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Chaz Bono applies to formally change name and gender

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Chaz and you transitioned bang on the average age for a transitioner too.

  2. She gained a little weight. I think it’s a side effect of the hormone therapy.

  3. Christine Rourke 30 Mar 2010, 7:15pm

    Well done, Chaz… !!


  4. Felipe: Gained a little weight? Sh!t, she must beep when she backs up.
    What happens when you get a sex change?
    Do they sew a f-cking buffalo onto your arse or something?

  5. Spot the transphobia on this comments section shame on Felipe & RobN!

  6. The amount of transphobia I see on PinkNews from gay men is totally unacceptable!

  7. That was quick! Where dose he live again? You need two years ‘full time’ in the UK to get a gender recognition cirtificate (then again you don’t need a judge to get a name change). Still, well done to him!

    Felipe, Rob_N, leave transphobia at the door, if you’d be so kind.

  8. Lady Tanya 31 Mar 2010, 2:14am

    Well done to you Chaz, good for you man keep it up
    Don’t let the world get you down just smile at the WANKERS of the world don’t rise to them let all the jibes bounce off you , you are better then them .

    Rob-n DON’T be like all the rest of the WANKERS in this world and please get his sex right he is a he
    Love to all Lady Tanya

  9. David in Indy 31 Mar 2010, 7:07am

    Congratulations Chaz and way to go!

  10. People should never be denied to be their true selves. It is very important that society accepts this and realise life is very much a precious and short one. People must be strong and fight against the majority of the population who do not support the diverse world which we all live in. The next generation will have much more to gain with this new world than we have had. Chaz we love and support you and your new life. good luck

  11. Fantastic, congratulations Chaz. Must feel amazing to finally be yourself. I had a long difficult time coming out as gay, I can’t even begin to imagine all that Trans people go through. As for the Transphobia stuff at the top of the comments, I find it extremely embarrasing that people throw hatred around disguised as so called bitchy humour. There is enough hatred coming at us from outside the LGBTQ communities without adding to it from within!The world and nature are wonderfully diverse, we should celebrate the diversity and the individual not berate them to distract attention from ourselves. xx

  12. The C(o)unt of Monte Crisco 31 Mar 2010, 1:38pm

    Congratulations Chaz… and I must say you’re looking very handsome indeed :)

  13. Er… doesn’t look like he has taken a lot of testerone.

    Still looks like a gay woman.
    I have a friend who use to be a woman, he went through a dramatic change.

  14. Congrats Chaz! May you be happy!!!

    For Andrew Q’s info:- testosterone is strong stuff, and the amount of it trans guys need/can take varies. This is something you’d know if you had any balls.

  15. Who’s being transphobic? I just said they ought to get a salad.

  16. “transphobic” is an idiotic adjective conjured up to label those, in both the hetero and homo communities as intolerant, when they legitimately have difficulty accepting this sex “change” as fact. When the “transition” must be supported by surgery, drugs, testosterone/estrogen, etc., I believe it not to be much of a “natural” occurance at all! It’s about as easy to swallow as the recently transitioned “man” who is now pregnant with “his” second child…

  17. I too would like to be freely who I am and I look forward to the day when society lets women do that, too, even without changing sex.

  18. Why is there so much animosity towards trans people in the comment section of this website?

    I genuinely wonder. Can someone explain why some gay people feel wronged by trans individuals?

    Its actually p!ssing me off how being oh-so-edgy, non-politically-correct and obnoxious like a spoiled teenager seems to be the new black. Can I join the in-crowd too if I slag off trans folk? Pweease?

  19. So qvide you think Chaz is “really” a woman who has “decided” to “change sex” as you euphemistically put it. You have no idea what he has been through. If you think that taking testosterone or any other hormone or medical treatment will grant you the maleness you are obviously in awe of then I suggest you try it for yourself and see what happens.

  20. Rob_N,
    First you refer to Chaz as a “she”, which was denying him his gender, and when you posted again you decided to say “them”. I could see myself accidently calling him a she, since first glance would make me think so, but then you went onto say “they” which is acting like you are not comfortable with saying the prefered and proper HE here.

  21. Actually, Angela, I didn’t use two of the three quotes you ascribe to me. What have you been reading? I did not say I thought Chaz is “really” a woman, I did not say anything about deciding anything. I did not say that taking testosterone etc will “confer” maleness. Look to yourself for these projections! I stand by my orginal comment.

  22. Actually qvide, you implied eveything I said in my post, there are no projections there. What you said is all fine and dandy in the first part, about women being free to be ourselves. The second part, about “changing sex” as you put it, is offensive, sexist and downright transphobic.

  23. Zoe: No, I just avoided using gender because whatever I say, you nitpicking bunch of whinging harpies descend on me and others for saying something wrong. No wonder people end up saying “he/she/it”; It’s not transphobic, it just ensures one covers all eventualities.
    Your over the top sensitivities bring this crap on yourselves.

  24. Rob_N, he/she and it and being deliberately misgendered are common forms of abuse for trans people of all persuasions. I am sure you know this, so stop being abusive.

  25. To come back to again on this qvide, I think what you are voicing is the idea that trans men transition in order to gain male privelidge. It would be perfectly understandable if women tried this, given the sexism in our society, however it simply does not work. Transitioning to male role and particularly medical treatment only works *if you are already male*. If a woman were to take testostrone she would not change sex and become a man, she would just go mad and quite likely die. Testosterone is the equivalent of genital surgery for transexual women. The effects are irreversible and there is therefore no going back, this is why reputable medical professionals are so cautious in prescribing these treatments.

    Many trans men struggle with intense guilt and shame over their gaining male privelidge. Sometimes this stops them transitioning, or they are stopped by women such as yourself, and they struggle to live often with chronic depression and substance abuse problems. This can often be seen on the gay scene.

    Part of the process of dismantling male privelidge is men such as Chaz Bono having the courage and determination to be who they really are, rather than living a lie and inevitably disrupting the lives of the women they are involved with. They can then take on true manhood which is about love and caring for others. In this way Chaz Bono is an example for all men trans or not.

    It would be nice if you could applaud him as an ally.

  26. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Apr 2010, 9:20am

    Well alright, of course I don’t fully understand this, but I do want to understand, and I’m very happy for Chaz. Yes, I am, and I can easily live with the mystery hoping to learn what I need to know as I go.

  27. Angela: “Rob_N, he/she and it and being deliberately misgendered are common forms of abuse for trans people of all persuasions. I am sure you know this, so stop being abusive.”

    I do recognise that the phrase is insulting, but equally, I am sick of being bitched at every time I make a genuine mistake. You live in a transgender / intersex / genderless /mixed-up world the most mere mortals just don’t come into contact with, so please excuse us if we get the terminology wrong once in a while.

    I will will demonstrate a little tolerance when you do likewise.

  28. vulpus_rex 1 Apr 2010, 12:04pm

    “Who’s being transphobic? I just said they ought to get a salad.”

    LOl – If I weren’t spoken for I’d have to marry you Rob.

  29. Angela, I have not said or implied anything of the sort. You are arguing with yourself.

  30. I you crossed “she” and “it” you’d come up with a new gender for RobN and Vulpus-Rex. And you to truly deserve each other….

  31. A face only a mother could love, and if that mother is Cher during the film “Mask” I’d understand.

  32. vulpus_rex 1 Apr 2010, 2:55pm

    Roger – ” And you to truly deserve each other….”

    Do you mean “two”?

    Thick Tw*t – you truly deserve some spelling lessons.

  33. At least I can take lessons to improve my spelling Vulpus – that’s a lot cheaper then the therapy you so badly need..And by the way there is no such word as Tw*t twat.

  34. vulpus_rex 1 Apr 2010, 8:48pm

    For lessons to be effective Roger you would need a brain, so don’t waste your money.

  35. I’ve only seen this Louie Spence today and he’s already getting right on my tits, spamming inane comments. Irritating little twat.

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