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US general avoids punishment for criticising repeal of military gay ban

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  1. C.I. Ruja 2 Apr 2010, 1:01am

    Actually, you are wrong. Since currently the law covering members of the armed forces make it a violation to state ones homosexual sexual preference. A superior officer can not order an illegal act; thus, Genl. Mixon can not be punished nor reprimanded. In addition any sexual behavior on duty, under uniform is prohibited and will probably continue to be even if “don’t ask, don’t tell” is repealed.

  2. I think hes entitled to his oppinion
    Hes still stupid for believing it will lower morale if everyone knows they are surrounded by gay people

  3. General Mixon is an example of all that is stupid, violent and wrong about the US Army.

    I hope he is redeployed to Taliban country in Afghanistan.

  4. And why should he be reprimanded? People should not be criminalised for having opinions. Gays are not criminalised for attacking the Catholic church so why should it be any different for those who don;t like us?

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