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Trans woman may sue over half-completed surgery

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Reader comments

  1. I know I’m going to get stick for this, but I really can’t resist,
    “Which half?”

  2. Having large breasts does not make somebody a woman.

    Many women are flat chested and the NHS would not give them boob jobs because they are unhappy with their appearance.

    I presume this woman is taking hormone treatment which has increased her breast size already. If she’s not satisfied with them, then I fail to see why she can’t save for a boob job privately.

    As it is she is being treated in the exact same manner as any woman – she will not be given free plastic surgery for purely cosmetic means.

  3. Simon, it’s not only the size of her breasts, women have differently sized nipples than men and if you’ve ever seen a pair of breasts developed solely by hormones you’ll know they’re not exactly adequate. Also, this isn’t a cosmetic issue, it’s already been decided that it directly impacts her mental health if the trust has decided to help her out this fair, I personally think its a disgrace.

  4. Charlotte 7 Apr 2010, 2:39pm

    I’m Transwoman and I have to disagree with what Miranda Lee is doing, breast surgery is purely cosmetic, she’s had everything else, what more do you want.

    Its stories like these that make people get on their high horse, and the tabloids love it, Miranda is doing me know favours at all, thats Miranda!

  5. Well im not a trans woman so I dont have personal experience, but I could imagine that breast size could mean the difference between passing as female or not whereas the average small chested woman wont be mistaken for a male because of the size of their frame and features generally. I suspect thats one of the arguments which will be put forward.

  6. It takes 7 years for the human body to regenerate every cell in the human body so Miranda Lee should be giving the hormones longer to work.

    After seeing Miranda Lee on my local news I would of thought losing some weight and giving up smoking would help her breast growth also. If she drinks alcohol then she should be giving that up too. I think Miranda Lee has an unrealistic expectations of the time-scale for treatment.

  7. No 3: “it’s already been decided that it directly impacts her mental health”

    Says who?

    Miranda Lee is being treated the exact same as any woman.

    If she is allowed to get breast augmentation on the NHS because of her dissatisfaction with her appearance, then so too should any woman.

    That is unrealistic.

    And even if she is flat-chested, who cares. She is being grossly offensive to flat chested women everywhere when she says that her flat chest makes her ‘half-man, half-woman’. That’s a very mysogynistic comment for her to make.

  8. “After seeing Miranda Lee on my local news I would of thought losing some weight and giving up smoking would help her breast growth also”
    Wow Abi, just had to somehow try and weasel in a negative comment huh?
    If you have ever noticed, breasts are made up of fatty tissue. If anything, gaining weight will increase their size. Losing weight in excess will actually decrease their size and create an unproportioned look (till you knock off that abdominal weight anyways). I got to experience this second hand when my sister lost weight.
    Also, if anyone has seen moobs (male breasts), they don’t have the same look to them. Be it from a hormone imbalance or from being overweight. They tend to be more spread out and ‘square’, since they stick to your chest muscles more. Female breasts tend to be more circular and built up into mounds.

    While I agree it isn’t the most important thing, these negative comments are a little disheartening. You have someone who was trapped in the wrong body and now they are frantically trying to get out. You’d be desperate too. If you want to scream about how having boobs isn’t a big hype, then you should be getting angry at magazines that encourage girls to be pencil thin yet having huge breasts. They make it a huge hype.

  9. “She is being grossly offensive to flat chested women everywhere when she says that her flat chest makes her ‘half-man, half-woman’. That’s a very mysogynistic comment for her to make. ”

    I don’t know the lady in question, nor have I seen her on the news, but I agree with that statement. Not many women have ‘perfect’ breasts and suggesting that it’s their size that makes a woman feminine is offensive and reminds me of the kind of neanderthals who drool over page 3 girls.

    Surely breast surgery isn’t that expensive? If it really bothers her, maybe she could pay herself like many other people have to do. But I think she’s misguided to think it’ll make her ‘more of a woman’.

  10. Miranda Lee is playing the victim card – “I was even married”. It is unlikely however much she screams and shouts that a boob job will enhance her happiness.

    Unfortunately, she is also from that long line of attention seeking trans people like Lauren Harries, Lucy Parker, oh and Charles Kane.

    There are plenty of successful trans folk who do just fine without additional FFS, and know that normal is not the gross exaggeration of the human body.

  11. Pumpkin Pie 8 Apr 2010, 6:04am

    J and AKyth make good points. I’ll remain somewhat neutral on this issue, as this sort of thing should be decided on a case-by-case basis and I haven’t really looked into this one. Somewhat neutral in that, whatever I may decide, I will still at least sympathise with her.

    As someone said the last time something like this came up, small breasts don’t make a woman seem unwomanly. Neither do narrow hips. Or broad shoulders. Or large hands. Or masculine facial features. And I could go on, but the point is that very few ciswomen have to put of with all of these things at the same time, whereas that’s a fact of life for a great many transwomen. It’s intellectually dishonest to claim that this woman’s problem is as petty as a ciswoman’s.

    One of the main points of treatment is to help a transwoman to pass as unnoticed as possible as a ciswoman. It’s good for your mental health to not be treated like a spectacle everywhere you go. To that end, adequate procedures must be carried out, including breast enlargement where necessary. Is that appropriate in this case? Dunno. I just think some people are being a bit too quick to judge.

    There’s a thin line between certain “cosmetic” and “corrective” surgeries. Usually, I’d be more trusting of the opinions of people who actually work in the medical field. But, given their wide-spread discrimination against lesbians seeking IVF (and a great deal of other stories I’ve heard over the years but am too lazy to look up), I think it’s fair (very fair) to say that a lot of these NHS Trust decision makers are a bunch of unscrupulous Scrooges who are constantly trying to weasel their way out of providing the level of treatment they’re supposed to be providing us. And I’d say that whether or not I agreed with their stance on this case.

  12. As a transitioning transwoman myself, my NHS trust has made it perfectly clear from the outset as to what they will and will not fund, and they won’t fund breast augmentation, so I have saved 5k to have the job done should homones not do the job I desire, in the same way I have paid for my own lasor treatment for hair removal on my face. You have to help yourself a bit and not expect everthing on a plate, no matter how much you shout “mental anguish” over your situation.

  13. Janet
    I agree with you, I am a post-op transwoman and whilst my NHS trust paid for my mental healthcare pre-transition, I did not expect them to pay for everything so I used my savings to pay for all aspects of my treatment given that it was pretty much a certainty they wouldn’t fund my surgery. OK I could have “threatened to sue” but all that would have done is outed me to the locals and alienated me should I need further treatment.
    Given I transitioned 4 years ago and do not posses ideally sized breasts, I am happy, in a relationship and cosmetic surgery is a luxury for the future when I can afford it.

    Miranda Lee..My psychiatrist always said to me..Be realistic in your expectations and I accepted that.

  14. I am trans myself, and I am sorry but having fake breasts is not a medical necessity. That is ridiculous and shames the people who are in need of very real help (unlike Ms. Lee).

  15. Also, I have seen tons of breasts — trans breasts are no different than other women’s breasts. Nipples and breasts come in all shapes sizes and colours, and if you are not happy with it, then save privately. Worth noting that I come from a country that doesn’t help with ANY medical expenses, so this seems even more ridiculous to me.

    Why not be happy you have been blessed by a no-cost SRS and leave it at that?

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