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Gay Tory group welcomes suspension of councillor

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Reader comments

  1. theotherone 30 Mar 2010, 5:50pm

    no one commenting on this story I see…

  2. Most bizarre behaviour by LGBTory. They never speak out against the homophobia, still rampant in their party

    Tory HQ must have given them permission to be angry over this story.

    But still not a squeak out of them on more important issues.

    – Do LGBTory support full marriage equality – if not then why not?
    – Do LGBTory support the religious exemption from equality laws
    – Do LGBTory support the Tories’ proposal to massively increase state funding to homophobic ‘faith schools’
    – Do LGBTory support the alliance in the Europarliament between the Tories and the extreme-right, homophobic Law and Justice Department
    – Do LGBTory support the appointment of catholic homophobe Iain Duncan Smith to be in charge of families in light of his attempts to reduce the parental rights of non-biological gay parents
    – Are LGBTory allowed to express an opinion unless it’s been cleared by Tory HQ first

  3. SimonM, don’t forget that LGBTory aren’t part of the Tory party. They’re a seperate organisation which has to lobby their party from the outside. LGBT Labour are similarly an outside organisation which exists to make the Labour party look good.

    Only the Liberal Democrats have an LGBT body which is part of their party, which has policy powers equal with the constituency parties, and which is recognised in the Federal Constitution. And that is why only the Liberal Democrats have the longest, proudest record on LGBT equality.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 30 Mar 2010, 8:55pm

    @ 3 Dave Page.. I agree. But why oh why were the LGB Tory group surprised at this councilors remarks anyway? They should not be surprised to see the REAL face of the party they have chosen to blindly support.

  5. Stephen Kay 30 Mar 2010, 9:40pm

    Gay torys are traitors to womans rights(as seen by the no votes in the EU parliament) and traitors to there own kind. They are one step away from the “ex-gays”(repressed brainwashed gay people who may or may not have sex but will always vote against LGBT equality not to mention partake in genocide as seen in Uganda). I hear Hitler had jewish backing in the early 30`s so this isn`t a surprise. Did you know not one Tory MP signed the parliamentry petition to condemn the government of Uganda NOT ONE. So yes absolutey gay torys are hated by their own kind and quite rightly so as the term Quisling comes into play.

  6. Is this comment enough for you????????????………….
    Tory MEPs shame leader over women and gay rights

    Conservatives in European Parliament consistently vote against resolutions to promote equality

    By Jane Merrick, Political Editor

    Sunday, 28 March 28

    David Cameron faced fresh embarrassment over Europe last night, after it emerged that Conservative MEPs have consistently voted against a string of measures to protect women’s rights.

    Analysis of the record of 25 Tory members of the European Parliament this year shows they voted against, or abstained, eight times on issues relating to sexual equality, family-friendly working hours, maternity leave and reproductive health – often in clear defiance of official Conservative Party policy.

    The MEPs also failed to back an EU resolution expressing concern about homophobic attacks in Croatia, which is seeking EU membership.

    The disclosures come amid new pressure from Brussels on the Conservative leader after the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, called for a new EU treaty on closer European economic co-operation – a move that would force a Tory government to hold a referendum on Europe within months of taking office.

    To the annoyance of Eurosceptics in his party, Mr Cameron ruled out a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty last year, but promised a nationwide vote on future treaties. Labour has also committed to a referendum on a new treaty. Ms Merkel’s intervention on Friday means that the difficult issue of Europe will loom sooner than anticipated for Mr Cameron, should he win the election.

    The Tory leader has found the stance of his MEPs, many of them hardline Eurosceptics, including the controversial critic of the NHS Daniel Hannan, difficult to balance with his promises of a socially progressive Conservative government.

    Last week, TV footage emerged of Mr Cameron’s interview with Gay Times in which he appeared flustered over separate votes by Tory MEPs and Tory peers opposing gay rights.

    Now the IoS can reveal details of eight votes on women’s rights and a further vote on homophobia in the European Parliament last month, compiled by the Liberal Democrats.

    On 25 February, 22 out of 25 Tory MEPs voted against a resolution calling for the EU to become a party to the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. The remaining three did not vote.

    On 10 February, seven measures on a report on equality for women in the EU saw the majority of Tory MEPs voting against or abstaining. The measures included giving better protection to women on maternity leave, backing women’s easy access to contraception and abortion, and making men more aware of their responsibilities for sexual and reproductive health.

    Also on 10 February, one Tory MEP opposed, with 16 abstaining, a motion calling on the Croatian government to do more to crack down on homophobic attacks in the country. No Tory MEPs voted in favour.

    Fiona Hall, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Europe, said: “For the Tories to suggest that it is in women’s interests to vote for them is downright cheek. We have looked at the voting record of Conservative MEPs and one thing is very clear: the Conservatives are a danger to women.”

    A spokesman for Tory MEPs said: “We have repeatedly made it clear in the European Parliament that we fully support equality. However, we believe that it should be for sovereign nation states to legislate on social issues in their own countries, and not the EU.

    “Matters relating to reproductive rights are conscience issues and therefore members are given a free vote.”

  7. BrazilBoysBlog 30 Mar 2010, 10:49pm

    @6 I find it totally ridiculous to have ´euro-sceptics´ sitting in the EU parliament to be honest. They are not there to make it work.. They are not there to contribute, they are there simply to cause disruption and vote against everything, (no matter how good the proposed legislation) Their presence is nothing more than wasted votes and wasted chances to influence legislation. Certain matter ARE within the province of the EU parliament…Get used to it. I hope people will think a little more carefully when voting in the next euro-elections.. As this record clearly shows, not only is voting for a Tory MEP a vote against women and gays, it is also sending someone totally stupid to the EU parliament who will do NOTHING!

    “Matters relating to reproductive rights are conscience issues and therefore members are given a free vote.”

    I see, so the Tory MEP´s have NO conscience then? How someone could actually vote ´NO´ to a motion calling on the Croatian government to do more to crack down on homophobic attacks in the country is beyond me! Especially as this could really do some good with Croatia wanting to join the EU.

    Tories Homo-Friendly?


  8. Actually Dave, LGBTory is an official group of the Conservative Party.

  9. If they suspended him by his neck then we’d see who’s ‘limp-wristed’!:)

  10. No 8: Jonny: you say:

    “Actually Dave, LGBTory is an official group of the Conservative Party. ”

    I’m glad to hear it.

    This proves that LGBTory are nothing but a PR stunt whose sole purpose is to fool people into thinking that the Tory Party is as vile and homophobic as they have always been.

    If LGBTory were NOT an official group it would make them even more repellant and contemptible as it would mean that they agreed with the bigotry of the Tories.

    As they are an official group it is quite clear that they have to seek the permission of Tory HQ before they are allowed to express an opinion.

    Quite clearly they have been instructed to stay quiet on the unanswered questions I raised in post number 2.

    But on trivial matters like this suspended councillor, Tory HQ have obviously granted them permission to express an opinion.

    LGBTory – truly the most pathetic pack of opinionless nobodies.

  11. Why all these “revelations” about the homophobic, racist tories are a surprise to anyone is beyond me. The Tory party has, for its entire history, been a party of upper class racist, misogynist homophobic twits. From the parasites at the end of the Mall to the sort of Tory-aspiring lump knowles and all the dross in between.
    The great pity is that when the French Revolution threatned to spill across the channel that it wasn’t encouraged, if only to be rid of this lot. WE are stuck with them now and will see more and more of this Racist Homophobia as we get nearer to poll day.
    The fact that there are people among us who are deluded by their insidious message is even more sickening.
    And what is even more sickening is that a lot of them lived through Mad Maggie Thatchers era of murder and mis rule.
    The Tory management of the “Troubles” in Ireland which ended up costing the lives of thousands of Irish and British people,the internment camps, the murder of innocent hundreds of young Argentinians on the Belgrano, The racism at home, when the prisons were almost entirely filled with black people, the convicting of hundreds of innocent people (Birmingham six) etc, the selloff of the UKs fixed assets to their Tory Friends, as in the selloff of half of westminster by whats her name dame something or other,The quangos, the 17.9% interest that put hundreds of thousands of Brits on the streets when they couldnt pay the interest on their mortgages, the selloff of the social housing stock so that they could give their billionaire friends a tax break and the 5 million on the dole. Wake up people…”He who forgets his history is destined to relive it” to quote someone or other.
    Please Please dont vote for Callmedaves Homophobic, Racist Tory Party.

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