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Martina Navratilova to speak at Stonewall dinner

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Reader comments

  1. Lets hope Martina enjoys the night and feels the love which will come from the guests towards her!

  2. good old stonewall one of their little pat on the back evenings when really there efforts are needed else where

  3. F*** Stonewall.

    Martina Navratilova is far too good for the likes of the homophobes at Stonewall.

    I wonder does she realise that the people of Stonewall believe, that marriage equality be denied to same sex couples based solely on their sexual orientation.

    And £175 a head for dinner – easily seen that Stonewall is an organisation for rich people.

    Then again Stonewall only represent a tiny number of people.

    Stonewall need to start representing the wishes of the LGB (and T) constituency.

    They are a shameful embarrassment at the moment.

    Britain’s self-styled leading LGB (but not T) advocacy group believes that our sexual orientation means that same sex couples be denied access to the contract of marriage.

    Unless they deal with this embarrassing situation then I would encourage people to stop donating money to them, and for Stonewall to disband.

    Their opposition to legal equality for LGBT people is damaging the LGBT population.

  4. Well done Stonewall, Well done Martina. Both Champions for gay rights and both get my support and attention.

    Keep up the excellent work. Most of the gay community appreciate everything you stand for, everything you do. The most excellent most worthy cause ever!!

  5. SimonM, your response to anything to do with Stonewall is predictably tedious, whenever they are mentioned, up you pop, like Pavlov’s dog, with a negative. You may not like everything they do, or indeed the way they do some things, but to call them a shameless embarassment, even if you qualify it with “at the moment” is, frankly, absurd. Give it a rest. Regulars here are all too aware of your opinion, and repeating it ad nauseam just makes you seem unbalanced. For my part, I think they do a great job, and have been doing so for many years. Of course they are not perfect – no organisation could possibly be – but come on, give them a break. And luckily nobody is likely to take notice of your ridiculous exhortation that we should stop donating to them, I hope. I will continue to support them, warts and all, and I sincerely hope others do. And, by the way, yet again, you have attempted to hijack the real story for your own personal agenda.

  6. Simon Murphy 10 Apr 2010, 1:11am

    No 5: Dave: you say:

    “SimonM, your response to anything to do with Stonewall is predictably tedious, whenever they are mentioned, up you pop, like Pavlov’s dog, with a negative.”

    Sorry if you don’t like my methods.

    But the fact that Stonewall is opposed to marriage equality for same sex couples (not to mention their refusal to include trans issues within their remit) renders them a pretty irrelevant organisation.

  7. This is actually a story about a lesbian role model who’s got cancer and coming to our country. SimonM has nothing to say about that – he seems always happy to accuse other gay people of homophobia/transphobia ect ect but never acknowledges his obvious sexism. Good luck to Martina.

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