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Asian gay conference cancelled by police

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Reader comments

  1. can we please just round up all the muslims and send them to mars please?

  2. Well, this news happened yesterday, it is quite updated. Today, the participants are moved to another hotel, and only held a gathering to plan for trips since the conference was canceled. But dozens of conservatives suddenly raid the hotel and makes death threats and then sweep the whole hotel for participants.

    The participants were held captive by the Muslims and are forced to make statement that there would be no more conference in Surabaya and that all of the participants must go home immediately. The whole participants were in panicked, and some were shocked and cried because they yell and banging the tables and make death threats.

  3. I mean ‘outdated’

  4. A gay and lesbian conference in Indonesia has been cancelled by police after Muslims protested.

    How predictable. Sad ******* (Attach Which appriopiate)

  5. Jean-Paul Bentham 27 Mar 2010, 12:41am

    The tide of Human Rights does not intend to harm anyone and we will not be deterred by religious nonsense.

    The real loser here is the hotel. How much money was lost here, and what does this do to the Tourist Industry?

  6. stupid backward muslims

  7. Joe In California 27 Mar 2010, 9:14pm

    What if we were to raid a hotel where delegates from the East Indonesian consulate or embassy were holding meetings and to tell them (not force them) to pack up and go back to their embassy or consulate!
    I’m mean, there would be hell to pay if something of the sort was to happen here!

  8. “The event will hurt Indonesian Muslims…”
    … what do they know?

    They are small fish in the biggest Muslim nation! These extremists don’t care about Indonesia…

    Why is the Indonesian government so weak against them?!?!

  9. its one of their fault. why the hell they prepare the event at surabaya, one of the most islamic city in indonesia. is the same thing while they’re making one in aceh

    why dont they choose bali. bali bali bali. its like one of the most open for everyone, and none will give a damn, and plus muslim dont dare to act or say anything in bali.

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