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Vatican says cover-up accusations due to Pope’s opposition to gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Pope himself was involved in a bit of child molestation.

  2. Too much damage has been done to start throwing round excuses like this. Time for this man to quit, failing that the Church!

  3. The pope is the leader of the world largest paedophile ring a fact he can not deny. He can deny it all he wants and blame the opposition to paedophilia in the Catholic church as a campaign by gays. But the truth is the priesthood he has controlled even before he became pope is a cesspit of paedophilia.

    Arrest the Pope when he visits the UK for crimes against humanity especially children.

  4. The Pope is part of a gang whose official policy was to protect serial child rapists over generations.

    If he sets foot in this country he had better be arrested.

  5. When in doubt, blame the gays!!!!
    The Catholic Church’s massive blinkers and refusal to recognise that it is in any way at fault is so ridiculous, it’s starting to become funny!

  6. Pete & Michael 8 Apr 2010, 4:37pm

    Not surprised. The catholic church has always blamed child molestation on Gay people.

  7. Hitler* blamed defeat in WW1 and economic collapse in Germany on the Jews. Ex member of the Hitler* youth pope Benedict displays the same flawed thinking only this time its projected onto the homosexuals and transgendered.

    Why are we surprised with a member of the most genocidal political party the world has ever seen. If Hitler* forced his niece to pee and defecate on him, what sort of sick perversions is the pope into!

    *see goodwins law

  8. Josef Ratzinger is simply a vile indivdual – his election as Pope will damage the Roman Catholic church for generations to come.He is imposing a Nazi mind-set on the Church and decent catholics find him and his attitudes repulsive.

  9. I love when the hateful do something wrong and then say they are the subject of a hate campaign

  10. If Ratsinger was head of a Social Services department where such outrageous and systemic breaches of child protection occurred and he tried to use the excuse that he did not know that such serious allegations were taking place, when he was directly in charge of the department dealing with those allegations, he would be hounded out of office by just about any right thinking person.

    Rightly so. Everything that has happened, and is happening, goes against every principle of child protection.

    These people want to be in charge of adoption agencies?

  11. Since when has paedophilia been ‘shortcomings and errors’. It’s vile and in most places thankfully illegal. Only in the Holy Catholic Church are these things ‘shortcomings and errors’. That is what normal, decent people, straight and gay, catholic or other are outraged about.

    If the Vatican can’t find it’s moral compass on this issue, what authority can they have on any other point of morality?

  12. I think the comments tell us a lot about the church’s attitude to the victims of abuse by describing abuse as the “shortcomings and errors of priests”. It’s not shortcoming and errors – it’s paedophilia, child molestation. It’s much worse than shortcomings and errors. But I suppose it’s easier for the church to shriek about gays wanting to get their revenge than to do anything about the massive paedophile problem it tries to ignore.

  13. Sadly there are no legal grounds to arrest this elderly-idiot-in-a-white-frock — his visit is a State Visit [as Head of the Vatican State] and therefore Diplomatic Immunity would apply.

    Have to say I love it that similar idiots [but in red frocks] get their undies well and truly knotted … the more they get agitated the more damage they do to themselves and their corrupt istitution.

    Cheer up, Folks, according to the 12th century Irish prophet, Saint Malachy, there’ll be only one more pope after Ratzi’s tenure is over!!!

  14. D Lambert 8 Apr 2010, 5:28pm

    They say he’s the Antichrist. Certainly acts and looks the part!

  15. Wasn’t it some of the victims, male and female, that have called for his resignation?

  16. theotherone 8 Apr 2010, 6:24pm

    ‘The pope defends life and the family, based on marriage between a man and a woman’

    and the instutalised rape and abuse of children and the covering up of these offenses being controlled by the Pope himself.

  17. Paul Brownsey 8 Apr 2010, 6:55pm

    “Vatican officials have refuted claims that the Pope was involved in a cover-up of the child abuse scandal.”

    They haven’t refuted (=disproved) those claims. They have merely denied them.

  18. Deeside Will 8 Apr 2010, 7:39pm

    I think that we can sum up the policy which the Roman Catholic Church has adopted in practice until comparatively recently – although, of course, it was never made explicit – as follows:

    If a RC priest comes out as gay, or says that being gay is absolutely fine, or publicly disagrees with the position of the Vatican on homosexuality, then he is likely to be suspended indefinitely from priestly duties.

    If, on the other hand, he has merely been molesting the altar boys or the girls in the Confirmation class, then he can be quietly transferred to another parish, and transferred again if necessary, and then possibly transferred yet again, and then…

  19. theotherone 8 Apr 2010, 7:49pm

    ‘and then…’

    kept within the Vatican itself to avoid Interpol Arrest Warrants as it’s a separate country with – wait for it – no extradition treaties.

    I just love the RC Church don’t you?

  20. BrazilBoysBlog 8 Apr 2010, 7:57pm

    Yes, don´t blame the pope, blame the gays! What a pathetic bunch of child molesting criminals these lot are.

    Maybe we cannot arrest this peadophile apologist, but it does not stop us PROTESTING on every street corner and at every event this bigot attends. It does not stop us infiltrating his congregations and making our feelings heard LOUDLY (ala Act-Up)

    Lets make things very warm indeed for the prince of peadophiles!

  21. So – when the beam in your own eye gets too uncomfortable, be sure to put the focus on the mote in your brother’s? Guess I remembered the scripture erroneously from my Sunday school days.

  22. They’re on the run, guys. The religious nutters of Rome are on the run!

    It’s unbelievable. Like children in the school-yard they’re pointing the finger “at the other children! Please sir, it wasn’t me, it was her, it was him!”

    It’s all part of their rat-cunning deflection strategies. There is no rationality and no REAL moral decency in the people who believe in mumbo-jumbo and voo-doo.

    Don’t forget, this twat in the Vatican actually believes that when he celebrates the Mass each day he sups on the actual body and the blood of Jesus Christ himself! And that’s only the start of all his deluded beliefs!

    So you can’t expect a deranged clot like that to actually accept his wrong-doing. He’s the head of a corrupt organization that gets by by claiming that it is the moral cornerstone of the entire world!

    So it will be deny, deny, deny. “We’ve done nothing wrong! You don’t like us because of the right and proper things we say, like abortion is wrong, condoms are wrong, and gays are intrinsically disordered!”

    Keep up the pressure on him and all the men and women in religious garb! Don’t give ANY of them ANY respect whatsoever. They don’t deserve a shred.

    Keep up the pressure.

  23. And the RCC is trying to twist it all round and blame us. Nice church (sic)

  24. How do you get that shade of orange anyway?

  25. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Apr 2010, 9:25pm

    spray tan.

  26. It’s all that bile!

  27. John(Derbyshire) 8 Apr 2010, 10:36pm

    What really got me was when the Chief Rabi in the UK- Dr Jonathan Sacks came out in support of the Pope over the equality laws. As a jew surely he should remember Pope Pious 12th and the elevsation of holocaust deniers to sainthood presided over by the Catholic church!!

  28. I think the Vatican hasn’t had such an evil Pope since Benedict IX, the teenager Pope who sold the papacy.

  29. And his point is? Quite frankly we’re all spoiled for choice when it comes to having reasons to loathe the pope.
    Mind you I like the way he implies that “If it wasn’t for the stand against condoms in Africa, and calling gay people intrinsically disordered and all the rest of my duff policies (abortion etc) my critics would be happy to ignore the systematic child abuse coverups I personally authorised as a necessary function of any normal institution.”
    It reminds me of a ‘Smith and Jones’ sketch where they play in a 2nd rate club band. They always sign off with a poorly thought out platitude, like this classic: “And just remember as you’re going home tonight… being unapologetic means never having to say you’re sorry”!

  30. This institution gets more and more pitiful every day. I’d like to hope this is the scandal that finally brings the RCC down. He went and covered up all the sexual abuse of children, then claims he and the church are victims of a “hate campaign”. Bennie, you make me sick!

  31. it’s always easier for many priests to blame LBG rather then looking at what occurs in their church

  32. Jean-Paul Bentham 9 Apr 2010, 9:46am


    m-m, as Oscar Wilde said:

    “Being tripped up by one’s past is the price one must pay for immortality, I suppose.”

  33. Its amazinghow old Arch Homophobe of Rome keeps on saying we (LGBT) folks are going to destroy the planet and end humanity; being gay is not compulsary; being gay does not turn you into a mass murderer or a nuclear terrorist, oh but I forgot, floods, lightning strikes and earthquakes are our fault according to him and some other clergy. if thats the case, it was nice to see the Vatican destroyed by an Earthquake in the film 2012!!!!

  34. Abi1975 you asked “How do you get that shade of orange anyway?”

    I have noticed that many jpegs posted by PinkNews have had their colours distorted. It is easy to distort the colours of a jpeg by using any simple graphics programme. If you don’t like someone and you can’t find a photo of them which makes look horrible, then the easiest thing to do is to stick some pleasant photo of them in a graphic programme and tweak the colours.

    Which of course leads nicely to the all the endless photos of David Cameron which are featured on PinkNews. Do notice, dear readers, that NEVER have THEY had their colours tweaked so that he appears some ghastly colour!

  35. The embodiment of evil on earth!

  36. Jean-Paul Bentham 9 Apr 2010, 2:51pm

    I do believe this was B16’s first official portrait, orange tint and all.

    It can be seen, in a gilded framed, in most Canadian rectories….and priests will remind you that it’s “tacky” to comment negatively on the holy fa-ather’s orange-period.

    And yes…I was so tacky.

  37. The gift that just keeps on giving! The photo/graphic doesn’t do him justice- he’s much more “orange” in person from all that time spent in the tanning booth.

    For ‘comic’ relief:

  38. Mark Manson 9 Apr 2010, 5:15pm

    Of course he will Blame gays! It’s called defensiveness. This is nothing folks. Google ‘Holly Greig’ a girl with downs syndrome who says she was abused and raped by members of the Scottish Parliament. Her family have fought for years for an investigation. A Grampian reporter was arrested under breach of the peace for trying to investigate it. These sickos are everywhere and it ties in with satanic practice as well. Don’t forget the government control the internet now!

  39. Vatican officials may well have denied cover-up accusations,dismissed them, rejected, repudiated, challenged, contested, countered or dismissed them – but one thing they have not done is refute them (to refute: “to prove that (a person, statement, theory, etc) is wrong” (Chambers))

  40. Jean-Paul, here’s the original pic of Ratzinger. You can see the difference. The colours in the PinkNews pic have been tweaked to make him look ridiculous. He IS ridiculous of course, but I don’t approve of any magazine doing this kind of thing . . . particularly when they never do it to mug-shots of David Cameron or any other Tory!

  41. A hate campaign lol, – isn’t that the Vatican’s major strategy – they have been using that tactic on gay people for centuries. As self labeled spiritual leaders of humankind, the Vatican purposely creates a cover and blames gays for actions they commit themself. Guess it’s time for the Vatican to face the music. I think now is the time for gay people globally to bring a global slander and defamation case against the Vatican for publically accusing gays as pedophiles. Thing is no freedom of religious views or biblical babble could deny facts based on well researched academic reports. I for one would gladly kick them as they go down. What a truly vile institution. I hope those who had been abused by the church get greatly compensated $$$$.

  42. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Apr 2010, 12:23am

    oh my, fresh acccusation …and from Al Jazeera this time!!!

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Apr 2010, 12:27am

    @ 40 Jonty:

    Thank you for this.

    I do however recall seeing the “orange-tinted” photo in a liturgical catalogue, along with a healthier-looking version, probably the one you have.


  44. leece johnson 10 Apr 2010, 11:06am

    funny how people still go to there churches yet GLBTI people are still not excepted there.
    so it must be ok to be a preist that abuses kids.

  45. Vo Dong Cung 12 Apr 2010, 7:30am

    The Catholic Church think if they don’t against LGBT, then they have the rights to sexual abuse children. So funny!!!….And this funny thing as so many others the church said for only one purpose: turning the public away from their crimes. We better focus on their crimes, not on their words.

  46. so, when people point out the covering up of a pedophile ring and systematic abuse of children at the hands of priests they are being hateful and running a hate campaign against the poor defenseless church. That just goes beyond pathetic and really does point out the very very deep denial that the Catholic Church is in. Isn’t Ratzinger’s behaviour tantamount to conspiracy in his allowing pedophiles to continue their deplorable behaviour?

  47. Absolutely, Trev. Absolutely. And we have to keep the pressure up on not only this Pope but the next and the next and the next. Did you see those hysterical nuns in St. Peter’s Square on TV on Easter Sunday? They really BELIEVE that ANY pope is some kind of superstar, god-on-earth! It’s utter delusion. As Richard Dawkins has eloquently put it in “The God Delusion” they are all mentally ill!

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