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Lesbian nursery boss cleared of cruelty charges

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Reader comments

  1. Most lesbians do have a way of getting on the wrong side of people…JUST SAYING is all.

  2. Typical coppers. Just shows you can never trust a copper. It appears the jury came back faster than you can say “stitch up with no evidence”.

    This woman is now tarnished for life, it doesn’t matter that she has been acquitted, she will struggle to get a similar job. With coppers it is a case of whoever gets in first with a report or a claim is believed, and they manipulate the evidence to fit their opinion and get a nick – it is never about uncovering the truth. It is as though they have backed one horse over another.

    Never, ever offer to give a statement to the police, they will always try to twist your words.

  3. Sister Mary clarence 31 Mar 2010, 3:01pm

    Funny, never actually saw any of that reported anywhere Julian.

  4. Been in trouble with the long arm of the law Julian? The only mention of police in this story is when SHE gives the police her side of the story.

  5. “Most lesbians do have a way of getting on the wrong side of people”


    What an entirely stupid thing to say!

  6. Julian – so I supose alligations of child abuse should just be, what, ignored?

  7. Not at all Joy, I have loadsa gay gal pals but the majority can be quite belligerent and tough. I guess its just a stance they have had to adopt so people don’t take the p!ss with them. I can imagine she may have rubbed some of her colleagues up the wrong. So not really an “entirely stupid thing to say”.

  8. Chris Lowry 31 Mar 2010, 3:34pm

    So please to see justice being done – shame the report doesn’t indicate what happened to the two who made the false claims..? Surely they should be losing their jobs, and charged with wasting Police time? Be nice to know if justice comes full circle?!

  9. I second that, Chris Lowry.

    And, C, your comment’s uncalled for. I’ve no doubt you’re telling the truth about your lesbian friends but as the woman in this case ISN’T one of your friends, then your speculation is inappropriate and pointless. You and I have no idea what this lady is like, and to suggest, without any evidence, that she somehow contributed to the allegations made about her, is nasty.

  10. Pete & Michael 31 Mar 2010, 4:00pm

    The two people whom testified against her should now face hate crime charges. We have had problems with neighbours, we told the Police of allegations made, thankfully the Police believed us and treated the matter as hate crimes against us. The Police spoke to the people concerned, the neighbours never expected us to inform the Police.

  11. Pumpkin Pie 31 Mar 2010, 4:20pm

    The comment form on the previous story was closed, but I was going to say even back then that it was clear these two childish buffoons were just telling tales. Everything they said sounded like something the villain in a scary fairy tale would do. Had any of this actually been happening, they would have had to be phenomenally incompetent to not intervene on behalf of the children, “scary” colleague or not.

    Thankfully, the jury realised how absurd it all sounded, too. Really, I’ve known five year olds who can construct more plausible plots than this fiasco. I hope those two are banned from working with children. If they treat peers like that, who knows what they’d do to children?

  12. “Had any of this actually been happening, they would have had to be phenomenally incompetent to not intervene on behalf of the children, “scary” colleague or not.”

    Not just incompetent, monumentaly stupid as well. Social survices will act on anonamus information when informed of child abuse, they would never have had to have been identified even to the authorities.

  13. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 31 Mar 2010, 11:24pm

    The movie “The Children’s Hour” was shown on T.V monday night, I watched it again,
    and again I cried.A wonderful movie, the message is as true today as untrue
    word can taint, forever.Lesbian, eeeekk stand back, ruin this woman. my heart goes
    out to this woman, many of us can tell simular stories. Moral judgments from judgmental, misguided bigots have been the source of heartbreak to so many of our
    community.Saddens me.
    F E

  14. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 31 Mar 2010, 11:47pm

    I just watched “The Children’s hour” again, and again I cried.Moral Judgments
    still today bringing heart break and worse to those of our community. Will it ever
    stop?? I fear not, unless we find a way to stop this bigoted behavior againest us.
    Saddly we have spent life times trying to right these wrongs.
    “Great Spirit, may we be granted strength, courage and resolve to continue forward with our dreams of total freedom sans life style moral judgments.”AHO.
    Mitakuye Oyasin M
    F E

  15. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Apr 2010, 12:27am

    “The Children’s Hour”…Shirley McLaine and Audrey Hepburn…an absolute Classic.

    Horrendous anti-gay crime are occurring in Iraq as we speak.

    Please sign this urgent petition:

    Ali Hili Must Travel !!!

    Oh and BTW…C = Monkeychops…it doesn’t have a friend in the world…yuk, yuk…

    Hello Sugar Plum Fairie! Wearing your Easter Bonnet, hunny bunny???!

    C you!

  16. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Apr 2010, 7:48am


    “Not at all Joy, I have loadsa gay gal pals…”

    Tu me fais rire !

  17. “Oh and BTW…C = Monkeychops…”

    Thatw ould explain a lot….

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