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Event to raise funds for anti-homophobic bullying campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Yay !! Stephen Fry !! I would pay just to hear him read the telephone book !

  2. “Help us raise as much money as possible to eradicate homophobic bullying in British schools.”

    Like chuck more money at an inept bunch of twats.
    Pray tell me how they are going to prevent this happening, short of giving every slightly limp-wristed boy or butch girl a personal security guard?

  3. “inept bunch of twats”

    How pathetic that you insult one of the only organisations that fights for YOUR rights.

    I’d suggest you research the education for all programme before you continue spouting off your biggoted, worthless nonsense. It’s a very good campaign that I believe will be very succesful in achieving its goal.

    Grow up

  4. But the picture shows the old Post Office tower………? Good luck with the fundraising!

  5. Rob_N is palpably a moron. Any sort of hatred should be tackled, by the most intelligent means possible. Would you suggest black people should just go around with bodyguards rather than racism be tackled?

  6. I’ve never commented on pinknews before but thought I would just say some stuff. I am one of the youth volenteers for Stonewall (as part of the Education for All campaign) and through that some young people have done some really amazing campaigns. Although Stonewall does work on nation wide campaigns and tries to change laws and that kinda stuff, it also is focusing on getting young people involved in their local communities. personally cos of my campaign my university is now giving all hall of resident staff and wardens equality and diversity training and a guide to reporting harassment I am writing up will be distributed to all students. So there is something being done to help those who are affected by homophobic bullying and to try and prevent it in the future. So I’m just assuming, but some of the money made at this ball might be going towards supporting youth volunteers.

    Also they recently produced an excellent film called “FIT’ about homophobic bullying that is specifically made to be shown in school. So you might think they do nothing but actually a lot of their best work is the work that doesn’t have the ‘big public face’ but is done by individual people and groups (with Stonewall support) within individual communities. Just thought I would say…

  7. I’m all in favour of anti-bullying. But very suspicious of organisations such as Stonewall: where the money goes and what the connections are. These have grown up during an era when no one was willing to ask questions and shine a spotlight on them for fear of being perceived as anti-gay.

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