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Cameron entered into an alliance knowing his Polish allies were homophobes

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Reader comments

  1. even more proof that carmeron lies and the tories are more homophobic then they claim

  2. Patrick James 11 Apr 2010, 9:22am

    Benjamin Cohen writes in PinkNews:

    a report by the Conservative party in 2007 warned Mr Cameron to be wary of the Polish political party because its members where on the far right of politics, veerying towards homophobia and anti-Semitism.

    Having followed this issue for a while this fact comes as no surprise to me.

    I notice in the prior PinkNews article in which Cameron answers questions from readers for question 11, asked by Jamie Barker, Cameron says that:

    but this isn’t some isolated issue. You see it right across the political spectrum. For example, the Labour Party is grouped with Lithuanian partners that include an MP who said homosexuality is a “disease”, and one of Nick Clegg’s senior Latvian partners thinks that homosexuality is a “plague”.

    This is a very dishonest answer because the Conservatives are equating the respective relationships as being that the parties are members of common European parliamentary groupings. The Conservatives alliance with the Polish Law and Justice Party goes far deeper than simply being in the same Parliamentary grouping.

    First it is relevant to look at the make up of the Conservative Party’s parliamentary grouping, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). It is tiny comprising:

    Conservative Party 26
    Law and Justice 15
    Civic Democratic Party 9

    In addition there is a small number of individual members.

    We can see that in the Conservative Party’s ECR the second largest party is the extreme right wing and homophobic Law and Justice Party”.

    The ECR is chaired by Michal Kaminski who is a notorious homophobe and anti-semite from the Polish Law and Justice party. Michal Kaminski was given this position as chair by the British Conservative Party. As a consequence of his chairing the ECR Michal Kaminski has been made a member of the Conference of Presidents.

    So, the Conservatives are not only in bed with homophobes in the European Parliament but actively promoting them to high positions in that parliament.

    Labour is a member of the Party of European Socialists (PES) which has very many parties as members. In the PES there will of course be tiny parties with homophobic views but they are of very little consequence because they are such a small part of the PES.

    The Lib Dems are in the Alliance of Liberal Democrats in Europe (ALDE) which like the PES is vast and will contain a few tiny homophobic parties. They are tiny of course and will not have any significant influence in the grouping.

    As part of the programme of white-washing their role in Europe the Conservative Party has played this game of finding some tiny party in the PES or ALDE and saying “there, Labour or Lib Dems are allied with them” but as I have pointed out this is just silly and dishonest.

    The Conservative Party has promoted the extreme right wing and homophobic Polish Law and Justice party in the European parliament in a way that is unprecedented.

    The immediate victims are the LGBT people in Poland. LGBT Poles who in all walks of life will suffer from the promotion of the Law and Justice Party by the British Conservative Party.

    The rest of Europe will suffer because the Conservative Party has been working to make an extreme right wing homophobic party “acceptable”.

  3. If the Tories are in bed with anti-semitic homophobes why do they get so much publicity on PinkNews?

  4. Gay Spectator 11 Apr 2010, 9:55am

    So?! The Yanks were courting half the Middle East before they invaded, its called politics my little pink amigos. And isn’t this story all bits and pieces of conjecture? “A report in The Observer has suggested”…”The Observer claims that a report by the Conservative party in 2007 warned Mr Cameron to be wary of the Polish political party”….””I knew the report existed but I never saw it”….. What a f*king non story. The first line claiming he entered into an alliance is totally ungrounded in hearsay and speculation.

  5. Someone must represent the large quantity of homophobes. The Tory Party is well suited to do that. They represented them in the past, are representing them now, and will represent them in te future.

  6. PinkPolitico 11 Apr 2010, 12:53pm

    Of course Cameron knew about this. The viciously homophobic policies of “Law and Justice” such as banning PRIDE marches, declaring gay people a threat to the human race etc. have attracted considerable international attention and it is just not credible for him to claim that he was completely unaware of their extremist views. I really don’t think the Tories have been pressed enough on this issue. You know what they say about judging people by the company they keep!!

    I also see that the Tory smear machine has swung into action trying to link Labour and Lib Dem MEP’s to the same kind of homophobia that they are up to their necks in. The huge difference of course is that Lab and the Lib Dems are part of the big mainstream alliances in the European Parliament. Both the Socialist and Liberal groupings have adopted official positions supporting LGBT equality and tackling discrimination. There may be a handful of MEP’s in these groupings not on board but that cannot be compared to the newly created far-right grouping formed by the Tories and their main ally “Law and Justice”

    The Tories completely lack any credibility on LGBT issues despite the rosy rhetoric. A vote for them is a vote against equality. You only have to see the kind of comments posted on the forums that are popular with their grassroots to get an insight into their real views on gay people minus the Cameron spin and it isn’t pretty!

  7. always thought PinkNews was a LGBT site not part of the Tory party propaganda machine!

    But it seems I was very wrong :(

  8. So the Tories abandoned the centre right, ie the Germans under Frau Merkle (one of the most respected Euro leaders) and Mr Sarkozi, who proposed gay rights in all nations all at the UN, to join the right wing homophobes of poland who thing being gay will destroy the human race (as does He Who Must Not be Named AKA RAtzy!)…nice one call me Dave! YOU WONT GET MY VOTE “MATE!)

  9. Of the 15 stories appearing on the front page of Pink News, 12 are about the Tory Party.

    Yet Pink News claims not to be biased.

    How stupid do the editors and reporters regard us?

  10. I look forward to David Cameron attending the funeral of the Polish President.

    It will be a wonderful reminder of the extreme right neo-fascist alliance the Tory Party has with the Law and Justice Party in Poland.

    I don’t expect any Pink News coverage on this. Pink News will not want to draw attention to the vile homophobia of the Tories.

    Pink News is not a neutral media source.

    I wonder do the Observer realise that Pink News is so blatantly pro-Tory?

    Doesn’t Pink News have some sort of deal with the Observer

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