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Rising support for gay marriage in California

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Reader comments

  1. Here we are again, back over the rainbow into LaLa Land! I hope the Wicked Witch of the West (the RC Church) and the Wicked Witch of the East (the Latter day Saints) don’t come down and haunt the merry old Land of LaLa like they did last time. Personally I don’t give a flying monkey for either of them! :-)

  2. I wouldn’t get too happy.

    The opinion polls conducted in the run up to the vile Proposition 8 also suggested that a small majority of California citizens were pro-marriage equality; however, when it came to the actual vote, it was an upset for equal rights.

    I think this discrepency is because of the fact that many people who support gay marriage do so out of a sort of indifference, and indifference is unlikely to get you to the ballot box; whereas, the bigoted hate of those who oppose gay marriage – something which does not impact on them – will push tnem to the ballot box.

  3. It also depends on the wording. More people would support gay marriage or samesex marriage than allowing marriage between homosexuals.

  4. marjangles 8 Apr 2010, 10:33pm

    You’re kind of right and kind of wrong SamB. There were polls at the time showing the state was in favour of gay marriage but the margins were tiny and certainly not in the magnitude of 12%. So it’s positive that a large number of people have gone from ‘Definitely no’ to ‘Not sure.’

    The other thing is that the vote in California was held at the same time as the Presidential election and ironically it was because of the increased turnout, particularly among the black population, that Prop 8 was passed.

    But you’re right, polls are fine but it’s the voting that counts and I cannot see the vote ever really going in favour of gay rights for many many years to come. This is going to be fought out in the state supreme courts and in the state governments and eventually on a Federal Level.

  5. @ SamB

    I agree that more people say they support gay marriage than vote for it. But this poll, the one that LA Times/USC did last fall, and the PPIC poll all show movement in favor of support. I disagree that it’s only the marriage supporters that show indifference, however. The response to Prop 8 rocked a lot of “Yes” voters who didn’t realize they were effecting real people — they were just knee-jerk votes. The Prop 8 aftermath has quieted our opponents considerably. All indications are that we have made gains at the margins in the last year and a half. Given how close the vote was last time, it’s clear that California is now ready to repeal Prop 8.

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