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Council bans play about extremism and homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. ChutneyBear 1 Apr 2010, 12:11pm

    Shame its not an April Fools joke..f**king racists should be shot

  2. You can still catch Moonfleece in theatres where it’s not been banned, when the show returns to London in April:

    8th – 11th at Riverside Studios

    15th – 17th at Greenwich Theatre

  3. I don’t understand it. Most of these kids will be watching videos or playing games where content will be more controversial than the content of this play!
    The touchy-feely brigade win again! Kids are tougher than we think. Time to wake up and get real if we want to improve and shape kids views of society.

  4. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Apr 2010, 12:51pm

    On the one hand Stonewall is campaigning against gay hate crimes; on the other, a Council bans a play about homophobia….

    Seems everyone is bumping into one another on this island…er, this Island.

  5. I suppose a play about the how brilliant the BNP are would still be shown?
    Idiotic council

  6. Looks like a cowardly decision by Dudley Council. BTW does anyone know with certainty whether or not the producer of this play is the same Will Young who won Pop Idol in 2002?

  7. Pop Idol Will Young? Pffft, only thing he could direct was his knob in to Louis Walshe’s gob.

  8. It is ridiculous to say that the EDL is homophobic. They have been explicitly defending gay rights since Sept 2009 (they’ve not even been in existence for 1 year). Lesbians and gay men have been on EDL demos at Leeds, Stoke, London, and Bolton. The EDL now has it’s own LGBT group, which had over 100 peple sign up to it in one month, including a transsexual and an anarchist.

    It is preposterous for the gay media to fall into the same simplistic trap of saying EDL=BNP. The BNP has said they will expel any member who joins the EDL. It seems to me that the media are making a concerted effort to disguise the fact that EDL has support from gay people.

    If you think EDL supports racism or is anti-gay, feel free to join the facebook group, or go to the forum. Start saying something you think the BNP would agree with, and find out for yourselves.

    No-one else is standing up for gay rights against creeping sharia law. Maybe when the 2012 census shows you the muslim population of the UK has gone up from 3% to 10% in a decade the significance of people like Anjem Choudary calling for us to be lynched from lamp-posts will sink in.

  9. musclelad23 1 Apr 2010, 7:13pm

    Why is the EDL hostile towards muslims who are against extremism and terrorists though? Your website/literature says you are only anti extremist but look at any EDL protest and you will see vehemently anti muslim and far right chants. There are also photos of people Hailing hitler at your protests yet at the same time holding up Israeli flags… So as a gay man I can’t say I would feel so safe with some EDL members saying they like us, when most would probably lock us up if they governed. It’s stuff like this that makes me extremely uncomfortable as a secular person who believes in freedom of religion.

    Anjem choudary is a media whore evil douchebag by the way. But not a spokesperson for muslims. Which people forget (understandably) in anger.

  10. Joe Johnston 1 Apr 2010, 8:21pm

    musclelad23 has obviously never seen an EDL march – but he does seem keen on swallowing the propaganda of the left – including the appeasement of militant Islam

  11. Sister Mary clarence 1 Apr 2010, 10:07pm

    Ok Joe, so Alan Lake is smart enough to try to muddy the waters over links with the BNP and other far right organisations, but he isn’t always entirely successful is he?

    Davy Cooling, who I believe has a co-ordinating role in Luton is both a well known hooligan and a BNP member.

    EDL has a support base among a number of football hooligan gangs who are closely liked with the BNP.

    Chris Renton helped set up the website, and whilst when his political links with the BNP went public on the surface EDL distanced themselves from him, behind the scenes isn’t quite the same story is it?

    Could spend all day going on about the known links with the BNP and I am sure there are plenty of others not so well known.

    Gay does not mean entirely stupid I’m afraid. Nice try though.

  12. It is abundantly clear that idiots like Joe Johnston have short rather narrow-minded hateful memories. Though the lefties have their own agendas it has always been the right-wing propaganda machine which has perpetrated ignorance & homophobia. Shame on you for swallowing their rhetoric designed for gullible fools.

  13. “but look at any EDL protest and you will see vehemently anti muslim and far right chants”

    Being anti-muslim is not the same as being far right. I do hope you understand that.

    I am anti-muslim (as part of being an anti-religious in general).

    In general it is only correct to be opposed to superstitious, voluntary belief systems. Especially when those belief systems try to pervert democracy by influencing the law to suit their beliefs (and religions are reliable in their efforts to pervert democracy and human rights)

  14. Sister Mary clarence 2 Apr 2010, 1:39pm

    Simon, completely chose to ignore the ‘far right’ part of the statement I see.

    Again cherry picking what parts of equality that affect your that you are only ever bothered about.

    EDL and the BNP are joined at the hip, although strenuous efforts are made by those involved in the EDL to make it appear otherwise.

    There is scarcely a a non-white face involved, bar some stupid mixed race kid called Joel who they haul out periodically to show they are not racist. Joel is a nasty little football hooligan thug-let, who when he grows up a little bit (if he ever does) will realise that he is being used, and as they say ‘one swallow doesn’t make a summer’.

  15. EDL anti-muslim today anti what tomorrow?

    The BNP and their cronies have tailored their message over the years to suit the threat of the day, Muslim extremists, gypsies accessing NHS services, eastern europeans, blacks.

    With the EDL being so closely linked to them, with supporters affiliating to both simultaneously are we really to believe they are the good guys?

    I actually think it probably made sense to reschedule the play. Making young people aware of the poison of extremist right wing views and then having a march by right wing thugs a couple of days later in a small town sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

    Hopefully the play will be aired once the fascists have moved on/been arrested.

  16. We must all, as Gay people, work tirelessly to ensure The Law and Justice homophobic racist Tory party never ever gets elected again. The rumpus Callmedave is making about the rise in National Insurance contributions is all to do with the fact that he wants to be able to privatize the National Health should he by some “miracle” make it to Downing street.
    The National Health Service does need a rise in revenues and this is the way to do it. CALLMEDAVE the SALESMAN knows this but he already has his sights set on selling it off to his Tory big business friends.
    PLEASE PLEASE think before you vote to throw away a national institution, which voting for Callmedave the Salesman’s Law and Justice Racist homophobic Tory party would do.
    Don’t Vote for The Tory party.
    Don’t vote for David Cameron.
    Don’t vote for the Conservatives.
    Don’t vote for big business to run the country
    Don’t vote to roll back gay rights.
    Don’t vote for 18% interest rates.
    Don’t vote for 6 million on the dole.
    Don’t vote for religion to run your lives.
    A vote for any of the above will set the United Kingdom back Fifty years.
    If you don’t like Labour vote Greens, Liberal Democrats or any of the numerous Independents, but Please Please don’t vote for to ruin your own life by Voting homophobic Tory/Conservative.

  17. Patrick:-

    Surely if there’s one thing you should Know about true Brits its that more you keep telling us Not to do something the more likely we are to say “Stuff You” and do it just to say we won’t be pushed around! Be careful with your preaching.

    We have our own minds and are entitled to use it to vote for who We want not what you want.

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