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School asks students to support trans staff member

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Reader comments

  1. How old is she ? Every time I hear news about a transgender person transitioning I want to know how old the person is because it’s such a pity when the person is older than twenty years and already underwent through puberty.

  2. Kudos to the college principal for clearly stating not only his full support, but that he expects the same of everyone within the college.

  3. Pumpkin Pie 9 Apr 2010, 8:47pm

    Indeed. It would be a nicer world if all employers were like this.

  4. The average age to transition is 40 Felipe. As the societal pressure to gender conform reduces the age should come down. The most important thing is to reduce the suicide rate amongst transgendered people that currently stands at 34%.

    Gender reassignment surgery is 96% successful in curing gender dysphoria with only 4% of patients seeking reversal.

  5. Those are incredible stats, Abi1975 – thank you for putting them out here. Too often we forget about the additional challenges by which our transgendered bretheren are impacted. I would hope that at some point, society will become more open and pre-surgical discussions so easy that the reversal rates will drop even further and the suicide rates will plummet.

  6. Hodge Podge 10 Apr 2010, 10:14pm

    A Sixth form college would be less of a nightmare then a high school…

  7. Allana Strain 11 Apr 2010, 12:21am

    just to confirm things, the cuurent average age for transtioning is 42, but this is expected to get lower as more younger people are coming on the system. The expected transition period is almost 5 years, with longer periods being the norm. The attempted suicide rate for anybody that is interested is indeed 34.14% and this comprises of attempted once 14%, twice 7% more than twice 14% succeeded ( no records available – I wonder why ?)
    I would also say that according to some current stats, since teh adoption of the WPath standards, and tighter controls, the reversals are standing at 0% .
    I do hope whoever reads this actually translates this into real people, and not percentages, as this might bring home the impact that being TS has on people. Just as a side note, I believe that only 13% of TS’s actually go through the surgical procedures.

  8. Lady Tanya 14 Apr 2010, 2:58am

    Emma is not undergoing this transition to become a sensation, but for reasons of personal integrity – she simply wants to be herself.
    This line I do not get , what Transsexual would do this just to be a sensation ??? we do this ( and I de mean we as I am Transsexual myself ) to be at one with our self’s.
    This Somerset college head Principal Dr Peter sounds like a fab man and the students sound like they have there heads right ,
    not like the rest of the world who have there heads up there asses.
    Good lick to you Emma
    Lady Tanya

  9. I’m a student who goes to this college currently. I would guess that emma is between the ages of 30 and 40. I think that the reception from students and staff has been awesome, and I’m proud to be a student there. It makes me feel better about the world.

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