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Gay HIV activist Clint Walters dies

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Reader comments

  1. A truely inspirational man who will be Deeply missed. As said his legacy will live on.

  2. Rest in peace Clint Walters.

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 9 Apr 2010, 11:08am

    My deepest sympathy to Clint’s family, loved ones and friends.

  4. I hadn’t heard of him before. What an inspiring story. His selflessness appears to have been remarkable.

    I am glad that he suggested that the great surge towards 24-hour gay-pleasure in the clubs of London may have divested the community of worthy principles and encouraged a contagion of selfishness.

  5. What a Truly Inspirational Guy Clint Walters was, I met him 10 years ago when I worked for a record company and we became close friends. Never have I met someone who was so dedicated and committed to spreading the message of awareness and his Dream of the 24 Hour Clinic. I supported Clint as much as I could possibly could and he was always there for me. We even talked about another project I so wanted Clint to do, writing a book, I felt it would not only give strength to others and especially younger people but also spread the word of HIFY his Charity, but Clint was always so busy, we laughed so many times when he would say to me “I will start it tomorrow, promise” but tomorrow never came, late last year we started to think more seriously about it. It saddens me he never saw his Dream of the Clinic achieved! When I received the sad news in an email yesterday morning, sent late Wednesday evening, it was as if a Light has been Switched Off, I will always miss You Clint, Condolences also to his Mum and Family – John xx

  6. Like a lot of good people, he turned his illness into a positive reason to help other people; RIP.

  7. Oh and I forgot; if the Pope is reading this or any of his minions this man’s virtues are what a true human being does for his fellow man and not your stupid rantings about your so called moral highground!!!! OK!

  8. For those who really don’t comprehend just how tirelessly Clint worked for what he believed in: at the age of 31, he already had more than ten years of activism and outreach work under his belt, was a 2005 Winston Churchill Fellowship winner, was a poster boy for the 2001 UNAIDS World AIDS Campaign and featured heavily in MTV’s Staying Alive campaign.

    He may not have achieved all his dreams, but he achieved more than most ever will.

    Sweet dreams, dear friend.

  9. Ian Thomas 9 Apr 2010, 12:06pm

    I’m really sorry to hear about Clint. wonderful and dedicated man, really sad news.

  10. Mark, I agree fully that Clint achieved More than the majority of us will do in a lifetime in his too short life – Rest in Peace Clint!

  11. Tom in E14 9 Apr 2010, 12:56pm

    I too was not familiar with Clint but he sounds like a great Guy.

    His words “Why do I have this nagging feeling the gay scene is losing touch with what’s really important – compassion for the safety of your fellow man. Have all the 24 hour clubs, drugs and alcohol finally [taken] their toll or was it ever there in the first place?

    A question I feel we all should contemplate and do something positive to address.

    RIP Clint.

  12. One of the UNAIDS/MTV Staying Alive segments featuring Clint

  13. The good always die young RIP Clint. Your words are sincere the scene has lost its touch. Baerback videos are the most depressing things I’ve ever seen and apparantly the most popular.

  14. A tragic loss, and his death should be used as a timely reminder that HIV prevention must get back to basics. Clint was only 31 years of age, and undoubtedly the stress upon his body of ingesting Aids medications on a daily basis inflicted their toll on an already compromised immune system. Men of Clint’s age and younger need to be targeted in HIV campaigns that tell the truth about the serious consequences of living – and dying – with the virus. RIP Clint x

  15. RIP, Mr. Walters. Tragic you didn’t have at least another 31 years!

  16. Long exposure to HIV medications have been found in a number of studies to significantly increase the risk of heart disease, neuropathy, osteoporosis, and mental degeneration.

  17. SteveDenver 10 Apr 2010, 3:48pm

    Keep Clint’s legacy alive: promote safer sex, protect yourself and your sex partners, and TALK ABOUT HIV. Reject “bareback” porn and get angry about it: those disposable beauties make for ill consumption.

    Thank you Clint

  18. And “rejecting” and “getting angry” about bareback porn accomplishes what exactly – minus showing how well you swipe at phantoms, that is? It’s all the rage in gay circles now to jump on this anti-bareback bandwagon, because like a lot of people stressed and frustrated over something that seems out of their control (that being this virus/disease), gay men want to oversimplify the reality. In typical fashion, gay men have managed to shift the main focus here from the virus to a mere sex act that in itself has just as much potential to be harmless as homosexuality. But since gay men only seem to think with such clarity when debating against opposition to gay marriage, it’s easy to get carried away with conflation. The problem gay men are facing is as much about a sex act as same-sex molestation is about homosexuality. Correlation does not equal causation. Whatever strategy must be used to tackle this problem of HIV in gay men, it mustn’t begin with false presuppositions and outright agendas – namely that sex without a condom can never be a respected option because honestly, if it’s logical to say that bareback is to blame for this epidemic just because people who did it have the virus, then logically, gay sex too is the problem.

  19. Incidentally, I would very likely be “safer” having bareback sex for SOME (not all) porn producers, than if I went out giving unprotected blowjobs to several HIV positive men at the local bathhouse. But let ideology and oversimplification rule the day, the latter is the “safer” choice always and forever.

  20. “I would very likely be “safer” having bareback sex for SOME (not all) porn producers, than if I went out giving unprotected blowjobs to several HIV positive men at the local bathhouse”

    I very much doubt it.

  21. Brian, you appear to be wrestling with some doubts.

    Do you not think that playing hard-core bareback sex video looped and non-stop in saunas and sex-on-site premises, is likely to encourage and tempt all those who pass by those screens to wish to participate in exactly the same activity?

    There are all sorts of other things that gay men can do together to enjoy sexual pleasure together, activities which are far far safer. Why are videos of THOSE activities not being continuously screened, do you think?

  22. “I very much doubt it”.

    Being brainwashed, it makes sense that you would.

  23. “Brian, you appear to be wrestling with some doubts”

    LOL. Are you serious? WHERE does that appear?
    No, I do not agree that what is on the screen influences behaviors. Au contraire. What is on screen reflects what people already do or at least want to do. Morever, even if I accepted that premise that people are influenced by media, don’t expect me to accept that a valid excuse for any behavior. Why would YOU, is the relevant question.

    “There are all sorts of other things that gay men can do together to enjoy sexual pleasure together, activities which are far far safer. Why are videos of THOSE activities not being continuously screened, do you think”?

    I don’t understand the question.

  24. You have education issues, Brian. You would benefit a great deal from learning from academic psychological research. It contradicts what you find most comfortable for you to believe.

  25. Eddy, when you actually have a point, come back ok?

  26. Sounds to me like Brian may have been speaking as a porno “actor”! So if that’s what he is prepared to do with his life it follows he probably hasn’t a brain in his head, Eddy! No wonder he has absolutely no idea of habituation theory etc. He’d probably run screaming from the “difficulties” of Psych 101!

  27. You failed at Psych 101 AND Common Sense 101. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that a person is not going to emulate what they see JUST because of continued exposure to it. One must determine within themselves that the behavior is acceptable in the first place. It’s called free will. Heard of it? If YOU are so impressionable, that you merely follow blindly, that only reveals something about YOUR mental stability. In my years of viewing gay porn, I’ve come across tons of “fisting” content, yet I have managed to not acquire a desire to do that. Your issue really is that you like being in denial of the fact that many people prefer sex without condoms, so you want to pretend that this desire is externally created. It makes for an easier target. I do find it interesting that vehement critics of bareback tend to use many of the same disingenuous, hyper-emotional tactics as anti-gay groups, which should be a red flag for anyone.

    anti-gay: “If we accept homosexuality, everyone will become gay”
    gay: “We must stop bareback porn, or else everyone will want it”

    anti-gay: “NAMBLA = Homosexuality
    gay: “Bareback = Disease”

  28. Clint was my friend, and while I welcome frank and open discussion on bareback sex, this comment thread isn’t the place to do it. So please, Brian, can you take your pissing contest somewhere else and let people go back to posting about how inspirational Clint was?

    1. monisha kaur sudan 16 Mar 2011, 3:44am

      hi kristen…. u were so lucky he was ur friend……..i know im writing it too late but please help me to keep clint’s dream alive. i want to do something for our Hero….. please let me know my mail

  29. Kristian, odd that you focus on my “pissing contest” when the troll SteveDenver was the one who brought up the topic out of the blue. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and say that you just missed that fact.

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