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General Election 2010

Gay Tory group attacks defector

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  1. Just another Selfish, only I’m important, me, me, me type who deserve Labour and vice versa. She should fit in well with the nasty vile party. I don’t believe a word she says. Another reason she’d fit in to Have Been Labour!

  2. Whatever the truth about Anastasia, the Tory party does seem to have a problem with women’s equality.

  3. “There is no tolerance of homophobia in the modern Conservative Party and great strides forward have been made since her time.”

    What about tolerance of Grayling’s remarks, if they are homophobic?
    What could give someone the right to bar a gay person from using a B&B but not a Black person? Why is one ok and the other not. Until these questions are answered people have legitimate concerns with the Tories, especially given that such B&B barrings are must be defensible in the eyes of many Tories who haven’t voted in favour of the recent Equality legislation.
    The only way out of this hole I can see is for Tories to claim that they believe in a general right: the right of those who own property to determine who uses it. But then they would have to countenance B&B owners barring black people, Guardian readers, and anyone they like!

  4. No one can take anything that Matthew Sephton says seriously at all. Matthew Sephton is just one of those suckered deluded LGBTorys who lives in the middle of a big city and has no idea whatsoever of the deep underlying homophobia that exists outside of his city environment.

    The trouble with all these LGBTorys is that they are enjoying the fruits of the people who fought hard for gay lib over the past 40 years and they are enjoying living amongst them. Matthew Sephton doesn’t run the risk of being discriminated against and beaten up or turned away because he lives in a nice safe Labour-LibDem environment.

    He’s a total wacko hypocrite! Just like the rest of the LGBTory suckers.

    Anyone gay or lesbian who continues to stick with the Tories after their Shadow Home secretary has been recorded (by one of the most respected newspapers in the world ) saying he thinks refusing goods and services to gays and lesbians is OK has to completely lack integrity!

  5. vulpus_rex 9 Apr 2010, 12:08pm

    That’s not an attack.

    This is an attack:

    She sounds like a right charmer and will fit in very well with her new pals in the Liebour party.

    Only 27 days left until the end of Liebour though – what a pleasing thought to start the weekend!

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 9 Apr 2010, 12:24pm

    Matthew Sephton said: “Anastasia Beaumont-Bott went as quickly blah, blah, blah, blah….”

    Aw. shuddup!

  7. Perl:-

    Of course you don’t want to listen to Matthew Sephton this vile girl and her ‘Story’ fits in just perfect with your Labour Ideals.

    Also Emotion blacking? Pllllease!! esp over voting has never been a real winner has it?

  8. Matthew Sephton used his official title of councillor while posting that comment on this site so was acting in a official Tory party capacity and as a representative of the council he sits on.

    Giving the Tory party, LGBTory and the council the chance to disassociate themselves from this vicious attack on a 20 year on ad girl by Matthew Sephton. We should expect disciplinary action to be taken against him and the result announced publicly. Any other action would show the world the Tory party, LGBTory and the council condone bullying.

    If Matthew Sephton had any guts and political nous he would publicly apologise to Anastasia Beaumont-Bott for his comments and retract them. The Conservative party should invite Anastasia Beaumont-Bott to meet with them and discuss her concerns.

    For a political party who attacked the Prime Minister for alleged bullying. Only now to publicly bully and humiliate a young former member of their own party is hypocritical.

    If your no longer the nasty party then show us, give Matthew Sephton the boot for his bullying.

  9. LGB*Tory*: excuse me, have I missed something? Since when has the ‘T’ in LGBT stood for ‘Tory’?

  10. More accusations of Tory homophobia. Quelle surprise. Keep scratching those Tories and watch the homophobia ooze out.

    Dave struggles with the gays

    Come protest at ongoing Tory homophobia at a kiss-in this Sunday at Conservative HQ, 30 Millbank, London, SW1P 4DP (nearest tube, Westminster). Map here:,-0.12583|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.49273:-0.12594:16|SW1P%204DP|SW1P%204DP and more details here:!/event.php?eid=110970195595502&ref=mf

  11. Sephton (Tory hanger on) “There is no tolerance of homophobia in the modern Conservative Party”

    Grayling (Shadow Home Secretary) “I personally always took the view that… if you look at the case of ‘Should a Christian hotel owner have the right to exclude a gay couple from their hotel?’
    I took the view that if it’s a question of somebody who’s doing a B&B in their own home, that individual should have the right to decide who does and who doesn’t come into their own home.”

    Go figure!

  12. vulpus_rex 9 Apr 2010, 12:35pm

    Sounds like Stacy would get on well with this chap:

    The wheels really are falling off Liebour now. To be fair I suppose these two are just copying the tactics of the great Dithering Bully at no. 10 (but not for much longer hurrah!)

  13. Cllr Stephen Ellis 9 Apr 2010, 12:59pm

    @Dave – still awaiting an update on the quality vote – although as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, they’re all out and about campaigning at the moment.

    @Abi1975 – Cllr Matthew Sephton? Oh wich Council?

    @Perl – You may not like Conservative city dwellers and their view of LGBT issues or their stance. However, perhaps you’d like to take issue with me as someone who lives in a rural market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands. I have no experience of the homophobia of which you talk.

  14. Mumbo Jumbo 9 Apr 2010, 1:03pm

    vintage_sex (comment # 6) said:

    “She sound like a right charmer….”

    You two should get on well then.

  15. @ Cllr Stephen Ellis – Could you, at the same time, please find out to which votes David Cameron was referring when he told The Economist that his MEPs had always voted in favour of ‘homosexual’ equality. Thanks.

  16. vulpus_rex 9 Apr 2010, 1:17pm

    Mumbo Dumbo – hurrah my stalker’s back! Is it just me on this web site or do you do it in the real world too – I don’t want to have to share you!

  17. Cllr Stephen Ellis 9 Apr 2010, 1:18pm

    Dave, his office isn’t going to research those sorts of things given the current high level General Election campaign activity. I’d be happy to check later for you.

  18. Sorry I apologise Cllr Stephen Ellis and Matthew Sephton I got the two of you mixed up as the same person I withdraw that comment. I have been working all night and my error is probably a sign I should get some kip.

    I still call on both of you to withdraw your comments and apologise for your comments about Anastasia Beaumont-Bott as they are bullying and unbecoming for a political party to engage in.

    Any political party that sees fit to attack a 20 year old in this public manner is not fit for office.

  19. Euan - London 9 Apr 2010, 2:26pm

    The LGBT Tory group sounds like it is in dire need of self analysis. It has been astonishingly ineffective post Grayling’s shooting his load and is obviously not on the inside of Cameron’s glory cabal. Otherwise the twat would have had a smidgen of a briefing from a PR queen before speaking to an erudite journo from Gay Times. Self same jouro was working purely from 1st principle interviewing techniques. A fifteen year old debating debutant could have foreseen such questions being asked, and after being asked would have some fluidity in responding.

    Let’s be honest. Toryism is a deep seated form of self-hatred manifesting itself in many forms such as; ignorance, bigotry, self interest, tactical rather than strategic behaviour, resentment, anti-intellectual, devoid of emotional intelligence and a force for careering out of control. No more numpty Tories nonsense please. However bad Labour is, Toryism is worse.

  20. This girl is clearly a wannabe and will nail her colours to any mast unlucky enough to admit her into its ranks. Might I also suggest she be sectioned or at least seek the help of a QUALIFIED counsellor? For someone who claims to have been ”bullied” but waits it out for over two years to then complain reeks of opportunism and is more than a little embarrassing for her considering she continued to share a bed so to speak with her tormentors. Recommending we (the LGBT community) vote for Labour is just a pointless dig at the LGBTorys and does little anyway to enhance the Labour party if someone as unhinged as Stacie/Anastasia/Ginger Nut Spice endorses it.

  21. And if the Tories start to tinker away at equality rights after winning the election, the apologists for them here will continue voting for them. All it takes is for the established cult and others like them to demand more exemptions and Cameron, like Labour, will cave in.

  22. Patrick James 9 Apr 2010, 3:30pm

    For Anastasia Beaumont-Bott Chris Grayling’s support for B&B’s being allowed to discriminate against LGBT people was the last straw.

    Chris Grayling went into hiding after his views on this were exposed, but what do you know, today he has been spotted in Leicestershire pictured with Tory candidate Andrew Bridgen who is standing for North West Leicestershire, and as reported by This is Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen:

    says he has “considerable sympathy” with bed and breakfast owners who wish to turn away gay couples.

    So, now we see Chris Grayling out campaigning on this issue that B&B’s should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT people.

  23. Patrick James 9 Apr 2010, 3:40pm

    I’ve always thought this LGBTory group to be very cultish in nature.

    The treatment of Anastasia Beaumont-Bott confirms this.

    The public bullying of Anastasia by LGBTory is really to show other LGBTory members what will happen to them if they leave the LGBTory group.

    I strongly suspect that there are many more LGBTory members who would love to do as Anastasia has done.

    I recommend LGBTory members leave this awful group and voice their concerns about the Conservative party.

  24. What a joke.

    I predicted this would happen.

    Isn’t it strange that LGBTory group is so ready to attack a lesbian person but they have refused point blank to:

    – condemn the Tory alliance with the extreme right party in Poland
    – support same sex marriage equality
    – condemn catholic extremist Iain Duncan Smith’s position in charge of families
    – condemn Chris Grayling’s neo-fascist efforts to allow people break the law
    – oppose the religious opt out to equality laws.

    LGBTory Group are a bunch of moronic, stupid, irrelevant, ridiculous Gay Uncle Toms

    They are an absolute joke.

    They have NEVER condemned any aspect of official Tory policy. It is quite clear that they are not allowed to have an opinion unless they clear it with Tory HQ first.

    Who do they represent?

    Certainly not the LGBT population.

    LGBTory Group is nothing but a PR stunt.

    I wonder what type of self-hatred issues the morons at LGBTory Group must have that they could so readily attack their founder, yet they absolutely refuse to condemn the neo-fascism of Chris Grayling.

    Chris Grayling’s comments about gay people were as disgusting as the BNP’s attitude towards black people.

    I’ll bet that if the idiots in LGBTory were instructed to, by Tory HQ, they’d defenc the erection of ‘No blacks, no gays, no Irish, no dogs’ signs.

    LGBTory – a group of people who would deserve sympathy, except for the fact that they defend the homophobia rampant in the Tory Law and Justice Party

  25. As for Matt Sephton’s ridiculous and utterly moronic comments in this article, I’d like to point 1 out in particular:

    “There is no tolerance of homophobia in the modern Conservative Party and great strides forward have been made since her time”

    How can Pink News print this barefaced lie verbatim, only a week after Chris Grayling stated that he believed that commercial business owners be allowed to discriminate in the provision of goods and services to gay people?

    I know that Pink News is clearly biased in favour of the Tory Party, but to allow a PR group like LGBTory to tell barefaced lies and to pass them off as fact, is seriously inadequate journalism.

    It is possible to have editorial bias, but to allow PR groups to tell obvious lies, and not to query them is appallingly negligent on Pink News’s part.

  26. Euan - London 9 Apr 2010, 4:01pm

    The Tory party is clear in it’s intention to make LGBT concerns ‘not relevant’ by ignoring the equal rights agenda. It is appalling what has come to pass these past few months, based on clear fact, how we shall be treated in any administration. Ergo, LGBT Toryism agrees in principle that economic and governmental conservatism holds higher privilege than purely simple down home human rights.

    I hope self respect comes your way some day and hopefully before your hard fought for rights are chipped away.

  27. why don’t the LBGT Tory group attack the tories for the homophobic right and the polish ties and grayling for example? is it easier to attack someone who defects then their own party?

  28. Tim Roll-Pickering 9 Apr 2010, 4:26pm

    @Becky: The name “LGBTory”, and to some extent the logo disgn, has generated a bit of confusion on this point. The T is meant to stand for both Trans and Tory (I forget the technical term for such a use). The logo would probably be best designed as something like:





    (I hope that displays as intended.)

    Personally I’m not the biggest fan of the name both because of the confusion it does generate on this but also because I don’t like the word “Tory” at all. It does not mean the same as “Conservative” and it carries very different connotations. Plus from a campaign point of view when the party does little to discourage its perpetuation it continues the brand confusion.

    That said I can’t immediately think of a good alternative name. “LGBT Conservatives” sounds a bit too like a modification of “Gay Conservatives”, which itself was a renaming of TORCHE (the TORy Campaign for Homosexual Equality), and LGBTory has been conscious of not wanting to be TORCHE redux.

  29. Poor old abi is losing it again – she sees everythign that happens in the world as being the result of nasty gay men who she has a pathological hatred of – note that even when she admits to getting things completely wrong she still never backs down – but having said that her weird rants and firm grasp of the wrong end of every stick is pretty good value. She and Abbigail Buffton-Bott are soul-mates!

  30. I don’t know…

    It seems to me that what Ms Beaumont-Bott said of the Conservatives in the first place wasn’t all that harsh. She basically said she simply changed her political affiliation in part because she didn’t feel welcome- which wouldn’t be surprising given historical precedent.

    The Conservative response to any whiff of (justified really- just look at the figures for how they’ve voted on gay rights) criticism of their committment to gay rights was then to do down the girl’s every acheivement in a rather unpleasant way.

    “she left the Conservative LGBT organisation weaker rather than stronger having done nothing of note to advance the LGBT agenda, either within or outside the Conservative Party”- I mean who does the guy think he is?

    Of the whole smear and counter-smear- we’re never going to know who’s right are we? Maybe she was an evil b1tch, maybe she was treated badly, maybe it was a combination of the two. I do wish we could get away from the mad ranting attack politics though…

    I am also fed up to the back teeth of the pathetic “Liebour” thing. It’s childish and it’s stale- and that’s coming from a Lib Dem before you have a go at me!

  31. Simon Murphy 9 Apr 2010, 6:48pm

    But what is an undisputed FACT is that the LGBTory group have been deafeningly silent when it comes to responding to reasonable questions about Tory homophobia.


    – the Tory alliance with the extreme right party in Poland
    – Tory opposition to same sex marriage equality
    – catholic extremist Iain Duncan Smith’s position in charge of families
    – Chris Grayling’s BNP style efforts to allow people break the law
    – the religious opt out to equality laws.

    Yet they immediately rush to condemn a former member of their group for her concerns about Tory homophobia.

    Very skewed priorities

  32. The snobby, vile bullying that has been visited on this young woman in the last 24 hours surely supports her allegations about what she put up with when she left.

    If we support a person’s right to determine their own sexuality and/or gender, then surely we should support their right to determine the name they wish to be known by, particularly if they take steps to legally register it. But the constant Tory bully harping on, calling her ‘Stacey Bott’ in an obvious attempt to belittle her, is vile. The disgusting, unsubstantiated smears published about her on at least one website ( are cowardly, creepy and gutless, and the misogyny on display makes me feel sick.

    I can understand ABB leaving the organisation she helped to found, as she did, quietly and with her chin up, then 2 years later being so disgusted by the Grayling incidnet that she decided to speak out, but the hatred unleashed on her is so disproportionate, I wonder where the Tory hatespeak will next find a target ?

  33. Pumpkin Pie 9 Apr 2010, 9:15pm

    What exactly does LGBTory do for LGBT people (who aren’t employed by the Conservative party)? As far as I can tell, they just gather support for the Tories, which, even if you think the Tories are the best thing since sliced bread, doesn’t directly do a damn thing for us. I certainly don’t recall hearing them speak out on the Tories’ continued voting against LGBT issues in parliament.

  34. I have the guts to apologises when I do something wrong SimonQQ. Unlike Cllr Stephen Ellis and Matthew Sephton who a 20 year old former Tory party volunteer as a legitimate target for abuse and public personality assassination!

    NUtories they may be dressed up as soft cuddly ‘Dave’ but inside they are the same old nasty party!

  35. Reading the posts on this thread, one would think that this is a surprise to some of you. I have been saying since i joined this site three months ago that Callmedave the Salesmans Law and Justice racist homophobic tory Party hasn’t changed and won’t change.
    They have always been homophobic and always will be because they are deeply xtian or at least pretend to be when it suits them. Just as they will pretend to uphold equality laws until they are elected ,and once they are istalled or IF they are installed in Downing st. we will see the true cut of their jib.
    And any fool who thinks they won’t roll back laws already enacted is in for a rough ride. they will ride rough shod over any law they don’t like, and those are extensive.
    Anyone who thinks they will take any heed of Europe is deluding themselves. For twenty years Europe and the USA fought with them over their conduct in Ireland and they just carried on regardless.
    The precedent set last week with juryless courts will become common place, as will conscription of school leavers who don’t go on to third level education. They will be “trained” for a couple of weeks and sent off as cannon fodder to Afganistan, and also Iran because Dave the salesman won’t be strong enough to stand up to the hawks, arms producers and arms dealers and will open up theatres of war all over the place.
    The peace process in Ireland will be allowed to come to the wall when Peter Robinsons DUP implodes because of corruption. There is no way the Racist tories will allow Sinn Fein to become the leading party and hence ascend to the office of First minister. The “interest of state Security” will once again be the mantra of the day.
    SQUIDGY… This is and opinion and not an attack on you……just in case you think it is.

  36. This page is so anti-tory I’m sick of it. Did the writers never learn about balanced journalism, even on pieces regarding polls they attack young gay people who are pro-tory by dismissing their choice because they’re not old enough to remember Thatcher!

  37. #38…………and?

  38. Simon Murphy 10 Apr 2010, 1:29am

    No 38: Aid: you say:

    “This page is so anti-tory I’m sick of it. Did the writers never learn about balanced journalism, even on pieces regarding polls they attack young gay people who are pro-tory by dismissing their choice because they’re not old enough to remember Thatcher! ”

    Don’t be daft.

    Pink News supports the Tories.

    The fact that most of the readership of this site are anti-Tory (because of the Conservative Party’s blatant homophobia) might persuade you that this site is anti-Tory.

    The Tory Party are not that different from the BNP.

    The BNP believes that discrimination against non-white people is acceptable.

    The Conservative Party believes that discrimination against non-straight people is acceptable.

  39. PinkPolitico 10 Apr 2010, 2:34am

    What we are seeing from the Tory activists on this site and on other media outlets are sheer desperation tactics in an attempt to spin their way out of what are very credible claims being made by an ex-member who is well qualified to talk about these matters. The character assaination she has been subjected to since going public is nothing short of outrageous and serves only to strengthen her well founded accusations of bullying and homophobia among her former colleagues.

    As has already been pointed out, it does seem very strange indeed for LGBTory – which purports to fight for gay equality – to launch such a personal attack on a young lesbian political activist yet when one of their senior frontbench members is caught out making homophobic statements we are met with deafening silence. Talk about a case of misplaced priorities! And when it comes to the Tories cozying up with far-right homophobic fascists from Eastern Europe, we actually get some prominent gay Tories defending this state of affairs! But then these are the very same gay people who remained loyal to that party when it was still policy to defend Section 28, oppose civil partnerships etc.

    And for anyone who needs further proof of the disgusting homophobic bigotry that lies at the heart of the Tories, I would recommend a quick look through some of the charming comments posted on the Daily Telegraph site concerning the B&B story and other gay issues. As we all know, that paper serves as the official mouthpiece and in-house publication for the Tories and is a Bible of sorts for their activists. What you will see is the ugly underbelly of the Tory party in all its unvarnished glory. “Call me Dave” may have constructed this facade of a modern, inclusive party but most of the grassroots it seems have yet to get the memo.

    Don’t be fooled by the narrow minded, right-wing Tories. Vote for one of the truly progressive parties on May 6th.

  40. Simon Murphy 10 Apr 2010, 3:41am

    I think Lady GaGa should be Prime Minister.

    She would fire those vile, homophobic, Tory bigots immediately.

  41. Sister Mary clarence 10 Apr 2010, 9:18am

    Simon – “The Tory Party are not that different from the BNP” don’t make me laugh.

    Its the Labour supporters on here that are more like the BNP. Narrow minded, single issue vicious, racist idiots. Against women’s rights, yet the first British Female Prime Minister was Conservative. Die has racists – you denying that when you use a racist slur, it is racist, because you can say what ever you like (or whatever stupid reason you give), another insisting that I identify myself as black, so that everyone knows, and another suggesting that I should refer to white people as my slave master.

    No even mentioning the transphobic, if a transsexual dared to say anything not in line with the Labour world view, and the various digs disabled people get if they step out of party line.

    The Tory Party is nothing like the BNP. Twist it all you want, but don’t what ever you do turn you eye to your own behaviour or that of your Labour troll chums

  42. #43 Eh?…………Smc should wait till you are awake before you attempt a post………

  43. #43 Either that or you just staggered in after a rough night on the tiles….dirty stop out………….

  44. Can someone tell me why i cannot get a tax break just because im not a breeder. My contribution to society(something the racist homophobic tories dont believe in ) is just as valid as theirs.
    This tax break for less than 4 million people is another ill thought out gimmick from The Law and Justice Tories/Conservatives and turns out to be worth only £150 a year.
    Yet we will all end up paying for it as they intend a levy on banks borrowing from each other to fund it. Guess what the banks will do with it…exactly.. they will pass it on to already beleagured borrowers. So another stealth tax from the conservatives. suprise surprise.
    Breaking news… looks like one of the terrible twins of callmedaves tory Polish branch the odious Law and Justice party has been killed in a plane crash in The Russian Federation. The straight one, the president, Leich Walencska and his wife along with 80 or so party officals were on their way to a WW2 atrocity commeration in Smolensk when their plane crashed in fog approaching the airport..

  45. #46 oops …sorry ’bout the mis naming…should read Lech Kaczynski…..RIP

  46. The Polish President was an anti-Communist stooge – good riddance!

  47. Nice to see Patrick steering yet another comment off topic yet again…

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