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Gay MP to have first civil partnership in parliament tomorrow

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Reader comments

  1. Daniel Pitt 26 Mar 2010, 6:15pm

    I wish Mr. Bryant & his future husband the very best of luck in future. Show bigots like Jan Moir that they’re wrong about us! :)

  2. I feel sorry for the LGBT kids his vote helped condemn to discrimination and humiliation in state funded religious schools. I guess voting foe Ed Balls amendment 70 was a price he happily paid to marry in parliament.

    I hope the room floods and he get food poisoning from the food at his reception.

    Btyant sold out the LGBT on amendment 70.

  3. It is obvious what a nasty, evil individual Abi1975 is. Clearly ‘it’ is also an arrant fool. It is about time ‘it’ took its vindictive comments elsewhere. Such comments should not be welcome on this site!

  4. Abi1975 ‘evil’?????

    Overreacting much Andrea?

    Congratulations to Chris Bryant and his Civil Partner to be. I hope they are very happy.

    I doubt they have much interest in those of us who want the freedom to MARRY. Chris Bryant is opposed to legal equality for same sex relationships.

    He believes we should be denied the opportunity to access the legal contract of civil marriage because of our sexual orientation.

  5. ‘Vindictive’ and ‘evil’ to quote Andrea are the words which I also think are appropriate to call the particularly nasty Abi1975.

  6. Abi1975 is indeed a nasty piece of work!
    It is interesting that SimonM has the good grace to offer congratulations, as he usually lacks good grace for anything.
    However, I would be most interested to see the relevant references to Bryant’s statements opposing civil marriage for gay people, as I have not come across these. Please supply me with them.

  7. I would describe Abi1975 as not quite civilised.

  8. Keep on making up more and more false identities for yourself Alex or John, Andrea, SimonQ and the multitude of other identities you use to spout your racism, homophobia and transphobia.

    All the regular posters on this site know your little game now. your just one sad individual who cant interact with other human-beings. You cant even engage us it debate your that sad.

    I pity you

  9. Matthew Sephton 26 Mar 2010, 7:05pm

    Congratulations to Mr Bryant on being the first MP to tie the knot in a civil partnership in Parliament.

  10. I have been reading a number of postings by Abi1975 recently, and I have come to the conclusion that Abi1975 is a despicable creature. I would go as far as to say that I don’t think that I have ever come across such a vindictive creature. Not even Sister Mary at her worst can hold a candle to the nastiness of Abi1975

  11. Matthew Sephton, whose politics I do not agree with, has the decency and grace to offer his congratulations.

  12. Keep up the roasting so we can delete all your profiles.

  13. The word ‘we’ suggests a certain community. However, I think that decent people would have nothing in common with the pure vindictiveness of Abi1975

  14. Reserve some of your criticism for Chris Bryant – another Labour hypocrite.

  15. The only profile which requires deleting is that of Abi1975 who, in the second posting here, clearly wishes someone dead. This can only be see as a comment from someone who is not quite right

  16. These are some of the mildest insults I have ever seen LOL you must try harder my granny can do better than that!

  17. So you have reverted to your original pink news identity!

  18. Perhaps Bryant does require some criticism, but certainly not as much as poor Call Me Dave who cannot even organise himself sufficiently to appeal appropriately to the gay vote. What a fool he made of himself in the now notorious interview.

  19. Christine Rourke 26 Mar 2010, 7:33pm

    I smell some glove-puppets….

    I am sure a few people out there might not always agree with Abi1975, but at least she is totally straightforward, and does not hide behind multiple ID’s on the comments pages.

    Frankly one of the reasons Pink News has so many rows is that the comments section needs to have better security. It’s far too easy for religious nutters like Skinner and, sadly, non-religious but vindictive posters like Andrea/John/Alex/Tom/Nevile, to create multiple “glove puppet” accounts and attack other individuals.


  20. Its ok Chrissie. This was to be expected after I called out this individual about racism towards SMC the other day. The thing is this is water off a ducks back to me as a trans woman. Also having served in the military, I have heard far worse than this person can even imagine, let alone put on these pages.

    2/10 for the attempt to flame me but its a spectacular fail and the 2 is only for keeping going.

  21. Poor Abi1975 must really be something to behold – obviously not someone to be introduced into polite company, and certainly the kind of person to get decent gay people a bad name. I see Abi1975 as a latter-day Madam Defarge. What do others think?

  22. Does the attempt to ‘flame’ Abi1975 mean setting fire to her knickers while she is wearing them?

  23. Keep on having a conversation with yourself I’m off to make some dinner and have a nice cup of tea dear!

  24. Poor, ignorant Abi1975. When he/she refers to the ‘military’ does that mean the army? I was in the army many years before the pathetic creature was born.

  25. Oh and your doing a really really good job at bringing me down ‘honest’ :D

    Down with that sort of thing and Abi1975

    Abi1975 is pure evil she rips the heads off kids favourite teddies. Abi1975 breaks into your homes and hides your car keys!!!

    Booo Abi1975 the kitten and puppy killing transsexual from Milton Keynes Boooo down with that sort of thing :D She gives people the wrong directions Booooooooo.

    Deport Abi1975 now or send her to the gallows

  26. Now that the strange creature Abi1975 seems to have departed, perhaps we could some reasonable comments on the subject of this article, possibly without wishing him dead from food poisoning!

  27. Oh, God (and I’m an atheist) he/she is back again!

  28. Oh your sutch a exaggerator Neville dear! I wished him a mild tummy upset dear.

    So is this like a first date Neville dearest?



  29. To misquote Milton, clitless in Gaza, or is it Milton Keynes? That is not appropriate for a first date, or any other date. I hesitate to say what Leo Abse once said!

  30. “It is interesting that SimonM has the good grace to offer congratulations, as he usually lacks good grace for anything.”

    How VERY dare you.

    I am the epitome of grace and class!

  31. Jesus, Neville, what the hell got into you?!? Abi1975 is entitled to her/his views without you going at it like a lunatic. Calm. Breath. And if you don’t like some of the comments, address them as such. There’s not need for this histrionic tirade, which from what I can see is somewhat unprovoked.

    And quite frankly, if you’re going to abuse someone, please have the intellect to do it with a bit of wit:- “does the attempt to ‘flame’ Abi1975 mean setting fire to her knickers while she is wearing them” is kinda puerile, don’t you think?

  32. Congratulations to Chris Bryant and Jarred Cranney.

    Blimey there’s some bitter ones on ‘ere, never happy unless their whingin I guess!

  33. Good luck and all the best – good to see more MPs etc tying the knot and giving the CP and hopefully in the future gay marriage more publicity – also seems that the British CP will now be recognised in most countries (EU) as the equivalent of their own so the minister of Europe can hopefully take his partner with him without further probs while canvassing the rights of gays in Europe , after all its one of his jobs and what he says he is canvassing for – see webstie

  34. Congrats to dear Bryant, he’s doing well. But I have to say, his best is not yet good enough. Settling for the second best?

    With the passion I see in him on LGBT issues and rights at the times I have been in gatherings with him, I am surprised he is not questioning why Brown, Darling, Blair, Miliband,etc could have proper marriage and he (Bryant) cant? Arent they ministers like him? Arent they MPs? What do they have better than him?

    Next time I run into Bryant, I will surely ask him why he isnt asking these questions. But instead settling for the second best. I am sure he will have an answer, but so also am I sure that his unrivalled gay rights passions could set things rolling considering the position he occupies.

    Once again, may the day be smiles, happiness & joy for the new couple.

  35. Quite a lot of religious types don’t believe that marriage can be between two men or two women. Perhaps Bryant, who has religious leanings, holds those views.

  36. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 1:39am

    Congratulations Chris & Jarred !!!

  37. enjoy your second class imitation marriage

  38. David/Philip....Chester 27 Mar 2010, 8:17am

    Congratulations both and we hope you have many years together.
    We have been together for 37 years and are still happy together.
    We had the privilege of being the very first gay male couple ever to have a civil partnership on the 21st December on that historic day, but as we lived at the time in Homophobic Derbyshire it was kept from any press.

    Enjoy your day, wish you all the best.enjoy the day guys, show that Bigoted David Cameron up.
    To all bigots on this site, get a life…..

  39. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 10:22am

    oh David/Philip….Chester !!! WOW!

    Jean Guy have and have been together 20 years on June 21.

    yea bigots…get a life !!!

  40. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 11:11am

    …er, Jean Guy and I have…ha ha!!!

    and yes, we are very happy.

  41. A new liebour shill, who reminds me of one of the sheep from animal farm, however I hope he has a great day and is very happy in his partnership.

    Abi1975 – when dealing with bullies my adivce is to give them a really hard thump, but as you can’t do this then it is better to just ignore them – it’s what they hate most, especially the senile ones.

  42. Sister Mary clarence 27 Mar 2010, 11:29am

    Congratulations Abi, you seem to have drawn most of the coven out with a single comment!!!! Someone used the words ‘vile’ and ‘vindictive’ – which I think would be more appropriately directed at all of them (a few other things come to mind as well – racist, transphobic and many more).

    I think its fantastic that people can marry in the Palace of Westminster. However Mr Bryant had he got a normal job, with an employer who had any sense of right and wrong, would have been out a long time ago.

    I would have much preferred the couple to have been positive role models. Chris Bryant has had 92000 quid out of the public purse in the last few years in second home expenses, flipped his home twice to jack up what he could claim, attempted to claim over £58000 in one year alone for renovations to his home purportedly because all the houses in the area were old terraced miners houses.

    Not to mention the underpants debacle.

    Oh, and one last point, don’t anyone start of my use of the word ‘marriage’ …. I’ll use that term if I want, and no amount of whining and complaining is going to change my opinion.

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 11:54am

    Sign the petition…and vote Green.

    And yes, as Noel Coward (died on this date in 1973, b. 1899) sang:

    “Life begins when you’re in love”.

    Chris & Jarred, have a happy day!!

  44. SMC: “Chris Bryant has had 92000 quid out of the public purse in the last few years in second home expenses, flipped his home twice to jack up what he could claim, attempted to claim over £58000 in one year alone for renovations to his home purportedly because all the houses in the area were old terraced miners houses.”

    Yes he claimed it was because he was suffering homophobia from the locals. Pity he doesn’t care more about the homophobia kids have to put up with at school. If Chris Bryant did care, he wouldn’t have supported Labour’s amendment 70 (which allows religious schools to avoid talking about homosexuality in a positive way – and is therefore similar to a new Section 28.) No LibDems supported that amendment.

  45. Perhaps I was a little harsh when I referred to SimonM’s lack of grace. I agree with most of what he says most of the time, but he is occasionally rather shrill. However, keep up the good work SimonM, for it is good work!

  46. The ‘underpants debacle’ is as nothing compared with Sister Mary’s large, pendulous, brown cheeks which, as she appears to be a bottom, must be marvellous to part, if you like that sort of thing!

  47. Perhaps the bitter and twisted Xaria has not got it into his/her simple mind that there are gay people who want a civil partnership and who do not wish to ape heterosexual relationships called marriage. But that seems to be way beyond his/her comprehension! If some people wish to have civil marriage then so be it, but do not denigrate those who do not wish to play the game of heterosexual happy families. In fact it is damned cheek to do so.

  48. Gay couples who want a civil partnership should of course be able to get them

    Straight couples who want a civil partnership should be able to get them. They are not allowed.

    Gay couples who want to access the legal contract of civil marriage should be allowed to get them. They are not allowed.

  49. “I doubt they have much interest in those of us who want the freedom to MARRY. Chris Bryant is opposed to legal equality for same sex relationships.

    He believes we should be denied the opportunity to access the legal contract of civil marriage because of our sexual orientation.”

    SimonM, those words are so true. Actually, neither Labour or Tory parties support it either which only proves that neither have evolved let alone grasp what FULL equality means. Civil Partnerships are NOT marriages, referring to them as such is absurd. In a civil partnership, there is no such thing as a husband or a wife either. If people want to refer to them as such, then they should be fighting for civil marriage equality.

    Alan, No. 33……its all well and good to have CPs recognised in other EU countries, but….have you considered that since CPs confer most of the rights of civil marriage, those other forms of same-sex unions in other member states do not. The French version (PACs) convey only a handful. If a British civil partnered couple for example were to reside in France, they would NOT enjoy every right of their partnership formed in the UK, but would only be entitled to the rights offered via the French version. The same applies to every EU state that allows us to form unions of some kind or other. How could anyone construe it as equality, let alone being equal? They are NOT and never will be unless there is one uniform union for everyone. The only one that does thus far is civil marriage and in the larger picture, is the only universal standard. Its a waste of time pursuing CP recognition elsewhere in Europe when most members don’t even have anything resembling it. At least Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Norway and Sweden have identical civil marriage equality that outnumber the rest of the EU including the UK.

  50. Sensible points from SimonM and Robert, but I do not see where you get the authority (references)to declare Bryant’s refusal to countenance gay civil marriage. I would like to see an avowed statement from Bryant on this matter. Please let me know where I can see such a statement.
    The references to husband and wife in a gay marriage or a civil partnership are, as far as I am concerned, amusing, nay embarrassing. An elderly English friend who spends much of his time in the US with his Canadian/US partner recently referred to the much younger partner as his ‘husband’. My immediate response was to ask if he was the wife. This heterosexual role playing is, if not amusing, downright distasteful to many people. Why is it necessary to ape heterosexual marriages in this way. Perhaps someone would like to explain.

  51. Robert – EU recognition of the British CP – ok lets forget the word “recognition” and say they get the equivalent rights of a same sex union or marriage in a EU country and quite frankly that is probably the best you are ever going to get , you’re asking a damn lot to be treated better than a country’s own nationals …… and don’t tell me that having a gay marriage will mean becuse marriage is universally recognised that countries which do not recognise gay marriage or unions are going to confer to gay couples in a gay marriage the same same rights and recognition of straight marriages – it’s NOT necessarily the same issue, gay marriage in the UK and international recognition, you may find that having a gay marriage in the UK may actually get you less rights in the EU at the momemt! France recognise foreign gay marriage ONLY for tax purposes but “recognises” foreign CPs and gives them equivalent rights to PACSed couples NOT ONLY tax purposes – if you think that EU “recognition” of CPs is a waste of time then quite frankly your not helping those poeple who have to live and work in those countries ……What’s your point!

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