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Prisoner ‘threatened to crucify and eat former gay lover’

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Reader comments

  1. The guy is 20 and was sleeping with a 56 year old and a 15 year old girl. You don’t need to be a specialist to know that there’s something wrong with him mentally.

  2. Hang on a minute. Are we actually denigrating a gay man here? Isn’t this a classic bit of homophobia? I mean, all gay men are perfect and never put a foot wrong.

    Seriously, the guy is obviously a nutter, but it doesn’t need remarks like poutis. I know plenty of 20yo’s shacked up with pensioners. That doesn’t make them mentally unhinged, just exploitative little queens.

  3. We’re not denigrating him as a gay man, Rob_N–at least I am not. I’m denigrating him as a major league nutter who needs to be put away for life. Sensible GLBT reserve the right to criticise a criminal, no matter what his orientation.

    I’ve had em, too, Louie. I’ve been lucky and had only one abusive lover, but she was more than enough for a lifetime. I mean, I could write quite a novel based on my two years with her! I can only say that people like this don’t get better–the violence only tends to get worse with time. I was lucky–another woman caught her eye and I was off the hook. I can only say that Mr. Coombes is very lucky. Kelly is a flat-out nutter and maybe at the least also a part-time pedophile.

    Of course, while I agree on the whole thing with the 15-year old, I am 57 (well, almost) and my spouse 33, and we have been married nearly 3 years now, so some age-disparate unions do work out.

  4. ” I know plenty of 20yo’s shacked up with pensioners. That doesn’t make them mentally unhinged, just exploitative little queens.”

    Who is exploitative – the 20 year old sleeping with the pensioner for the cash? Or the pensioner sleeping with the 20 year old for the sex?

    I take it you are at least middle aged RobN? For being so critical of the 20 year old, instead of the dirty old man?

  5. Why is everyone hatin’ on the victim, the one you all call “old man”?
    He took this man into HIS house.
    He had the right to tell the other to get out of HIS house.
    He took this man’s beating in HIS own house.
    He is not the one sleeping with minors.
    You all criticize him for the age gap, which makes not any sense. That 20 – 56 age gap may be 36 years, but it is 36 years LEGAL. The 15 – 20 age gap is 5 years, but the 15 year old is a minor on top of the 5 year age difference counting as pedophilia.

    I would focus all your anger on the 20 year old, who is eventually going to be picked up by the political rights to say “Look! Gays are pedophiles and shouldn’t be able to marry/adopt/ect!”. It has happened before, since they have no soul to pity the violence that the victim took (old man versus man in 20s, yet another reason this crime p!sses me off).

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 3 Apr 2010, 5:47am

    “Judge Geoffrey Marson warned him he may never be released.”

    Right. In a perfect world.

  7. Pumpkin Pie 4 Apr 2010, 2:01am

    “Judge Geoffrey Marson warned him he may never be released.”

    Right. In a perfect world.

    In a perfect world, this guy would be getting proper treatment for his personality disorder, or would already have had it, thus avoiding this situation. There’s a big difference between “at least six years” and “may never be released” – a difference which I believe indicates that they don’t have a bloody clue what to do with him. Nothing new there then.

    Whether he serves a pointlessly short sentence or an inordinately long one is anyone’s guess. I’m about as confident as you are that the justice system will find some way to mess it up.

  8. netqueensZzZz 4 Apr 2010, 3:52am

    56 is that all. I quite like 56 year Olds i enjoy making a fuss of them.

    Mind you a lot of 56 year Olds have a lot better bodies then some 20 year Olds.

    It sounds like this 56 year old was lonely
    and made a mistake. His loneliness made him take risks
    He offered somebody a roof over their head with conditions?
    the bedroom. And it all went wrong.

    I find older people quite attractive to be honest.
    It’s all a matter of how the person has taken care of themselves.

    I think looks matter there are so many ugly looking 20 year Olds.

    P.S. Artificial people are always ugly.

  9. Derek North 4 Apr 2010, 5:30pm

    I’m 44 and despite my lusts drawing me to younger men, ie. 20’s and 30’s, they bore the hell out of me.

    Their entire culture has been manufactured and packaged for them and they cannot see outwith their own sphere of “deemed” self importance.

    Obviously their will be exceptions, but I can’t be @rsed bothering with it.

    I’ll just bugg3r off to bed with a Columbo DVD and a cup of tea.

    My good friend, Wan Hand Chunder, will duly assist in my hapless slumber.

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