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Gay magazine editor brands Katie Price ‘unprofessional’

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Reader comments

  1. Please ban orange people from PinkNews they are all trouble ;)

    Katie must get her tan from the same bloke the pope uses! LOL

  2. It’s one thing having the likes of the vile pope on here but Katie Price? Oh pllllllease.

  3. She’s a bit like Cherie Booth QC – you really want to admire their pluck and their independence and (in rather different ways) success – but God, doesn’t their (in rather different ways) embarrassing behaviour in public make it difficult!

  4. Are we suprised? She is a barm pot after all she seems to leave chaos and uproar in her wake whatever she does as as to tasteful did anyone see her at the award ceremony a few years ago doing her Minoan Snake priestess impression…SCAREY!!!!!

  5. Get this cr@p off your site. Pink ‘News’ It’s not tasteful

  6. This cloud certainly had a silver lining. Danny Young looked amazing on the front cover and inside the magazine, he should have been their original choice. Alex Reid looked wrinkly and rough, just like his wife. Better suited to Gay Times (if it’s still in print).

  7. lithotomist 10 Apr 2010, 2:41am

    Oi, some of us like our guys wrinkly and rough, lol. It’s an equally valid choice!

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