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Leicester may get a gay village

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, Leicester’s heavily Muslim population are going to just *luurve* that.

  2. Sounds good if the area accepts it; which could be tricky due to cultural reasons; but I hope it happens . Re: the comment about big cities gay areas in comparison to Leicester in the report- London and Manchester ; yes, very gay friendly, and Bristol yes, but Birmingham? Im confused, my experience is not one of a gay friendly area around Birmingham and the West Midlands region atall; in fact quite the opposite.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 12 Apr 2010, 4:24pm

    @1 “Oh, Leicester’s heavily Muslim population are going to just *luurve* that.”

    So? Probably all the more reason for doing it then! :-)

    Why should we bow down to a bunch of bigoted sky-pilot believers? (of whatever religion?)

    But Rob-N, never fear. It will not happen anyway. Because, as we ALL know, “There is no such thing as a ´gay community´ anyway” :-)

  4. With all the stories about Religion and Bigots it’s always a pleasure to hear how yet again it’s the LGBT people that will bring tourism and prosperity to a city.

    We’re so bad, apparently but hey, us gays sure know how to bring is the Pounds.

    Seems we’re not good-for-nothing after all.


    Nowadays there’s a ‘heavy Muslim Population’ in most cities. Yes, I bet it will get protests but a gay village would do well. Seems the Pink Pound really does help business, eh?

  5. Squidgy “Seems the Pink Pound really does help business, eh?”

    Well all power to their elbows and all that, but I really think it will bomb. Gay people just don’t go for all that “Pink Stuff” any more. Gay bars are folding all over the place, and I doubt any business can support only 1/10th of the population, and that’s assuming every LGBT person went there, which they won’t.

  6. are these idiots at it again?

  7. Squidgy: The Pink pound is now the same colour as everyone else’s. Nobody bothers with all that any more. Gay bars are crashing all over the place. I certainly wouldn’t want to invest in a business that could only target 10% of the community, and that’s assuming all LGBT people would support it, which they won’t.

  8. RobN:-

    Ok my mistake my use of the term ‘Pink Pound’ was to mean that despite the fact we get beaten down a lot but religion and bigots, this is proof that LGBT money is still just as relevant and powerful.

  9. Personally as a young gay student at uni in Leicester, I would welcome the addition to the kinda sparse (in my opinion) gay night life in the city.
    As for Leicester’s high Muslim population, Leicester has been a mixed city for a long time (in fact I think its the only city in the UK with no ethnic majority anymore). So tolerance is not too much of an issue (usually, though there are exceptions).

  10. Sorry for all the posts, peeps. My browser is playing silly buggers with this totally crap website. Somebody really needs to fix this abortion of a forum.

  11. Paul Lambert 12 Apr 2010, 9:39pm

    “Somebody really needs to fix this abortion of a forum.”

    And someone should abort you, Rob, you’re an afterbirth.

  12. Peter Rivendell 13 Apr 2010, 8:53am

    Manchester’s famous gay village… yes, what did happen to that?

  13. Actually of the ethnic South-Asian population of Leicester – most are practising Hindu/Sikh and NOT muslim, this is reflected in the fact that Leicester plays host to the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India.

  14. “Manchester’s famous gay village… yes, what did happen to that?”

    It fell into the canal..

  15. Jonathan Kennedy 13 Apr 2010, 1:10pm

    Forget about Leicester, how about Sheffield for a gay village? England’s fourth largest city with two big universities and there’s bugger all [pardon the pun] in the way of a gay scene aside from a couple of downmarket bars and a monthly student night.

    Of course it suffers from its proximity to Manchester and Leeds, but are gay people in Sheffield really happy to have to travel an hour or more to enjoy a good night out on the scene?

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