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Police investigating gay link to death of white supremacist Eugene Terre’blanche

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick James 12 Apr 2010, 2:10pm


    That is quite a story. If Eugene Terre’blanche turns out to be gay it will be a major blow to white supremacists everywhere.

    Michael Howard, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling – they’re going to be so disillusioned :)

    Let us not forget that the great friend of apartheid throughout the 80s was the British Conservative party.

  2. This is about as likely to be true as the Pope changing his mind about Gays and riding on a float on the next Sidney Mardi Gras! I can see the ‘queer panic defence’ raising it’s ugly headm here. Time will tell what the truth of it is but this allegation is stretching credibility to tearing.

  3. Mihangel apYrs 12 Apr 2010, 3:06pm

    Johnny, I agree; the gay panic defence is being composed as I write.

    However, how a sixty year old froced a stright young man to have sex is an interesting question to pose!

  4. @Mihangel apYrs

    I imagine a gun to the head or similar may have had something to do with it!!

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 12 Apr 2010, 3:23pm

    Yes, it sounds like an emerging gay panic defence.. Interesting though if this man proves to be another closeted gay man living a lie and attacking other gays to hide his own preferences. We have seen this so many times with religious church leaders… ´Those who shout the loudest´ etc…

    If not, I think it´s a pretty wierd kind of a defence for those charged to come up with… Accusing someone so clearly homophobic of such a thing? Kind of an uphill battle for their defence team to prove anyway? Maybe there is much more about this to come out and the trial will be very interesting….

  6. Papa Smurf had jungle fever? Whodda thunk it?

  7. @ Patrick James – just because he had sex with a man doesn’t necessarily make him ‘gay’. You’re ignoring the fact that Terreblanche was married with a daughter. Why do people insist on trying to force others into these narrowly defined boxes?

    If tonight I go out and have sex with a woman, which I’ve never done before, do I suddenly become ‘bi’ even if I never do it again? If not, how many women would I have to have sex with and how many times before you label me ‘bi’ rather than ‘gay’? What if I suddenly switch to women only for the rest of my life. Does that mean I am suddenly ‘straight’?

    Having said all the above, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a fascist turned out to be a closet homosexual. Many are. The whole uber-macho militaristic culture is appealing to some gay men and you just need to look at some of the posts made in the forums of websites such as Fitlads.

  8. Papa Smurf had jungle fever? Whodda thunk it?

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    Comment by Ely — April 12, 2010 @ 15:31


  9. Patrick James “Let us not forget that the great friend of apartheid throughout the 80s was the British Conservative party”

    I forgot about that the cnuts

  10. @ RobN – yes quite possibly and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the bottom in the arrangement. Weirdly, some people are sexually attracted to those who they otherwise claim to hate.

    @ Patrick & Dean – time to remove your pink shell suits and ‘Frankie says’ t-shirts and move on from how things were politically in the 1980’s. Times change. And of course by far the biggest change since those days has been New Labour completely selling out its traditional supporters in too many ways to mention.

  11. GS: “By far the biggest change since those days has been New Labour completely selling out its traditional supporters in too many ways to mention.”

    Yes, but every cloud has a silver lining. If Labour alienate their core membership, then that’s just lots more for the Tories and others to ‘turn’. That said, I think ‘Old labour’ were a damn sight worse than the new lot.

  12. Jean-Paul Bentham 12 Apr 2010, 7:28pm


    Patrick hasn’t posted a comment on this thread; maybe you mean Patrick James.

  13. The winter of discontent in 1979 had consequences for my family and I can’t see me voting Labour in any form ever. Having been on the fringes of activism for a few years now, sometimes as a reporter/observer, that hasn’t exactly increased my enthusiasm for the left either. But I’ve never voted Conservative. This election it’s the lesser of two evils really and I’ll be voting LibDem as usual.

  14. @ Jean-Paul Bentham – yes Patrick James whose name is er Patrick!

  15. GS: “I’ll be voting LibDem as usual.”
    Like that’s going to make a big difference. At least make a statement. Vote Greens, BNP, Monster Raving Loonies, but at least make a stand. The LibDems are all wishy-washy, aimless and inconsequential. However you may love/hate the others, at least they have integrity in their beliefs. LibDems excel in being mediocre, average and moderate in everything.

    Personally, I’m going UKIP.

  16. GS’s arrogance is astounding.

    GS, do you ever stop and think, “Maybe I am wrong here? Maybe people are trying to tell me something? Maybe I am missing something?”

    It’s called humility, GS. And you need some of it.

    We have a regular poster on this board called Patrick and we have another who is called Patrick James. They are separate and discreet.

    Get it?

    No wonder you’re partial to Tories. You’ve exhibited the same kind of arrogance that they do!

  17. He who tells us our gay and lesbian community is a myth, he who is clearly a misanthrope, dares to advise us how to vote! RobN has even advocated gay people vote BNP!

  18. “That is quite a story. If Eugene Terre’blanche turns out to be gay it will be a major blow to white supremacists everywhere.”

    It will also add further gist to the theory that the most virulent homophobes in society are latent gay men themselves.

  19. @ Brendan A – there was only one post from anyone called Patrick in the whole thread and it was perfectly obvious who I was replying to. The fact that someone else called Patrick posts elsewhere on Pink News is neither here nor there. Talk about nitpicking!

    People are trying to ‘tell’ me something? Who are the arrogant ones? But that’s the left for you: blatant intolerance of different views – as seen a lot on here in the last few days and often descending into personal abuse against David Cameron and comment posters and squealing about bias (only when in the wrong direction).

    And pretty arrogant to suggest I’m ‘partial to the Tories’. Just another typical smear against someone who won’t be voting Labour. I said very clearly I’ll vote LibDem.

  20. Terre’Blanche gay …Dont make me laugh. The reality is that the SA police have added this in a crude attempt to make this vile pig seem even more odious. To get a flavor of what i mean, i suggest you read the article about Senegal.
    The homophobia sweeping Africa and some non African, but Black countries, Jamacia and Haiti being notable among these, at the moment is frightening. American xtian fundies are behind most of it, although some Muslim countries are beginning to jump on the bandwagon.
    It serves their purposes when they want to demonise the Gay community. As most of you will know Homosexuality is seen in Africa as the white mans disease.
    No doubt when the condom is “analysed” it will have been the fifteen year old he fcuked. Which will add paedophilia to the list.
    Dont get me wrong, i am not pointing this out in an attempt to defend this vle excuse for a human being. I am pointing it out for what it is ….Kill two birds with one stone.
    Has anyone heard the songs doing the rounds of the townships of South Africa. Far from being anti white, altho many are, they are unbelieveably homophobic xtian rants……I dont think there will be many gay men attending the World Cup in SA…not unless they have a death wish.

  21. bearing in mind the perpetual double standards practised by far right loonies like ET, nothing is impossible – but to be accused of interracial AND queer sex, now there’s a thing.
    Not for a moment okaying brutal (or any other kind) murder, the wheel does turn and he had it coming – you live by the sword…….
    Pity about his family being dragged through the slime too.

  22. I don’t know why people are getting so excited by this revelation. It is actually a pretty damning indictment of the lengths to which some gay men will go to to deflect their self-hatred externally. Time and again our loudest detractors are revealed to be…other gay men, either Senators caught with their trousers down in adjoining airport toilet cubicles, the Pope’s buddies getting down and dirty with the the choir boys in the Vatican, or evangelists indulging in crystal meth fuelled sex with hustlers. There are even rumours that Hitler himself was inherently homosexual. Even out gay men can be notoriously bitchy and nasty to each other. It seems we are our own worst enemy…

  23. Patchy: I go with what you are saying, but why are gay men that don’t like other gay men assumed to be “self-hating”?
    Gay men are those most insular, selfish, vain and self-promoting people on the planet, so why would they look after each other any more than anyone else?

  24. Wow, I don’t know what it’s like in your country Rob N, but here in Michigan, and most of the US, and Especially in Canada (myself being a dual citizen, and splitting my time between the two countries) typically we do watch out for each other. We have loyalty to each other, our friends and family inherit, straight or gay, and we do our damndest to protect each other when misfortune or violence come knocking

  25. Denn – you look out for each other? that’s bull the us is where bareback and meth comes from and youre kindly spreading that suicide cult around the world for profit. pull your head out you behind and smell the rotting carcass and meth fumes. dumbass

  26. Looks like you struck a nerve DenN.

  27. GayTalkRadio 14 Apr 2010, 1:22pm

    People who making sweeping generalizations about others are always wrong. We are all individual human beings with individual personalities. You people who make sweeping generalizations about others are simply exposing your own biases.

  28. DenN, please excuse Dean’s vulgarity.

    DenN, thanks very much for saying refuting Rob.N’s claim. We here at PinkNews have come to understand that Rob.N is such a sad misanthrope that even if he reads what you have said he will find some way of dismissing you as being one of his most “insular, selfish, vain and self-promoting people on the planet”.

    From the many patterns of internalised homophobia that he’s exhibited on these threads over the months, I would expect his first thought will be to dismiss you as “just another Yank”! It’s in his nature, you see.

    Everything and anything is dismissed by him in a self-sabotaging effort to aggrandise himself, because of course the root of his misanthropy is self-hatred.

  29. eddy I think bareback porn deserves vulgarity and the us started the trend. so bollocks to you

  30. dean, yes, bareback porn is vulgar and yes the whole porno thing began decades ago in the USA but Eddy is right to point out that you can’t write off 365 million Americans just because a tiny percentage of them produce porn

    you need to sort things out more in your head before you speak, I think. don’t generalise. be specific.

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