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Homophobic bullying ‘endemic’ in Liverpool

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s hope Stonewall’s anti-bullying campaign helps. It desperately needs too. I have a feeling it’s not just these areas though having the problem.

    To think, this is happening under a Labour government with no Section 28 to blame.

  2. So I take it the Arch Homophobe of Rome will be going there to celebrate Mass when he comes to the UK; he’ll feel right at home with the other homophobes!

  3. Or they could send barmy boris up from the smoke to sort it out; they already don’t like him….(!)

  4. Things haven’t moved on as much as people think. We’ve become complacent. We’ve allowed our Pride events and communities to be depoliticised and hijacked by commercial interests, the gay media is much diminished and ineffectual (this website apart), and we’re represented by wishy-washy (I would even say corrupt in certain cases) charities that are in bed with certain political parties.

    About ten years ago the media decided that it was OK to poke fun at us again in a ‘post-modern’ way. The trouble is a lot of people don’t understand the finer points of that humour. The days of ‘no-tolerance’ for gay hate were over.

    A tiny smug gay male elite are enjoying the high life and acceptance while, on the street and in the playground people are having their heads kicked in as usual.

  5. I agree with GS. I also take issue with this often-trotted-out quote about ‘teachers lacking the confidence’ to deal with homophobic bullying; with respect, that is frankly bollocks. They don’t do it because they don’t give a monkey’s. I was a teacher. Many, many teachers are homophobic bogots themselves. I always stopped it. The anti-homophobic bullying materials devised my Stonewall amongst others are very good. Yet unless the fundamental dishonesty at the root of part of this problem – not facing up to the fact that many teachers are quite indifferent (to say the very kindest least) to the issue, all attempts to deal with it and help thier pupils will be scuppered.

  6. gs. I couldn’t have said it better myself. pride is counter productive almost emnarrasing, civil partnerships are great but many gay people are struggling to survive the daily onslaught of homophobia. when I saw chris Bryant the undignifies man who poses in his underpants I just want to slap him. I guess tackling homophobia in schools is beneath him as long as he can get hitched in parliment. I get a feeling these elites are gonna get it.

  7. “To think, this is happening under a Labour government with no Section 28 to blame.”

    Appalling indeed.

    under a Tory government this would get immeasurably worse as the Tories intend to massively increase spending on ‘faith schools’ – the greatest increase since the 19th century in fact.

    No gay person with any degree of common sense will vote for those Tory bigots.

  8. It may be the same in other places, but liverpool is the most homophobic city i have ever lived (and i have lived in plenty of cities around the world – not that liverpoool should be called a city – its more like a big working class market town). the gay scene is like going back in time, twenty years or so – compared to manchester, and fifty years compared to london. even the gay people are homophobic. in my opinion its to do with scouse mothers – its not only the kids that need educating, its their uneducated bigoted catholic mothers – there is no point educating the kids if they go home to be confronted by bigoted parents. i have many stories of homophobia from there. i had to move out of the city after seeing a five year old getting slapped around the head for crying in a supermarket after he fell over. his mother said ‘do you wanna grow up to be a queer’. i told her she was out of order for saying that to the kid, she then started to threaten me, told me she would find out where i lived and that ‘she would get me sorted out……they dont have queers living in their city’. my window got put through a week later – so i moved out of the vile place. the ‘macho men’ that live there are the biggest mummys boys going. if mummy doesnt like it, they dont do it. its the scouse mothers that are the problem.

  9. LOL Simon you like Labour convienently miss the point. It Isn’t happening under a Tory government It’s Been a LABOUR government for 13 years. This action is happening under a LABOUR government, Not, repeat Not a Tory one.

    Stop blaming the Tories when they have Nothing to do with what is happening. This is a LABOUR induced problem from a Labour government. Stop making excuse to make you point. Face up to the problem and who has caused it. That’s Labour in case you need to be reminded.

  10. jay:-

    I’m well aware of how things used to be but I’m lookin to the future. Labour must have changed to get in after 18 years so why not the Tories. In any case I haven’t finished making my mind up who I’ll vote for. I probably won’t be Labour.

    I’ll let each party do it’s work of convincing me why I should vote for them then I will vote accordingly. Leaving the past exactly where it should be… In the past.

    Secondly… noticed Peter Tatchell…plllllease. That’s enough to not make me look at it thanks. I have no interest in someone who doesn’t believe I could have been born gay… so his material.. no ta.

  11. Sorry last message meant for dean not jay.

  12. well I was there and it’s common sense to learn from the past. I will not waste anymore of your time.

  13. Me too but Sorry dean you say you was there, you clearly still are!
    Whereas I’m not.

  14. Apathy, complacence… the gay media was mainly politicised in the past. Now it’s mainly commercialised and geared towards the exploitation of sex. Maybe what’s needed is a little more suffering so the new generations can wake up and smell the coffee.

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