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HIV charity opens online chatroom for gay men

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Reader comments

  1. A challenge to G@ydar’s domination of the chatroom circuit. One more place to go on the pull I guess.

  2. THT has had an HIV+ room on Gaydar for ages. And guess what, it’s about as packed out as the Asian disco night at the BNP.

    I think the words “horse”, “water”, and “drink” spring to mind.

  3. What utter numbskulls. They have absolutely no idea, do they? People go to chatrooms to pull. Perhaps it is an addendum to THT is a facilitator of HIV, it is not a preventer. Hopefully the Tories will pull the plug on this shameful outfit. How dare they continue to use Terry Higgins’ name to promote their self-serving agenda.

  4. Look at the site its not a chat room in the conventional way but a space to talk about safer sex / sexual health.

    The THT are far from perfect the last campaign with tooth brushes was misguided – how long did we spend getting across the ‘you can’t get it from a tooth brush’ message together with muddled text, but they are trying working with complex issues.

    It is offensive nonsense to describe the THT as facilitators of HIV because they take on challenging work and risk minimalsation for guys into heavier scenes that provincial vanilla homosexuals may not understand or appreciate.

  5. Anything that helps educate and help those in need regarding HIV has to be a plus. At least they are doing something. Don’t really see how THT are facilitators being they are trying to help cut the numbers. Guess without them we could go to the African/Middle East stance of denial and hope it’ll go away.

    THT have done a lot to help people, me included, and I certainly wouldn’t want them to disappear. Doubt the Tories would back your idea Patchy.

    Gaydar do have HIV rooms, one for HIV men to cruise other sexual health rooms for chat. Have to say that most days someone from THT is in a chatroom for those in need of help too, so they don’t need to go straight to a sexual health room.

    Keep up the excellent work THT. I know I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

  6. this could be good. finally the charities might start doing what they ought to be doing, rather than just cooperating with the sex-clubs and saunas who run hard-core gay porn on continuous loop so that more and more guys disappear into the cubicles to get infected.

  7. What then is the right way of engaging with the men who use the 40 odd sex on premises venues in London?

    I can see that many guys don’t like sex on premises or hard core sex venues but as long as they are legal and make money they won’t go away, even if they were illegal they wouldn’t actually go away I’m old enough to remember Subway and the original Cellar in the early 80’s.

    The policy of participating with sex clubs and saunas may not be to everyone’s taste just as they venues aren’t but to ignore their 1000’s of patrons would be a mistake to.

    The issues are no longer straightforward both positive and perceived negative guys sort by status, old message of use condoms or else fail, as do scare tactics when we know that HIV is now for most people a manageable long term condition.

    Dealing with complexity isn’t easy it requires understanding from all parties.

    If you dislike sex clubs, they are licensed premises and the law allows for objections to licenses and requires decent behavior.

    I do not believe agencies working in sex on premises venues are giving any credibility to them by trying to encourage safer behavior in them.

    Andrew Sullivan argues that gay marriage reduces promiscuity, it may but as long as their is demand such venues will exist.

  8. Apologies for the typos, I was rushing out to go to 5 get Filthy @ The Union, about 200 guys and about 1000 condoms provided and I didn’t see any rubberless action :)

  9. At the end of the day you can educate and help with getting the message of HIV across. The rest is up to individual people to make up their own minds.

    Don’t see the point in banning sex clubs, straight or gay. As you say banning them would just make then open underground.

    Their seems to be this blaming HIV charities for the HIV numbers yet we cant expect someone from the charity to actually be their to put the condom on before sex. The blame surely has to fall on the person to take responsibility for their OWN actions.

    All that charities can do it help pass on the message and knowledge. The rest is up to us.

  10. I always laugh when I hear these people blame THT or other HIV Charities… While I agree that everyone has their opinion, I still see the superficialness and irrationality of such opinions. But those opinion are still spitting of hate rather than sense. Evidence is that these people do not give any alternative result.

    THT and others are taking on the hard truths and doing remarkable jobs to support people living with HIV. Although HIV numbers has risen continuously, they are not all new half infections and I suppose not even half of them. You have to remember that as awareness gets deeper, people learn to go and test. As of today, there are thousands, even millions in the UK who has never tested (all their life). So what HIV charities is doing is creating awareness and taking-on the hard truths of unguarded and ignorant bareback attitudes and challenging them.

    However, regardless of what is done, HIV charities are not into hiding facts and like someone mentioned above, you can do all but the action goes down to the individual to implement.

    This chatroom may not gather the real information though as the real core risk-takers wont go on it. Instead, going through gay dating websites would have been much useful. There is a lot HIV charities do not know or cannot tackle because of restrictions too.

  11. The fact is that sex makes money and lots of guys are prepared to set up and run saunas, sex-clubs, and so forth. They not only create gay-friendly spaces but exclusively-gay spaces. And in our homophobic country such places are more desirable than going along to Wetherspoons on a Saturday night.

    Next, some guys are prepared to make careers out of gay publishing. They create the mags and newspapers which earn their revenue advertising the sex-clubs. The mags and newspapers inform and advise the readership of the existence of the sex-clubs.

    So a whole fashion has been created. Thousands of guys are spending leisure time in sex-clubs, getting hooked on sex, and though a lot of them try to stick to safe sex, they’re getting sucked into an obsessional past-time that is causing a lot of slip up and get infected.

    Canoeing, hiking, mountain-biking, swimming, para-gliding, dozens of different sports, these are leisure pursuits that do not lead to sex-addiction and which do not therefore increase the likelihood of picking up HIV.

  12. Great post Pete thanks, I have only two points to add, neither I nor any of the major psychological associations believe in sex addiction I think for a percentage it may be as you put it an obsessional past-time, but for most in my opinion its just sex the age old human desire.

    The other point is that those wonderful guys at GMFA have a guide to all the other sorts of gay groups were men can meet socially without a backroom details here

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