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Northern Ireland

‘Homophobic’ Ulster Unionist candidate barred from standing

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Reader comments

  1. “he would feel “uncomfortable” having gay couples around his 14-year-old daughter”

    That IS homophobia! He either thinks all homosexuals are child molesters or that they are on some kind of mission to spread their so-called ‘homosexual disease’ to children – and he claims that he isn’t homophobic?

    What a sick and revolting man he is.

  2. But why on earth would any normal, sane person be uncomfortable with gay people around their teenage children? Would be also be uncomfortable with black people coming into his home?

  3. I’m sure the DUP will have him.

    Now that Iris Robinson has retired from politics due to her promiscuous insanity, I’m sure the DUP need another foaming-at-the-mouth bigot.

    Speaking of the teenager-loving Iris Robinson – is she still in hospital.

    Any updates on whether she is to be charged with her crimes of securing the services of her teenaged prostitute using public money?

  4. Mary Hinge 2 Apr 2010, 5:06pm

    Just three comments on a strong stance by the Tory party on gay issues – where are all the naysayers who jump on some minor ex Labour councillor’s actions as proof that the whole Tory Party hates gays?


  5. Simon Murphy 3 Apr 2010, 2:09am

    Stop talking nonsense Mary Hinge. The Tories do not take a strong stance on gay issues. They are homophobic liars.

    Iain Duncan Smith – catholic zealot and arch homophobe – is the Tory spokesperson on families. He wants to reduce the parental rights of gay parents.

    And let’s not forget the truly disgusting alliance between the Tories and the extreme right, homophobes of the Law and Justice Party in Poland.

    The Tory Party is homophobic. Just because they are not as deranged as some weirdo extremist in Northern Ireland is no reason to believe they are not still the nasty, bigotted party they have always been.

  6. We must all, as Gay people, work tirelessly to ensure The Law and Justice homophobic racist Tory party never ever gets elected again. The rumpus Callmedave is making about the rise in National Insurance contributions is all to do with the fact that he wants to be able to privatize the National Health should he by some “miracle” make it to Downing street.
    The National Health Service does need a rise in revenues and this is the way to do it. CALLMEDAVE the SALESMAN knows this but he already has his sights set on selling it off to his Tory big business friends.
    PLEASE PLEASE think before you vote to throw away a national institution, which voting for Callmedave the Salesman’s Law and Justice Racist homophobic Tory party would do.
    Don’t Vote for The Tory party.
    Don’t vote for David Cameron.
    Don’t vote for the Conservatives.
    Don’t vote for big business to run the country
    Don’t vote to roll back gay rights.
    Don’t vote for 18% interest rates.
    Don’t vote for 6 million on the dole.
    Don’t vote for religion to run your lives.
    A vote for any of the above will set the United Kingdom back Fifty years.
    If you don’t like Labour vote Greens, Liberal Democrats or any of the numerous Independents, but Please Please don’t vote for to ruin your own life by Voting homophobic Tory/Conservative.

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