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Polish President who said homosexuality will destroy human race dies in plane crash

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Reader comments

  1. I am a Polish gay man and have always opposed Mr. Kaczynski’s policies, nevertheless my heart goes out to his and his wife’s families, they must be going through a terribly difficult time.
    His wife was a lovely lady and I’m very sorry we’ve lost such a nice First Lady.

    Even though he opposed equality for gays, he was otherwise a good politician who fought the communist regime and and let’s not forget he was elected by the Polish people in a democratic vote.

  2. “and let’s not forget he was elected by the Polish people in a democratic vote.”

    That’s no excuse for him to aggressively oppress a section of those people that voted for him.

    I’m sorry, I just can’t really feel any empathy here. He was a twisted and hateful man, who went out of his way to go after and hurt gay people. He’s no real loss to humanity.

  3. So his is the notorious Law and Justice party? I did not know that.

    However, as much as I disagree with his pro-Catholic views, I am very shaken by this. There is some information that as much as 132 people died. A real tragedy.

  4. i don’t like kaczynski and i don’t cry after him. it’s tragedy for poland that polsih mp jaruga-nowacka died in plane crash too. she was great woman.

  5. Good riddance

    God killed him for opposing equal rights for gay people =]

  6. I feel sorry for the other innocent passengers on the plane, but with regards to President Lech Kaczynski I’m not going to pretend he’ll be greatly missed around here.
    “Call me Dave” Cameron should be thanking his lucky stars to have his continued allegiance with this homophobe erased from the public conciousness in the runup to the election, even if it wasn’t by choice.

  7. Homosexuality may still destroy the human race, just like bigotry might, but it’s one bigot less this day. Too bad the guy didn’t have a heart-attack, the other passengers and crew may have been good people. And who knows? There may be pearly gates after all, with gay door-men who only allow you in for kiss and a hug.

  8. You should only say good of the dead; Lech Kaczynski is dead. Good.

  9. “God killed him for opposing equal rights for gay people”

    Yeah, you said it! :)

    It was foretold in the bible too: “Blessed are ye (the gays), when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” – Matthew 5:10-12

    God killed him because he was a twat. Its just real tragedy about the other 130 people who died with him.

  10. Terre’Blanche in South Africa and now Lech Kaczynski slain in one week maybe there is a God after all! This must be viewed as a act of God and a judgement on Lech Kaczynski and Terre’Blanche fascist racist and homophobic views by the almighty.

    Some might even say its divine judgement

  11. Louie Spence 10 Apr 2010, 11:31am

    Oooo ‘ee went down flaming did ‘ee? I thought I was the only diva allowed to make a mincing entrance or exit? Reminds me o’ the time at Pineapple Studios when I ‘ad to do a quick exit out window o’ the gents after being caught with a Swede inflag….incarna…inflagrante….ooo that took longer to come out than Gareth Thomas. Any road…back to that Swede, took ‘alf an hour to extract from me back passage, I’ll use a parsnip in future!! Ooo worram I like, shut that door!

  12. Gay spectator 10 Apr 2010, 11:35am

    Is Pink News relishing the fact that an opponent of homosexuality was killed in an horrific accident? The headline seems to read that way. Don’t forget there were scores of other people on the plane. Its hardly a victory for gay rights but some of the messages on this board make it appear that way. Sure he was a hater but why react to his death in a spiteful way?

  13. what goes around comes around.

  14. “Sure he was a hater but why react to his death in a spiteful way?”

    Nothing spiteful, just glad he can do no more damage. I won’t mourn the passing of a such a twisted individual. The real tragedy is others dies on the plane too.

  15. Stupid, ignorant man, but still a human being. My heart goes out to his wife, family and non-homophobic friends.

  16. Altho i dont relish the method of his death, we should all rejoice that a huge wedge of the LAW and Justice party is no more. About 80 of the passengers were high ranking Law and Justice party officals, and if i wasn’t an Atheist i would say they are all knocking on the gates of “hell” just now.
    The other half of the Vile Kaczynski identical twins is unfortunately still alive and kicking. He was the prime minister in 07 but i dont know if he still is. He is widely thought to be closet gay and lives with his partner with his mother and a collection of cats and dogs. read more about the Kaczynski twins here……………

  17. Kaczynski was an anti-Communist stooge – I’d vote for Tony Bliar and Cardinal Ratzingthing to follow TerreBlache (but you are, Blanch, you are!) and Kaczynski to that great fascist rally in the sky.

  18. Is Joe Ratzinger the Ratcatcher next one wonders? Karma folks Karma……….

  19. Gay spectator 10 Apr 2010, 12:03pm

    Patrick, are you revelling in the fact that a “vile” “closet” is living with mum, a plethora of animals and his partner?! Its Poland FFS not San Fran. These guys were no doubt brought up with the fear of homo and the church in them. In relation to gay rights; what have YOU done for us lately?

  20. #15 His beard ,the wife was with him and i doubt this odious little twerp had any friends, homophobic or otherwise. As for those of you expressing sympathy for the people of Poland… dont forget they elected him ….Homophobic zionists all.

  21. oh oh the wires are beginning to opine that this may not have been an accident……..??????????

  22. BrazilBoysBlog 10 Apr 2010, 12:13pm

    Though this is a terrible tragedy for the rest of the crash victims and their families, with regard to the President, karma is a bitch!

  23. Conspiracist 10 Apr 2010, 12:19pm

    You mean Peter Tatchell may have been responsible? I thought he’d be too busy trying to bring down the Zimbabwean government.

  24. #19…. It makes him all the more odious that he presided over a party that would give the Nazi’s a run for their money.
    There are plenty of parties in poland who arent homophobic, and he was very shrill in his condemnation of all things “different” and especially Homosexuality.
    No i am not revileing any closet queen living with their mother .What makes him vile and odious is his shrill homophobia while hiding in his own closet with his partner.

  25. Good riddance.

    I find it difficutl to get upset when disgusting, bigoted people die (of natural/accidental causes as in this case).

  26. #19 As i live in rural Ireland and am nearing retirement, what do you propose i “do” for Gay rights , except what i already do by writing and complaining whenever i see wrong. More to the point what have you done lately for rights of any kind…….other than hide behind a pseudonym…????????

  27. The UK Prime Minister is telling lies – don’t vote for him!

    “Mr Brown broke off from campaigning in Scotland to pay tribute to the Polish president.
    “I think the whole world will be saddened and in sorrow as a result of the tragic death in a plane crash of President Kaczynski and his wife Maria and the party that were with them,” he said.” BBC Website

  28. Patrick: “Oh oh the wires are beginning to opine that this may not have been an accident…”

    Here we go with the usual conspiracy bollocks.
    I tell you what killed him, a knackered old 1960’s Russian Tupolev. (Like they were reliable when they were new.)

  29. Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka died too. She was a politician who repeatedly called for LGBT rights, defended womens causes and attended marches for LGBT tolerance in Poland publicly, to the detriment of her own popularity. My partner is gay and Polish and although he is not sorry for the loss of the President, can’t be happy as she and other human rights campaigners died on the plane too – so I think we should be careful about celebrating too much.

  30. Gay Spectator 10 Apr 2010, 12:45pm

    Pseudonym? “Patrick” isn’t exactly up there with putting your number, picture and email address on a message board is it? What have I done lately? I live positively, I don’t sit mired in misery and relishing another scalp for the gay community like a cackling fishwife sat at the foot of the guillotine. Also I am an ex-paddy living in London, you tell me what you do for gay rights in Ireland? I left, seemed like the sensible thing to do and I don’t regret it for a second. Nor though the half-dozen or so mates who came with me from Ireland who are also gay and from both rural and urban Ireland. I think you can at least equate policies in Poland with those in Ireland which isn’t exactly a mecca for the gay community of Europe. The shadow of the church and twitching curtains hanging over society. What’s the difference between a politician living in the closet and one who is vociferous with regards to his anti-gay feelings? I’m Fergal by the way.

  31. Poustis (1) (cool nickname, btw)… I understand your feelings – thanks for sharing them. I guess for most of us readers of Pink News, we don’t have the same symbols to connect with, and to us he was simply a symbol of homophobia, and a link to homophobia in one of our own main parties. For that reason, I think few of us will be much moved by his passing.

    But it’s completely understandable why the symbol of a democratically elected politician who fought the communist regime is very significant and important for you and many other Polish people. In truth, none of the mainstream parties British people have to vote for is completely clean of prejudice or pandering to prejudice, and yet a lot of us vote for them.

    Please accept my deep condolences for everybody who died in the plane crash. My sympathy is with you and all Polish people.

  32. Man, they need to get rid of those Tupelovs. I went to the USSR in ’73 but I refused to fly anywhere with Aeroflot. Tupelovs are crap…this jerk got done in by Tupelov-assisted karma, nothing more, nothing less.

  33. in the style of nelson from the simpsons …..,ha ha!

  34. My mother taught me never to gloat over someone else’s misfortune. This is a terrible day for Poland, a good friend and ally of this country, and we must not forget that in a rush to pass judgement on Kaczynski’s social and political views. There were 180 people on board that plane, not just one. Never let other people’s bigotry make you into a hater too.

  35. Good riddance to a hateful and vile man. I for one won’t mourn his loss.

  36. Patrick James 10 Apr 2010, 1:22pm

    The death of all of the people on the aeroplane is deeply sad including that of Lech Kaczynski.

    There is a very good piece about the Kaczynski twins in Times Online called The Warsaw Pact.

    It includes this quote:

    they intend to raise a beacon of Catholic Polish nationalism to shine out across a continent sunk in materialism, pornography, homosexuality and godlessness – their frank estimation of the European Union that welcomed them in 2004.

    I don’t know the details of the people who died on the aeroplane, but I doubt very much Lech Kaczynski’s mission will be halted.

    The British Conservative Party must break up their alliance with the Polish Law and Justice party and stop fuelling this rise of right wing politics in Poland.

  37. “and the half dozen or so mates who came with me” …”ex paddy”..and good riddance i say…hardly Irelands loss! given your use of the English stereotype name for the Irish , “Fergal”.
    You dont sound very positive, more bitter and twisted and weak i would say otherwise you would have stayed and helped fight the good fight in your own country.. As for your assertion that i sit mired in misery, au contrare mon dieu, stop looking in the mirror as YOU sit in you Shepherds bush dingy bedsit,.
    I have returned and lived here for the last thirty years and haven’t once encountered any gay homophobia and i am an Atheist, very proud out gay man and 98% of my friends young and old are hetro.
    You are a disgrace to the land of your birth and the English are welcome to you.

  38. Have to say I am disgusted with the people saying good riddance clearly as they have little regard for life for themselves. Whilst some are being so vicious may I remind people that many more died here and how effects the family and friends they leave behind. Lot long ago we complained about a certain Jan Moir for writing drivel at a time when the deceased hadn’t even been buried yet. No-one deserves to die this way and the bitterness and anger shown no doubt will slightly change (for those with some heart) now that Izabela Juruga-Nowacka is also know to have been killed.

    Why should people listen to us when a minority sadly expell such nasty twisted attitudes. Sadly because they shout it’s those people that the majority of gay people have to be sidelined with too.

    It seems some gay people have a lot to learn about tolerance.

  39. As Ste McCabe pointed out a brilliant Polish LGBT activist died on that plane too – could you make the arguement that some homophobes will make that the plane crashed because of her comments or actions? Never. So don’t say that it is karma or God’s will or plain comeuppance that the President died for his homophobic comments. It is a tragic day for the families for those who died, for Poland which has lost so many of its leaders and for the Polish gay community who have lost a strong advocate in Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka.

  40. The Jews were very tolerant of the Nazi’s until it was too late and there werent enough of them left to do anything about it.
    Seems to me the majority of posts are saying good riddance. But then most of them are also Genuine gay anti Callmedaves Law and Justice homophobic Tory party.

  41. This isn’t over by a long chalk. The Polish government are bringing forward presidential elections to June, and already Kaczynski is on the road to matyrdom. There are strong odds that his twin brother Jarosław will be promoted by the Law & Justice party to take over the reins, and stand for election. If that happens, it’s going to be a no-brainer. (The people with no brains will vote for him), and Poland will be right back where it started.

  42. Gay Spectator 10 Apr 2010, 2:53pm

    Steady on Patrick luv, for starters we Irish are more often than not quick to refer to ourselves as “paddies”, clearly you alone have an issue with this, well boo hoo. In the same way black people use the ‘n’ word and “dyke” and “queer” have been appropriated by the gay community that’s our prerogative. Secondly…what the hell “good fight” are you referring to?!! The Easter Rising was a good 60 odd years before your return to Ireland 30 years ago? But surely you’re referring to something other than this? gay liberation? Hardly. On your suggesting that I’m “bitter and twisted” well pet I’m not the one on here crowing over the death of the Polish president, YOU are, if you were to do a quick trot through your previous posts on this board reading them would confirm this, though it seems the only past failure you’re willing to return to is Ireland. On another point, can we just compare two previous quotes from you? firstly; “As i live in rural Ireland and am nearing retirement, what do you propose i “do” for Gay rights , except what i already do by writing and complaining whenever i see wrong” and secondly ” very proud out gay man”. So which is it? Are you out and proud as you state or is living in rural Ireland and nearing retirement age stifling you and your assistance to the gay cause? You’re sending out very contradictory messages there. Finally, bedsits in Shepherd’s Bush may have been de rigeur when you were over here 30 years ago but we Irish have progressed since then, some of us *whisper* even own our own homes!! And not just bedsits but flats and houses too Patrick! As for the English being welcome to me, well I do have a very fulfilling long term relationship with an English man, I pay tax and national insurance in this country, so yeah I guess I am a loss to Ireland, economically anyway.

  43. While i decry the tragic death of Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, never the less Poland has been rid in one fell swoop, of the most odious people ever to have involved themselves in politics. They hated everyone and anything that didnt fit with their xtian homophobic zionist view of Poland.
    I dont hear the Germans or Russians crying about their loss. They also advocated a witch hunt against anyone who was even remotely involved with the Communist Party.
    Before you post any more silly comments on the Genuine gay posters on this thread i suggest you browse to the link above and read all about these people.

  44. Stuart Neyton 10 Apr 2010, 3:01pm

    Celebrating people’s deaths is disgusting. As horrible as Mr Kaczynski was, this really isn’t the time to rejoice and blame karma. 95 other people died. Think of their families and friends too. It’s a horrific way to die.

  45. Gay Spectator 10 Apr 2010, 3:01pm

    Round 1 to me then. Toodle pip Pat.

  46. All your assumptions above speak volumes about you. Without patronising you, the “good fight” clearly was in relation to the subject we were talking about, “Gay rights”.
    Secondly your assumption that living in rural Irealnd and being out and proud are at odds and stifles me tells me you know nothing about Ireland any more, if you ever did. do i really sound stifled…i think not.
    Thirdly your assumption that all the Irish run to Mother England when the going gets tough is even more telling about where you are coming from.
    I travelled the entire globe and only ever passed through GB..quickly as i could , i have to say….and found it to be insular, homophobic and very dirty.
    ‘Nuff said. …………………….

  47. The problem with people being sick and smug about stories like this is that the conclusion rarely turns out as they hoped for, they usually turn out worse and a habit of biting you back on the ass!


    Go to say if its the “insular, homophobic and very dirty” that kept you out of ‘GB’ I’m all for it. Our work is done!

  48. Had Kaczynski been an atheist Polish gay rights activist who had fought tooth and nail against the right-wing Catholic bigots of Poland, then every Catholic in Poland would now be thinking that God himself had chosen to crash that plane and to kill everyone in it for the greater good of ridding the good people of Poland of Kaczynski’s evil influence.

    However, Kaczynski was on the side of all Catholic homophobic bigots, so no Catholic will thus dare suggest that the crash was an act of God.

    It’s amazing how people who believe in pixies-in-the-sky and fairies-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden have it both ways without any embarrassment whatsoever.

  49. Round one to you? I think not . You lost round one the day you couldnt hack it in the land of your birth and had to turn tail and run away. An act your ancestors who clearly survived the famine and stuck it out to produce a quisling like you. Round one and two to me i think, dearie.

  50. #49 …to produce a quisling like you would decry.
    #47 Amen to that Squify

  51. So their is a God after all.

  52. Pumpkin Pie 10 Apr 2010, 5:19pm

    Very saddened to hear of the deaths of all those innocent people, among them that great activist.

    Very gladdened to hear of the deaths Kaczynski and his homophobic cronies. Make no mistake, I am very much more saddened than gladdened. No amount of bigots is worth the death of even one good person. As such, I wouldn’t even call this a silver lining. That’s an awful way to think. The deaths of these bigots merely happens to be a good thing that happened at the same time as a terrible tragedy.

    And I don’t think being callous about the deaths of those who hurt others is morbid. How many people felt that way about figures like Saddam Hussein? Of course, Kaczynski doesn’t directly hurt people on a level anywhere near Hussein’s level. This is why I never wished for Kaczynski’s death, just for him to be removed from power somehow. Seeing as that method just so happened to be death, I’m just glad he can’t hurt anyone anymore. That’s the only reason I’m glad he’s dead.

  53. haha he deserved it for being an homophobic asshole

  54. Good riddance.

  55. Simon Murphy 10 Apr 2010, 5:59pm

    This is obviously a tragedy on a hunan level and I have sympathy for the victims relatives and friends.

    But this guy was a vile honophobe as a politician so I won’t miss him in the political world

  56. PinkPolitico 10 Apr 2010, 6:03pm

    It’s sad when so many people die in this way but I hope there won’t be a rewriting of history where Kaczynski is concerned. He was a far right extremist who held pretty obnoxious views on a number of issues. During a state visit to Ireland a few years ago, he even said that gay people would lead to the extinction of the human race! But the amount of people killed, including a Polish human rights defender, is a big blow for the country.

    I must say however that I find it extraordinary that a minority of Pink News posters (who presumably are gay) always seem to be only too ready to jump to the defence of homophobic bigots whether it be a Polish President or a Tory election candidate. Are they so set in their right-wing ways that they have become blinded to reality?!

  57. Yes its tragic for his family. But his death is a great day for gay people. One less homophobe who is trying to destroy our lives to worry about. Let’s hope Ratzinger is next, then Mugabe, then Yoweri Museveni…….and the list goes on and on and on.

  58. Mike, Jackson MS USA 10 Apr 2010, 6:10pm

    I can’t believe the comments that I’m reading. We as gay people always complain about the hatred that is thrown our way. From the title of the article, “Polish President who said homosexuality will destroy human race dies in plane crash”, there is a negative tone. These people DIED a horrific death and all we can do is bring up the sourness of opinion? As a Christian gay man, I’m saddened, by the tragic loss of life and affects on immediate family members as well as the unconscionable comments made during such a difficult time.

  59. You people are not worth being called human if you rejoice over someone’s death.
    If you can’t have compassion for another human because you disagree with him or her, then you deserve no compassion either.

  60. “A christian Gay man”….how does that work then…hardly two words that go together are they, Mike…. almost as odd as putting American and Thinker together. Not gonna happen…………..

  61. Viscious homohobic creature blown to pieces…rofl…

  62. PinkPolitico 10 Apr 2010, 6:56pm

    Just who are you classifying as “you people” John? All gay people? So the raw comments of a few people affected by the kind of vile homophobic bigotry espoused by the President is enough to say that gay people “deserve no compassion”. The majority of comments have been very measured considering the individual involved. It’s sad that such a loss of life has occurred but that should not prevent discussion on what it was that made him notorious in our community. Hence the accurate headline accompanying the story.

    And on a more general point – there is too much glossing over of the bad aspects of peoples lives when they die. People should only be praised – in life or death – if they actually deserve it.

  63. john, how dare you call me and any of my gay brothers and sisters inhuman for thinking the death of a man who said we would destroy the human race is a good thing. you brainhacked idiot. its because of people like you and the christian above that we are not viewed as equal in this heterosexual world.
    do you think jews were saddened when hitler died. do you think black people were saddened when geroge gordon died. no. why? because those people contributed towards their enslavement and destruction. and as for the gay christian mike who has forgotten to read the bible and know he is being controlled by a fairy story that believes he is not worthy to live – wake up. this man was a homophobe who believed that i am not worthy to be called a human being. and you expect me to be sad he’s dead? pathetic.
    i repeat – i am glad this homophobe who believed i and my gay brothers and sisters would be the eventual cause of the destruction of humanity is dead, dead, dead. and i am a human being – equal to every other human being. dont tell me otherwise – you sound like the dead polish president.

  64. “You people are not worth being called human if you rejoice over someone’s death.”
    Mugabe actively calls for our death and we’re hunted in Iraq like animals

    Pull the guilt trip on him John and tell us what he says ;]

    I have no problem mocking the dead, this man was nothing useful, he deserved to die
    His country is better with him
    Do you also defend Hitler and paedophiles John?

  65. Such be the well-deserved end of every homophobic hatemonger.

  66. Another John 10 Apr 2010, 7:19pm

    It is a shame that so many people died. It is sad to hear about the death of the gay rights advocate as reported in another article here, and I don’t feel at all sad, but neither am I rejoicing at the death of the homophobic Polish President.

  67. Jay:”How dare you call me and any of my gay brothers and sisters inhuman for thinking the death of a man who said we would destroy the human race is a good thing.”

    How dare you call me a “brother” whilst spouting that vindictive crap? I may not support the man’s beliefs, but there is no reason to go to the lengths you say just to add a bit of shock factor.
    You are a c_nt. We can all do shock.

  68. Yea like the racist diatribe you spouted last night RobN. Beleive me as@@ole, no one wants you as a brother ‘cept maybe the vile Kaczynski creep now helping to stoke the fires of hell.
    You want shock youll get it creep.

  69. dave wainwright 10 Apr 2010, 8:15pm

    God moves in mysterious ways , it almost restores ones faith in praying and in religion. (Almost ).

  70. Patrick: Please stop being a complete twat. I wasn’t even online last night. If the cretins that run this rag had any sense they would know my email address and realise that whatever was said was made by an imposter trying to slander me. (As if I need it).
    Trust me, if I want to say anything, I say it.

  71. #70 You are a racist homophobic tory fcukwit creep and there an end to it,….. and yes they did see your e.mail address. Thats why they blocked you for the rest of the night. Pity the posters on here dont have a vote on the likes of you and we would be rid of you for good.

  72. They didn’t ban me for the night. They banned me permanently, but it takes a little more than that to keep a good troll down. :)

    You are the sort of Irishman that back in the troubles would have called the murder of innocent women and children “Justifiable collateral damage”. You really are the pits.

  73. Dont presume to know anything about me, you racist homophobic tory pr*ck. AH THE “TROUBLES” Started and Perpetuated by the racist homophobic Law and Justice tory party on the people of Ireland

  74. Monika Czaplicka 10 Apr 2010, 10:16pm

    I live in Warsaw. I organize EuroPride this year. Lech Kaczyński was against gay rights, but still – he was Polish president and NO ONE deserve such thing. He was homophobic, he banned Warsaw Pride in 2005, he was against gay rights. But we are sorry for what happend.
    And no, Lech Kaczyński wasn’t against EuroPride – he didn’t say a word about it. The problem will be since there will be president election in June (EuroPride is in July).

  75. Gay Spectator 10 Apr 2010, 10:24pm

    Patrick you spout the most incomprehensible sh*te. You’re just the type of guy left behind rotting in the homeland, bitter, miserable and only able to keep up the argument by effing and blinding. A gay Fr Jack.

  76. #75 where did i eff and blind ……nowhere in any post between you and i did i eff and blind. i dont need to when dealing with idots like you. If you are referring to the racist drivel posted by one RobN then i give back what i receive. Did you see the racist drivel he posted last night………. if not then shut up….Round three to me.

  77. Patrick: Who is counting rounds, you imbecilic f_ckwit?
    Even Abi1975 realised that I would never say such stuff. (I don’t even know what it was I was supposed to have said) – equally, anybody that knows me knows I do not support the Conservatives because of their support of the EU, I am an ardent UKIP follower.

    It’s hardly difficult to imitate someone else on here, but considering you probably still use an outside toilet in rural Ireland, I’m surprised you even know which way up to hold a mouse.

  78. Gay Spectator 10 Apr 2010, 11:49pm

    Re; “but considering you probably still use an outside toilet in rural Ireland, I’m surprised you even know which way up to hold a mouse”. ZING!!!! I’m getting that printed on a t-shirt! Round 4, 5 and 6 to Rob-N

  79. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Apr 2010, 11:56pm

    @44 Stuart:

    It’s strange that this accident should attract such attention when there are plenty of homophobes to rail against in the coming elections.

    Well emotions are running high…and that’s par for the course.

  80. Yea right RobN whatever you say and you rely on Abi for an alibi………….

  81. DOH …WHATS A TOILET……………

  82. “I do not support the Conservatives because of their support of the EU, I am an ardent UKIP follower.”
    I knew i wasn’t alone =]

    Strange how so many topics seem to have arguments, usually involving RobN
    A hate campaign or a victim?
    Either way i dont see the point in all the arguing

  83. No matter what this man’s views were, this was an appalling tragedy that cost the lives of nearly one hundred people.

    This is not the time to be rejoicing in anyone’s death. Some of you are really nasty people.

  84. Johan Roberts. 11 Apr 2010, 12:27am

    Let the swine burn in the the hell that he believes and wished to send us to.

    No doubt the rest of his party will only continue on his martyrdom.

    Perhaps “HIS” god and bible, if he believed that crap, smites him for his abuse of said book.

    I care not one jot, at the death of this vile sh!t.

    A shame that others had to die to be rid of this bar steward.

  85. #82 i’ve noticed that too… do you think is RobN, squiffy, gay spector and abi all one person .. I am convinced they are because the same bile spills from all four. IF you gets attacked by one, usually they all join the fray one by one with the same Homophobic tory poison. And the attacks usually come when they cant think of an intelligent response, which is most of the time. The robn and squiffy personnas are particularly vvile then when he wants to be a little softer the Abi personna appears and havent figured out the newest personna, gay spector yet. Seems to be a work in progress and isnt fully cooked yet, to quote judge Judy

  86. Now, if there is a God and my prayers get answered the Nazi pope will be next.

  87. “French president Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Kaczynski’s devotion to his country, and the way he “always battled with conviction for the values that founded his entry into politics: democracy, liberty and the fight against totalitarianism”.”

    Wouldn’t agree that he ‘always’ did that, but condolences to him and to all the other people (including one very prominent Polish gay rights activiist) who died in the crash.

    (Btw…didn’t take long for my post which mentioned the also tragic very recent death of a transwoman to be deleted from here, did it? Maybe it’s because it wasn’t an accident/or because she was ‘just’ a Mexican, or something?

  88. Btw…David Cameron took a break from the campaign trail to offer his condolences to the Polish President.

  89. According to BBC news, David Cameron tonight said:

    Mr Cameron said he was a “very brave Polish patriot who stood up for freedom”.

    “He suffered hugely under communism and always stood up for his beliefs, and for his great faith in his country,” he added.”

  90. well he would do wouldnt he. The law and justice party and callmedaves toryparty are one and the same…racist and homophobic. Didnt the salesmans homophobic tory party leave a centrist grouping in Europe to join this odious bunch a couple of years ago because their views were more in keeping withe callmedaves tory mob.

  91. Plus there’s Cameron’s SS veteran mates: back in the day they weren’t exactly good news for Poland either, were they?

  92. PinkPolitico 11 Apr 2010, 2:12am

    So Rob-N claims he is not a racist and that somebody else made the remark that got him banned. Yet we have now just been subjected to his anti-Irish drivel, personally attacking someone for no other reason than because of his name. I suppose that is someone else “pretending” to be him as well!

    This self confessed troll should just get lost and take his revolting opinions with him. I’m sure he can join a UKIP or BNP forum where his views would be much more at home.

  93. PinkPolitico “So Rob-N claims he is not a racist and that somebody else made the remark that got him banned. Yet we have now just been subjected to his anti-Irish drivel, personally attacking someone for no other reason than because of his name.”

    No, you f_ckwit, I called him that because Patrick declared himself in a previous post that he is a 55yo man living in rural Ireland. If anyone is spouting drivel based on assumption, it is you, my little fat, pink friend.

  94. Hey guys, let’s draw a line. For me, you’re all brothers and sisters, even when I profoundly disagree with what you say. And Rob-N’s posts I always look out for, because although we don’t remotely share the same politics and not infrequently disagree in opinion; his posts are insightful and a great contribution to debates.

  95. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Apr 2010, 9:01am

    Love freedom of expression…

    Green tea?

  96. Gay Spectator 11 Apr 2010, 9:40am

    Patrick, I can assure you Rob-N and I aren’t the same poster.

  97. PinkPolitico 11 Apr 2010, 11:18am

    Rob-N: “No, you f_ckwit, I called him that because Patrick declared himself in a previous post that he is a 55yo man living in rural Ireland. If anyone is spouting drivel based on assumption, it is you, my little fat, pink friend.”

    So according to your twisted logic, this means he must be an IRA supporter and have an outside toilet. Do you have any idea how ridiculous and pathetic you sound? This is a site concerned with LGBT issues and yet you bring something completely irrelevant into the discussion. If you want to indulge your nasty UKIP/BNP style racism then I suggest you find somewhere else to do it.

  98. PinkPolitico: There you go again assuming things. Give some people enough rope and they will hang themselves with it. Did I at any point mention the IRA? No. You did.

    If I get attacked by lefty reactionary idiots like Patrick, I will defend myself. He kicked off with the insults, so I finished them. He certainly doesn’t need an interfering little prick like you to fight his battles for him, so either say your piece, or f_ck off.

  99. PinkPolitico 11 Apr 2010, 12:04pm

    Rob-N: “You are the sort of Irishman that back in the troubles would have called the murder of innocent women and children “Justifiable collateral damage”. You really are the pits.”

    Rob-N: “There you go again assuming things. Give some people enough rope and they will hang themselves with it. Did I at any point mention the IRA? No. You did.”


    Now why don’t you just crawl back under the rock you emerged from and let the rest of us get on with discussing the serious issues that relate to the LGBT community in this election. I certainly have no intention of humouring a troll like you any further.

  100. This dead bigot, the Polish president, said Homosexuality would destroy the human race. He said it while on a state visit to Ireland and said it on other forums..
    Given that homosexuality has been around for millions of years, way before we crawled down out of the trees in the African jungles, my question is this; how is that we now number 6.7 billion and will be 9 billion by 2020. Surely the count should be going the other way by now, if these xtian are correct.
    Any xtians out there on this fine Sunday afternoon have an answer for me.????? . I await your reply with bated breath…………..

  101. Mike, Jackson MS USA 11 Apr 2010, 1:22pm

    Gay can not equal Christian? Why not? There are but a few passages in the Bible where homosexuality is brought up, and they were all based on statements written by a man, not Jesus, not God. Obviously, there’s a lot more to the Bible that you’ve not read.

    Americans not being thinkers?

    It seems as though you have a lot of hatred in your heart. And, and that is a sad place to be in life.

  102. re#100 … Itelligent comment please as i’ve had enogh of the racist screaming nellies………

  103. Not atall Mike. I hold no hatred for Americans. I lived in Boston for ten years and liked it very much. My comment re thinkers refers to the America of the last twelve years or so, which seems to have been overtaken by blind adherence to mythology and bogotry. They voted for GWB twice fcol. Once i can see as “give the guy a chance2 but twice?
    We in the enlighened world looked on agast.
    That the supposedly most modern state on the planet still blindly adheres to the false Abramic doctrines and the bigotry and hatred that accompanies these myths, is rather worrying, as these people seem to the secular world to be in retrograde rather than progression.
    That in a nutshell is my reason for saying American and Thinker hardly seem like bedfellows anymore.
    By the way , why do you assume the christian or Abrahamic “god” is the right one . What about all the other “gods” the human mind has constructed. Are they less valid and why.??? A bit rich of a christian to speak of hatred. religion of all hues has caused more hatred and conflict among humans than any other subject since we began walking upright….Discuss….without rancour please.

  104. Gay Spectator 11 Apr 2010, 2:09pm

    Pfft, Patrick you’d argue with your shadow, which is probably fairly frequently considering the long nights back in Ireland. Anyhew apart from having a pop at the Yanks, Christians, ex-pats, Tory voters, Polish presidents and half the posters on here, how else do you spend your time?

  105. You really have forgotten Ireland. Our nights are on average 45mins shorter than those in GB. Having a pop??? Its called intelligent debate, but then that is probably anathema to you. You come acros as having mis-spent your youth in the local amusement parlor, which would explain your belief that Irish nights are sooo looooong,.
    No racist screaming nellie stuff please…. i’ve had enough of it.

  106. Gay Spectator 11 Apr 2010, 2:25pm

    And for those of you who also welcomed the death of white supremacist Terre’blanche, here’s a quote from a news story doing the rounds; “The lawyer for one of the two black farm workers charged with the killing that heightened racial tensions was quoted as saying that Terre’blanche was killed after trying to have sex with at least one of the defendants”. How ironic!

  107. Well having done the rounds on the Kaczynski topic, I cannot believe the amount of grief and wailing over this man. This is the only forum ANYWHERE where there was actual criticism of the man.
    I posted on both BBC and Telegraph, and both were banned, even though my comment was considerably toned down from my usual attacks.

    I did point out that the BNP are considered as pariahs by most in the UK, but people were all offering condolences the the leader of their Polish equivalent. I’ve never seen such a global example of such denial.

  108. Gay Spectator 11 Apr 2010, 2:43pm

    “Intelligent debate” Patrick? Such as; “almost as odd as putting American and Thinker together”, “You want shock youll get it creep”, “Beleive me as@@ole”, “You are a racist homophobic tory fcukwit creep”, “you racist homophobic tory pr*ck”, “Itelligent comment please as i’ve had enogh of the racist screaming nellies”, “You come acros as having mis-spent your youth in the local amusement parlor”. Wow Patrick having read all the above posted by you I assume you must have an IQ of at least 28. By the by, I’ve left in your typos and misspellings as I know you’d appreciate some critical feedback! So much anger, so much anger from one guy. You weren’t booted out of both the UK and the US were you?

  109. Never was needy enough to spend any time in the UK. Only attended university in the US and never intended staying away from Ireland. I returned when i had achieved all the travel intended. Next……
    If you take another trawl through my posts i think you will find i respond like with like. I normally post fairly intelligent comment which is more than can be said for some of the racist screaming nellies on this site.
    And as “ingylh” isnt my native toungue, i think i manage quite well, typos and mis-spelling aside.

    Methinks theres a little bit of glass houses,bricks pots and pans at work hereabouts.

  110. I don’t care if saying this is in bad taste or not. The Polish PM said those horrible remarks about gay people destroying the human race, well, it looks like mother nature bit back at him. Karma.

  111. Becky:
    “I think the whole world will be saddened and in sorrow as a result of the tragic death in a plane crash of President Kaczynski and his wife Maria and the party that were with them.

    We know the difficulties that Poland has gone through, the sacrifices that he himself made as part of the Solidarity movement. We know the contribution he made to the independence and the freedom of Poland.”

    More Cameron rhetoric?
    No. That was the Rt. Hon Gordon Brown, MP

    Nobody in office is going to slag off the leader of a country in public, whatever they might have though of him.

  112. I am not Polish, but I coudn´t believe that such a cultivated country could have such a brutal and primitive homophobe in power, such an ignorant. I am sad for him anyway.

  113. Who cares about that old git. Pity the other 86 fatalities weren’t RC priests.

    God only knows, Ireland’s bad enough, but what must Poland suffered under the RC church? Truth will out.

  114. Damn sub human trash lameting here about the death of a great man. Leader of a great nation is gone. I hope the next plane to crash miraculously has all of you hateful bastards onboard. I was neutral towards gay people but reading your comments here tilted me towards hate for you. So hope you get your own.

  115. Uncanny. Kind of a surreal experience for me, given that Kaczynski is a villain in my forthcoming novel Krakow Melt (Arsenal Pulp Press)

  116. AK: “I was neutral towards gay people but reading your comments here tilted me towards hate for you.”

    It’s just a shame Kaczynski wasn’t as neutral about us either, then maybe he wouldn’t have got so many negative comments on here.

    The man was stuck in a backwards, post-communist, pro-catholic rut, and Poland will never move forward with old-school idiots like him at the helm. Poland is by far the most advanced and forward thinking of all the ex-communist countries, but it still has a long way to go before it can really be considered an equal state with the major EU countries. Human rights are always a strong indicator of that change.

  117. Of the 15 stories appearing on the front page of Pink News, 12 are about the Tory Party.

    Yet Pink News claims not to be biased.

    How stupid do the editors and reporters regard us?

  118. Off-topic as usual Simon.
    Maybe it’s just a slow week. Or maybe the journos on here have seen the writing on the wall and are just shifting allegiance to the new government in waiting. ;)

  119. #114


    And in German ‘untermensch’..?

    Haven’t we heard this before.?


    1. yes- Hitler, who threw the gays in the ovens with the Jews.

      Of course, hitler was a catholic and has yet to be excommunicated.

      when will the arabs get even with the vatican for the 40 million of their people who died during the socalled christian crusades.

      Thr poper and all the cardinals sent to where they belong. Joining hitler in hell.

  120. Hahahahaa, One less wanker the world has to worry about… millions of homophobes to go. If anything will destroy the human race, it will be religion, and religion alone.

  121. 21stCenturySpiriutality 14 Apr 2010, 2:01pm

    “God killed him for opposing equal rights for gay people”

    “This must be viewed as a act of God and a judgement”

    I do not condone this mans prejudice for one minute, but the statements above are total and utter crap!!

  122. Is it really sad when a powerful biggot dies ? You want our patience and apathy whilst you live and attempt to destroy us and then sympathy when you die. I was hoping the pilot was a gay terrorist.

  123. de Villiers 16 Apr 2010, 1:05pm

    To hope for or to celebrate the death of those who oppose us is fascistic.

    It is always sad for a person’s relatives when a person dies, and in the case of a President, for that nation. Many gay people may regard him as a tormentor of gay people and may feel no sense of mourning.

    To celebrate death, however, is frightening and undermines the importance of the fundamental right to life as desirable for every human as a human right, regardless.

  124. I share the sympathy of many commentators with all the other passengers who must have experienced unimaginable terror in the minutes before the crash. Sympathy too to the families, because death is a chasm of grief into which those who survive are plunged.

    As an LGBT person, however, I cannot help but reflect on how, had this been, say, Peter Tatchell or Ben Sumerskill – well-known LGBT figureheads and campaigners – homophobic religious extremists would be celebrating the tragedy saying “Good riddance! It is the will of God!” and even “Inshallah!”.

    Although I am Atheist, I empathise with those who commented here that the death of such an openly and publicly self-confessed homophobe, the death of Kaczynski “must be the will of God”.

    I am afraid I must confess to having danced a jig when I read of the death of Terreblanche, so I would be a hypocrite if I were to claim now that I am somehow sorry for the loss; I wouldn’t go so far as to say I opened even a small bottle of beer.

    I do however have a very expensive bottle of vintage reserve organic Champagne just waiting for the day I read that Pope Ratzinger is dead!

    1. Hopefully sliced into pieces and fed to the lions. the romans had the right idea.

  125. de Villiers: “To celebrate death, however, is frightening and undermines the importance of the fundamental right to life as desirable for every human as a human right, regardless.”

    So are those that take other people’s lives still entitled to that right? Neither Kaczynski and Terreblanche were murderers, but I for one would like to see people like Radovan Karadzic swinging by the neck from a lampost.

  126. A LGBT advocate Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka travelled on the same plane with our homophobic President, voluntarily. They had different opinions and views but could cooperate as well. May be you should learn something from that. And respect it!

  127. good riddance to this creep and his catholic church. My heart only goes out to the innocent on that plane and hope they are all in heaven.

    And he shares space in hell with hitler and some of the popes.

    With a special place reserved for ratzinger and trhe whole heirarchy

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