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Lesbian tennis star Martina Navratilova diagnosed with cancer

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Reader comments

  1. Dreadful news for anyone! I hope she gets over the illness like Kylie did.

  2. Very sad news. Tough times ahead but I’m sure she’ll pull though. She’s a star and a half!!

  3. Wishing her all the best. Hopefully, she’s caught it early.

  4. Oh. That’s very sad news. Hate to say it Mike, but you don’t get over cancer. It might go away, but it unfortunately always seems to get you in the end. That said, she’s a fighter of a lady, so let’s just hope her chances are good.

  5. If Martina gives just 10% of what she gave on the tennis court I have no doubt she will beat the big C.

    Get well soon Martina

  6. Just goes to show that however healthy you are everyone is a sitting duck for this dreadful disease. God, she doesn’t drink or smoke and is as fit as a flee and still gets cancer.

    Early discovery is the key though, and she is great to go public on this. Annual screening should be introduced to this country, then we could save countless lives and countless money on treating sufferers.

    She is lucky she lives in the US though, where survival rates from cancer are double that of UK. If she was here she would be pilloried for daring to opt out of the crap state system. At least she can afford Herceptin and other drugs denied to the English, but delivered on a plate to the Scottish and Welsh.

  7. The survival rates are only double if you can afford health care Julian. No statistics exist for the 45 million Americans who cant and are outside access to health care other than emergency room treatment. But hay why let that get in the way of you making a cheep political point!

  8. @ Albi … not to mention the people who are dropped by their insurance company [some of them when they are half way through their treatment] on the most despicable of excuses.
    The NHS may not be perfect but it’s a hell of a lot better than the American system.

  9. ” She admitted she had lost “a lot” of money after her declaration but said: “It didn’t occur to me that I would deny who I was because of money.” ”

    Did you hear that Rupert Everett ? Not everyone thinks that protecting your career is more worth than coming out of the closet. Yours just ended because you were a bad actor.

  10. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 8 Apr 2010, 11:10pm

    As a breast cancer survivor myself, I know her journey through treatment likely
    will be a rough one. I wish her well, she seems to have a very positive out look,
    that is very important. Prayers for her strength and courage, and thanks for her
    openness. Again.
    F E

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