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General Election 2010

Labour will pledge to repeal ‘free speech’ defence

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Reader comments

  1. Another ‘expected’ news story…. mmmmmmmmm We know what happened the last time Pink News expected someone to say something, don’t we. lol

  2. Patrick James 6 Apr 2010, 4:04pm

    This statement comes from Alan Johnson the Home Secretary.

    If you consult Stonewall’s MP Voting Records (Word Document) you will see that Alan Johnson has a score of 100%.

    This does not surprise me because Alan Johnson has an excellent record with his commitment to LGBT rights.

    Compare this with the Conservative Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling whose score is 29%.

    It is good to reflect on this.

    Current Labour Home Secretary scores 100%

    Conservative Shadow Home Secretary scores 29%

    What does this tell us about the party priorities?

  3. Why do these people who supported the amendment have no grasp of what equality is? Either the amendment has to apply to all equalities groups or to none at all. Singling out one group for separate treatment is not equality.

  4. Sorry forgot when gay leave sense of humour at the door

  5. Yeah but the previous time a party was ‘expected’ to say something was when the Tories were expected to include gay people in CallMeDave’s pre-election speech.

    Considering how revoltingly homophobic the Tories remain (Chris Grayling being the most hideous recent example) no-one was surprised that the snake oilk salesman David Cameron would ignore the gay population.

    He and his party have shown themselves to remain the nasty party.

    Has Chris Grayling been removed from his position as Shadow Home Secretary or been instructed by Cameron to apologise for his support of breaking the law?

    If not then it is official Tory policy that commercial businesses be allowed to discriminate against gay people.

    Thank goodness Britain is in the EU so we can fight these Tory bigots.

    Then again if the Tories get Britain out of the EU I would not be surprised to see all LGBT rights legislation discarded so the Tory scum can advance their far-right agenda

  6. “Sorry forgot when gay leave sense of humour at the door”

    Do you REALLY think it’s humourous that a Tory Home Secretary supports the right of commercial businesses to discriminate against gay people?

    If so then you need help.

    The Tories are the same homophobic scum they always have been.

    And they’ve been exposed for the bigots that they are.

  7. Simon Mate, you attach the comment to whatever you want if it’ll make you feel better but you prove my point about people just seeing what they want and making a mountain over a molehill over it.

    Oh and yes, yes, tories are homophobic blah blah blah yawn. Sing a new song Mr. Tell us something new!

  8. the labour party have done more for gay rights in the last ten years than the tories have ever done in their history of politics. anyone who tries to argue otherwise is fooling themselves and trying to fool others.
    squidgy, mate, you may like the tories for some other reason, but dont try and prove they are not homophobic, they are. get over it. you vote for a homophobic party, accept it, therefore you are homophobic. sad sad sad pathetic. maybe you should start to sing a new song, tell us something new, like you’re not gonna vote tory.

  9. jay:-

    I have never even tried prove anything. Maybe you too should read threads properly. My vote isn’t final the parties will have to work for that. I have already stated that.

    However it IS my choice who I vote for, no-one elses.

    Whoever I vote for, it’ll be for what I support and believe. It Is unlikely to be Labour but like I say they’ll have to convince me.

  10. Oh and your sad pathetic attempt at emotional blackmail… sorry doesn’t work. It’s typical Labour bullying intimidation tactics. They don’t wash with me I’m afraid. Get over that!

    second point you’ll find Europe had most to do with gay rights.

  11. Patrick James 6 Apr 2010, 6:05pm

    Squidgy writes:

    Sorry forgot when gay leave sense of humour at the door

    I find the comments by Squidgy, Sister Mary Clarence, Vulpus Rex, Rob N and others to be really funny!

    It is the combination of breathtaking ignorance about the world allied to having been taken in by such an obvious con artist as Cameron that really do make me laugh.

    In these threads I see bizarre “facts” presented by these clowns.

  12. Patrick James:-

    So some people (probably a lot actually) don’t share the same thoughts you do. So they won’t agree with you. So some won’t ever on certain subjects…..

    Get Over It. It’s what makes us human. Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we all have to sing from the same song sheet!

  13. Patrick James 6 Apr 2010, 6:23pm

    Squidgy writes:

    second point you’ll find Europe had most to do with gay rights.

    Just after I posted about the bizarre facts presented by Squidgy and other Conservative supporters making me laugh I see that Squidgy has delivered one!

    Okay, Squidgy, where are we going to “find” this fact?

    I think I’ve seen this “fact” said perhaps by Sister Mary Clarence, maybe that is where Squidgy “found” it?

    Well I hate to break it to you Squidgy but Sister Mary Clarence, Vulpus Rex and Rob N have no knowledge about these things whatsoever, so I would hardly see them as a good source for information. I know they have no knowledge because they are in the habit of posting the strangest of “facts” which in fact have just come out of their imaginations.

    So, Europe had most to do with gay rights you say?

    Well between 1979 and 1997 all legislation for LGBT rights was indeed processed due to fear of intervention by the European Court of Human Rights. During that period the ECHR played an essential role for LGBT rights. However as you may or not know 1979 to 1997 was the period of the last Conservative administration.

    From 1997 to present day the ECHR has not had to act in the UK on LGBT issues because the primary driving force behind law reform for LGBT rights has been the Labour government.

    So the statement that “Europe had most to do with gay rights” really doesn’t make sense at all.

    Can you understand that?

    Why do Squidgy, Sister Mary Clarence, Vulpus Rex and Rob N present these idiotic “facts”?

    Is it to keep us amused?

    Why don’t they do a bit of reading?

    Why don’t they find out a bit about the world?

    I can tell this lot that if they did do, even a tiny, bit of reading they would find it really rewarding. The dark and silly delusions they have constructed for themselves would soon disappear.

    Don’t you see Squidgy, Sister Mary Clarence, Vulpus Rex and Rob N, that these “facts” just make you look ridiculous, and funny!

  14. Patrick James 6 Apr 2010, 6:34pm

    Squidgy writes:

    Patrick James:-

    So some people (probably a lot actually) don’t share the same thoughts you do. So they won’t agree with you. So some won’t ever on certain subjects…..

    Get Over It. It’s what makes us human. Just because we’re gay doesn’t mean we all have to sing from the same song sheet!

    Oh dear…

    Squidgy has gone into a huff!!

    Squidgy posts insulting comments ad nauseam, but now that he’s been taken up on it he is packing his bags and telling us “I am not playing any more!”.

    Well Squidgy, I’m all in favour of diversity and people believing all kinds of things, but you must remember that there will be a response!

    If Squidgy, you post some ridiculous nonsense and present it as a “fact” then I will respond. Many others will respond. Trust me on that one :)

    I know it is a toughy for you to understand, but making up nonsense or reading nonsense written by Sister Mary Clarence, Vulpus Rex, Rob N etc. and then presenting it as “fact” is going to get a response :)

    What were you thinking Squidgy? – that you and your friends are to post here insulting people with your ignorance and that there would be no response?

  15. I dont want to go to prison for 7 years for telling gay jokes, i think this law a clause for comedians or something that differenciates between homophobia and a joke

  16. I ain’t going no-where, so you attempt at your bully boy put-downs ain’t gonna work with me. As long as I am alive I will be entitled to say my opinion, just as much as you do yours.

    The fact you feel the need to make your comments quite so personal makes you stand out as the unpleasant person you are unable to commit to any rational debate without trying to make the other person feel small. It’s a typical Labour ploy and one Britain desperately need to have removed.

  17. I was actually going to vote for conservatives this election
    Seeing the true face of Dave lately, i believe what others have been saying
    He just says what people want to hear

    My vote is with UKIP

  18. theotherone 6 Apr 2010, 8:43pm

    so we have everything descending into name calling and hate from Labour supporters here. Nothing changes then.

  19. Pumpkin Pie 6 Apr 2010, 9:09pm

    It brings protections for gay people in line with laws against racial and religious hatred.

    This. This is by far the most important factor in this entire debate. I don’t see how anybody could possibly argue against this. Either give us equal protection, or strip protection from every other minority. Equality one way or the other.

    As for that twat Rowan Atkinson, I used to like this guy. I loved his programmes and characters. You want us to be second-class citizens so you can get a cheap chuckle at our expense? **** you, then, Atkinson. I shall wash my hands of the old has-been.

    Also-also, Squidgy

    Sorry forgot when gay leave sense of humour at the door

    Actually, according to the history of hate laws, gay people have the biggest sense of humour of any minority out there. Or at least we’re forced to. If you’re so into comedy, why don’t you go tell the ethnic minorities to stop being such “sissies”, then?

  20. Pumpkin Pie 6 Apr 2010, 9:21pm

    The amendment, tabled by Tory peer and former home secretary under Margaret Thatcher Lord Waddington, allows the “discussion or criticism” of sexual practices.

    Wanted to tackle this one in a new post, because it’s a seperate kettle of fish and a very, very serious one.

    The full transcription of Waddington’s amendment made some very blatant, thinly-veiled references to “conversion therapy”. Criticism of sexual practices? Bull****. Cowardly, meaningless double-speak from an arch-bigot. Let’s break that down. Through criticism, a person hopes enact a “positive” change in that which they are criticising. This amendment isn’t so people can stand around at bus stops saying “ooh, tribbing, anal sex, don’t like that much…” It’s meant to facilitate campaigns by “ex-gays” to “cure” us.

    That is this amendment’s very reason for being. To fly in the face of science, of the testimonials of experts who have studied us for decades and come to understand and accept us. To intentionally damage the mental health and very lives of the young and vulnerable in pursuit of puerile, misanthropic vanity – in the hopes of making us all “normal”.

    Reasonable discussions have been made on the subject of hate laws versus freedom of speech. This is not one of them. This is Waddington and his cronies speaking. Please don’t let these hateful old dinosaurs sucker you into thinking they’re being anything even close to reasonable.

  21. Pumpkin Pie 6 Apr 2010, 9:41pm

    Oh, oh, oh… Me again. Forgot to mention – as if anyone really needs to point it out – how ridiculous it is that a person’s CHOICE of religion gets more protection than something we were BORN with. Bizarre.

  22. theotherone 6 Apr 2010, 11:02pm

    Pie: strip protection from everyone I say and use Public Order offenses instead.

    What amazes me is that Labour choose this as their sop to Queers. What about Employment Equality? What about Queer Youth and Labour’s decision to allow Teachers to say whatever they like about Homosexuality?

    Silence, silence and more fvck1ng silence.

  23. I wouldn’t worry Tigra. Patrick James IS a gay joke.
    ..and that IS a fact.

  24. “making a mountain over a molehill over it.”

    When the BNP makes comments about Black or Muslim people then the Tories go into spasms of collective outrage.

    The Shadow Home secretary Chris however is secretly recorded stating that he believes that the owners of commercial businesses should break the law and deny goods and services to gay people.

    That is serious BNP-style material.

    However the Tory idiots choose to believe it’s harmless.

    It is not harmless. It is a matter of grave concern for everyone if the Home Secretary believes that putting signs in hotel receptions which state ‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Gays, No Dogs’ are acceptable.

    And Grayling has not been reprimanded for his neo-fascist opinions.

    Meaning that these neo-fascist opinions are official Tory policy.

  25. Patrick James isn’t Rob_N
    you are the one who seems very self-hating

  26. “I wouldn’t worry Tigra. Patrick James IS a gay joke.
    ..and that IS a fact. ”

    I cant seem to find much info on him, should i know who he is?

  27. Patrick James, would you like some indication that Labour’s pro-LGBT legislation was driven by pressure from the European Court of Human Rights? is Phil Woolas saying that avoiding prosecution of the UK Government by the ECHR was an incentive for introducing the Gender Recognition Act.

    It’s hard to say whether Labour would have introduced the legislation without that pressure (and given that the Government fought to keep the ban on gays in the military in ECHR, very debatable).

    Squidgy’s point however, that the same pressure from Europe would have applied to a Conservative government as much as it did to a Labour government, is undeniable.

    That being said, most of the LGBT legislation introduced by Labour had been Lib Dem policy for years! It’s clear which party is the leader on LGBT equality.

  28. I have never understood why so many heteros don’t accept the consequences of homophobic jokes or jokes about lesbians, gays and bis, that poeple are hurt and worse by this and that the people who want to make the jokes are being selfish losers!

  29. Thank God I was given the gift of being able to laugh at myself and with others and not take life so seriously.

  30. Repealing this defence will be a serious blow to free speech. Why should everyone agree with Labour’s version of morality? The moment you take away the freedom to express a moral opinion (whether other people like it or not is irrelevant) is the moment this country will have turned from a democracy into a totalitarian state. This country has gone to the dogs.

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