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Harman demands Cameron expels Tory councillor over ‘homophobic’ comment

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Reader comments

  1. vulpus_rex 31 Mar 2010, 4:34pm

    Perhaps the Arch-Deaconess of hypocrisy should stop her sour faced posturing and put her own house in order first:

    Only 36 days of Harriet and New Liebour left – hurrah, hurrah!

  2. I feel sorry for the guy to be honest. He made a moronic remark for which he offered an apology.

    This sentence is accurate: “But he added that he felt he was being used as a “political football”.

    It is unfortunate but necessary that he is used as a political football.

    There is far too much evidence that the Tories remain a deeply bigotted, homophobic party.

    Callmedave’s attempts to paint the Tories as inclusive simply does not stand up to scrutiny.

    Until we know that the Tories have changed their bigotted spots (and with Iain Duncan SMith on the Tory front bench, that day seems a long way off) then the Tories should receive all kinds of hell when they show their nasty, true colours

  3. theotherone 31 Mar 2010, 4:40pm

    she’s got a fvck1ng cheek when she’s part of a Party who are turning the mclock back on Queer Rights.

    Hey Harman I’ve got some questions for you:

    1. Do you support full employment equality for Queer people? Your refusal to take on the House of Lords makes one think not.

    2. Do you support further liberalisation of laws around Civil Partnerships? Your government’s reversal of a vote in the House Of lords casts doubt on this.

    3. Do you or your Government care about Queer children? You education policies cast doubt on this.

    As that mythological figure Christ was supposed to have said ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’

  4. Must be nearing election time, previously silent politicians suddenly giving a damn about the real under-represented in this country. Still a quick walk to the polling station should rid us of imbeciles like Harman come election day.

  5. Harman is right to take this stand because calling people “limp-wristed boys” is homophobic. Denis Knowles apologises – for the political embarrassment to his party and for his “throwaway” comment made in “jest”. But this is not good enough. Denis believes that making homophobic jokes about gay men is trivial. Our lives and safety are not trivial and research and our experience shows that we still face high levels of low-level homophobia and homophobic violence. Such comments add fuel to the flames of hatred.

    As LGBT people we should be standing up for ourselves and fighting against such casually expressed bigotry, rather than colluding with internalised homophobia that encourages us to be apologists for such offensive views. Denis Knowles should be thrown out of Cameron’s new, modern Conservative Party or their posing on LGBT issues will be shown to be just that.

    For comparison let’s look at the shiny new Tory approach to ethnic minorities (lots of crossover here):–s-town.html

  6. John(Derbyshire) 31 Mar 2010, 5:11pm

    Is she doing our cause any good? Me thinks NOT!!

  7. I notice the article doesn’t mention he defected from Labour where he probably learnt all his bad habits. The truth is you should always check out turncoats thoroughly before accepting them in your party. Perhaps he will defect back to his natural party now

  8. First of all, Anne Widdecome is a homophobe
    This guy was a homophobe when he was a Labour MP, now hes a Tory and they are takin shots at the Tories?!!

    Labour are scum, all of them
    Rather than sort out the mess they made they slag off other parties that are doing better and winning more votes
    None of the others do that, even the BNP could do a better job running the economy than Labour

  9. theotherone 31 Mar 2010, 9:10pm

    ‘even the BNP could do a better job running the economy than Labour’

    I could do a better job in my sleep with my cat as the Chancellor.

  10. Why doesn’t this interfering old bat keep her nose out of the trough? It’s a shame they’re not quite so quick to sack corrupt MPs with dodgy expenses.

  11. theotherone 31 Mar 2010, 9:17pm

    Not a mention James of Labour’s history on homophobia, Anti-Semitism, Labour’s rejected election posters featuring doctored images of George Osbourn wearing make-up with the legend ‘Boy George’ next to it?

    No mention what so ever.

  12. Sister Mary clarence 31 Mar 2010, 9:36pm

    fitaloon – couldn’t agree more

  13. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Mar 2010, 11:51pm

    Horrendous anti-gay hate crimes are occurring in Iraq as we speak.

    Please sign this urgent petition:

    Ali Hili Must Travel!!

  14. If he is homophobic, it’s either ‘come over’ him very quickly or he hid it very well while working for Angela ‘£1,200 new bed on MP expenses’ Eagle for 10 years. Sour grapes on her part methinks!

  15. “Harman is right to take this stand because calling people “limp-wristed boys” is homophobic.”

    It also happens to be true. Not been north of the Watford Gap lately? Limp-wristed boys and more than a few minders galore!!! Now why not just arrest me and throw away the key? What a sad lot of Milly-tants you are…

  16. Harriet Harm-em – 2 words – Pot, Kettle. You can guess the rest.

    Equalities Minister my a**e.

  17. Why all these “revelations” about the homophobic racist tories are a surprise to anyone is beyond me. The Tory party has, for its entire history, been a party of upper class racist, misogynist homophobic twits. From the parasites at the end of the Mall to the sort of Tory-aspiring lump knowles and all the dross in between.
    The great pity is that when the French Revolution threatned to spill across the channel that it wasn’t encouraged, if only to be rid of this lot. WE are stuck with them now and will see more and more of this Racist Homophobia as we get nearer to poll day.
    The fact that there are people among us who are deluded by their insidious message is even more sickening.
    And what is even more sickening is that a lot of them lived through Mad Maggie Thatchers era of murder and mis rule.
    The Tory management of the “Troubles” in Ireland which ended up costing the lives of thousands of Irish and British people,the internment camps, the murder of innocent hundreds of young Argentinians on the Belgrano, The racism at home, when the prisons were almost entirely filled with black people, the convicting of hundreds of innocent people (Birmingham six) etc, the selloff of the UKs fixed assets to their Tory Friends, as in the selloff of half of westminster by whats her name dame something or other,The quangos, the 17.9% interest that put hundreds of thousands of Brits on the streets when they couldnt pay the interest on their mortgages, the selloff of the social housing stock so that they could give their billionaire friends a tax break and the 5 million on the dole. Wake up people…”He who forgets his history is destined to relive it” to quote someone or other.
    Please Please dont vote for Callmedaves Homophobic, Racist Tory Party.

  18. Extraordinary: a Government minister criticises a homophobic councillor (this is good, would you rather she ignored it as Equalities Minister?) and some people on here are more interested in repeating his offensive comments, insulting her with sexist comments or suggesting that Angela Eagle – the only out lesbian in parliament – has ‘sour grapes’.

    Anyone who dismisses “limp-wristed boys” as inoffensive does not understand that it is another attack on more feminine gay men, supported by the heterosexual political mainstream and lots of gay men, including some on here. These insulting attitudes are also all over gay dating sites e.g. no femmes, camp etc, only ‘straight-acting’ (whatever that means; for me having sex with men is neither acting nor straight). It should be remembered that femme gay men are more likely to be attacked by homophobes and have been at the front of battles for LGBT rights since the 1970s, battles that have allowed even those men who hate them to have the space to call themselves ‘straight acting’ and have sex with and love men.

    More love than hate to be found here: and

  19. I do feel his comments were homophobic, but I don’t think they were quite bad enough to warrant throwing him out of the party. And I would be a lot more willing to believe Harman was sincere if similar incidents in the Labour party met with expulsion.

  20. Sister Mary clarence 1 Apr 2010, 12:39pm

    He has been suspended already. Harriet knows full well that without any sort of hearing he can’t just be found guilty (he is not of course a potential terror suspect, or an opposition MP, although maybe they are going to broaden it out so we are all guilty unless proven innocent).

    Once he has had his hearing he’ll get booted out I suspect.

    Interesting to see if he crawls back where he cam from and picks up the Labour whip again.

    I didn’t here Harriet having anything to say about sacking the three robbing sh1ts that are being prosecuted for fiddling their expenses (more so than the rest anyway), who are now trying to wriggle out of a trial by claiming privilege.

  21. “Harman demands Cameron expels Tory councillor over ‘homophobic’ comment”

    Labour want him back then do they Harriet?

  22. It’ll be a better day when this lot are removed from office! Nothing but a bunch of Hypocrites.

  23. We must all, as Gay people, work tirelessly to ensure The Law and Justice homophobic racist Tory party never ever gets elected again. The rumpus Callmedave is making about the rise in National Insurance contributions is all to do with the fact that he wants to be able to privatise the National Health should he by some “miracle” make it to Downing street.
    The National Health Service does need a rise in revenues and this is the way to do it. CALLMEDAVE the SALESMAN knows this and but he already has his sights set on selling it off to his Tory big business friends.
    PLEASE PLEASE think before you vote to throw away a national institution, which voting for Callmedave the Salesmans Law and Justice Racist homophobic Tory party would do.
    Dont Vote for The Tory party.
    Dont vote for David Cameron.
    Dont vote for the Conservatives.
    Dont vote for big business to run the country
    Dont vote to roll back gay rights.
    Dont vote for 18% interest rates.
    Dont vote for 6 million on the dole.
    Dont vote for religion to run your lives.
    A vote for any of the above will set the United Kingdom back Fifty years.
    If you dont like Labour vote Greens, Liberal Democrats or any of the numerous Independents, but Please Please dont vote for to ruin your own life by Voting homophobic Tory/Conservative.

  24. LOL you ain’t ‘alf a drama queen Patrick. I gotta laugh

  25. theotherone 3 Apr 2010, 10:15pm

    funny isn’t he Squidgy.

    Now listen to my for a moment Patrick: your comment on the NI rise shows you have never been involved in Business. A rise in NI makes it more expensive to hire new staff and to pay your existing staff. The Employee does not get any of this money, indeed the Employee is hit with a rise in NI contributions that they pay. It is, effectively, a Tax on Jobs. It’s not like a Minimum Wage, more like someone pulling a knife on you and asking you to empty your pockets.

    The NHS would be a hell of allot better off if it got rid of the disgusting inefficiency of having multiple layers of Management. Indeed Labour where talking about keeping Managers in the NHS and cutting Front Line Staff.

  26. I am perfectly aware of how our Natonal Insurance system works and i dont need a lesson in business from the likes of you.
    There hasn’t been a rise in years and now is the time for one if it serves to keep the National Health Service out of the hands of homophobic Callmedaves big business tory friends hands.
    Business is well able to carry the extra few pence cost from their obscene profits and employees are also willing to pay a few extra pounds to keep the NH out of privatisation.
    If you feel a need to get back to the abuse and bile meted out by you and your tory friends on other threads count me out …. Comment and raise contradictory opinions if you want but personal abuse belongs in the gutter where you obviously feel a need to dwell.
    Do not address me again.

  27. A bit rich for a tory apologist to talk about the “disgusting inefficiency of multiple layers of management” when it was the racist homophobic Tory party that set up the hugely wasteful health service trusts during their disastrous last term in Downing street, the quangos, the national assets selloffs and on and on…………!.

  28. theotherone 4 Apr 2010, 1:35am

    but, Patrick, it is Labour who have funded more and more layers of management.

    Whoever is to blame the truth is that it needs stripped back and money concentrated on Front Line services not administration.

    As to your cries of obscene profits: not all businesses are huge, some businesses barely scrape through from year to year thanks to the insane taxes and regulations imposed by Labour. Labour create a myth of ‘Big Business’ but I know of one company who had only a few employees and where harassed for an Entertainment License because their employees played music when things where quiet and, thanks to Labour, they where breaking the law.

    As to the idea that Business is exploitative (‘obscene profits’): some of the companies who have spoken about their support of the Tory plans to reverse the NI increase are the most Ethical companies in the UK such as Waitrose and M&S not to mention John Lewis who operate as a Worker Owned company and offer their employees high wages and a real chance of advancement within the company. Some Employers, just as the company I work for, realise that treating workers well increases profits. If we make it harder to make a profit we will see more not less exploitation.

    And abuse Patrick? I got called many a name as did other posters here. Indeed I remember you telling me to kill myself but I’m not bitter so I am happy to move on and enter into discussion.

    And finally Patrick: it will hardly be a miracle if callmedaveandhisetonchums make it into government. Have you see the Polls? Have you seen the Labour campaign poster designed by a non-professional with a less than comprehensive grasp of photoshop?

  29. You can stick up for Labour’s reasons for the NI rise but it comes when the poorest are struggling enough as it is. Under Labour the rich/poor divide and child poverty is higher than it was before the second world war. That is Under a Labour government.

    Petrol is shockingly high. The price at the pumps we see are that of a year or so ago when barrels of oil were $140 Now they are around $80. I know some of that is the greedy oil companies. Alot of it is our greedy government. At what point do the poorest have to decide if the cost of getting to work and living is greater than their earnings?

    Due to Chris Graylings comments supporting the B&B couple it makes it harder to vote for the Tories. People scream at gay people they have rights too. What they just can’t get is the reason gay people shout isn’t because we have the right but because we don’t. Sadly they just don’t see it but seriously another five years of Labour and my God this country will get worse. We will see the rise of the far-right. We are already heading to a return of Labour of the 70’s with strikes. I mean strikes at a time when most Real people are having to make do. The reason why SimonM continuously uses the high rate of inflation under the Tories when it was because they had to deal with the last Labour disaster when inflation was over 23%. I have to look at the bigger picture.

    I think that we should get used to the fact that we Will have a Tory government in. The only consolation is their majority won’t be high enough and that will mean that Labour have the chance to regroup and get better. As long as their is that threat that a weak majority can be overturned we won’t loose rights and their Will be another general election in the next 4-5 years.

    A Tory government by no means pleases me but the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about.

  30. Sister Mary clarence 4 Apr 2010, 7:27am

    ” …. but personal abuse belongs in the gutter ….”, so that’s where you’re getting it all from Patrick.

  31. 1)If average joe gay couple came to a B&B then I think it’s wrong to descriminate against their sexual orientation. After all they’ve done nothing wrong and it might also break the The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007.
    2)So what? If they don’t like it then they can go pack their fudge elsewhere can’t they? It’s hardly like there’s a shortage of hotels in the UK
    Opinions above taken from:

  32. Q) So everyone here thinks that businesses should be allowed to ban black people from their business?
    A) Yes, along with white people, straight people, gay people, asian people, green people, tall people, short people, fat people, thin people, labour supporters, conservative supporters…. etc etc…
    Opinions above taken from:

  33. “New” Tories = Old Tories
    Gay people who vote Tories = Stupid
    In the next 10 years, gay people will probably lose all the rights they gained in the last 10 years.

  34. will their be no elections then in the next 10 years then Bobbet?

  35. Answer:

    No. So whose ‘stupid’ when you follow your ‘stupid’ remark with a stupid comment.

  36. Probably not as homophobic Callmedave will probably cancel them in the interest of “national security” so he can keep helping his big business tory friends.
    I see another of Callmedaves moronic minions has shown the tories for what they really are when Chris Grayling said it was right that B&B owners should turn away gay people.

  37. theotherone 4 Apr 2010, 2:07pm

    Shouldn’t discussions of the B&B story be kept there?

    As to banning elections: you do know don’t you Patrick that Labour have brought in laws to allow this? You did know that didn’t you?

    I note you didn’t comment on my post regarding the NI rise either. Odd that.

  38. When was it decided that being a sexual deviant is okay? ‘Scandals’ like this always start off from that viewpoint like its an established fact or something. Here is a newsflash: being any sort of sexual deviant is not okay in my book. People should stop trying to tell other people what to think. He has his opinion about deviancy, and last time I checked he’s entitled to have it and to state what he thinks. That’s how democracy works.

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