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Labour manifesto promises more action against homophobic bullying

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  1. and how is this meant to happen when faith schools are allowed to be homophobic?

  2. After 13 years can’t help thinking this is something of an after thought. I mean you’d think that sometime within the last 13 years they would, and indeed should, have done this anyway.

  3. George Broadhead, PTT 12 Apr 2010, 3:05pm

    Chester’s comment is very apposite, especially as faith schools currently number about one third of the total and it is the policy of all three main political parties to increase them – at tax-payers’ expense of course.

    Also, as a Stonewall survey has clearly shown, bullying is a good deal more prevalent in faith schools than in others – hardly surprising if they teach that homosexual practices are “sinful”.

  4. vulpus_rex 12 Apr 2010, 3:29pm

    It is difficult to take Brown’s pledges on bullying seriously when he is known abuser of his own staff. He should put his own house in order before seeking to lecture others on bullying.

    To be fair he only has 24 days left in his current home, et pardus maculae non deponet.

  5. Labour had plenty of opportunity prior to now to install such measures, they promise the moon and the stars as soon as a general election is on the horizon.

  6. Wish PinkNews could maybe just put the Party name rather that a picture. What will Camerons face all weekend and now Browns “Bride Of Chucky” smile. It’s enough to give nightmare and could bring on a nervous twitch.

    New Campaign:- Ban MP’s pictures during this election period, Please.

  7. What crap, Squidgy, what do you imagine, that a government does everything it needs to do on Day 1 in office and then sits about for the remainder if its time ?

    Guess what, after 13 years of Labour, we’re not in the Promised Land. Guess what (part 2): after the 18 years of Tory homophobia which preceded it, we were even further away.

    Simple conclusion: though you’ll choke on the facts, LGBT people have more rights, more protection, after 13 years of Labour than they ever had under the Tories. Job not completed, but job well done. And more to be done in the coming years, where quite honestly the assurances of the Labour people who have taken positive steps is worth a damn sight more than the Tories who promoted homophobia before and who at this election are running candidates like Philippa Stroud in Sutton & Cheam with her christian evangelical anti-gay track record.

  8. Why doesn’t Labour pledge to legalise gay marriage?

  9. BrazilBoysBlog 12 Apr 2010, 4:07pm

    Well dears, I see this brings the Tory Trotters out quickly to decry it? :-)

    I at least take heart that Brown is prepared to put gay equality policies into his MANIFESTO, unlike our nice Mr Cameron. When nothing gets done for gay equality under the Tories, they can at least say “But where was that in our manifesto? We never made any firm commitments to do it”.

    At least Brown is not scared of alienating his core supporters by making firm commitments to gay equality. Why hasn´t he done it already? P.l.e.a.s.e… They have done great things already.. There is more to be done, there is ALWAYS more to be done.

    I realise though that (apparently) most gay people do not give a stuff about gay equal rights..(according to some opinion polls and by reading some of the comments on here)

    Don´t care about being treated equally? No time for gay rights issues? A few more pounds in the pay packet more important? (if you believe that the Tories can deliver this anyway)..

    Well, that´s bloody BIG of you! How considerate for your fellow human beings. Satisfied with your lot already when it comes to gay equality issues? Yes, I BET you are!

    Thanks, in no small part, to the countless activists who (daily) campaign on OUR behalf. Who daily put themselves in the firing line in the hope that one day, we can be treated equally, with the respect we deserve. Gay rights not an important issue in this election? More pressing matters?

    What a right royal kick in the bol-ocks for those who continue to fight for the rights we ALL currently enjoy, and still hope to achieve!

    Why should WE be concerned? After all, it´s the ECONOMY dears that is important?

    For me, having the SAME rights as everyone else IS the most important thing. Wanting to prevent just ONE gay teenager from being bullied just because he or she is gay IS the most important thing. Wanting to prevent bullies from making that teenager feel like a useless piece of cr-p, like someone not worthy of any respect or human decency IS the most important thing. (fueled by those apologists who say equal rights are not even important)

    I think that education IS the most important thing when it comes to the general awareness of gay people and other lifestyles.

    Sorry, but I also think that trying to prevent the next suicide of the next gay teenager IS the most important thing..

    But maybe that´s just me….?

    After all, apparently, it´s the ECONOMY dear…

  10. You know something ? I wish Labour would just legislate for one single category of marriage, I don’t like the distinction between marriage and civil partnerships. But the fact is, reform often takes place in stages – eg the age of consent for gay men – from never legal, to 21, to 18, to 16.

    Worth remembering that before civil partnerships, there was nothing with legal force that gay couples could do. That the Civil Partnership Act 2004 was passed by Labour, by Labour MPs with the support of the LibDems/PC/SNP. Half the small number of Conservative MPs then in the Commons voted against the Bill, with their Ulster Unionist mates, and Tory parliamentarians tried to wreck the Bill (even Alan Duncan, Tory MP, said so), in both Commons and Lords.

    Once again, who were our friends and who opposed our basic rights ?

  11. Actually the First person to help take a anti-bullying stance was Our Boris. Full credit for him for trying to work with the powers that be to deal with this issue.


    The fact remains more youths are increasingly homophobic and homophobic bullying is on the rise. Section 28 was ended years ago so that isn’t to blame so Yes Labour have to take responsibilty for this. They have been in long enough for this issue to be at the fore front and not have to wait for an election pledge to do something about it along with the already suffering cancer patient.

    This is far from good when the question on both Cancer patients and homophobic bully is, Why isn’t it already being dealt with.

    Threats of violence and death from illness Should not be down to election pledges. Protection of both surely should a basic human right?


    An excellent question. Maybe Labour should prove themselves more and go That extra mile?!

  12. If Mr. Brown isn’t “scared of alienating his core supporters” lets hear him pledge/promise he will make it legal for two people of the same sex to marry.

  13. “Labour had plenty of opportunity prior to now to install such measures, they promise the moon and the stars as soon as a general election is on the horizon. ”

    Absolutely hysterical

    This (presumably) from a Tory supporter.

    The Tories are promising the sun, moon and stars to LGBT people at present (meanwhile the neo-fascist Shadow Home secretary has still not been fired and the Tories pro-gay policies don’t really amount to much).

    Very surprising to see a non-Tory related story on here, however.

    Is this just a token on Pink News’s part to disguise their blatant support for the homophobic Tories?

    Or can we expect more balanced, neutral, professional, IMPARTIAL journalism on the upcomingelection?

    It’s not a problem for me if Pink News supports the Tories. In that case I will simply look for my LGBT related election news elsewhere.

    But the pretence to date that Pink News is not a support of the homophobic Tory Party is simply unacceptable.

    The last few weeks have been shamefully embarrassing for Pink News. They have become the gay equivalent of Fox News – allegedly impartial, but in reality clearly biased, and far less trustworthy as a news source as a result.

  14. “Don´t care about being treated equally? No time for gay rights issues? A few more pounds in the pay packet more important? (if you believe that the Tories can deliver this anyway)..”

    Always easy words to say when you don’t live in the UK and not living under the current climate, isn’t it?!

  15. lithotomist 12 Apr 2010, 4:45pm

    And Squidgy, if Gordon Brown promised to legislate for one category of marriage for all people, would you then vote Labour ?

    More likely a pig with a Tory ribbon would fly past my window. Why you make demands of Labour that you wouldn’t make of your own party, I don’t know. Nothing to do with two-faced hypocritical opportunism or double values, eh Squidge ?

    If David Cameron isn’t “scared of alienating his core supporters” lets hear him pledge/promise he will make it legal for two people of the same sex to marry. How about that ? I want it from Labour, how likely is it from the Tories ? And will they force ‘phobic candidates like the Tory Philippa Stroud in Sutton & Cheam to vote for it or face the sack ? will they piffle!

  16. It would certainly give me something to think about but probably not because the economy is the most important thing to me this election. So while yes it would be nice if Mr. Cameron said the same it’s Mr Brown you lot all scream I’m supposed to take note of. That’s why I ask. If he’s so supportive of gay rights why can’t we marry already. You all claim to know what the Tories say so your “two-faced hypocritical opportunism or double values” speech doesn’t really cut it does it.

    Say all you want about me but at least I’m honest!

  17. Sadly, Squidgy, you’re not. If the thing deciding how you’ll vote is the economy, not gay rights, why do you spend so much time here, complaining that Labour hasn’t done enough about gay rights ? While ignoring the fact that the Tories did nothing, opposed gay rights and equality down the line ? Why if you’re so honest did you try to smear Labour MP Kate Hoey then ignore the blunt facts about her pro-gay voting record back to 1994, which even Tory bloggers take note of ?

  18. I want to protest about this article.

  19. “The document, published today, is titled A Future Fair For All and also promises compulsory “high quality” sex.”


  20. To choose only 13 things, which Labour have done in 13 years that didn’t exist before 1997……….

    1. Introduced the National Minimum Wage
    2. Introduced the Disability Rights Commission
    3. Scrapped Section 28 & Introduced Civil Partnerships
    4. Negotiated peace in Northern Ireland & banned handguns across the UK
    5. Wrote off up to 100 per cent of debt owed by poorest countries, plus doubled overseas aid
    6. Banned fox hunting, fur farming and the testing of cosmetics on animals
    7. 85,000 more nurses & 32,000 more doctors & 30,000 more teachers
    8. Low mortgage rates now 0.5% – 12.8% under the Tories in 1991
    9. Overall crime down by 35 per cent
    10. Flexible working for parents of children under 16, plus gave dads paternity leave of 2 weeks, set to rise if re-elected, plus all workers now have a statutory right to 4 weeks’ paid holiday
    11. Devolved power to the Scottish Parliament & Welsh Assembly & London Mayor
    12. Created Sure Start to help children from low income households, plus child benefit up 25 per cent since 1997, plus free nursery places for three and four-year-olds in England, Scotland and Wales, plus introduced child tax credit
    13. 1,000,000 pensioners & 800,000 children lifted out of relative poverty

    ……. 13 things which have changed all of our lives, for the better.

  21. vulpus_rex 12 Apr 2010, 6:02pm

    To chose another 13 things, that Labour have done that we didn’t have 13 years ago:

    1. Unprecedented National Debt
    2. A massive budget deficit
    3. Untold number of immigrants
    4. 8,000,000 economically inactive people
    5. Huge losses on gold reserves
    6. Rising social inequality
    7. 110 new taxes
    8. Violent crime on the increase
    9. Lower social mobility
    10. Police free to kill innocent protestors
    11. MPs hiring themselves out like “Taxis”
    12. 1,000,000 Young people classified as NEETS (Google it)
    13. The worst educational standards in a generation.

    Still at least I can now sleep with 16 year old boys.

  22. Yeah DavidW or whoever you want to put your name under:-

    Learn to read threads before spewing your rubbish. You feel into the trap of proof you don’t read threads. You are wrong, end of.

    Again not worthy of debate. Pathetic. Plus of course gay people can’t handle honesty so that goes against you.

    Again mountains – molehill.

  23. Got to just add to you Very agreeable list vulpus_rex:-

    14. Dodgy MP’s who screw over expenses, basically commiting fraud, now getting Legal Aid. So they screw the Taxpayer, Then screw the Taxpayer to convince us all what they stole was justified!

    On their pay and pensions….and they get Legal Aid.

    What with that and using Cancer patients life for political gain..

    Labour are disgusting.

    Bring on May 6th!!

  24. squidgy, you say gay people cant handle honesty, does that include you? are you even gay, or are you a homophobic plant on here to try and divide us. maybe you’re from the tory HQ, or the KKK office, or are you a BNP spy? you don’t seem to care about gay rights, all you care about is the tories getting in and your right wing economic ideas of prosperity. you really are as you call everyone else, PATHETIC.

  25. BrazilBoysBlog 12 Apr 2010, 6:38pm

    @14 “Always easy words to say when you don’t live in the UK and not living under the current climate, isn’t it?!”

    Incredible. Well, apart from the fact that I spend about half of the year in the UK, (which makes me at least ´half´ concerned at the election outcome), I also care about equality in Poland, yet I don´t live there also! ;-)

    …and yes, I am also a UK taxpayer, British citizen and will be voting in the coming election..

    I´m also gay, care about more than myself and am entitled to my opinion, as you are to yours…

  26. vulpus_rex:
    You also forgot to mention:
    The EU costing the UK £4 million a DAY.
    Immigrants arriving in Britain at the rate of one a minute.
    Labour introducing a new law at the rate of one a day for thirteen years.

    …3 things which have changed all of our lives, much for the worse.

  27. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Apr 2010, 7:13pm

    voluptuous_pecs (comment #21) said:

    “Still at least I can now sleep with 16 year old boys.”

    In your seedy little dreams.

  28. Whenever people pretentiously launch into Latin, as Vulpus did in comment no.4, they always make grammatical howlers. Leopards should stick to not changing their spots in English.

  29. Sister Mary clarence 13 Apr 2010, 12:05am

    Tom E14 – you might want to check the European Convention on Human Rights and the Treaty of Amsterdam.

    You might then understand where those rights that have appeared have actually come from.

  30. Didnt Cameron promise this very same policy only the other day.
    The trouble is that their policies are practically the same. Oh silly me! I forgot that New Labour is also a Conservative party. As Chester so rightly pointed out, Faith schools will be allowed to be homophobic. Oh yes, and guest houses, B&B,s, Catholic addoption agancies, etc, etc. Its all hot air and spin. They will say anyting to keep them on their gravy train.

  31. I think you are right JCarter and George Broadhead
    ~How can labour claim it’ll fight homophobia if it doesn’t lead by example and tell the homophobic religions where to go? The tories are worst as they are always homoPhobic but labour isn’t doing all it could

  32. DavidW:-

    I come here because I am a man just like any other who just happens to be gay. I like to read news across the board. I like reading some material that challenges my ideas and I love to debate.

    PinkNews is always of interest and keeps me up-to-date with gay issues which I do like to follow. Not that some of you would agree but like some others I do find PinkNews to be Impartial in their reporting. Yes I know most of the stories this weekend have been about the Tories but thats only because the Tories have said and been cornered on gay issues. No other party had.

    You’re so used to the BBC, ITV and Channels 4 & 5 that are clearly state run in this country that you are used to basically one-sided news reporting.

    That’s what make PinkNews and some other news places with excellent sources of news and information, stand out. You do get a balance view.

    That is why I come here.

  33. vulpus_rex 13 Apr 2010, 9:35am

    @28 I’m surprised with a name like “Drew” you know any Latin at all – good for you for escaping your council house education though!

  34. Vulpus – not very nice thing to say, eh? Now, which party was it you support?

    Ah, of course!

  35. Sorry Squidgy but with your post @22 above, you’ve given the game away about what you are and where you’re coming from. Your pathetic, childish abuse and smears and your vile remark “gay people can’t handle honesty” – so what are you – a Tory troll, or someone not gay who’s here to cause dissent, or simply so full of hatred and anger about yourself that you have to smear anyone gay who’s comfortable with who they are ? Whatever, you’ve shown yourself to be a prize idiot.

    You make you sneering, smearing remarks then run away when challenged, you shift your weight around like the playground bully I have to assume you were and would still like to be. But you have no answer to the facts, you’ve tried to smear Kate Hoey as anti-gay then not had the guts to admit your mistake when presented with the facts, you’ve made out that nothing positive for LGBT people has happened during 13 years of Labour government which is clearly nonsense, and you put your piggy bank ahead of anything else. I can only assume you have no direct personal experince of homophobia, of Tory bigotry towards LGBT people, and that you really don’t care about anything other than yourself.

  36. Tony Lambert 13 Apr 2010, 12:43pm

    “@28 I’m surprised with a name like “Drew” you know any Latin at all – good for you for escaping your council house education though!”

    And I’m surprised you can string a sentence together with out being a second rate bitch…. oh, wait now, you can’t….

    What an arse you are.

  37. LOL@Tony! You said it mate. I can love a bitch, but alas not an unfunny one like Vaginal Rex there.

    On that note, he should probably change his name to Anus Rex, or Voluptuous Rectum…. more fitting, don’t you think?

  38. LOL!

    Yeah, I’ll go with Voluptuous Rectum, Jay: its my experience that people like him, the bigger the arse they appear to be, the more full of s_hit they are.

  39. @35 – What a load of crap!

    Firstly: I haven’t run anywhere.

    Secondly: you’ve proved you DON’T read threads and it you smearing because of it. If you have problems reading fine, get someone to do it for you. I got the facts over voting records over the Last Parliament. They are facts not smears. You choose not to read and make up your own conclusion. Look it up for yourself. You feel into my trap to prove you don’t read threads now your the own being childish because you’ve being caught out.

    Thirdly: I have suffered greatly with homophobia under a Labour government.

    Fourthly: I don’t think I’ve ever said Labour have done nothing for gay rights, again your words for me, not me saying them. I am saying I feel its time to change.

    Just because I’m not following your way of voting don’t take it out on me for having my own independant thoughts and freedom to act on the. Thats what make me equal to everyone else. That right and ability to do so.

    I vote how I choose not how you bully or have a tantrum over cause your not winning me over.

    And no, it’s a fact most gay people don’t like the truth. Guess it hurts too much. I’ve learnt that from experience.

    You come out with that crap not knowing anything about me to know what your talking about.

    Don’t like the fact I have other opinions. Don’t like the fact I’m making a vote on my own opinion and not coming round to yours?

    Tough. Grow up mate. It’s a tough ol world and your going to need to learn not everyone is the same. That is our choice.

    This is mine! I have NEVER told people how to vote I have just put my opinion forward. Outspoken, yeah I guess, I stand up for what I believe. I’m not afraid to back down if my opinion changes so someone else’s view. There is Nothing wrong with that. Unless of course you saying gay people have No right to have their own mind. If that’s how you’d prefer it, well I guess I’ll never fit in here but do you think that’s going to stop me?

    Well you know the answer to that, don’t you?!

  40. “And no, it’s a fact most gay people don’t like the truth.”

    So, now you’re Rob Neal, with stupid generalisations? Proof, please, this is a very sweeping and somewhat offensive generalisation.

    And if not proven, then its not a “fact”, just you making up some nonsense to validate your beliefs.

  41. No Squidgy, the truth of the matter is, you try to smear people, then when you’re presented with the facts which refute your lies, you try to dodge the issue, you try to pretend you said something you never said, and you’re a bully with a clearly very negative feeling towards other gay people, as your vile line about “gay people can’t handle honesty so that goes against you” proves. That’s a disgusting opinion to have of other gay people and really insulting.

    You’re the one who can’t handle the truth, it’s about time you apologised for your low-down attempt to smear Kate Hoey, who has a track record back to 1994 of voting for gay rights, but I don’t think you even understand the issue.

  42. Well, DavidW, I’m still waiting on Squidgy to show he the undeniably scientific proof that we’re all suffering from delusional alethophobia, according to him.

    I’m sure I’ll be fascinated by this response.

    Of course before, when confronted with an alternative views by more than one person, he accused them all of being the same person. I’m not ruling out that apart from being a sufferer of alethophobia, I might also be suffering from multiple personality disorder, of which you’re one, DavidW :)

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