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General Election 2010

Campaigners to tell Cameron to ‘come out’ for gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Dude Dave C’s doomed if he does and doomed if he doesn’t.

  2. The man who could not even answer the questions he asked us on PinkNews for will never fully come out and support us. He is just the PC puppet William Hague and Ian Duncan Smith are using to get themselves into power as they could not do it themselves. He even admitted he is only in control of the Concervtive part in the house of commons. So who controls the Tories in the Local councils the Lords and Europe we should be asking.

    ‘Dave’ is like a brightly coloured wrapping paper for the Tories and he will be chucked by his as easily as wrapping paper too. But the nasty present inside will remain for five years with its lead paint and sharp dangerous parts waiting to hurt you!

    We all know the real person who runs ALL of the Conservatives including ‘Dave’ is Lord Ashcroft.

    I’m saying this and I’m not even a labour supporter.

  3. Bring on the Tories!! WhooHoo!! :)

  4. Squiffy, I hope you’re right that the Dude is damned either way. Great to be in agreement with you!

  5. David Cameron used to work in PR.

    He earned his living as a professional liar.

    Some things that show how disgustingly homophobic the Tories remain

    1. Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling believes that commercial business owners should be allowed to break the law when it comes to providing goods and services to LGBT people. The refusal by Cameron to sack the neo-fascist Grayling means supporting discrimination against gay people is official Tory policy.

    2. If the Tories win the election, catholic extremist Iain Duncan SMith will be in charge of families. He is already campaigning to reduce the rights of non-biological gay parents.

    3. The Tories are in alliance in Europe with the extreme-right Law and Justice Party from Poland. Gay rights campaigners in Poland regard this as the most extremist homophobic party in Poland.

    4. Tory MEP’s in Europe are homophobic and sexist bigots. David Cameron admits he has no control over them.

    5. The Tories are opposed to marriage equality for same sex couples

    6. The Tories are in favour of a religious opt-out from equality legislation

    7. The Tories plan to massively increase state funding to ‘faith schools (see number 6 above again)

    8. The Tory front bench (Callmedave included) have an abysmal voting record on gay issues.

    A vote for the Conservative Party is a vote for homophobic bigotry.

  6. vulpus_rex 8 Apr 2010, 4:36pm

    “He earned his living as a professional liar.”

    That’s an interesting point – so I guess if you won’t vote for a liar you won’t be voting for the most accomplished liar of the lot – Brown, or the other purveyors of massive porkies, Cable and the Greens?

    Given that that leaves the BNP – will you be voting for them?

  7. @ SimonM [No. 5]
    In your first point you omitted to mention that Tory Central Office ‘interfered’ and the prospective parliamentary candidate for Antrim South [a B&B owner] was summarily dumped for expressing the same views as Chris Grayling! Double standards or just double standards!
    Have to say I’m not at all sorry to see such a bigot getting dumped, but if he’s dumped Grayling should have been dumped too!!!!
    Living in Northern Ireland I can’t vote for a Labour candidate if I wanted to, but I sure as hell wouldn’t vote for a Conservative one!!!

  8. Simon you repeat the same ol thing, over and over and over….blah blah blah….

    I think it would be good to have a Tory government. Maybe then some of these nasty vicious me, me, me, self-obsessed, selfish people on here that attack anyone with a different opinion will start to look at things and be much more appreciative of what we do have. With that we can work on getting all our rights but not just for us but for all the British LGBT community of the future.

    This vile bitter attitude has to go and that is why I WILL be a out proud man voting Tory on May 6th.

    I thank you :)

  9. oh dear look at that missed out the word gay for out proud gay man, oh such a crime.

  10. Hodge Podge 8 Apr 2010, 6:13pm

    Cameron has being fairly ‘epic fail’ up til now on the gay front. This campaign can’t do any harm though a bit of optimism might be whats needed to get him working for us. Getting the Tory leaders to be consistently pro-gay would be great, as it would alienate the homophobes that party still has around.

  11. You have to be naive to believe that Tory or Labour parties are for FULL equality. They most certainly are not! Neither side would even support same-sex civil marriage equality for starters. Neither has evolved.

  12. Paul Brownsey 8 Apr 2010, 7:11pm

    “Me, me, me, self-obsessed, selfish people.” (8)

    Isn’t it basic Tory/capitalist doctrine that these are virtues, and that everyone’s going out ruthlessly for his or her own interests is the best way to achieve the general good?

  13. Squidgy… perhaps you could point out where Simon attacked you in his piece @#5. Au contrar,… its you who seems to be attacking anyone with a different opinion.
    You seem to think that a differing opinion is somehow an attack on you… Get over yourself and post some opinions ,not attacks disguised as, well nothing really, just attacks……………….
    And as for your voting habits ….well thats your business and we really couldnt give a flying fcuk who you vote for.
    You will i am sure live to regret your vote if Callmedave the Salesmans racist homophobic Law and Justice party wins this election, as allgenuine gay people will.

  14. and squiffy …if you are going to correct yourself do it properly..”a out proud man” should read “an out proud etc…..”

  15. any gay man or woman who votes tory is as stupid as a black person who votes for the BNP. morons.

  16. or a jew voting for the nazi party.

  17. or someone who is black supporting the klu klux klan.

  18. or a tibetan supporting the chinese government.

  19. or an arms dealer voting for CND.

  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Apr 2010, 7:55pm

    “Mr Cameron’s party has been sending “mixed messages” on gay rights…”

    Ha ha ha har har har!!!! Cracks me up. Yuk yuk.

  21. If anybody is going to challenge Call-Me-Dave outside headquarters on Sunday, then let them force him into a corner!

    Make him choose between appealing to “the great ignored” OR total support of gays, lesbians, and transgenders

    If he says he supports us then make him PROVE it by sacking Christopher Grayling who has been recorded saying businesses should have the right to turn us away, like dogs.

    Make him support one or the other. Frame it that way.

    Say to Call-Me-Dave:

    “Dave, your ‘The Great Ignored’ wish businesses to have the right to turn us away like diseased dogs. Are you for us gays and lesbians or are you for ‘The Great Ignored’?”


    He cannot have it both ways!

    Show him up for what he is. Don’t let him get away with trying to suck up to “The Great Ignored” AND to the gays, lesbians, and transgenders at the same time!

    He has to choose one or the other.

    And when he has chosen then all gays and lesbians will know how to vote.

  22. If we assume that homophobia is as morally bad as racism, then barring gay couples from a B&B (call this ‘barring’) is only as morally bad as racism if it is homophobic.
    And this is only the case if every case where something is racist it has the same or most of the significant moral properties that every case where something is homophobic has.
    Supporters of Grayling could simply claim that not every homophobic act shares the same moral properties as a racist act. So, they could claim, for example, that turning a black person away from a B&B is not the same as barring a gay couple, because the situations differ in moral properties.
    The difficult question for the supporter of Grayling is to account for the difference in moral properties between barring a black person and barring a gay couple.
    A supporter might claim that the moral difference in the two cases is due to one being about behaviour (one chooses to have sex with another person), whereas the other is about a specific physical charcteristic.
    But this division would imply that the B&B should be able to ban any group it likes based on its behaviour (for example, Guardian readers, or those who attend church). So, a basis must be found for specific targeting of homosexual behaviour. At this point, Grayling’s supporters could fall back on a right they believe is basic: to control entry to one’s commercial property. I would like to point out that this law is restricted already. One can’t do anything with one’s property, so why resist regulation of property in accordance with equality laws, and yet accept it with reference to traffic regulations on one’s car, which is one’s property? This might seem a silly question but the distinction must be justified, if one resists a given regulation on one’s private property. That is, on what basis exactly is barring gay people from a private business, that does not rule out every regulation on property. Also, will such a basis also bar guardian readers and church attenders!

  23. Mihangel apYrs 8 Apr 2010, 9:19pm

    refering to an early day motion (575?) by Cohen: it appears that there are a lot of labour MPs opposing (as well as tories and some liberals).

    It would have been interesting to hear their reasons…

  24. Dear Patrick and squiffy,

    Regarding the correcting of the former statement, “…if you are going to correct yourself do it properly ”…a out proud man” should read “an out proud etc…..”; it should read: “a proud out man.” If used in reference to the person being a proud gay man, the word “out” is an adjective describing “man,” and the word “proud” is an adjective describing an “out man;” therefore, the confusion regarding the articles ”a” or “an,” not most serious error in the statement , would easily be corrected.
    Some light humour in a serious debate.

  25. @ Mihangel apYrs – sorry but I don’t understand your message. How does an MP oppose an EDM? What do you mean exactly?

  26. Wait a minute. One day he’s telling us, EVENTUALLY, that gays are part of what the Tories feel are the great ignored. The following day gay groups, even gay CONSERVATIVE, groups are having to beg him to talk about us, acknowledge us, include us.

    I hope I’m not the only person who sees the ironic disconnect.

    Message to the gay community and the gay Tory community, Cameron will remember to talk about you when it’s on his cue card or teleprompter. Otherwise you will be forgotten.

    Is that supposed to be better than being ignored?

    Just hope he has his cue cards and teleprompters with him when he’s in 10 Downing forming the new government and forging legislation. Something tells me he won’t and by that time he won’t care, and those who are such big fans of him now, except for the most blindly loyal, will not be seen here on the PinkNews comment boards.

  27. I hope this event will also be used to ask David Cameron to ‘Come Out’ on where he stands on the issue of women’s equality. On 25th February 2010 nearly all of his MEPs voted against a resolution which called for gender equality. None supported it. As a result Britain was the only EU member state with more of our MEPs against the resolution than in support of it.

    SO – is the Conservative Party for gender equality or against it. Cameron must ‘Come Out’ – If he supports women’s equality then he should let us know why his MEPs voted against it.

  28. Look Cameron has come out for gay rights. He has said gay rights should be taught in schools that isn’t happening under the great Brown.

    Cameron has changed the party there are projected to be 20 gay tory mp’s next parliament and he made sure the tory candidates were diverse and socially liberal.

    Cameron is for a new law that gives tax credits to gay couples.

    Cameron came out against u.s military’s don’t ask don’t tell system and said they should allow gays into the military.

    Cameron is a modern socially liberal leader. This smearing of Cameron as some nasty figure is as bad as anything I have seen in politics. No wonder why good people don’t get into politics.

  29. Mihangel apYrs 9 Apr 2010, 6:53am

    just reporting what was reported on the site. I’m not quite sure what it was about which is one reason I posted it. In hindsight (after a good night’s sleep) it could well be a mistake of reportage wherer they were noting the number of SUPPORTERS rather than opponents (bloody yanks, mumble, mumble, bugritt, ….)

  30. Ray, you are quite correct of course. However i was not attempting to change the sentence as stated by Squidgy.
    Being Irish, i am not an expert on English grammar, but there are some errors today that are glaringly obvious and this is one that crops up quite often and really annoys me.
    Nothing personal Squidgy…. its a little thing that crops up quite often and isn’t a dig at you.

  31. Jason ..Did you not notice the qualifications the homophobic tories made re these tax credits. One being that it will be available to couples who have a child under three. How many gay couples do you think will qualify for that. Once the homophobic racist Law and Justice tories are in power they will say ,”Oh very sorry folk , we have just discovered we cant afford it, as we are taking x amount off the top rate of income tax” or “we think big business is paying too much corp. tax”
    Whatever the excuse will be, i can gaurantee you, gay people WILL NOT benefit in any way from Tory largesse, and if you think for one minute we will you are an even bigger fool than you come across on these threads already.
    Anyone watching breakfast news this morning would have seen the vile Ann Widdecom on crowing about the swingeing cuts they are going to make and guess what,… all are going to hit the poorest members of society and the people least likely to vote, ie,. the sick, the old and welfare recipients.

  32. Labour have already been stinging the poorest so again its nothing thats going to change.

    I feel confident about my vote this year and no I won’t have any regrets.

  33. If the revelations emanating from Law and Justice homophobic tory central office over the last few days is anything to go by, i think that by poll day you will have changed your mind and will vote for the winners, who wont be the tories.
    Oh and that wasn’t an attack on you squidgy…just a differing opinion.

  34. I can’t see David Cameron coming out in support of gay rights. I am sure he will sit well and truly on the fence on this one.

  35. I’m more interested in economic policy. We should be voting for that… everything else can be built upon that. Fundamentally, the Tories are wrong on that.

    Yes, because economically the Tories would reward the richest people at the expense of everyone else whether that is slashing public services (and selling them off to their mates), inheritance tax cuts, ending the 50p top tax band or new ways the Tories find to make the very, very rich even richer at our expense. That is the economic disgrace of the Tory party before you start to consider LGBT rights from their European alliances with quasi-fascists, failure to support any equality measures or their most recent failure to sack a homophobic shadow minister.

    There are – and never have been – any progressive Conservative Party policies for LGBT people. Finally they have learnt to say the word ‘gay’ but that is nothing compared to the policies needed to tackle rampant homophobic bullying in schools, attacks on the street, discrimination in services etc. The Conservative Party has only ever given us Section 28, hatred and discrimination. Policies, and not words, will change our lives for the better and at least the Labour Party – supported by trade unions – understands and has done much great work for LGBT rights. Yes, there is more work to be done but so much has been achieved already: see

    If you want to vote Tory (or if you want a laugh) check out Dave’s mask fall on gay rights in this interview with Gay Times:

    Come protest at this kiss-in this Sunday at Conservative HQ, 30 Millbank, London, SW1P 4DP (nearest tube, Westminster). Map here:,-0.12583|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.49273:-0.12594:16|SW1P%204DP|SW1P%204DP and more details here:!/event.php?eid=110970195595502&ref=mf

  37. No 8: Squidgy: you say:

    “Simon you repeat the same ol thing, over and over and over….blah blah blah….”

    Well of course I do.

    These are issues that remain open and unanswered with the Tory Law and Justice Party.

    Just because the Tory Law and Justice Party refuse to address them, does not mean they have disappared as issues.

  38. No 28: “Cameron has come out for gay rights. He has said gay rights should be taught in schools ”

    Except in faith schools of course.

    And CallMeDave plans to massively increase state funding to ‘faith schools’ which are under no obligation to abide by equality laws.

    “Cameron has changed the party there are projected to be 20 gay tory mp’s next parliament ”

    None of whom support marriage equality for same-sex couples. Perhaps you can tell me which prospective gay Tory MP’s have stated that Chris Grayling’s homophobic bigotry makes him an unsuitable Tory candidate.

    The prospective, gay Tory MP’s seem as spineless, irrelevant and pathetic on LGBT issues as the LGBTory Group.

    I do not care whether my MP is gay or straight so long as they represent my interests.

    “Cameron is for a new law that gives tax credits to gay couples.”

    Big F***ing deal. If marriage equality existed then this new law would not be needed.

    David Cameron is opposed to marriage equality.

    “Cameron came out against u.s military’s don’t ask don’t tell system and said they should allow gays into the military.”

    Opportunism at his best. At the same time he is in alliance with the extreme right Law and Justice Party in Poland – one of whose leading members says that gay people account for 40% of paedophile crimes, but make up only 1% of the population.

    CallMeDave says he would never be in alliance with a group whose views he found ‘unacceptable’.

    Ergo – he thinks it is acceptable to refer to gay people as paedophiles.

    David Cameron is a master of meaningless spin.

    He is a busted sofa

  39. Simon:-

    I’d rather them than another 5 years of Lady Mandy with Sideshow Gord. The economy would be beyond repair more so than now. We need some leadership not the spin of these two and all the lies that go with it. If you imply the business leaders are stupid for knowing whats best for business you get what you derserve.

    Fingers crossed its Labour on the scrap heap. I don’t have the crystal ball you clear have to see the future so guess I’ll just take the chance and vote for change.

    Oh I Never have regrets either. Don’t believe in them.

  40. squidgy, you really are stupid. business leaders know whats best for them – not whats best for the general population. business leaders want the tories, becuase it means that they will then be able to screw the population even more. business leaders aren’t bothered about our economy – they are bothered about their’s. more money in the busniess man’s pockets, less in the general population’s pockets.

  41. “business leaders aren’t bothered about our economy”

    Thats has to be one of the funniest, yet dumbest statements I’ve Ever heard. You clearly are showing an extreme low intelligence level if you think business don’t give a damn about the economy being that we have so many empty shops on our street. Many Big companies going bust. This recession Lady Mandy and Sideshow Gord has left us in ruining business and ruining the country. Not them though, not Labour. Why most of the country have to cut back and make thing go tighter, no, they give themselves big pay rises, healthy pensions, legally commit fraud, have nice lovely pay-off. And you can only bleat business has no interest in business.

    I think you’ll find it is in Fact Labour that has abso-friggin-lutely no interest in businesses, voters etc. There biggest priorty is themselves and no-one or anything else. What planet are you on?

    Again thanks for the laugh mate… always good to have a laugh.

    This countries economy is fundamentally the most important thing for me to vote for this time and thats why I have no regrets in voting for a party that will hopefully get us out of this Labour hell-hole of a mess.

  42. Jonathan2 9 Apr 2010, 4:57pm


    Chris Grayling will be on 5live at 17.30 speaking to @JPonpolitics, to say sorry #sackChrisGrayling

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