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Section 28 supporter faces jail over child abuse images

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Reader comments

  1. While Souter was waging his campaign to keep Section 28 one of his company (Stagecoach) executives was arrested in Texas by vice squad officers who had been posing as male prostitutes:

  2. well this says it all really “Smith said at the time: “We’re acting to protect children … he was interested in images of girls, boys, one-year-olds and newborn babies”

    So how does the law protect children from peadophiles like him?

  3. How predictable. Somebody ELSE is always the threat.

  4. Isn’t it great that all the evil b******S who used homophobia and ant-gay sentiment to hide behind their disgusting deeds are finally being exposed. Let’s get them all, including the pope and his paedophile priests.

  5. fu_kin sick. and some people have the audacity to lump gay men and women in the same pervert category as paedo’s. from this story we can see that there are those who try to stop homosexuality when in fact they are interested in raping young children.

    he should have joined the catholic priesthood. he would have been at home. and would have got better protection for his vile hideous crimes.

  6. Anthony Bermon 13 Apr 2010, 7:28pm

    According to this story, Souter doesn’t remember working with this man. If he was the President of the Scottish School Board Association then he must have been an important figure in the campaign and therefore something who’d be well known and not easily forgotten.

  7. Deeside Will 13 Apr 2010, 7:34pm

    I can’t say that this really surprises me. It’s not that unusual for anti-gay “moralists” who trumpet their homophobia forth to the world to turn out to be secret paedophiles. I’ve known of similar instances.

  8. proper disclosure 13 Apr 2010, 8:13pm

    stolen water tastes sweeter
    pedophiles economy:the financial strategy:
    Creat a greater underground demand.
    The more you encourage hate crime,homophobic attitudes backed by laws ,
    ” supply ” of love is excluded, and, gays who are pedo`s will stop seeking mature affaction feelings for the same sex.
    denounced ,people with abusing ,predominant pedop” tendencies will increas their
    secret strivings to get kicks in in lesser affordable ways which otherwise would not have been executed.
    supply and demand

  9. Just as with the Iris Robinson saga, sometimes it’s really impossible not to revel in Schadenfreude.

  10. Well frankly folks, in the immortal word of Nelson from The Simpsons… HAH-ha!!

  11. Christine Rourke 14 Apr 2010, 8:27am

    Well, I know what Peter Thatchell means, but I think he really needs to look again at the way he has worded that comment…….


  12. They should lock him up and thrown away the key! He’s clearly a danger to All children.

  13. “Paisley crown court” – since when did we have Crown Courts in Scotland?

  14. Oh the joy when people who hate us so much are found out tobe the real perverts!!!!:-)(makes you think God is really on our side eh!)

  15. Just more proof that many homophobes are child abusers.

    And this includes the Catholic church. All over the world they have abused children, and covered it up because the rot reaches all the way to the top, including Pope RATZI the NAZI

    To hell with this monstrosity. It has been the curse of western civilization from day 1

    And last year the German Pope UNexcommunicated a holocaust denier, a bishop williamson. To bring his 600000 mad followers into the church. For their money.

    I have prayed that a vesuvius will erupt under the vatican, and swallow it into the hellfires of the earth. Well, in a sense, it has happened. The relevations of their vile crimes against children should be enough to raze the whole monstrosity off the face of the earth.

    And reconvene a Nuremburg trial for crimes against humanity.

    And don’t let their “life” campaign fool you. Its just a smokescreen to cover their crimes.

    Which include giving Hitler the hatred of the Jews, which he leveraged to power, and 50 million died In WWII

    The Inquisition, where who knows how many were burned at the stake for daring to challenge the pope, eg the world was flat.

    The burning of millions of women as witches. Because the church saw witchcraft as a competing religion. If anybody is full of witchcraft, it is the church.

    The crusades against the Muslim peoples during 900-1500 AD. 40 to 50 million were murdered, to steal the riches of that advanced for its time civilization. That poisoned those peoples religion, culture, and language. 9/11 and the subway bombings in London were just a long delayed result.

  16. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Apr 2010, 11:08am

    Scum like this kiddy porn teacher need to be destroyed!!!!

    I have always said –

    “People who are anti-gay have lots of very dark secrets”!!!!!
    Here is my new slogan: “Churches are recruiting, not gays!”
    Just look at this very case and the Catholic Church!!!!

    Using gay men as “scapegoats” for the churches problem with priests having sexual obsessions with children is very OUTRAGOUS!
    It is just a “big pathetic predictable coincidence” that the church attacks gays and gay marriages – when as a matter of fact they got MAJOR problems themselves to “cover-up”.

    The church is stuck in the 15th century with its policies of sexually abusing small innocent children.

    As a matter of fact children who are around or raised by gay men and lesbians or even being adopted by gay men, lesbians and same sex couples are MUCH MORE SAFER!!!!!

    Civil gay and straight marriages are the best, all church marriages suck!!!

    But then again, I am just an ATHIEST!!!!

  17. I once had a very long written debate with a VERY senior RC cleric about the Church’s attitude towards Gays. He quoted Document issued by The Congregation of Faith on Homosexulaity and a passage to me as thus: ” according to the teachings of the Church, men and women with homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.” AND GUESS who signed this one off? Old Ratzy himself; this was in 2003 SO whats happened in the last few years to put the wind up his cassock over us then? Did he see sumit nasty in the Vatican Woodshed>?

  18. Yes, well, that just about says it all. Doesn’t it?

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