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English Patient inspiration had gay lover

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  1. Hmm. There have been no ‘Egyptian princes since the times of the pharaohs…

  2. Mihangel apYrs 6 Apr 2010, 7:07pm

    Hans Entholt is reported to have been an officer in the Wehmacht, the equivalent of our Army. There is no proof offered that he was a Nazi (or more than a member of the party for reasons of ambition or survival). It is lazy to ascribe such a vile epithet without such proof as only membership of the political services (SS, Gestapo) is conclusive.

  3. Niki – without wanting to be a pedant (HA!), your statement may well have come as rather a surprise to the members of the Tulunid, Ikhshidid, Fatimid and Ayyubid dynasties (868-1254CE), the Bahri and Burji Mamluks (1250-1517) and the Muhammad Ali dynasty (1805-1953).

  4. But I have to say I’m not sure how this constitutes ‘news’ – Laszlo de Almasy’s homosexuality was quite widely reported and discussed around the time of the film’s release in the mid-1990s.

  5. Just another example of how our true history is heterosexualised or hidden. I read the Alexander trilogy by Valerio Manfredi recently and saw how he heterosexualised Alexander, so did the movie. Likewise with Achilles in the movie Troy and on it goes.

    1. Alexander the film by Oliver Stone did not make any attempt to hide the fact that Alexander had sex with men or that he was in love with Hephaistion. There is one scene particularly where a naked Alexander after getting into bed bids his Persian lover Bagoas join him. I think that is an accurate depiction of the historical facts. As for Troy, well that was the usual Hollywood hash up of hetrosexual nonsense for the high school movie goers, so I give you that one :-) .

  6. Oops…
    My mistake. Thanks for pointong it out

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