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BNP candidate calls gay Tory MP ‘immoral’

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s face it: being tory and gay is probably immoral ;)

  2. Hey everyone (not so) New News – The BNP hate Gays!

  3. Sister Mary clarence 30 Mar 2010, 12:02pm

    zefrog – nice comment – so typical of this site that people pick and choose who they think equality applies to

  4. Hey, slow down sister(s), the man has a point. If Mr. Barker went for a safe seat as a married man, then all of a sudden comes out AFTER he gets selected and elected, does that not hint at a little fortunate timing, to say the least?

    A little like that brave move of Will Young coming out AFTER he won X factor. These comments are not homophobic at all, he is simply pointing out potential hypocracy.

    People have got the stop reading the word BNP and all of a sudden shrieking into an instant, knee-jerk reaction

  5. the guy was honest that he’s gay so good luck to him, many older people are more likely to have tried to be hetero and to have married and maybe even had kids – that’s due to homophobia
    the BNP are scum who are homophobic as they repeatedly prove
    Good luck to Greg Barker even though I don’t support the tories
    Will Young came out during Pop Idol I thought

  6. Sister Mary clarence 30 Mar 2010, 1:06pm

    “Let’s face it: being tory and gay is probably immoral”

    Sorry Julian, how does what you have written relate to how I have responded to the comment above?

    Aside from that, following your logic, I take it you’re be commenting on the Ricky Martin story, kicking off about all the records he was able to sell while pretending to be straight and knocking out kids.

    People come out at different times in their lives for all manner of different reasons. He has in fact been ‘selected’ again since identifying as gay, so the argument about going for a safe seat as a heterosexual falls flat. Did he actually ‘go’ for a safe seat in any event? Was he a long standing member of the local party? Do you care? Are you just happy to jump in and slag anyone off for being a Tory?

    As for shrieking about the BNP – they don’t really have anything to offer me, quite the contrary in fact, so I’ll continue with the shrieking thanks

  7. Yeh support people for coming out . not slagging them off when they do! mean spirited lot!

  8. The BNP is not worthy of response. I am completely opposed to the Tories but this sort of scurrilous attack on Greg Barker is beneath contempt. As other posters have suggested, coming out is still a difficult and at times life-long process faced with the prejudices and expectations of family and society. Prince’s remark is an ignorant cheap shot at best. He’s an interesting illustration of Griffin’s ‘more gay-friendly party’. What would be less gay friendly? Public hangings?

  9. BNP Palaveberas 30 Mar 2010, 2:36pm

    What a laugh coming from the BNP which IS the gay party these days.

  10. SMC, you need to lighten up a bit, dear. it was a joke (as signified by the emoticon at the end)

  11. Mr Barker is a very nice man, dealt with him many times. but Rother as an area is dead. It totally for the old and hates the young. Offordable housing is a joke and the council disregards local feelings. So lets hope any one gets in except whos in power now and make the whole lot sit up and take notice for once. It been a tory safe seat for too long and they have got used to having their feet under the table.

  12. Sister Mary, I am a tory. I wasn’t specifically talking to you – but all good sisters on this site.

    I am not sure comparing Ricky Martin with a politician is a great thing to do, unless Mr. Martin has the powers to raise tax and has his fingers on the trigger of a nuclear bomb (never know these days with the power of celebrity – God imagine Heather Mills with a nuclear bomb!).

    People often talk about how brave “tortured” souls are before and when they come out but forget the poor wife who has been deceived. In my view (and I am a tory so ignore / condemn as you wish) a claim of dishonesty and / or cynicism by Mr. Barker is not entirely inappropriate given he comes out after securing a safe tory seat, and with it a job for life, and a nice expenses paid flat in the centre of London. A slightly different kettle of fish than leaving your wife and then trying to become a tory candidate, don’t you think?

    To say no gay man should ever be criticised is not particularly fair, is it?

  13. Julian – there’s many who have genuinely tried to be hetero and married for genuine reasons who realise later in life, I’ve already shown some reasons why, society used to be a lot more homophobia – are you forgetting that? it depends on the criticism whether the person should be criticised I think as many use sexuality as the only reason why,

  14. So why come out after being elected, not before, Chester? Is it really so terrible to suggest that there might have been a little bit of cynical manipulation there?

    I am all for ambition (and tories) but you cannot ban anyone’s opinion form questioning judgement, morals and honesty for the timing of such an announcement, especially if the target is a public figure

  15. Fair points Julian
    Greg Barker’s reasons do not seem to be public knowledge unfortunately

  16. If any other party had pointed out the hypocrisy of coming out AFTER winning the seat I’d be inclined to agree. But in this instance, since a BNP is saying it, I will not dignify said BNP’s opinion as I would not wish to give credibility to any of the other opinions that came with his statement about the conservative MP.

  17. theotherone 30 Mar 2010, 5:43pm

    I’m confused. Are people on this site now saying that Queers are ‘sneaky,’ that he wouldn’t have got elected if he came out, that he deceived anyone?

    Wow i so love today’s Queers, so full of understanding and kindness.

  18. theotherone 30 Mar 2010, 6:03pm

    can I also ask: if this was a Labour MP would you be saying the same things?

  19. BrazilBoysBlog 30 Mar 2010, 8:45pm

    I think it is up to the man if and when he wanted to come out.. Also, surely a far sneakier thing to do would have been to stay a (closeted) gay man? …. even spouting anti-gay comments and legislating against us? (like so many more have done?) At least the man came out, and will be standing as a gay man at the next election.. (something the BNP are now trying to capitalize on).

    They would not let gay men to kiss in public? (I know many STRAIGHT men and wwomen who kiss in public).. and would not allow us to adopt? and would ban civil partnerships… (which, whilst not equal to marriage, at least do confer some partnership rights on gay couples)… Are there any MORE brain-dead idiots on here who STILL think the BNP are for them?

    Tell me please, Exactly what part of H.O.M.O.P.H.O.B.I.C PARTY do you not understand?

  20. Sister Mary clarence 30 Mar 2010, 9:01pm

    Julian I don’t have the slightest clue why he came out when he did, and neither I suspect do you.

    Will Young on the other hand came out after being pressurised by a national newspaper to do so who had threatened to expose him if he did not.

    Possibly you are referencing him because you think something similar happened here. All a bit confused though mate – it all seems a bit circular

  21. Heterosexual MPs pretend to be upright and moral people to get elected then all the sleaze comes out while they are in parliament. Being gay is not immoral as the BNP fascist scum says and its hypocrisy for the immoral BNP animals to say so.

    I would say its Immoral for the BNP leader to pretend to be heterosexual when his former boyfriend has told the world otherwise.

  22. I really don’t think anyone needs to take lessons in morality or ethics from the BNP of all parties!

  23. Spot on, Abi1975, doesn’t anyone look at some of the leather and skins queens in clubs and bars on the scene and see a massive similarity to some of the more “traditional” BNP types?

    I can’t help thinking there is some sort of homoerotic attraction to some of these far-right types (not that I am saying THEY are attractive, but that they are attracted to a mans world literally).

    Doesn’t Richard Barnbrook have a gay past as well?

  24. 5 more years of Labour and watch this party grow!

  25. Cameron was urging u.s to change don’t ask don’t tell and allow gays into the military. UK should be lucky to have Cameron and yet the people rag on him. What a disgrace.

  26. What a wonderful paradox! The leftie socialists usually try to character assassinate anything Tory, but what if the attack comes from an even bigger threat like the BNP? If you attack one side, you are in-defacto supporting the other, so who is right? I find it hilarious to see all these Blairites squirming to agree or disagree for fear of being called a Tory, or God forbid, a racist-Nazi-thug of a BNP fan.

    The silence is deafening.

  27. BrazilBoysBlog 1 Apr 2010, 4:39am

    @26 I don´t know how you work that one out.. 27 comments… Hardly ´deafening´?

    ..and I also don´t see the paradox. An homophobic extremist is an homophobic extremist, from either the left or right.

    In this particular case, the (Tory) candidate is not guilty of questionable morals at all. Had he not come out, THAT would have been questionable morals. The BNP however, viewed by so many on here as the latest ´gay-friendly´ party is in no position to talk about morals, they have none. ´Don´t ask don´t tell´? They hate us. Period.

    Silence? Is that loud enough for you?

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