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Men pushed into canal in anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. And you know when these scumbags are caught they like many others who abuse/attack members of the LGBT community will receive a sentence which does not deter.

    Personally I would be going for attempted murder charges. The guys were punched and kicked, then pushed into the canal. Thankfully they survived.

  2. In light of the massive increase in homophobic assaults (which now seem to be happening on a daily basis) I would recommend people invest in pepper spray.

    Yes it’s illegal but can be purchased easily enough online.

    There’s no point in expecting the police to protect you – they cannot be everywhere.

    Protect yourself and who cares if you blind some homophobe. At least it will keep them off the streets.

  3. The police don’t appear to be anywhere these days Simon -oh maybe the M1 or A40 watching for speeding drivers.

    If you were to use such a spray you can bet your bottom dollar YOU would end up in court with a hefty fine and criminal record why the homophobe walks free. too many attacks are taking place and its time we stood together to address the situation.

  4. It’s self defence.

    Either way it’s better to be alive with a criminal record, than dead and without a criminal record.

    Defend yourself.

  5. “One of the men was pulled to the ground while the other was punched and kicked. Both victims were then pushed into the canal.”

    If these men didn’t know how to swim they may well have been drowned. Therefore, since the attackers didn’t know whether their victims could swim or not, is there an argument here for a court of law treating this as an attempted murder?

  6. It’s always been important for gay people to learn self defence, but now more so if it’s true that attacks are on the increase (though I believe it could be down to more reporting and awareness).

    I went on a gay self defence course over 25 years ago, and still remember the basics of what I was taught. Before even thinking of fighting, make a lot of noise, surprising them and if possible run. You can get deafening canisters now, that are legal so far as I know. Anything that attracts a lot of attention may scare them off. Then there are a lot of very simple techniques you can learn if you do have to fight.

  7. Christine Rourke 29 Mar 2010, 1:50pm

    No description?

    Does that mean the victims did not GIVE a description, or that the police are not willing to release a description?


  8. Christine Rourke 29 Mar 2010, 1:52pm

    Mind you, I suppose if two people out of a group are giving you a belting, then you’re not really going to be paying much attention to the others in the group…

  9. I agree with Simon. We need to start taking the law into our own hands. These homophobes are getting away with too much, and the law does not protect us, because the judges and jurys and police are, in the majority, as homophobic as the criminals who do these things to us. The law will only start protecting us when they realise if they dont protect us, then we will exact our own revenge. Pepper spray? I can think of better ways of stopping someone. How many more gay men are going to be attacked, killed, before we do something about it. Gay men and women need to stop pretending to be ‘happy’ and ‘gay’ as the label they have given us suggests we are. We are not happy and gay, we are pissed off with heterosexuals thinking they can push us around and treat us like second class dogs.

  10. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 4:24pm

    Pepper spray comes in a wide variety of colored tubes that fit nicely into jean or jacket pockets. Although in a perfect world, I would suggest a small pistol and I would shoot to maim, not to kill.


  11. “The police dont appear to be anywhere these days Simon”#3 Gavin…..Well Gavin you could probably find several of them sitting in unmarked cars at the local gay cruising site or watching the laybys on the A1 or where-ever they might have a chance of harassing gay men. And when CALLMEDAVES Homophobic tories get into Downing st we will see a lot more of them in these places.

  12. I knows its not going to win circulation wars but it would be nice if the gay media tried to address the issue in their publications instead of pages of grinning blokes in white pants or what Kylie done this weekend. (I love you Kylie, but sorry love this is far more important.)

    Stonewall make out they represent us all I don’t hear anything from them. We are being beaten up and abused and they say nothing on the matter.

    I dont have the answer but am sick to the back teeth of reading about LGBT people being abused and physically attacked.

  13. why are we all talking about using pepper spray and going on self-defence courses all of a sudden

    only last week the gay Tories on PinkNews were telling us that Britain had changed and everything is A.OK. these days

  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 8:17pm

    It only hurts for a little while…

  15. Sister Mary clarence 29 Mar 2010, 9:02pm

    Mandy, I’m not sure the Tories had anything to do with any of this.

    Maybe you could try to keep on topic a little more.

    Keywords you might want to link into are ‘canal’, ‘attack’, ‘pushed’ and attack

  16. Gavin: No 12: you say: “Stonewall make out they represent us all I don’t hear anything from them. ”

    Addressing an issue such as the rise in homophobic hate crime might require that Stonewall be critical of government policy.

    Stonewall would NEVER criticise government or government policy. Their job is to try to persuade the LGB (but not T) population to trust the government.

    Expect NOTHING from Stonewall – the most useless LGB (but not T) advocacy group in Britain. A group so obsessed with their own access to those in power that they oppose legal equality for same-sex couples.

    Stonewall is opp

  17. Give me Stonewall over Tatchell anyday!

  18. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Mar 2010, 1:01pm

    I wish Stonewall would change its name; it has nothing in common with the famous New York Riots of June ’69, and the name implies that it does.

    Pepper spray temporarily blinds and confuses a homophobic attacker giving a “target” enough time to get away. Like tear gas, it is nowhere near deadly.

    Beaten, bruised and bleeding, and dumped into the cold water of a canal…think about it. And the hoodlums walk away chuckling to themselves. Infuriating.

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