promise right here and right now that we’ll have a cure for whatever ails these scumbags and I for one would gladly take a picket sign and shove it straight up Phelps ass and walk up and down the street chanting the anti-Christ is dead!

  9. Branden Harrison 13 Apr 2010, 10:49pm

    This is very sick as for the church and members. All Christian’s are not the same though. I am GAY and PROUD of who I am, I don’t care what anyone seems to think. I am very sad for the father and family for their loss rather Matthew was Gay, Straight, Or whatever. People in this world now days are always first to point out the bad in people, judge them, but never praise them for the good they’ve done in their lives. Best Of Wishes With Your Suet, Sorry For Your Loss.

  10. The USA is not my cup of tea, the wars they’re waging are stupid and unnecessary, but once someone comes home in a box, courtesy of the White House and the Pentagon, people should be able to mourn without being bothered by morons. It’s bad enough as it is.

  11. Anyone who hasn’t already should watch The Most Hated Family in America, Louis Theroux’s documentary on the Phelps clan. They’re a harmless freak show. Granted, protesting at funerals is utterly despicable, and if they did that to me I’d want to kill them with my bare hands. But, really, they’re basically harmless. The only violence they’re ever likely to stir up is against themselves. Which, as disgusting as they are, I genuinely hope never happens. I feel sorry for the kids, who never stood a chance what with the paranoid lunatic ravings dinned into their heads from birth.

    These kids in Louisiana have the right idea about how to respond to them –

  12. Feel free to call my plan insane or unworkable, but in 1992 I witnessed the Westboro thugs when they descended on a memorial service at Glide Church in San Francisco. The large crowd, who had been forewarned that these Soldiers of Satan were going to upset a solemn event, started to shout, scream and whip themselves into a frenzy. At that moment the solution dawned on me; it’s one that any affected group can speedily implement and low cost.
    All you need are inexpensive king-size sheets, PVC pipe and volunteers. The sheets can be stretched out in a takedown PVC frame (no glue required for schedule 40 PVC), and volunteers can stand in front of the crazies, effectively blocking them from everybody, and other volunteers can drown them out with cheap penny-whistles. Whenever the crazies dodge to one side or another, the volunteers can shadow them at a safe and legal distance.

    Think about ti; it’s not interfering with their constitutional right to free speech but they remain hidden by your right to carry a blank banner.

  13. Surely Any parent has the right to bury their child Without having to put up with prejudice?!

  14. Its about time this looney lot were punished for their dreadful hatred; GOD HATES WESTBORO CHURCH! would be a start eh!

  15. Squidgy – A lot of states have passed laws banning protests at funerals in response to Westboro Baptist. The problem is, it isn’t clear whether they’re constitutional or not. I have to side with the ACLU on this – as loathsome as the Phelps clan are, trying to muzzle them isn’t worth it if you end up eroding everyone’s freedom of speech in the process.

  16. Kevin: “First, the father of the slain soldier has a legal team of veterans who have taken his case pro bono, so he’s in for a fight but he isn’t footing the bill for it!”

    He will still have to pay Westboro’s legal fees, which currently stands at $16,500. He is only going to magnify that when he fails in the Supreme Court, and unfortunately, he *will* fail.

  17. It might be against freedom of speech but surely they are traitors to the USA by advocating the death of sworn in service people?

  18. BTW if a so called islamist terrorist said “Die American Soldiers” he would have been arrested and sent to Guantanamo as fast as you could say God Bless America!!!

  19. David in Indy 18 Apr 2010, 7:25am

    I hope he manages to take them down!

    Those freaks protested my friend’s funeral in 2000. I can’t stand that bunch of bigots. How they can refer to themselves as a “church” is beyond me.

    You all do realize that few people in this country got upset or even paid any attention to these losers until they started protesting the funerals of fallen U.S. soldiers? Westboro was protesting the funerals of gay people long before that.

    But nobody noticed. :-\

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