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Household Cavalry celebrates first civil partnership

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Reader comments

  1. As someone who was in the Blues many years ago, may I be the first on this site to offer you both many congratulations and a very happy time together.

  2. Congrats, boys, and have a lifetime of happiness together.
    Sniff! Where are my hankies?

  3. Brilliant stuff – congratulations, lads! Let’s hope this doesn’t hit the homophobes over at Yahoo! Buzz.

  4. What a wonderful story; have a wonderful life together, you two and I personally feel that the support you have enjoyed from the Regiment is quite wonderful.
    Talking’s cheap – but in this instance, the Army has shown what it’s really made of.
    Congratulaions to the whole regiment.
    Other regiments – take note.

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 4:28pm

    Congratulations, James and Thom. Wonderful!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. That is just awesome. That would never happen here in the United States, if and when it does, I shall be long gone from this earth.

    Congrats to the guys once again.

  8. carl rowlands 29 Mar 2010, 5:08pm

    Fabulous!We have come a long way since I was 23 and that was only 23 years ago! Good luck and all the very best!

  9. Congratulations men! I have been with my partner 36 years and we are still looking forward to the day that we can wed. We almost had here in California until the Morman came along and recked for the State. Maybe some day soon! Best of luck to the Both of you!

  10. Congratulations and yes, definitely hope this does not make it to Yahoo! Buzz! Have a wonderful life together, gentlemen!

  11. For once this is a nice bit of news, and I wish them both well.
    This is the flipside to that farce held in Parliament.

  12. Christine Rourke 29 Mar 2010, 6:04pm


    All the best to both of them! :-)

    (ex-Army Air Corps).

  13. It is unfortunate that Rob-N has to bring a sour note on this occasion by his unpleasant, jaundiced comments on the civil partnership held in the House of Commons dining room. What makes a civil partnership a ‘farce’? Is it because he resents the fact that a labour politician celebrated his civil partnership there, or is it because he thinks that a civil partnership is unworthy of being celebrated in such a setting? Whatever the answer is to this question, his remarks were thoroughly disreputable, nay downright disgraceful. He should have the decency to apologise for his ignorance, prejudice and nastiness. Perhaps it would be right and proper to refer to his civil partnership as an egregious farce! I hope that others will join me in upbraiding him for his appalling lack of decency.

  14. Does anyone know this RobN… this is the third thread today wher i see him getting stuck into fellow gay men. He seems to be getting more bitter and twisted by the day…as The Labour Party regains its poll standing he seems to get equally bitter and twisted as callmedaves homophobic tory party slids into the cess pit it belongs in.

  15. Yes, Patrick, your are right about Call Me Dave’s homophobic party. Did you see this article ‘Tory MEPs Shame Leader Over Women and Gay Rights’ in yesterday’s ‘Independent’? This kind of thing is bound to upset Rob-N who, apparently, is going to ride with a hunt into a marginal constituency to attempt to persuade voters to support the repeal of the Hunting Act. What a fool he is!

  16. RobN – they are both cases of gay men celebrating Civil Partnerships. Why is one farcical, and the other not?

  17. all my congratulations!!! I hope the couple will be very happy.
    Unfortunately the Pope has nominated a notorious homophobe as our new Cardinal, and the happy story you publish will not be appreciated by the Catholic church here in Belgium.
    Jan from Brussels

  18. Congratulations to the happy couple. However, why is this referred to as a wedding? As far as I know, none of us are allowed to get legally married. Its a little silly referring to partnerships as marriages anyway,we’re not issued a marriage certificate nor do we apply for a marriage license. Our government doesn’t recognise same-sex marriages from anywhere, sadly. We’re not that progressive.

  19. So happy for this lovely couple. And so proud of our British servicemen and women. This is the freedom that my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents fought (and died) for. The freedom to be yourself, just as God made you, without fear or favour. We are world-leaders in the field of human equality and dignity. Love you. God keep you safe. xx

  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 7:50pm

    Even Snow White had Grumpy. Come along now, RobN !!

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

  21. Riondo: Because one is a genuine, and I have to say, in light of even today’s modern armed forces, a brave thing to do.

    The other by comparison is a cynical attempt to use MPs and the Parliamentary buildings to promote the government’s propaganda at acceptance of civil partnerships, whilst ignoring the elephant in the room that is the complete sidestepping of equal marriage rights for all.

    JP: Who you calling a ho? ;)

  22. What an ignorant, little man RobN is! So it is the case, according to the egregious little man RobN, that the civil partnership of Chris Bryant is not genuine; the whole thing is a conspiracy. One begins to wonder if there is something wrong with the mental state of this man; either that or he is a downright fool.

  23. Go to it- many happy years. Great!

  24. Neville: I never said that Bryant’s partnership was not genuine, what I said was the whole situation has been exploited and marketed as a PR exercise by this scumbag government as a smokescreen to cover their appalling inadequacies at offering a true same-sex marriage process.

    And for reference, I might be a lot of things, but little isn’t one of them. I’m 6’4.

  25. RobN, your lack of understanding is monumental. ‘Little’ means moral stature. Of course, Call Me Dave with his lack of moral stature and his inability to understand, or, indeed, know what is going on in relation to his party’s attitude to gay rights, will make it all right. We will have gay marriage at Call Me Dave’s behest as easily as the repeal of the hunting ban!

  26. Ladies, put your handbags away. Leave the politics for another topic. This article helps show how far the Forces have come.
    I welcome it although like everywhere the Army still has close minded people.. some I work with :(
    But mucho congrats to Mr Wharton.. especially brilliant he has recieved so much support :)

  27. bit young to be getting married in my opinion, just hope they dont split up anytime soon, more ammo for Jan Moir

  28. Steve Green 30 Mar 2010, 1:25am

    Early 20s is young to get married. Our iconic New Zealand gay couple split swiftly due to infidelity on the part of one partner. Sometimes a long engagement is a good thing. But good luck to them, one day this won’t be news and I can’t wait for that day!

  29. Neville: Please drop the “Call me Dave” crap. It wasn’t funny when Simon used it the first time, now it’s just f_cking puerile and monotonous. Write your own scripts.

    As for the hunting ban, it will be only one of many legislative repeals the Tories will wipe off the statute books. About time we got back to some proper laws that mean something and can actually be enforced instead of all this nannying crap.

  30. Excellent news – Congratulations. One Big step forward for sure. Now for more.

  31. I agree with RobN. Civil Partnership is farce. It’s not EQUAL. We are allowing ourselves to become second class citizens in the eyes of the government.

  32. I could accept its existence as valid provided it acknowledged that there is a huge number of gay people in the UK who want the right to get married and forgo civil partnerships that have nothing to do with full equality. It won’t even support their right let alone lend assistance to achieve it. It does NOT speak for the majority of British gays either. Segregating an entire group of people of 3 million or more with similar rights as the majority doesn’t even equate equality. What you accept then is second class citizenship, legal segregation. In a true democracy and there are few except eight countries (we and the US, among others are excluded) everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation should and must enjoy identical rights without changing terminology to appease bigots who object to what they should be called based on religious beliefs which is why we don’t have marriage for gays in the UK. Are civil partnerships better than nothing? Yes, but why settle for that and give up the pursuit for FULL equality? If catholic countries such as Spain, Portugal and Belgium can do it, that proves that there was absolutely NO excuse for the UK not to. A confrontation with the state cult was just a canard. Why do you think 8 countries abandoned civil unions for marriage, countries that had these inferior unions long before the UK ever conceived of them? Leave the UK my friend in a civil partnership and you’ll find they aren’t that equal. All countries that do not have same-sex marriage but various forms of legal unions don’t even have identical rights that can be reciprocated with another country. France is a classic example of that with its equally unequal PACs that offer less than half of the rights in civil partnerships. How could you even think that’s equal? Marriage is the only legal union that has comparable equal rights in the majority of western countries, same-sex marriage notwithstanding. Think outside the box, see the bigger picture and the implications when you segregate an entire group of people from the mainstream. Its nothing more than regression.

  33. You should try to ignore Rob_N. He regularly posts utter piffle.

    Both partnerhsips are great. Congratulations to both couples.

    Two gay soldiers got married.

    The sky didn’t fall down.

    Now, when will we see the first US Marine civil partnership in the senate building??

    We’re waiting Mr.Obama…..

  34. Sorry, folks, my and other peoples’ Civil Partnerships are NOT piffle. Legal and public recognition of our commitment is a huge personal and social milestone even if to some it seems not to have gone all the way. ‘Marriage’ will come. If we can have all the rights married people can have, it can be called ‘Mickey Mouse’ for now for all I care.
    Opening up the Palace of Westminster to CPs is a wonderful step and signals the importance of out gay people at the heart of government. It is ridiculous to interpret this development as ‘entrenching’ CPs against future gay marriage RobN, and shame on you for trying to exploit it for the sake of party political tribalism. Your fellow Tory John Bercow has been supportive in this. Try a pinch of the same attitude.

  35. Darren, No. 32. I echo your statement. One of the difficulties getting other EU countries to recognise CPs is twofold. 1)most member states don’t have any form of same-sex unions; 2)even if they succeed, which I doubt, what about the disparity between CPs and those other varying degrees of legal unions, other than the six that have same-sex marriage? If I were in a civil partnership with a Frenchman, moving to France would diminish the rights we would enjoy under a CP in the UK. Pursuing CP recognition elsewhere is an exercise in futility because of this very disparity. Only marriage can resolve all of the discrepancies across the board, a simple solution if you will.

  36. Is RobN still around. I thought he would have been taken away by now by men in white coats.
    Poor, little man is not bright enough to realise the prescience of his own remark i.e. that the Tories will remove many things from the statute books, including a number of rights for gay people. He of, course, is a fan of the bigot Iain Duncan Smith!

  37. I am sure, Darren, that now that we know that civil partnerships are a farce, the forty thousand couples in such partnerships will happily renounce them. You are just about as stupid as RobN,and that is saying something!

  38. Cavalry officer and an air steward. Someone tell them serving coffee on the back of a horse is asking for trouble! Do tanks have a business class?

  39. Neville, read my comment #33. Reponse please and not just with high school slander. You obviously enjoy being classed as a second class citizen – suits you, sir. Clearly you are the idiotic one darling, not me.

  40. Julian, and his friend Sandy, as someone who served in the Blues, I can assure you that he is not a cavalry officer. Unfortunately, he is of the wrong social class to be that!

  41. Yes, Darren, remember that if was you, along with the fool RobN, who described civil partnerships as a farce. I am sure, as I said before, that all those forty thousand couples who are in civil partnerships will be delighted by being so called.

  42. Neville: You really do make this sh!t up as you go along. I am NOT a Tory, I have NEVER supported IDS, and considering I have been in a C.P of my own for four years, I think it highly unlikely I would call it a farce. I called this ineffective government a farce for supporting CP when they should be making it fully compliant with marriage.
    If you are going to spout abuse at people, (which you do constantly at people that do not concur with your leftie opinion), at least have the decency to get your facts right before spouting this stream of fictional excrement claiming it to be fact.

    You really are a f_ckwit of the highest order.

  43. Unfortunately,RobN, as other people have noted, you did refer to civil partnerships as a farce. If you do not believe that to be the case, perhaps you could in future take care with your use of language, so that there can be no doubt about what you are saying. As I said above, other people clearly understood you to say that. If you doubt this, do look back at some of the above posts. You will also have seen that I berated Darren for following you and calling civil partnerships a farce. As far as not being a Tory is concerned, I am delighted to hear it, but, once again, you have given the distinct impression that you are. My reference to the bigot IDS is the usual poke that I have at all conservative supporters.

  44. Great news. Congratulaions lads.

  45. Neville: “As far as not being a Tory is concerned, I am delighted to hear it, but, once again, you have given the distinct impression that you are.”

    Yeah, well that’s you all over Neville, making f_cking screaming accusations at people without letting such minor details such as FACTS get in the way. As for IDS, he is a very small fish in a very big pond, and there is no way he is going to change any Tory manifesto that dramatically.

    Incidentally, I would have gone Tory were it not for their pro-EU stance, hence why I’m going UKIP. (I would have gone BNP, but they wouldn’t have me as a member, they said I was too radically right wing.) ;)

  46. “You will also have seen that I berated Darren for following you and calling civil partnerships a farce.” Oh really? I didn’t realize that I was being “berated”. Are you some kind of mental retard? I kindly asked you to respond to my comment (#33) and you haven’t. You obviously know very little about CP/marriage laws within UK and worldwide. Neville, you claim that there are 40,000+ gay men and women in this country with CP? Because there are 40,000+, that is your defence? You’ve proved my point without realising it: segregating an entire group of people with similar rights as the majority doesn’t even equate equality. What you accept then is second class citizenship and legal segregation. Neville, I advise you quite while you’re ahead. You clearly know nothing of what you speak.

  47. You really shouldn’t bother arguing with Rob_N. He has been posting utter bilge on this site for a very long time.

    He always goes on about how he is in a civil partnership, whilst at the same time criticising gay people and civil partnerships.

    I think he is just a very opinionated person, and nobody in his life ever disagrees with him – you saw his reaction above!!! Apparently he is right and EVERYBODY else is wrong.

    I have always firmly believed he is an astroturfer of the worst kind.

    He says the most bizarre things, many of which almost all people regard as homophobic, yet maintains that really he is gay.

    I think the fact he says above that he would join the BNP, says everything really.

  48. You should also realise that some unemployed fascists/homophobes spend their days talking to each other, about how they go on different message boards just to say things to upset people.

    Best just to ignore Rob_N.

  49. J Mathews: Sometimes people really need to recognise a joke when they see one. Hence the little smiley, so that humourless f_ckwits like you can be given a “sarcasm alert”, just in case you actually take me seriously.

    As for being gay, that simply means I prefer men to women. NOTHING else. I do not have to conform to any other standard, lifestyle, political or religious persuasion or anything else for that matter. I have criticised civil partnerships not because of what they are, but what they ought to be, but are not because of this liberal, wishy-washy government that refuses to bite the bullet and offer true parity with marriage. I am in a CP because it’s the only option I was given.

  50. Rob_N -if this government was that liberal it would be marriage or if this government didn’t pander to homophobes

  51. Jean-Paul Bentham 1 Apr 2010, 12:06am

    Horrendous anti-gay crimes are occurring in Iraq as we speak.

    Please sign this urgent petition:

    Ali Hili Must Travel!!

  52. I think that this is wonderful and all the best to the two lads. I checked Yahoo! Buzz UK and Ireland and whilst there is an article about it, no one has commented. Given the homophobia of so many who post there, I hope it STAYS that way!

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