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Gays and lesbians in Zimbabwe facing ‘corrective rape’

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Reader comments

  1. Mugabe remains homophobic to try and retain the support of the ignorant masses, but after an uproar by international and local human rights activists, Morgan Tsvangirai (the opposition Movement for Democratic Change ‘MDC’ and the current Prime Minister of Zimbabwe in the failing coalition government) released this statement:

    Mugabe tried to turn the country against the MDC using the human/gay rights agenda and failed, apparently.

  2. An annual report by the US State Department on human rights in Zimbabwe has said that gays and lesbians in the country face harassment and rape by people trying to ‘cure’ them.

    It said that lesbians were sometimes raped, even by their family members, to try and turn them straight, while gay men were forced into heterosexual sex.

    Associated Press reports that Amanda Porter, political officer at the US Embassy in Harare, said yesterday: “Some families reportedly subjected men and women to corrective rape and forced marriages to encourage heterosexual conduct.”

    People face the same sort of barbaric treatment in some parts of America too!

  3. Face it, nothing will change until Mugabe dies (and these bastards live forever). I wouldn’t be surprised if they had death penalty for gays by the time the AU pries Rhodesia out of his dead claws.

  4. Um… Excuse me for being a little thick here, but how can you forcibly rape a man for being gay? It is legally assumed that a woman cannot rape a man, so that leaves homosexual rape, which is apparently illegal there. So what the hell are they talking about?

  5. if mugabe were treating muslims or christians like this the international leaders would have done something about it. as usual the international community do absolutely nothing to protect homosexuals from being treated worse than dogs.

  6. Unfortunately, Rob_N, your legal assumption is incorrect. A woman can indeed rape a man (either through forceful penetration, gun to the head, etc.), though in this case the story seems to intimate that the man would simply be forced to marry a woman.

  7. BrazilBoysBlog 7 Apr 2010, 11:04pm

    This man is nothing short of a criminal lunatic. The sooner he dies the better.

  8. #4

    I am as thick as you; I haven’t a cloo neever…!

    Maybe it is a bit like a wet Bonfire Night..?

    Pissed down all day, November 5th.
    Bonfire’s sodden thro’.

    Yer go out with yer fireworks.
    Yer light the blue touch paper.
    Yer stand well back…………………and action..?




  9. Sadly just another mad african leader putting gay hate ahead of all the other problems of his nation because its an easy one to get people worked up over!

  10. Jonathan: “Unfortunately, Rob_N, your legal assumption is incorrect. A woman can indeed rape a man (either through forceful penetration, gun to the head, etc.)”

    I believe the act of rape now includes any form of penetration including objects, but going by the original one of ‘forced sexual intercourse’ as far as I know there is not a British legal precedent for this, for simply physical reasons. Do you seriously think anyone would get an erection with a gun pointed at their heads? Particularly if in this case, they were gay.

    It would be like trying to get a marshmallow in a money box.

  11. Rob_N I’m sure you’re right that homosexual rape is illegal it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Someone close to me was raped on suspicion of being gay aged 13 by a group of older men and this was in the UK. I can believe 100% that it happens in Zimbabwe. I know people think its an oxymoron for a straight male to rape another man for being gay, but the fact is its not a sex act to them; its the worst kind of physical and psychological punishment to do to someone and sick people get off on that regardless of orientation.

    Horrible story. Zimbabwe sounds like hell.

  12. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 8 Apr 2010, 11:39pm

    OMG!!! Mugabe and all who share his vile rantings, are out of their Tiny minds with bigotry, and are far less than human.In the year 2010, where is the out cry as they
    decree Rape?All peoples of the world would do well to explode in out rage at such
    statements,little chance of that, I am sure.World leaders, where are you and your
    F E

  13. AKyth: “Horrible story. Zimbabwe sounds like hell.”

    It’s going to get a whole lot worse. South Africa will be next. As soon as Mandela dies, it’s going to be a bloodbath of monumental proportions. The whites will be either killed or kicked out, and SA will revert back to it’s original state.
    ie: Black corrupt and despotic rulership, abject poverty and no idea how to run a country.

  14. This is an outrage!

  15. ‘President Robert Mugabe described homosexuality as “madness” last month and has said in the past that gays and lesbians are worse than “dogs and pigs”.’

    Which is ironic, when you consider that he looks like an interbreeding between the two.

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