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Pope’s number two claims sexual abuse scandals due to homosexuality not celibacy

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  1. What a disgusting cult…when all else fails, blame the gays.
    I hope I will see the end of the Catholic cult in my lifetime.

  2. Well we have heard it all now or have we. All remains for these vile and odious collection of coffin dodgers is to claim that the children raped these bastards.
    It was always on the cards that eventually they would make this claim which goes way outside what is proven scientific knowledge,namely that 99.9% of paedophilia is carried out by hetrosexual men and the rest by hetro women.
    Given that their paedophilia is about 50/50 against boys and girls, as determined in the Irish investigations into clerical paedophilia ,this would seem to be a desperate attempt to push the blame on to the Gay community. The Irish Investigato Murphy and Ryan found no or negligible connection with homosexuality. Investigations i must point out ,mightily resisted by Carol Woytchek and Joe Ratzinger the former and current popes.
    The only connection with homosexuality these pigs have is their penchant fo frocks and funny hats.
    This is the last straw and we must unite behind the Dawkins and Hitchins plan to arrest this evil excuse for a human being when he sets foot on British soil. read the full plans here…………………

  3. How dare he! I’m amazed, and yet I know I shouldn’t be. Nothing should surprise me where these low-life are concerned…

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 13 Apr 2010, 12:59am

    …looks like an orangutan…diplomatically preparing the way for b16’s September visit..

    So arresting the pope in the UK would be OK because he is the head of a state which is not recognized by the UN. Who knew? That means he does not have diplomatic immunity. m-m.

  5. Patrick, they will be reading this now and already planning to blame the kids…

    I hope Dawkins gets these people arrested on the visit later this year!

  6. BrazilBoysBlog 13 Apr 2010, 1:07am

    Just when I thought I was angry enough at the Catholic church, along comes another evil bast-rd!

    Just look at him.. He even looks like something out of a horror movie. (like his boss)

    These people, rather than face up to what they have done and (try) to make some amends for it, just seek to push the blame onto gay people.

    I have said this before, but the catholic church is our number ONE enemy. We need to do everything we can to hunt these basta-ds down and make them pay for their crimes and cover-ups.

    This cult is an evil joke with a disproportionally large amount of influence in the world still. We must do everything we can to challenge these c-nts wherever we can.

    I also think that the idea of trying to arrest the pope is a good idea.. He is a criminal who conspired to shield child abusers. He not even the head of any ´state´ that is recognised by the UN, so forget trying to hide behind ´diplomatic immunity´.

    They all need to be fully investigated and prosecuted from the top down. If the pope allowed just ONE priest to escape prison and continue as a priest, then the pope should be in prison.

  7. Patrick James 13 Apr 2010, 1:09am

    I was waiting until they were going to come out with this.

    The Catholic church knows no limits when it comes self preservation, scapegoating and hypocrisy.

    In the forthcoming general election one of the main parties wishes to initiate the biggest expansion of faith schools since the 19th century as reported in the Daily Mail as well as many other places.

    Does that seem like a good idea?

  8. Sickening

  9. This link is a must for anyone wishing to refute the erroious myth that homosexual men have any interest in paedophilia. O Of particular interest is the study carried out in Massachussetts which found NO homosexual involvement in paedophilia This is a must read………………….

  10. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 13 Apr 2010, 1:42am

    I simply do not get it. How can they say on the one hand that homosexuality and paedophilia are not one and the same and on the other hand attribute the abuses of minors to homosexuality. Am I missing something in this logic. How do they explain the abuse of young girls by priests? It must be due to heterosexuality … silly me!
    As for canonising a gay saint, let me say that in my book Queer Mediterranean Memories, I also speculated on the (homo)sexuality of St George Preca, Malta’s first (?homosexual) saint. Malta’s archbishop and Gozo’s bishop got pretty hot under the collar.
    It is getting somewhat pink in paradise under this darling pontiff. I can see St Peter and the rest of the heavenily fairies dancing to the tune of Abba’s Dancing Queen.

  11. Why is it that all of the Catholic officials look evil? I mean, my Goddess this guy in this picture looks like he wants to eat my intestines.

  12. Thanks for the link to the Times article, Patrick. Fascinating stuff.

    This story is a must for everyone who supports Cameron’s expansion of faith schools and the ubiquity (and immunity) of religion. Dawkins and Hitchins are champions of the rational Left who deserve our support.

    The article’s comments section is a veritable “who’s who” of child abuse justifiers, indifferent to the case in point, aghast that anyone would dare stand up to the almighty church. Stark raving nutters bar none, telling us to sit down and shut up, that “silly publicity seekers” should leave alone what “doesn’t concern them”. In contrast, the positive comments reaffirm one’s faith in humanity. Let’s all hope that good does triumph over evil.

  13. I’m just surprised it took them so long to do this. I knew they would.

    How is it that sex between men goes on so much in places like prison? Are prisons full of homosexuals? Obviously not. It is because they are full of men only and in that artificial environment many men who would normally prefer women are willing to switch.

    The Catholic Church is also a prison and an abnormal environment. These ‘celibate’ priests did exactly the same thing, except they chose to abuse little boys because this was who they had easy accesss to and, most importantly, they thought they could bully them into silence about what had happened.

    Up to now I’ve been impressed by the way newspapers and comments on this matter haven’t linked child abuse with ‘gay’ men. I only hope that continues and everyone sees this for the evil smear it is.

  14. An Cat Dubh 13 Apr 2010, 7:20am

    ‘“Many psychologists and psychiatrists have shown that there is no link between celibacy and paedophilia but many others have shown, I have recently been told, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia,” he told journalists.’
    Now I wonder who told him that. That’s the person causing all the trouble!

  15. psychologists don’t make this claim unless they are terrible and homophobic ones, the priest is lying which is a sin! Plus it’s easier to blame gays as it fits into the homophobic agenda he and many others have

  16. They’ve been through just about every scapegoat they can think of, they blamed the Jews, the Liberals, the Secularists, the Gays…
    The only ones they’ve missed are to blame Canada…
    and blame it on the Boogie…
    Because it’s obvious to everyone catholic priests couldn’t be to blame, right? Trouble is, NOBODY is buying it!
    For these nutters being unapologetic means never having to say you’re sorry!

  17. I wondered how long it would be before we got the blame for this as well as nuclear war, tornados, world poverty, starvation and tsunamis!!!!!

  18. I hope people are finally waking up and smelling the dirty Catholic coffee here. You Cardinal, disgust me. You are sub-human and probably hiding your own latent homosexuality, like most hipocrites.

  19. It would be most beneficial if someone respected, like Peter Thatchell, spoke to the media the news and countered what this Cardinal had to say with facts.

  20. Barking.

    Although he’s keeping up the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church thoughout the ages. And it’s understandable, because he’s trapped like a rat in a corner, eyeing any possible way of escape. His words, his life, his religion are all dangerous fallacies, and being revealed as such day-by-day, year-by-year.

  21. The Popes trip to Britain should be deemed illegal and I think it’s time the Vatican was dismantled.

    As long as these ‘cults’ exsist humanity will never be allow to progress into being better beings.

  22. Sister Mary clarence 13 Apr 2010, 9:02am

    I think this will do even more to alienate the Catholic church in this country from the general population. There will be those to stupid to tie their own shoe laces that may pay some attention, but I think most decent people will see this as a bunch of filthy old kiddy fiddlers lashing out at others with false accusations to hide the fact that sexual frustration has twisted large numbers of them into perverted sexually practices with minors.

    Another welcome nail in the coffin of Catholicism

  23. What the Cardinal says is correct. Between 80% and 90% of the abuses in the USA were against boys between the ages of ll and 17, yet it is STILL called paedophilia. The cases of actual paedophilia were very rare.

    Pope Benedict recognised this, and one of his first priorities when he became Pope was to reinforce the Catholic Church’s rule that men with ‘deep-seated homophile tendencies’ should not be ordained.

    See the independent John Jay Report.

    Pope Benedict has been at the forefront of the cleanup operation, and all the trumped up ‘evidence’ that he in some way covered up these abuses has been disproved.

    Be careful what you wish for. A full enquiry, or a trial, would bring all this into the public consciousness.

  24. Evil old b@st@ard.

    This guy is dangerous scum, as is the pope.

    Interestingly this link between homosexuality and paedophilia is not isolated to the church.

    Michal Kaminski – senior member of the Polish Law and Justice Party has stated that homosexuals account for 40% of paedophile cases, yet make up only 1% of the population.

    David Cameron has said that he would never enter an alliance with a group whose views he found offensive.

    Looks like he’s with the evil pope and the psycho Poles on this one.

  25. SimonM – I think you mean the lie of a link

  26. Its hard to see how much lower the Catholic Church can go on this issue.
    In 60’s and 70’s Ireland joining the priesthood was a safe haven for a lot of gay men who felt unable to come out, but they didn’t all go on to be child abusers, and there is ZERO evidence to suggest they did.
    Remember, it wasn’t priests who became paedophiles it was paedophiles who became priests!
    Like the post above I have read the Murphy report and it doesn’t describe gay / straight abusers. It describes vile, sadistic, reprehensible human beings in stomach churning and graphic language.
    The Catholic Church has put itself on a very dangerous path to self destruction and it is difficult to see how they can step back from the brink.

  27. .

    American gay rights groups attempted to block NAMBLA members from their gay pride parades which prompted Harry Hay to march in 1986 wearing a slogan defiantly declaring, “NAMBLA walks with me”. Hay was outraged at the hypocrisy of the self-appointed gay establishment which declared a section of the gay community as unrespectable. So he publicly defied them.

    NAMBLA was soon isolated and today almost all gay groups disavow any ties to it. Gregory King of the Human Rights Campaign said that NAMBLA was no gay organisation and repudiated that paedophilia was in any way related to homosexuality. NAMBLA responded that “man/boy love is by definition homosexual”, and that “man/boy lovers are part of the gay movement and central to gay history and culture.” They said that homosexuals denying that it is not gay to be attracted to boys is just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying, “..its not heterosexual to be attracted to girls.”


  28. “SimonM – I think you mean the lie of a link”

    Of course.

    There is no more link between homosexuality and paedophilia than heterosexuality and paedophilia.

    However the catholic cult and the Law and Justice Party in Poland (who are the Tories’ partners in Europe) are constantly making this fake claim.

  29. And the government are paying for the leader of this anti gay, anti women, anti scientific truth cult to come here, paid for with our money. Disgusting.

    Perhaps the link is between abrahamic faith’s and paedophilia. mohammed, the founder of islam was a paedophile. He had a thing for 12 year old girls. and whilst the jewish hebrew scripture describes in detail every sexual sin, it does not include paedophile as a sin – maybe why christians and jews think they can get away with it – the talmund did correct this however when it says that a girl cannot be married until she is between 3 (yes 3) and 12 years old. and let us not forget the virgin mary who had sex with god.
    followers of this mono cult are insane. they need help. they believe things that are crazier than what some people who are locked in asylum’s believe. and yet they get away with it.
    and the government are saying we need more faith schools?

  30. So does the Lithuanian party that Labour supports but I guess thats ok?!!

  31. Gs#13, exactly! Because of the long-standing alterboy stance within the catholic church these pedophiles only had young boys to perform their nasty deeds on. Imagine the sigh of relief among these malicious, desperate clergy to find something to hang their disgusting behaviours on. Ban children from churches and catholic schools til they are 18. Then see how many young kids are raped by these monsters. Trust me, they’d still find someone to prey on. They have ruined more young lives than any other institution for centuries.

  32. This cardinal is asking for trouble. You cannot go around using a group of people as scapegoats and get away with it. Gays are not paedophiles it is as simple as that.

  33. There’s no link between homosexuality and child sex abuse!

    Whose is kidding whom?

    May of 2009 saw the prosecution of 8 Scottish male homosexuals, the arrest of another 35+ homosexuals across the UK, and still more arrests of others in the Netherlands and the U.S. for mixtures of child abuse and pornography.

    The 8 “gang members, all seemingly respectable professionals, led sordid double lives,” newspapers complained. [Why should the media expect education or professionalism to somehow shield one from becoming a child molester?]

    The ringleaders were Neil Strachan, 41 (infected with HIV) and James Rennie, 38. Although “seemingly respectable professionals,” Strachan had already been convicted of raping a 5 year-old boy in 1997. Well, one might say, ‘he deserves a second-chance.’ Yet he was convicted of raping another 18 month-old boy in 2003. How many chances does a rapist get in Scotland? Plenty, since his latest victim was another 18 month-old boy.

    Strachan charmed-up the parents, and then volunteered to babysit the little child. Of course he was charming, attentive, and said all the right things — monsters such as he have the game down pat.
    Do his three assaults on boys mean that Strachan is a ‘pedophile’ with no desire for adult partners? No. Strachan was infected with HIV and had a ‘gay partner’ (also indicted). He almost certainly got infected with HIV by having anal sex with another man, so his ‘pedophilia’ was far from an exclusive appetite. Like most homosexuals, these 8 individuals were sexually ‘flexible’ or ‘omnisexual.’

    Rennie was a ‘gay star.’ A Scottish newspaper called him “the outwardly respectable boss of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Scotland”.

    As a secondary school teacher who had been invited to the Scottish Parliament for a debate on “helping young gay people,” his gay-rights activism was well known. His crime? Abusing a three-month old boy and permitting other members of the ‘gay clan’ to listen over the phone while he molested the bay. Pictures, of course, were taken, and distributed far and wide. He too had a gay “partner,” trolled the Internet for gay sex dates, picked up “rent boys” [young male prostitutes], and “advertised a porn collection on toilet walls.”

    Yet another sexually obsessed ‘flexible fellow.’

    Forgetting he had images of boys being molested on his hard-drive, the investigation started when Strachan took his laptop to get fixed. The repair shop noticed the 7,000+ pictures of naked and abused boys, etc. and notified police. The hard-drive turned up email lists of over 70 co-conspirators across the world.

    Police called it “the biggest and most challenging… paedophile network dismantled in Scotland.” A Netherlands comrade even bragged of having molested and ‘snuffed’ [killed] a little boy in France.

    Rennie had exotic tastes. One of his emails indicated his longing to “see children with Down’s Syndrome sexually abused.” Sophisticated chap, eh?

    All these perpetrators were “gay,” most were professionals. And the “church goer” who “helped with a kids’ after-school club” was married (but he also secretly had a gay partner, and used his wife’s email address to lure boys for sex).

    Scotland has laws giving gays ‘super rights’ — they can’t even be criticized in letters to the editor. Clearly, giving super rights to the depraved results in super depravity.


  34. I must say this does not surprise me at all. As for Flossie’s allegations, another papal butt-kisser. I don’t care WHO these old goats have been f***ing–if the other person was a child, I consider it paedophilia. One of these days, there will be a legal accounting…the sooner the better. All these old perverts and enablers need to be put in jail like the criminals they are.

  35. Both sexual orientation and celibacy are irrelevant. The issue is what powerful and revered men in particular do to the vulnerable in a secretive and authoritarian intitution. Trotting out offensive homophobic clichés to cover it up is as predictable as a squid squirting ink.

  36. vodoo, the same can be said of heterosexuality and child abuse, therefore the link erodes as both homo and heterosexuality leads to child sex abuse. there is no more a link between homosexuality and child abuse, than there is heterosexuality. so to focus on one, like the cardinal (on the poopes request) is homophobic.
    we can all pick out stories like you have. i dont know any in detail because i am not as interested as you are in child sex abuse. maybe you could print a lengthy heterosexual child sex abuse story that proves the link between heterosexuality and child abuse – just to balance out your story and prove their is no more a link between homosexuality and child abuse than there is heterosexuality. Or are you just into gay men who abuse children?

  37. Cardinal, without going into the real reasons why you insist that the Catholic church MUST be run by men and that those men MUST live in single-same-sex communities, you have to acknowledge that for centuries you have espoused same-sex communities, or “homosexual” communities, and you still do so.

    Your “Vatican” is run by a same-sex community. So I am prepared to agree that homosexuality is part of your problem PROVIDED you agree that we are talking about your OWN PARTICULAR brand of homosexuality, not mine, i.e. homosexuality that is ridden with guilt, homosexuality which you and your fellow priests spend your lifetimes denying and repressing.

    Yes, to an extent it is this homosexuality, YOUR same-sex priestly Vatican brand of homosexuality which causes the natural sex urges of thousands of priests to escape via frantic little fingers into the knickers of innocent children!

  38. You know, take off that litlee orange hat and all his clothes and I’m sure I’ve seen lots of men who look like him skulking in the shadows at underwear parties! They’re a lot of bloody hypocrites!

  39. “…I have been told…”
    By whom? The pope?

    It’s just another unsubstantiated claim. Not the biggest one they’ve made, considering their whole business is based on unsubstantiated claims.

  40. #23……….. Your statement is simply not true, Flossie re: findings in the USA and elsewhere.
    In 2002 when this first broke in the USA and later in Ireland under the Murphy and Ryan reports it was found that None of the perpetrators were in fact gay. Your statment that it was only boys between the ages of 11 and 17 is also false, except in situations like industrial schools where the inmates were all boys.
    It was found that in situations where both sex’s were available, the preference was for girls, usually the younger the better. Your statement will be very painful for the female survivors of these evil beasts.
    I am also shocked that you don’t consider the sexual abuse of boys under the age of 16 as paedophilia.
    As for the John Jay Report, did you pause for a moment to consider the source of the report and where the study was carried out and by whom. The whole thing, from beginning to end was the work of the perpetrators of this evil in the first place, the Roman Catholic church. And in Texas for crying out loud….enough said about that….

    The respected Murphy and Ryan reports in Ireland which was independant of the church and was resisted at every turn by the church, found exactly the opposite. Paedophilia and Sadism was rife, especially in closed environs like boarding schools and Convents.
    That Joe Ratzinger has been anything other than an apologist for this evil is also false and has been proven to be a cheerleader for the Church at every turn.
    In the last few days letters have come to light proving that he was foremost in the coverup in the USA.
    When the respected Irish Judges Murphy and Ryan who were both RC by the way, were carrying out their investigations, which took eight years to complete, Joe Ratzinger and Pope JP2 were their biggest obstacles. Ratzinger in particular warned bishops and clerics in Ireland ,to under no ciscumstances cooperate.

    One wonders how long it will be before they rollout the final insult, that it was the children who started it all.Its about all the have left.
    Finally your line “be careful what you wish for” speaks volumes about where you are coming from, and infers that Gay people have something to hide.
    You, whoever you are are, as odious and vile as this vile excuse for a human being Tarcisco Bertone, only you will have to live with your own conciense. Excuse the spelling……………

  41. Evil scum

  42. #33 Voodoo… that Strachan and his coaccused were gay is a coincidence, he was first and foremost a paedophile, a fact you studiously chose to ignore in you wholly discredited piece. All the other perpetrators in the case were hetro as you also chose to ignore. When i say your piece ie discredited, i say so because so much of it is clearly homophobic in nature and in no way goes to the nub of the case and that was that this was a paedophile ring first and foremost. Anyon wishing to get the real story of this paedo ring just Google Strachan paedophile ring.

  43. Look into the eyes of ‘Cardingan’ Bertone – doesn’t that face just cry out – debauched, lifelong liar and fraud? ‘thou protesteth too too much….’

  44. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Apr 2010, 1:34pm

    For pity’s sake, sign/embed/twitter/circulate the official National Secular Society/British Humanist Association supported petition:

    And get involved in the official campaign:

  45. Flossie, No. 23….so what about the heterosexual priests who molest girls? What is the Vatican’s criterion for not allowing them to be ordained? What is the procedure for weeding out potential hetero molesters from the seminaries? Why hasn’t your beloved cult leader not addressed that I wonder?

  46. “They said that homosexuals denying that it is not gay to be attracted to boys is just as ludicrous as heterosexuals saying, “..its not heterosexual to be attracted to girls.””


    Utter tosh.

    It’s called “having no interest sexually” to children and having a moral compass.

    Something the members of your sacred cult clearly do not possess.

    Personally, I loathe children.

  47. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Apr 2010, 1:50pm


    So far they’ve blamed secularism, the Jews, homosexuals, the Devil, liberalism and the media.

    So what we actually appear to be looking for is a secular, Jewish, homosexual demon working for the Guardian.

    Oh, and the child-raping Romans had nothing to do with it, of course.


  48. Both heterosexual and homosexual paedophiles are attracted to the priesthood because they get unrestrained and trusted access to children. It has nothing to do sexual orientation of ordinary consenting adults in the world’s poulation at large. For these catholic idiots to try and blame all gay people for this just shows the whole world what a corrupt and perverse institution this is. They are vile, lying hypocrites who should be brought to account for what they’ve allowed to happen under their own noses and then tried to cover it up.

    Flossie and Vodoo, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for your lack of awareness of the extent to which little girls are abused by paedophiles in the world today. Most likely in direct proportion to the amount of heterosexuals versus homosexuals in the population at large.

  49. It is ridiculous to assert that when young Catholic men enter seminaries full of piety and missionary zeal to spread the word of the gospels, they also harbour a desire to get their hands on children for the purposes of sexual abuse. That is simply not how it works.

    All those indoctrinated young men who go into seminaries at roughly the same time as their healthier peers go to university are simply full of “the love of God” and dozens of other airy-fairy notions of “saving the world” through “the love of Jesus”.

    They spend seven years studying, then they get ordained, and then out they go into the community, usually stationed for a good number of years with an older priest as his curate.

    This is when the rot sets in. I visited a young curate’s room once in the presbytery in which he lived with an older priest and “a good holy woman” who was their house-keeper. His room was an undomesticated mess and in the middle of the floor was a box of largely unopened big bottles of beer! This is the room he repaired to after saying mass, baptising babies, annointing the sick, burying the dead, and so forth!

    It’s a sad and lonely existence. A loveless one and an unnatural one.

    They are supposed to get by on the love given them by Jesus! Well, we all know how UNREAL and non-existent that is!

    So human nature outs. They crave physical love and intimacy as all normal human beings do! But they’re not allowed to have it! One or two brave ones will find a woman, or even a man, of the same age. Most will turn to the young and vulnerable . . . as we have unfortunate seen.

    It is time for the church to allow all of its priests to have a lover, either male or female! And let them marry!

    It’s either that, or close the whole stinking institution down!

    I hope the wonderful Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens DO arrest Ratzinger if he dares to visit in September.

  50. Jean-Paul Bentham 13 Apr 2010, 3:24pm

    “Pope’s number two claims sexual abuse scandals due to homosexuality not celibacy”.

    Oh please…Bertoni wouldn’t know how to empty water from a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.

    Hello VooDoo, seen Monkeychops anywhere??

  51. I hate all pedophiles who act out their crimes against children. Therefore i hate the pope who enabled them. Burn that church to the ground and start over. They are dispicable.

  52. Not literally for all the government surf trolls of course.

  53. The Catholic Church really likes having a scapegoat. No other religion in the history of the humanity, be it Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism showed so much intolerance and hate than the Catholic Christianity. First they blamed the Jews (all that thing about well poisoning, blood libels, black masses), then the witches, which were basically women (the Inquisition), then the Muslims (the Crusades), then a lot of time later the Communists (note that they skipped the Nazis because Pope Pius XII was too cowardly to attack the Nazis) and now the gays. Who is going to be the Catholic Church’s next scapegoat in this new millenium ? The robots ? The aliens ?

  54. Keep digging Cardinal Bertone because at some point the earth will cave in on you.

  55. Dave North 13 Apr 2010, 4:44pm

    “Pope’s ‘number two’ claims sexual abuse scandals due to homosexuality not celibacy”.

    So Herr Popey’s cr@ps are talking to him as well.

  56. Chuck Martens 13 Apr 2010, 5:01pm

    If pedophilia is linked to homosexuality, then why do the statistics show that 95% of pedophiles are heterosexual?

  57. The Vatican is symbolic of the Catholic ” church”: sick and perverted. Like a guilty person caught red handed: they’ll blame anyone to ESCAPE its responsibility. The church ,from the pope on down, are corrupt,evil,sick,perverted COWARDS.

  58. Har Davids 13 Apr 2010, 5:17pm

    Grasping at straws, these people; or just looking for scapegoats?

  59. So the child abuse is because of homosexuality and not celibacy. I wonder if the Vatican can explain why we don’t hear about child abuse in the Anglican church, which must have a similar proportion of gay priests as the Catholic church but where heterosexual priests are allowed to marry. We really need to mobilize to give the Catholic church hell ..

  60. Hodge Podge 13 Apr 2010, 5:22pm

    Oh, lol.

  61. #57 can you please change your tag as this on is mine and my name. Whoever you are i must point out that i have been using this tag since i joined Pink News.

    Pink News How are two able to use the same tag. advice asap.

  62. @ Squidgy #31 So does the Lithuanian party that Labour supports but I guess thats ok?!!

    Squidgy – It’s the TORIES who are ‘in association’ with the tasteless homophobic eastern European parties, not Labour. When Cameron became the Tory Leader he moved the Tory MEPs out of the Centre Right grouping and created a new grouping with tasteless homophobic parties, some of which would not feel uncomfortable with neo-Nazis.

  63. Andy just ignore Squidge. I’ve been watching dozens of people putting him right on facts for weeks now but he’s one of those oddities who just revels in seeing himself as the victim, so he nearly always disagrees. Don’t know what it is but he’s got a chip on his should about something.

  64. Jay made a rather offensive comment about ‘mohammed, the founder of islam’. Jay you need to read up a bit and put this into historical context. I believe the age for getting married in India at the time of Ghandi was 12. That’s just 70 years ago.

    And here is the age of consent under certain circumstances in various countries now: China 14, Chile 14, Columbia 14, some states of the USA 14, Zimbabwe 12, Vatican State 12!, Syria 13, Togo 14.

    So don’t be too quick to apply UK standards to other countries and especially to events that happened thousands of years ago. Also bear in mind back in those days many people didn’t live much beyond age 25 that’s why they got married earlier!

  65. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Apr 2010, 8:07pm

    Comment #62 by AndyAS

    I’m afraid the Conservative supporters on here seem almost congenitally incapable of understanding the difference between being a member of a group that happens to have it’s fair share of objectionable lunatics and going out of you way to leave such a group to knowingly form a new group with others who are bursting at the seams with objectionable lunatics.

    Oh, and then denying, even when presented with the evidence, that your new allies are objectionable lunatics – this evidence being information they already secretly knew but chose to ignore and supress.

    Comment #63 by Brendan A

    Welcome to our world.

  66. To quote Christine Keeler, “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?”

  67. Jean-Paul Bentham 13 Apr 2010, 9:06pm

    And here’s the latest: A pastor from a thriving American parish is on record as saying that the pope should resign.

    see video from CNN:

  68. The John Jay Report, commissioned by US Catholic Bishops, DID NOT establish any connection between homosexuality and priest-child sexual abuse:

    Interim Report on Catholic Sex-Abuse Says “Homosexual Identity” Not a Predictor of Sex Abuse- ; see also

  69. sorry GS#64, i did get it slightly wrong, it’s a while since i studied islam. Aishah, mohammed’s youngest wife was actually 6 or 7 years old when she married mohammed, she was around 9 years old when she moved in with him and consumated the marriage, mohammed was about 53 at the time, not 25 as you suggested. thats pretty sick if you ask me – a 53 year old having sex with a 9 year old – you may think that’s okay – i don’t. so i will get my facts right this time – mohammed, the founder of islam had a thing for 9 year old girls, when he was 53, which sounds like paedophilia to me. sounds like you’re the one who needs to ‘read up a bit’.

  70. Question …

    Tarcisio Bertone made this comment whilst in Chile.

    As far as i know the main priest algedly involved in child abuse there was having sexy with young girls ?

    TOTAL contradiction ?

  71. Its interesting to see the Clergy squirming to try and get out of this one as more alligations come to light day by day! They blame the Media for it, blame the Jews, blame Phillip Pullman and now of course their usual trump card, blame the gays! The blame is quite simply on the Arch Homophobe himself for not acting when he should; this had been going on for decades and its a tribute to the people in Ireland & the USA who stood up and put the issue firmly on the map. This disgusting filthly behaviour by a church which is supposed to care for children makes me truely sick and thank (god?) most rational people do not link being gay to hild abuse!

  72. The CAtholic church – a curse on humanity from its founding by the devil Incarnate. Now headed by a German Nazi Pope.

    The whole thing is the greatest lie in history. They are the perfect example of what someone said a hundred years ago – I think he was British – “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. And when you claim to speak for God……..

    They also fit the statement by Gobbels – tell a lie often enough and it will be seen as the truth.

    And I’ll add, after the lie has been told often enough, the liars don’t even realize they are telling a lie. They are themselves brainwashed.

    Lawsuits against the church for child abuse could easily total trillions of $$. Glory to God, the Vatican will become a parking lot, and some of their churches will remain. A museums to teach future generations what happens when religion gains too much power.

    I only wish we could toss the whole hierarchy in jail. And let them share cells with ordinary decent criminals named “spike”

  73. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” It was a phrase by Lord Acton, a 19th century moralist. The pOpe has absolute power, ergo he is corrupt(!)

  74. “God”

    Our ‘god’ awoke in darkness
    Six thousand years ago
    And looked around on nothing
    To see what ‘he’ could do!

    He never had beginning
    Nor form like you and me,
    But yet he had existed
    Through all eternity!

    But what had he been doing
    Through all those countless years?
    No preacher ever told us.
    In no book it appears!

    Perhaps he had been sleeping
    With nothing for a bed,
    With nothing for a pillow
    And nothing for his head!

    With nothing for companion
    Through all that dreary night
    And only boundless nothing
    On which to feast his sight!

    But now he rose to action
    Like one aroused from sleep
    And of his six days labour
    The tale is rather steep!

    He took a pinch of nothing
    And made this glorious Earth
    Another pinch of nothing
    And the planets had their birth!

    With another pinch of nothing
    He made the powerful sun
    And then he worked on nothing
    Until the stars were done!

    After all else was finished
    Of dust he then made man
    By mixing it with nothing
    In some mysterious plan!

    He cut a rib from Adam
    With nothing for a knife
    And mixing it with nothing
    He made a full blown wife!

    He knew the kind of people
    He was about to make
    But had to drown them later
    Because of his mistake!

    And now he sends us all to hell
    Unless we all believe
    The story of creation
    The snake, the fruit, and Eve!

  75. There is nothing wrong with Gay priests (except they really should defect to a more “liberal” branch of christianity). I see the RC Bishops of England and Wales are distancing themselves from this vile cardinals sick remarks; about time. Do you think they might have a word with the old Arch Homophobe when he gets here?!

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