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Mugabe refuses to protect gay rights in Zimbabwe

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Reader comments

  1. The more I hear about these African nations (Uganda; Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi etc) and their vicious, stupid, savage, backward and primitive attitudes to homosexuality, the less I care about giving any donations to African charities.

    British aid money should not be going to cesspits like Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi (and all the other ones who have not been advertising their hateful savagery) unless there are cast iron guarantees that the governments do not use this money to persecute gay people,

  2. Mihangel apYrs 26 Mar 2010, 12:39pm

    and this surprises us, why?

    We know the nasty old bigot hates LGBT people, white people, British people, in fact the majority of humanity!

  3. I NEVER give to Africa charities. It has been shown time and time again that it DOESN’T reach the people.

    The white nations can’t do anything because everyone will play the race card but clearly they can not govern themselves.

    Anywho this headline is like saying Hilter won’t protect Jews.

  4. Pumpkin Pie 26 Mar 2010, 12:51pm

    SimonM, you’re going completely the wrong way about it. The savageness of some of these nations is precisely the reason why you SHOULD give money to charities who work there. Foreign aid may go from government to government, but independent charities don’t give money to politicians. Why would they? They have people on the ground in these countries, helping those in need directly. Money given to charities goes directly on resources for needy people.

    Therefore, stories like this should motivate people to give even MORE to charities, because it’s getting harder for them to do their jobs.

  5. Nothing new and surprising in this story. It is bad and yes funding from Western countries should stop.

    What gets me is they say these kind of things about homosexuals claiming they are religions then themselves are beyond corruption whilst the rest of their population starve.

    How is that Not evil?

  6. “Mugabe refuses to protect gay rights in Zimbabwe”

    The man refuses to protect all human right in Zimbabwe period!

    1. clare alexander 12 Oct 2011, 5:39am


  7. The majority of Zimbabweans haven’t a clue that some people are biologically pre-disposed to being gay. They think that gay rights will result in the entire nation suddenly indulging in gay sex. That is the level of ignorance we are dealing with.

    They also believe that according God’s law in the Bible (Leviticus)that homosexualty is an abomination etc… and tend to ignore the fact that the Bible also justifies slavery, racism and apartheid.

    The only shocking thing here is that Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) i.e. the good guys, is suddenly spouting homophobic vitriole just to get the population at large on his side. Up until now he has arrived where he is internationally through the support of human rights advocates who he is now dismissing for the purposes of winning a possible election in Zimbabwe. Hopefully he will change his tune back later on once the ignorant masses realise they won’t have to witness gay sex in the streets and men in dresses everywhere.

  8. “Therefore, stories like this should motivate people to give even MORE to charities, because it’s getting harder for them to do their jobs.”

    Aid to Africa has not worked. Countries in Africa are so reliant on international aid that they have no incentive to develop their own economies.

    But western nations are not allowed to criticise the bovine incompetence and stupidity and corruption of African governments. That is regarded as racist and the moronic African government never hesitate to bring up the subject of colonialism to divert attention to their own utter inability to govern.

    It is not just Mugabe who holds these opinions about gay people. He is voicing the general attitude in Zimbabwe towards gay people.

    Zimbabwe is a deeply homophobic society. I have no interest in donating money to a country (or continent) where the population want to kill me.

  9. Yes. The genral Zimbabwean population are incredibly homophobic and anyone who advocates gay rights will definitely not get any support in any future possible elections.

    Mugabe attained power and managed to stay there for so long largely because he did pick on the white minority, just like Hitler managed to demonise the Jews in order to gain support of the general population. They hate whites, they hate the British and the Europeans, and the Americans. Anyone they can use to divert away from their own incompetence. After 30 years of independence they have reduced that country from a prosperous nation to a complete mess, and they are still blaming the whites. Those Europeans with ‘white guilt complexes’ who still give them aid.

  10. vulpus_rex 26 Mar 2010, 2:19pm

    Simon @8 – well said, I couldn’t agree more. We’ll make a Tory of you yet.

    Robert Mugabe took a prosperous country and beggared it, he’s ruined their economy and propped himself up by handing out cash and favours to his client groups and then rigging elections. He also likes to blame domestic problems on foreign influences (.. the recession started in America etc).

    Does this sound like anyone else we know of?

  11. At least Gordon Brown isn’t saying he won’t rest until he sees the last bloody black out of Europe. Which is exactly what The Honorable Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been saying regularly about whites in Africa all along. Never mind what he has to say about gays.

  12. Oh indeed Mugabe is an evil b@st@rd.

    Unfortunately so too is the ‘Great Democratic Hope’ Morgan Tsvangirai.

    His opinions on gay people are just as evil and repellant as Mugabe’s.

    Not a single penny to be sent to the governments of Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya or Malawi (and expulsion from the Commonwealth) until homosexuality is decriminalised.

    Why would they want to receive all that colonial money anyway?

  13. I have said time without number, as an African, that Tsvangirai is same power-hungry devil. Now, that he feels he’s where he wish, am glad he’s outing himself.

    As for aid to Africa, withdrawing it wont make a difference; it will worsen things for the gay people themselves. Having said that, I think a gradual threat of withdrawal may send the right message. However, giving money to charities isnt the same thing. In fact, I am a strong advocate of governments stopping direct government to government aid and instead channel those money through NGOs who evidence abound on the good results they have achieved with little.

    As a gay man & African, I continue to think that it is foolish to blame whites or colonial government, that is foolish excuse. We demanded independence (although I dont partake in that independence since I cant live in Africa freely as a gay man), got it and are messing ourselves while continuing blaming whites; that arrant nonsense. As an African, the problem is the likes of Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Obasanjo, etc. African leadership is evil and a shamble. But sorry, they wont change because the majority of Africans indulge them. Instead of them to call a spade a spade, they justify the immeasurable stealing of public fund by dancing at the likes of British parliamentary expenses row… tell me how any change can come; it wont.

    Tsvangirai will replace the soon-to-die Mugabe, but I am sorry to tell fellow Africans in Zimbabwe, they lot wont change much. They will only get a different brand of evil. Nigeria has different brands of evil leaders, so does Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, etc. At the end of the day, these evil are same because poverty ravages the continent due to the folly of its own inhabitants.

    But we must continue the fight. If you care, join me to keep raising the heat. Please sign my petition to the Commonwealth here:

    Dont worry whether they will listen or not, the more voice we raise, the more impact we will have.

  14. Another shining example of the ‘enlightened legacy’ of the British Empire!

  15. Yes, Vulgus Regina, it sounds just like a traditional Tory party, particularly if the fool, Call Me Dave, gets into power

  16. Forget blaming the British Empire. Africa has had plenty of time and assistance to get it right.

    Thank you so much Godwyns for speaking out from a gay, black African’s perspective. I agree with everything you say. As a gay white Zimbabwean I am immediately considered a racist for speaking out. Which I am not.

    For anyone who is interested, please read the following vitriolic and hateful homophobic comments from average black Zimbabweans left after this article in the Zimbabwe news today:,+Tsvangirai+slam+homosexuals/NEWS.aspx

  17. “Another shining example of the ‘enlightened legacy’ of the British Empire! ”

    How come Britain is blamed for the homophobia of Africa. The homophobic laws of the British Empire were also exported to countries like Ireland, Australia; Canada; New Zealand and India.

    All of those countries (India just recently) managed to abandon the homophobic laws.

    African nations keep them because they are in full agreement with them.

    In fact some countries – Uganda – think the British laws are not homophobic enough so want to make the punishment for homosexuality even stricter.

    It is a lazy excuse for African bigotry to blame Britain for their homophobia.

  18. Breaking news! Mugabe doesn’t like gay people. Also, water is wet, people with less money are significantly more likely to be poor, and most people prefer eating cake to drinking acid.

  19. Mumbo Jumbo 26 Mar 2010, 7:47pm

    vulpus_rex (Comment 10) said:

    “Does this sound like anyone else we know of?”

    I hope for your sake that this is another example of your Tory Tourettes because if you are not suffering from a medical condition that makes you interject wholly innapropriate and self-obsessed right-wing remarks into conversations about the appalling opression of your fellow human beings, then you are merely very immature.

  20. Hodge Podge 26 Mar 2010, 7:49pm

    It really is sad to hear Tsvangirai agree with this.

  21. Yeah, I already stopped surprising myself with the atrocious violation of human rights all through the world. Sometimes I believe the minorities and the many victims of persecution in Africa (which includes the gays) should gather together and create their own communities, like the quilombos that the African slaves made here in my country Brazil.

  22. BrazilBoysBlog 26 Mar 2010, 9:08pm

    …And people laughed at Peter Tatchell years ago when he tried to ´arrest´ this mental bigot. This idiot criminal has RUINED his country, ruined the lives of his people yet he STILL has the nerve to blame anyone else but his own stupidity..

    May this crazy homophobe rot in hell.

  23. Jean-Paul Bentham 26 Mar 2010, 9:59pm

    @Godwyns 13:

    Thanks for your comment and for this link to the petition.

    As a Canadian, I have signed the petition and left this comment:

    “The values of the Commonwealth have recently been revised and confirmed. Countries within the Commonwealth who are swimming against the tide of Human Rights (which include gay rights) need to be reminded that in order to progress normally and for the betterment of their societies, they simply cannot go on record as being impervious to plain common sense. Mr. Sharma, please, you are perfectly aware of the values of the Commonwealth and you possess the diplomatic know-how to approach tyranny.”

  24. I wouldn’t give a penny to African charity heavens above how many Billions have been pumped in already and there is still no improvement for those on the ground. look at the cars many of the diplomats are using here in the UK top of the range whilst people starve in their own countries

  25. @Jean-Paul Bentham (Comment 23)

    Thanks for your support and the strong comment; it will add weight.

    @Simon (Comment 16)

    Thanks also. But do not let those voice of disparity kill your contribution and opinion. They will call you racist, but they also call me fame-seeker… lol; and traitor, etc. But name-calling is soooooo childish and brainless.

    Best is to ignore, cos if you respond, they can debate or dialogue. So they lead a charade

  26. The commonwealth -what a pile of phoo. Beyond the ties of history, language and institutions, it is the association’s values which unite its members: democracy, freedom, peace, the rule of law and opportunity for all. ‘

    Tell that to all the LGBT folk living in countries like Jamaica. What has the Commonwealth done for gay right in the past 5 years for example? People in many countries are still leaving in fear.

  27. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 10:06am

    And what have you done about it? Have you signed the petition, for example?

  28. Get over yourself mumbo dumbo – direct comparisons between two unelected dictators who abuse human rights and have wrecked a country are entirely valid in a discussion about Zimbabwe.

    Mugabe is a grade A, class 1 criminal – as are Brown and Blair,this is nothing to do with being a Tory.

    Though as you mention it – only 40 more days of new liebour left!

  29. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 11:57am

    Sign the petition, and vote Green.

  30. “Another shining example of the ‘enlightened legacy’ of the British Empire!”

    Don’t blame us for it! I’m sure if you asked any older Zimbabwean which they preferred, either Mugabe’s totally corrupt regime, or Ian Smith back in the days when it was Rhodesia, and I’m pretty sure we all know what the answer would be. Colonisation is not all mowing down natives chucking spears you know. Zimbabwe never had it so good when it was under British rule.

  31. its not the white british empire that makes these african countries homophobic, it’s christianity and islam as preached by black africans. and to think i gave a twenty quid to live aid. we should have let them starve.

  32. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Mar 2010, 2:17am

    keep your money then…but sign the petition.

  33. Mark MacDonald 28 Mar 2010, 9:44pm

    I signed the petition, but everyone should know, if someone hasn’t already pointed it out, that Zimbabwe is not a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It voluntarily withdrew in 2003.

  34. Jean-Paul Bentham 28 Mar 2010, 11:32pm

    You’re right. Thanks for signing. It will make a difference, you’ll see. We haven’t heard the last of this, not by a long shot.

  35. Zimbabwe’s prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai agreed with the president. He said: “Women make up 52 per cent of the population… There are more women than men, so why should men be proposing to men?”

    Mr Mugabe has previously described gay people as worse than “dogs and pigs” and claimed that homosexuality is “un-African” and a “white man’s disease.”

    I was going to say unbelievable, but its not really. It just shows how poorly educated they are, let alone complete Who would want to live in that hideous country!

  36. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 2:52am

    It could be more evidence of n international backlash against Human Rights (gay rights), as per the 2009 Annull Report of Human Watch Watch.

    Here is another striking instance:

  37. Hardly surprising. I can’t imagine even the Poles writing this into their constitution, let alone these savages in suits. Last I heard the soldiers of Rhodesia were eating elephants and blamed the recession. Makes my stomach turn.

    Whatever happened to those secret plans to overthrow this senile bastard? I’d watch that any day.

  38. Erroll Clements 29 Mar 2010, 9:05am

    I was a ‘Rhodesian’ but had to leave so that I could be what I am, having been shunned by my own family for being gay.The people are even more backwards today then when I left 30 yrs ago, there has been no progress and there never will be. Mugabe lives in a gold gilt palace with properties all over the world, all bought with foreign donations given over the years which have never reached the ‘people’. Yet the everyday man still scratches the barren earth daily in hopes of finding something to eat. Mugabe has a big thing against gays, his ex deputy Cannan Banana was caught sleeping with the whole soccer team, which made a mockery of his government.

  39. @BenB @19 – LMFAO!

  40. @ Erroll Clements:

    Well, that explains it, then.

    I’ve watched an interview with Mugabe recently and boy has he lost even that little grasp of reality he once had. Completely delusional and still stuck in the era of liberation. I guess absolute power really does corrupt absolutely.

  41. The man is cracked

  42. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 4:00pm

    And to think Morgan Tsvangirai was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize a few years ago (2003).

    Errol Clements: Thanks for your priceless comment.

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Mar 2010, 5:15pm

    Mugabe should be paying more attention to the state of toxic drinking water in Zimbabwe, and keep his nose out of the bedrooms of the nation.

  44. Mumbo Jumbo 29 Mar 2010, 8:29pm

    vulpus_rex (comment 31) said:

    “….direct comparisons between two unelected dictators who abuse human rights and have wrecked a country are entirely valid in a discussion about Zimbabwe.”

    You compare Brown with Mugabe and Britain with Zimbabwe?

    How old are you?


  45. clare alexander 12 Oct 2011, 5:46am


  46. clare alexander 12 Oct 2011, 5:48am


  47. clare alexander 12 Oct 2011, 5:53am

    Robert Mugabe……

    whats ur threat from gays mate???



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