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US general sorry for blaming massacre on gay soldiers

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Reader comments

  1. except he doesn’t seem to have retracted his words. He has only apologised to the Dutch general for using his name, not for what he said about gay soldiers…

  2. PinkNews headline:

    “US general sorry for blaming massacre on gay soldiers”

    Actual words of the General in his “apology”:

    “I am sorry that my recent public recollection of those discussions of 15 years ago inaccurately reflected YOUR thinking on some specific social issues in the military.”

    Does anyone see the discrepancy?

    Please PinkNews, tell us where exactly the general apologized for blaming the massacre on gay soldiers. He never did any such thing. He said the INDIVIDUAL soldiers weren’t to blame and that he was sorry that he had misunderstood and misreported THE DUTCH GENERAL’S opinion. He NEVER said that he didn’t still believe what he told Congress UNDER OATH. He NEVER said that it wasn’t still HIS opinion.

    I hope everyone recognizes the problem when gay publications make misleading and inaccurate reports that give us the impression that something good happened that never actually happened at all? It gives us an false since of security and satisfaction. In America gay publications continually report that gays in England can now get married in parliament and in churches giving Americans the false impression that gay couples in England have achieved full legal and social parity with straight couples. That may make people feel good but it is a false sense of satisfaction and it does our entire community a disservice.

  3. I totally agree Zeke. This headline is completely misleading, just like the Mugabe one few days ago. The people who write these headlines should be more aware of the content of the story.

    This guy didn’t apologise for blaming the massacre on gay soldiers. He apologised for wrongly quoting the dutch general.

    I also noticed the complete misunderstanding of UK civil partnerships in relation to marriage equality caused by the gay press in the America.

  4. Pumpkin Pie 30 Mar 2010, 6:49pm

    As far as I’m concerned, an apology is unnecessary now. Coming from him, we all know it would be insincere. What he has done is admit he was talking crap. By admitting he “remembered” incorrectly, he has now refuted his own “evidence” and thus has been soundly defeated. That’s what matters to me: proving that these nutjobs are full of hot air and lies, and not a shred of logic or truth.

    So, while we shouldn’t let him get away with thinking he’s made any sort of ammends with us, we can at least be happy that he now has egg on his face. :)

  5. BrazilBoysBlog 30 Mar 2010, 11:07pm

    @4 Ineed, quite correct. Yes, the General was giving HIS opinion to Congress, he was using someone else to provide his ´evidence´. Evidence that has now been soundly refuted.

    “….inaccurately reflected your thinking on some specific social issues in the military.” Inaccurately… and fancy name for LIED!

    The man is a lying homophobic prehistoric idiot. His words were an INSULT to lesbian and gay service people the world over.

    Good job he is retired.. Best place for him.. Shame the anti-gay crowd shot themselves in the foot big-time by dragging the old goat out of his pasture to give his opinions! :-)

  6. I think his remarks were an insult to decent servicepeople everywhere. Yeah this does not sound like an apology, except one to the Ductch general in hopes that he won’t get his ass sued. He’s pretty much been discredited by this admission but I sure wouldn’t say he apologised.

  7. He does not say sorry I was wrong its not an apology at all.

    The US government must strip Sheehan of his assumed rank in retirement.

  8. “The man is a lying homophobic prehistoric idiot”

    Agreed. That ‘apology’ is simply an apology to the Dutch general, presumably to avoid legal action from the Dutch. Yet he still insulted Dutch soldiers and gay soldiers everywhere, and yet he hasn’t said one word about that. He’s an utter disgrace – and I bet you he’s a ‘good Christian’ too.

  9. Thousands of innocent men died at Sebronica because the world’s great and good sat on their hands while people were masacred. The wonderful EU who spends millions of euros every year golding events telling us “it will never happen again” in Europe allowed it to happen under their noses while they discussed farming subsidies.

    And all the liberal left on this site who complain about “illegal wars” should remember that the US and UK fighter jets who helped stop this genocide were acting “illegally”. Never mind, back to the UN for another conference and banquet, eh boys?

    Just imagine how the islamic fanatics will spin this – the gay soldiers sat back and allowed Muslims to be killed. This army general is a dope.

  10. Gene Touchet 31 Mar 2010, 7:23pm

    He’s not to be trusted on this.

  11. Seems to be the week for bigots apologising without apologising.

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