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Tory councillor suspended for calling gay Labour group ‘limpwristed’

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Reader comments

  1. “someone has hacked into my personal Facebook page”

    Oh dear, what a prick.

  2. Same old Tories….and don’t you just love the non-apology of being sorry for people that take offense rather then apologising for the actual things you say?

  3. Pumpkin Pie 30 Mar 2010, 3:18pm

    I would like to officially apologise for any offence I might have given to anyone with comments I have made on this site. I removed said comment as soon as I realised that I might have inadvertently upset someone.

    Eh. To be honest, that’s the sort of apology I’d like to see more often. Most people seem to bullishly stand by their statements, telling people how wrong they were to take offence. So, good on him for that, I guess.

    That’s pretty much the only nice thing I’ve got to say on the matter, though. :p

  4. Of course, now that he is Tory he can share the homophobia of the majority of his party, and, in particular the Tory MEPs. It just shows what many of us have been saying, that is that the Tory party is essentially homophobic!

  5. “Labour activists seized his Facebook remark as evidence that the Tory party is “still homophobic””

    They didnt seem to care when he was with Labour

  6. Everybody is entitled to be ugly, but this man abuses the privilege!
    Clearly when he was a labour supporter he kept his opinions to himself, but now that he is among a collection of homophobes he felt that he could reveal his true nature.

  7. @Pumpkin Pie: Sorry, that sounds like a typical non-apology apology, in the vein of “I’m sorry if you were upset by my comments” (i.e. it’s your fault for being over-sensitive, unsophisticated, etc.)

    A real apology would have been to state what he had said was wrong. The fact that he doesn’t just gives the impression he does really believe that and may well be inherently homophobic.

  8. Pumpkin: It’s your fault for being over-sensitive, unsophisticated, etc. Typically, the usual leftie suspects start throwing queenie hissy-fits over yet another throwaway comment. Haven’t people got anything better to do than constantly nitpick?

  9. “Clearly when he was a labour supporter he kept his opinions to himself, but now that he is among a collection of homophobes he felt that he could reveal his true nature.”

    People in glass houses…

    I remember being at a council count in Southampton a few years ago when a gay couple were up elecion in an unwinnable ward. When they went up on stage for the count the homophobic abuse hurled at them from the Labour supporters was terrible.

  10. Poor, little RobN will perform any number of contortions to defend those in the party he loves, however homophobic they may be. I am sure we have all noted hse pathetic attempt to do so this time. This objectionable little man, RobN, would refuse to acknowledge Tory homophobia if it took the form of a missile of excrement which struck him in the face. So much for those who are wilfully blind and will not see!

  11. RobN supports UKIP – not the Tories.

    As for this Tory councillor – well it looks like was repeatedly beaten with the ugly stick.

    He’s an @rsehole with a face like a slapped @rse.

    Typical Tory, homophobic scum

  12. Thanks for that SimonM. It is even worse, for nobody but a fool could support UKIP. I am sure that alongside Dishcloth, RobN would be a real farce of the Whitehall Theatre variety. He would make a ludicrous figure with his trousers round his ankles!

  13. Pete & Michael 30 Mar 2010, 5:39pm

    Comments on Facebook are there for all to see, just shows that the Tories live in the past. If the Conservative Party win the General Election, look out for our hard won rights to be repealed, even in the EU they will outlaw our rights.

  14. vulpus_rex 30 Mar 2010, 5:46pm

    “Mr Knowles used to be a Labour councillor”.

    Now if you consider his behaviour to be homophobic, then I wonder if his conversion to homophobia took place last May when he became a Tory?

    Is it perhaps more likely to be evidence that at the grass roots level homophobia is present in equal measure in all parties?

    Admittedly the Tory party are slightly less obsessed with stalinesque denunciations as a political tool, but this is really a trivialisation too far.

    Remember though! Now only 37 days until the end complete annihilation of Liebour – champagne on ice!

  15. theotherone 30 Mar 2010, 5:48pm

    so a councilor says something homophobic, is suspended from the Party and that s-o-m-e-h-o-w proves the whole Tory Party is Homophobic.

    And what do Labour Homophobes prove? That Labour is Homophobic?

  16. Jemma Haynes 30 Mar 2010, 5:50pm

    I assume that the Labour LGBT group would have kicked up such a fuss when he was in their party????

  17. Pill-ck – and bloody ugly too!
    Wonderful that he’s been suspended – now, how about expulsion, if the Tories are so offended.

  18. theotherone 30 Mar 2010, 6:01pm

    you don’t understand jemma: he was a lovely man when he was in Labour but it was them dirty Tories that corrupted him (or something like that.)

    You’ve got to feel some sympathy for him: he jumped to Labour when they where in power and now they’re on their way out he’s on the loosing side. Silly boy.

  19. Stupid old c***t. Typical of most older generation Tories. There once was a time when they would be allowed to get away with it – not so long ago.

  20. Poor, old unintelligent Vulgus Regina is as blind as ever, but, from a Tory fool, what can one expect!

  21. No, theotherone, it doesn’t, but a great many of them are homophobic – something about a leopard not changing its spots! Did you see the article in the ‘Independent’ on Sunday, 28th March
    ‘Tory MEPs shame leader over women and gay rights’. This will give you some indication of what the Tories are really like.

  22. Oh com’n can think of a hell of a lot more things to call lousy New Labour—

    jeez get a life, get out there and campaign against something more worth while

    and yes i’m Gay and not a Tory

  23. Pumpkin Pie 30 Mar 2010, 6:38pm

    @Pumpkin Pie: Sorry, that sounds like a typical non-apology apology, in the vein of “I’m sorry if you were upset by my comments” (i.e. it’s your fault for being over-sensitive, unsophisticated, etc.)

    A real apology would have been to state what he had said was wrong. The fact that he doesn’t just gives the impression he does really believe that and may well be inherently homophobic.

    That only counts for people who believe they did something wrong. You can still apologise for unintentionally causing offence. True, that mostly comes off as blaming others for taking offence, but I quite liked the wording here: …”offence I might have given to anyone…” The “given” admits that the offence came from him, rather than being conjured up by other people (probably would have included a “taken”), so that’s at least something.

    He could have apologised for actually saying such a thing in the first place, but we all know what sort of guy this is. It’s a good apology for him. A proper apology would have been nice, but at least he had the manners to follow proper procedure, AKA “oh ****, Dave’s gonna kill me”.

    Basically, I agree with you, really.

    Although, it’s at least slightly better than that whole “gollywog” incident with Carol Thatcher. God, that was cringeworthy. Stupid woman practically dug all the way to China.

  24. Now he writes this on his page – “Denis Knowles Hate the way things can be misconstrued by nasty people with an axe to grind.” 7 hrs ago!/profile.php?v=wall&ref=ss&id=1157020735

    So people campaigning against homophobia are nasty people with an axe to grind? REALLY? Can’t be that sorry, clearly.

  25. Sister Mary clarence 30 Mar 2010, 8:36pm

    I think the key things here is that the ex-Labour Party councillor was suspended from the Conservative Party immediately.

    I wonder, would he have been suspended from the Labour Party quite so quickly had he still been a member?

    We don’t have to look too far to find the answer to that one do we?

    No, we don’t!

    Dear old Miranda Grell, former lackey to Nicky Gavron, then deputy leader of the GLA, fought an unpleasant fight to win a seat in Waltham Forest. So keen was she that she would stop at nothing to win. Doorstepping voters to let them know the incumbent, her gay opponent Barry Smith, a Lib Dem, was a paedophile sleeping with a 15 year old Thai boy.

    Caught hook line and sinker and despite being found guilty of the charges against her, the Labour Party rallied round, both the local party and pillars of integrity from Westminster like Harry Cohen (recently fined £65000 for robbing the public purse). Was she tossed out of the party? Of course not – they even backed her appeal.

    Appeal lost, was she booted out. J-E-S-U-S NO! Allowed to resign and quietly slip away (much like poor old Mr Smith, her victim, forced to flee his home following the death threats that resulted from Ms Grell’s thirsty for power at any cost.

  26. This speaks volumes guys….. more of callmedaves homophobic tories
    Tory MEPs shame leader over women and gay rights

    Conservatives in European Parliament consistently vote against resolutions to promote equality

    By Jane Merrick,

    David Cameron faced fresh embarrassment over Europe last night, after it emerged that Conservative MEPs have consistently voted against a string of measures to protect women’s rights.

    Analysis of the record of 25 Tory members of the European Parliament this year shows they voted against, or abstained, eight times on issues relating to sexual equality, family-friendly working hours, maternity leave and reproductive health – often in clear defiance of official Conservative Party policy.

    The MEPs also failed to back an EU resolution expressing concern about homophobic attacks in Croatia, which

    The disclosures come amid new pressure from Brussels on the Conservative leader after the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, called for a new EU treaty on closer European economic co-operation – a move that would force a Tory government to hold a referendum on Europe within months of taking office.

    To the annoyance of Eurosceptics in his party, Mr Cameron ruled out a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty last year, but promised a nationwide vote on future treaties. Labour has also committed to a referendum on a new treaty. Ms Merkel’s intervention on Friday means that the difficult issue of Europe will loom sooner than anticipated for Mr Cameron, should he win the election.
    The Tory leader has found the stance of his MEPs, many of them hardline Eurosceptics, including the controversial critic of the NHS Daniel Hannan, difficult to balance with his promises of a socially progressive Conservative government.

    Last week, TV footage emerged of Mr Cameron’s interview with Gay Times in which he appeared flustered over separate votes by Tory MEPs and Tory peers opposing gay rights.

    Now the IoS can reveal details of eight votes on women’s rights and a further vote on homophobia in the European Parliament last month, compiled by the Liberal Democrats.

    On 25 February, 22 out of 25 Tory MEPs voted against a resolution calling for the EU to become a party to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. The remaining three did not vote.

    On 10 February, seven measures on a report on equality for women in the EU saw the majority of Tory MEPs voting against or abstaining. The measures included giving better protection to women on maternity leave, backing women’s easy access to contraception and abortion, and making men more aware of their responsibilities for sexual and reproductive health.

    Also on 10 February, one Tory MEP opposed, with 16 abstaining, a motion calling on the Croatian government to do more to crack down on homophobic attacks in the country. No Tory MEPs voted in favour.

    Fiona Hall, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Europe, said: “For the Tories to suggest that it is in women’s interests to vote for them is downright cheek. We have looked at the voting record of Conservative MEPs and one thing is very clear: the Conservatives are a danger to women.”

    A spokesman for Tory MEPs said: “We have repeatedly made it clear in the European Parliament that we fully support equality. However, we believe that it should be for sovereign nation states to legislate on social issues in their own countries, and not the EU.

  27. read more about callmedaves homophobic tories
    John Rentoul

    “The Conservative Party is convulsed by doubts about its leader as it sees the prize slipping away

    Is David Cameron a finisher or a starter? The question comes up because the pattern of his biography to date is that of a man who performs brilliantly under pressure and at the last minute. Academically, he was a late developer. At the age of 11 he was 13th out of 13 in his class at Heatherdown, his prep school, according to the mark sheet recently obtained by the Daily Mirror.
    Does the conventional wisdom have Cameron the wrong way round? Because there is an alternative reading of the Tory leader’s story that says he is a starter; brilliant at first impressions but lacking follow-through. That he did not need much more than a plausible front and a couple of good lines to win the leadership of his party in a thin and compromised field.

    It’s an interpretation of Cameron that was reinforced by his reply to the Budget speech last week. He started well. He welcomed the Chancellor’s lifting the stamp duty threshold to £250,000, which the Conservatives have advocated for three years, and he had some good lines about Cabinet ministers “looking at their BlackBerrys” because they couldn’t think of a single reason why the country would want another five years of Brown.

    He also mocked Liam Byrne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, whose memo setting out the precise duties of his civil servants was leaked a while ago: “Get him an espresso or there’ll be trouble.” Oddly, Cameron’s staff edited that line from the Commons official record, possibly because it was a personal attack, but left in his description of Byrne as “Baldemort”, which is more personal.

    But Cameron quickly ran out of steam on Budget day and ended up declaring rather limply: “We need a Conservative Government to clean up the mess made by this Labour Government and to stop another five years of debt, waste and taxes.”

    In those three words, Cameron managed to sum up his party’s dilemma.

    Debt: for most voters, government borrowing is not real. It is not like bin bags in the streets or bodies unburied. When Cameron says, “We can’t go on like this,” the honest response is mostly, “Why not?” People tell pollsters that it is time for a change, but when it comes to doing something about public debt, cutting services or public sector jobs, that is not the change they mean.

    What about waste, then? Tories may care about it more, but all governments waste money, and Tory waste-busting is essentially the same as “cuts”.

    Finally, taxes: that is where something strange has happened. A YouGov poll two weeks ago found that voters think that the Conservatives are more likely than Labour to put up taxes (by 37 per cent to 26 per cent). This is where the Tory strategy has gone wrong, reversing the historic reputations of the two main parties on tax. People have received and understood the message that the Tories are serious about cutting the deficit, but they don’t really believe that the deficit is a threat to their well-being. So people think Cameron would put up taxes, which they do care about, to fix a problem that they don’t care about.

    That means that Cameron is reduced to playing defensive politics. Last week he was forced to make a “personal promise” to pensioners, to protect the winter fuel payment, free bus passes and TV licences, and the pension credit. Labour leaflets around the country suggesting that the Tories would cut them were outrageous, but effective, because they fit a story that is not going Cameron’s way.

    Now, we will find out what the Tory leader is made of. He has his back not to the wall but to the edge of the precipice.”

  28. Typical that this bigot, rather than making a full apology, instead uses it to accuse people of having an axe to grind against him. He wrote the “limpwristed” comment, and if anyone really means an apology, then apologise without the back-handed swipe in the style of “I’m apologising, but actually, they’re the one’s to really blame, not me”. Not exactly an apology in my book.

  29. “If the Conservative Party win the General Election, look out for our hard won rights to be repealed, even in the EU they will outlaw our rights.”

    Of for pity’s sake, shut up! You are not so staggeringly stupid as to actually believe this rubbish are you?

  30. “If the Conservative Party win the General Election, look out for our hard won rights to be repealed, even in the EU they will outlaw our rights.”

    Of for pity’s sake, do shut up! You are not so staggeringly stupid as to actually believe this rubbish are you?

  31. It’s quite shocking to see that the Tories aren’t supporting full equality for women. Here is the 25th February vote breakdown

  32. It’s sad to see that the non-apology “apology” is not a uniquely American phenomenon; it’s clearly an international scourge.

    And to Pumpkin Pie who complemented the sincerity of his “apology”…REALLY? You REALLY were impressed with how he apologized for the offensive comment rather than for the person taking offence? Did you actually read the “apology”? That was EXACTLY what he did.

  33. Perhaps the good Councilor could explain what he intended to convey with the use of the term “limp wristed”. He says he didn’t mean to be offensive and he says that he is SHOCKED that people would think that he did. Fair enough. Then please explain what you meant by “limp wristed”. Give us another example of how you would use the term in a non-offensive way.

    That’s the problem with these “apologies”. No one does any follow-up to give the person enough rope to either redeem himself or hang himself. That is the fairest way to give the person a full opportunity to explain himself while at the same time giving him the full opportunity to expose himself.

    I consider it poor journalism that no one seems to do the proper follow-up.

  34. There should be a law to prevent bald ugly stupid guys from appearing in public… They’ll scare the horses…. I say make them wear the veil Muslim women wear.

  35. Why on earth would he say such a thing? Unless Louie Spence is in the Labour party now………?

  36. Well it is good that Harman is calling for Denis Knowles to be expelled from his party. Calling people “limp-wristed boys” is homophobic. Denis Knowles apologises – for the political embarrassment to his party and for his “throwaway” comment made in “jest”. But this is not good enough. Denis believes that making homophobic jokes about gay men is trivial. Our lives and safety are not trivial and research and our experience shows that we still face high levels of low-level homophobia and homophobic violence. Such comments add fuel to the flames of hatred.

    As LGBT people we should be standing up for ourselves and fighting against such casually expressed bigotry, rather than colluding with internalised homophobia that encourages us to be apologists for such offensive views. Denis Knowles should be thrown out of Cameron’s new, modern Conservative Party or their posing on LGBT issues will be shown to be just that.

    For comparison let’s look at the shiny new Tory approach to ethnic minorities (lots of crossover here):–s-town.html

  37. Why all these “revelations” are a surprise to anyone is beyond me. The Tory party has, for its entire history, been a party of upper class racist, misogynist homophobic twits. From the parasites at the end of the Mall to the sort of Tory-aspiring lump knowles and all the dross in between.
    The great pity is that when the French Revolution threatned to spill across the channel that it wasn’t encouraged, if only to be rid of this lot. WE are stuck with them now and will see more and more of this Racist Homophobia as we get nearer to poll day.
    The fact that there are people among us who are deluded by their insidious message is even more sickening.
    And what is even more sickening is that a lot of them lived through Mad Maggie Thatchers era of murder and mis rule.
    The Tory management of the “Troubles” in Ireland which ended up costing the lives of thousands of Irish and British people,the internment camps, the murder of innocent hundreds of young Argentinians on the Belgrano, The racism at home, when the prisons were almost entirely filled with black people, the convicting of hundreds of innocent people (Birmingham six) etc, the selloff of the UKs fixed assets to their Tory Friends, as in the selloff of half of westminster by whats her name dame something or other,The quangos, the 17.9% interest that put hundreds of thousands of Brits on the streets when they couldnt pay the interest on their mortgages, the selloff of the social housing stock so that they could give their billionaire friends a tax break and the 5 million on the dole. Wake up people…”He who forgets his history is destined to relive it” to quote someone or other.
    Please Please dont vote for Callmedaves Homophobic, Racist Tory Party.

  38. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Mar 2010, 11:41pm

    i’d like to report horrendous anti-gay hate crimes in Iraq.

    Please sign this urgent petition:

    Limpwristed, indeed; we’ll show ’em!

  39. Anyone who dismisses “limp-wristed boys” as inoffensive does not understand that it is another attack on more feminine gay men, supported by the heterosexual political mainstream and lots of gay men, including some on here. These insulting attitudes are also all over gay dating sites e.g. no femmes, camp etc, only ‘straight-acting’ (whatever that means; for me having sex with men is neither acting nor straight). It should be remembered that femme gay men are more likely to be attacked by homophobes and have been at the front of battles for LGBT rights since the 1970s, battles that have allowed even those men who hate them to have the space to call themselves ‘straight acting’ and have sex with and love men.

    More love than hate to be found here: and

  40. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Apr 2010, 11:13am


    I checked out these two sites. I like them, and I’ve bookmarked them.

    Great attitude.

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